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We offer personal training for general clients as well as athletes. We work with you to achieve any and all goals that you have. Rates run anywhere from $35-55 depending on how many times a week you come in.

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Jordan Shatley

27 September 2018

This is one of the best hands on training facilities that I’ve ever been to! They actually care about the end result, not just out to make a quick buck but to build an actual relationship. Highly recommend Chico and the guys over at the grind! More...


Zach Adamec

17 August 2018

The Grind is a place where you go to be great. After every awesome workout with Chico i think of how much closer to success i am getting as well as bettering myself physically and mentally as an athlete. Dean, Chico, and Kenny go above and beyond to make sure each client is being the best they can be and achieve their goals at a quick, yet healthy pace. I've been going to The Grind since February and am up about 25 pounds, feeling way faster and way stronger. Definitely the best training facility in STL!!! More...


Brian Eichelberger

17 August 2018

The staff is great. They are all athletes and former athletes that understand what it takes to be the best player you can be. I watch and see my son spending a lot of time working on the small things that I feel most trainers overlook. They start by performing a physical assessment of the athlete by running the athlete through a variety of physical tests to determine what areas need the most work. My son was weak in balance drills that involve a lot of ankle strength and stability. We didn't even know that this was an area that needed work. They began working on his weaknesses day one. I have no doubt that The Grind is the best place for him. More...


Cindy Hoops-Luna

17 August 2018

My son and I love the Grind. He comes home from workouts extremely sweaty and always says that was a great workout! Love the small group size and the fact they keep it interesting. Chico is awesome, they care not only about the process but the person as well. Highly recommend More...


Brittany Hodge

20 June 2018

Dean, Chico and Michele truly go above and beyond for their clients. creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. They make sure to get to know each and every person who comes through their doors. They both have a wealth of knowledge in different areas, creating a huge knowledge basis for all their clients. The workouts are always changing and tailored to your needs and wants, so you will not get bored or in a rut and you will see results! If you are looking to step up your game as an athlete, or just wanting to get into shape, The Grind is the place to be! You wont regret your decision! More...


I work with the clients by pushing them to be their best and tailoring each workout specifically to them so they can achieve their goals.

Hard work and dedication. Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible. Proper diet along with working out is a way to achieve the body you want.

Making people be the best person they can be and knowing that I'm helping someone achieve their goals to better themselves.

Not my own business, one day I might try to do that. Working with different clients everyday makes my day that much better and drives me to be the best I can be.

We are a very affordable gym and a great atmosphere to workout in!