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Kent Mueller

28 August 2018

The charted progress says it all. You steadily get stronger and they chart your numbers to prove it. Google "slow, high intensity training" and read the research. This stuff really works! Your only regret will be not having done it sooner. It's safe and effective. Enough said... More...


Ayesha Adu

28 August 2018

Great trainers at an affordable price! The trainers are very knowledgeable and worked with me to meet my goals.


Paula Denman

28 August 2018

I wanted to find a program that was focused and fit into my schedule. The trainers set up the weights and machines for you, coach and encourage you as you work through the routine. The intensity of the workout is continually increasing with each visit. I'm in and out in only 30 minutes. Friendly group of people there, too! More...


Geanette Poole

28 August 2018

Terrific, steady, weight training for those of us intimidated by a more traditional gym setting. You get a personal trainer with you every time you work out, watching your form, making suggestions, tracking progress. It's the best.


Louis Higgins

28 August 2018

I have had issues with my neck for 20 years. I tried massage, medication, acupuncture--just about anything I could try. This is the first treatment that has had a lasting effect. The system works. And the staff is outstanding. I couldn't recommend SPSR more highly. More...


Shawne Murphy Johnson

28 August 2018

Wonderful place for strength training. Focused program: 30 minutes 2x/week has done wonders for me. Even eliminated my chronic back pain by helping me strengthen those muscles as well. Friendly, supportive trainers take you through the process so you can turn your brain off while you are there. :) More...


Nadine Engbrecht-Schaff

28 August 2018

I have been pleased with the staff and my results! This type of training works well for me because I have to make an appointment and put it on my calendar, and I know someone is waiting for me to show up! And, that someone is there to safely guide me through a program that is quick but shows results. More...


Megan Anderson

28 August 2018

I have chronic lower back pain. After just 2 sessions at the St Paul Strength Room, I've had significant improvement which has, in turn, greatly improved my quality of life.


Siana Goodwin

28 August 2018

Great efficient training! I know it's important to keep building muscle mass and strength as I age, but I'm no fan of exercise classes. I've really noticed a positive difference in strength and energy in the months I've been going to SPSR and the efficiency of the workouts means i can keep up with it. More...


Nancy Hovland

28 August 2018

I started going to the Strength Room after recovering from a surgery, and hadn't been allowed to lift anything over 15 lbs for 3 months. I can really tell the difference in my strength and ability to handle items (or my granddaughter) that are heavy. I enjoy the trainers and they tolerate my sense of humor and sometimes absurd comments! More...


Noah Danaher

28 August 2018

Great service with friendly, knowledgeable trainers.


Thomas Johnson

7 August 2018

Dedicated Professional


Mark Gilbert

11 May 2018

I love the simplicity. I just walk in, and 30 minutes later I walk out with bigger muscles. I don't have to keep track of anything - their trainers do it all.


Jana Kyser

20 April 2018

Great trainers. Personally genuine and authentic. See results fast for a great wellness program for even the 70+ crowd. Love it.


Bess Kandle

12 February 2017

I've been going here for almost 2 years, great no pressure environment for those who don't like the traditional gym scene.

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