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Spottmedia provides affordable, unique and targeted marketing solutions for small businesses using Social Media, Video or Influencer Campaigns. In addition, we offer Marketing Consultations to guide and provide advice on marketing your business.


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11 August 2019

The marketing workshop at Edge by Ella was great! I enjoyed Ruciens enthusiasm for what he does. The info he shared was to the point and easy to understand. Watch out for the next one and make sure you're there. More...

18 July 2019

I would recommend the entire service as they have delivered on every thing that was promised, already ready to assist and is a great help when needed at all times.

6 June 2019

Highly recommend Spottmedia, especially Rucien, due to their professionalism and optimism in helping your business with its social media growth.

30 March 2019

Spottmedia really added a lot of value to my company. Awesome working with Rucien very professional. Highly recommend Spottmedia for any business looking to grow their social media.

14 February 2019

Spottmedia offers excellent marketing solutions to small businesses. The patience they offer to their clients is exceptional. They literally go with you every step of the way in terms of ensuring that your brand is properly built. More...

9 February 2019

It's been good working with them so far, I feel as though my businesses are in great hands and with their knowledge and guidance it will continue to grow in the correct direction. Looking forward to the future !!!

9 February 2019

A big thank you from the staff at Durbanville Children's Home and the 144 children in our care for your generous contribution on Mandela Day. The Home only receives 25 % of it’s annual budget from Government and it is only through caring corporates like Spottmedia that we are able to be a safe haven for vulnerable children. More...

9 February 2019

Really a pleasure working with SpottMedia. Not only are they top professionals, but also friendly and comfortable to work with.

I would recommend any business to use them for cutting edge new media marketing.

9 February 2019

I first found out about Spottmedia on social media and knew that this was the right brand and company to look after my brand which plays in the social media space.

Rucien, the CEO is very attentive and consistent which is key to building trust within a work partnership.

I would recommend upcoming business to take the leap and let a professional take care of their marketing needs!

1 December 2018

Spottmedia has helped me tremendously with my marketing strategies I am very happy with their service and support throughout the time we worked together and I highly recommend partnering with them if you need to up your marketing game

22 October 2018

Spottmedia has been assisting me with my marketing and social media presence. My experience to date has been amazing, they are professional, helpful, strategic and most importantly authentic and honest! I would highly recommend Spottmedia More...

4 October 2018

Spottmedia has recently started helping me with marketing my home business and for someone with absolutely no marketing knowledge (me) - they have been such a big help. Rucien has been so patient and kind when answering all of my questions and is still giving me an extra push to get things going for my business. I look forward to working with Spottmedia in the future More...

14 August 2018

I would like to send a big shout out to Spott media for assisting with judging the Geez competition. I would also like to thank Rucien Petersen of Spottmedia the fabulous prize awarded to the winner of the competition. The criteria for judging was "spott on", and the prize is instrumental in the winner growing their business to the next level. I commend you for helping the small businesses achieve growth with your expert marketing skills. More...

1 June 2018

Really a pleasure working with SpottMedia. Not only are they top professionals, but also friendly and comfortable to work with.

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