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Splendid K9 is not only known for being home to one of the Best Dog Trainers in Cape Town. We also provide some of the most luxury Canine Accommodation. Treat your pooch to a luxurious beach side vacation in a 24 Hour security gated estate while you're away.

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Charmaine Hannigan Werner

1 July 2019

I asked Storm to help me with my very reactive dog. Storm was very calm and patient with my dog Rylie and by the end of the hour my dog was calm and relaxed. I am very grateful for your help. Thank you Storm. More...


Tarryn Gassiep

20 January 2019

Contacted Storm to assist with walking my new rescue Ferrera and to assist with confidence building and socializing. What a fantastic change in my boy. He now feels so comfortable around other dogs. Highly recommend their services. More...


Ursula Matthee

14 January 2019

Words cannot express how phenomenal Storm’s way of training is. I wanted to give up on my Boerboel as he just does not listen and wants to attack everyone and everything. To be honest when I called Storm for help I thought, “He is just another trainer wanting to take my money and I will probably have no results again”. Oh boy was I wrong…… within 1 hour, Storm had full control of my Boerboel. My dog’s behavior changed immediately. Storm did this without treats! To him it is not about the money but about the animal. I will recommend him to anyone. Storm you are amazing! More...


Christopher Robin

9 January 2019

Storm Freestone has an excellent way with dogs. Really patient and easy to work with


Monika Maria Schnaitter

16 December 2018

Thank you Storm, you were great i am getting much better and so is the dog!


Elloise Du Toit

14 December 2018

I was gobsmacked at the change in Puppy, just a few minutes into the session. She no longer charges up to other dogs aggressively barking. Her fear has been quelled. Thank you SO much Storm! More...


Abigail Price

4 December 2018

Storm is a godsend; he helped me out with a tricky situation. I was trying to find a foster home for a very aggressive and fearful pitbull-mix who was in my care. Savie wouldn't come anywhere near me and was barking constantly and bit my dog. Storm was able to calm her down and get her on a leash in under an hour, with Savie even following him on the leash. I was gobsmacked. Thank you Storm for calming down the situation, for your patience and perseverance, and your clear passion for animals. I am very grateful for all your help. More...


Wilna Lategan Mouton

22 November 2018

What an awesome experience! Storm is simply the best. In only 1 hour, he changed our Husky, Max's sleigh-pulling-behaviour, to following my son's gentle instructions. No force, no rewards, just giving him clear instruction in his own doggie language. Thanks Storm! More...


Dylan Jones

12 November 2018

Storm is helping us with our rescue dog and has been a great help! After one session we feel like we have the tools to begin the process of training our new family member. Storm has a great manner and explained the entire process as he went along. I look forward to the rest of our sessions with our local Dog expert. More...


Sarah Denise Hilario

8 November 2018

Storm came to help me with my sweetheart Bingo who had never been trained but needed to start walking on a leash because of the new area we moved to.. Bongo had no socialization skills and Storm gently taught him within a few weeks how to be with other dogs without having to be dominant. Our walks are pleasant and I have been taught how to lead my dog successfully. Thanking you again . Storm More...


Robyn Munt

7 November 2018

After only his first session with Storm, our anxious and excitable GSD has calmed dramatically. I could barely hold onto him before when walking as every dog he encountered was a threat. Now, he doesn’t even notice them. Can’t wait for the next session! Storm is amazing. More...