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Jamera Lea

28 August 2019

Absolutely amazing! Only been here a month and although I had MINOR issues with rental property....Joe has been exceedingly fantastic in ensuring all issues are resolved IMMEDIATELY!! I know it is still early to be providing a review but I have NO DOUBT this amazing service is standard! Great property management, great customer service and overall a great person! Thanks More...


Brad Perry

29 April 2019

I took my taxes here to have them independently checked after I did them on my own and found out that I owed the government a decent amount of money. They met with me and walked through my situation. After working with them for several weeks they determined that what I owed was accurate. I paid them but determined that there was no need to go to a CPA for my tax situation, as I verified doing the taxes myself was accurate and not overly difficult. I imagine as taxes get more complicated that needing a CPA may be necessary. There was some period of time where my questions were going unanswered but they eventually got resolved, although slower than I had hoped for. A good local business! More...


Stephen Keever

29 April 2019

Good accountant and tax preparer. They were able to get me a refund when others did not think they could.


Jake Washburn

30 March 2019

Spina & Co. does all of my personal and business taxes with ease. I have 2 LLCs plus a partnership LLC plus my personal taxes and they are quick and efficient with their tax review and prep. Highly recommended!


Esther Hernandez

30 December 2018

Dependable, reliable and very professional. An excellent management company willing to make your transition easier!



29 May 2018

I love Joseph bernstein and his rental people. He’s been nothing but helpful and accomodating since I’ve rented one of his properties about 2 years so far. As far as I can tell, if you’re a decent tenant at the least, than he’s a great renter. Sticks by the rules but is helpful when needed. Timely with fixing problems, answering any questions and supportive with any other issues. Thank you Joseph and your company for being so great. Can’t get better landlords than this. More...


John Cunningham

2 March 2018

I've always loved work with Spina and Company!


eric greene

7 September 2017

Spina is my CPA. With their services, I get good advice on how to grow my business, and answers on how to approach and manage my finances.

Choose this company of you are involved with owning your own investment properties.


Vicki Moore

29 May 2017

My roommate and I have been renting from Spina (technically Joby Properties) since 2012, and have been very happy with them. They have been very responsive with service issues and have been flexible on the rare occasions that rent has been late. Rent increases have been minimal (our next lease renewal will bring a total increase of $100/mo over the course of 6 leases...can't complain about that), which shocked us considering we're in Point Breeze and our block is becoming really popular. They even allowed me to sign the lease when our former roommate moved out...despite the fact that my credit was less than stellar. (I was initially not on the lease, but my occupancy was written into the original lease.) Joe has been a great landlord and we've been happy to continue living here. More...


Paula Thompson

30 May 2013

I recently worked with Bryan at Spina & Co. while working on finding a property to lease. Bryan helped me with my search and was very focused on helping me find a property that met my needs. He was very professional and easy to work with. The leasing process was easy and was completed quickly and efficiently. Bryan helped the whole process run smoothly and I trusted and respected his advice. I am very happy with Spina & Co and would trust Bryan to help me with any future needs that I may have. More...