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Pieter Morton

6 February 2019

Playing Professional rugby in France, and John Lark are one of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the Fitness Industry.


Chris Patterson

6 February 2019

Only 3 weeks in and I have shed tons of weight that I thought id never get rid of!. Amazing team of highly informed and encouraging trainers who really know how to get you where you need to be. On top of all that, great friendly atmosphere, its a pleasure to work out at and I would highly recommend sphere to anyone!!
You have managed to get me not only seeing results fast, you have instilled a proper plan and diet that I can stick to, and the results are apparent both mentally and physically. Hats off lads, top of your game!


Richard Doyle

6 February 2019

I really enjoyed the Nail Your Nutrition Course. Great practical tips on how to optimise your diet and more importantly how to stick to it. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to tidy up their diet and improve their health. More...


Erin Llana

6 February 2019

Okay. I decided to join my super fit girlfriends at Sphere Fitness. I was completely intimidated walking in with my super fit friends, but after a few minutes with Mike and his team, my fears diseappeared. Mike and his crew radiate positivity and are so down to earth. They push you to the fullest in the best possible way, and I was so busy moving that I didn't have time to check my watch and complain! Before I knew it, my workout was over. I felt sore but in the best possible way. Endorphins and positive vibes kicked in. Mike and his team kept it fresh and changed it up! I will be back and the plethora of eye candy didn't hurt! The way I have seen my girlfriends bodies transform is motivation enough. Sphere seems to encourage sexy, strong and healthy bodies! I'll be back and drink their Kool-Aid. More...


Rachel Henry

6 February 2019

Sphere fitness is a unique place with staff who genuinely strive to help you reach your goals. Tailor made programmes and passionate coaching in a safe and positive atmosphere. I cant recomend this place enough. Always left the gym feeling accomplished, many thanks to John and staff. More...


Adrian Flavin

6 February 2019

Great session at Sphere this morning with the usual motivation from John! Couldn’t recommend this place enough!

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