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Becky Phlegar

25 May 2019

What a great addition to my lobby! The TV in the waiting room has never looked better. They have amazing customer support as well.!!


Linda Hemmerly

15 May 2019

I was in contact with a few of your representatives. Each one was very helpful, courteous and pleasant. My questions and issues were addressed promptly, very promptly. Thank you! A great group!


Les Hunt

8 May 2019

Good customer service and a great product. We have a digital menu board and love it


Mitch McCabe

28 February 2019

i am very pleased with Spectrio staff. They are quick to respond to my request to update my message-on-hold and they do an excellent job writing the script for the messages.


Melissa Gonzalez

28 February 2019

They are always on point and are very speedy with service. Always answer any and all questions I have. It's always a pleasure getting our scripts done with Spectrio


Jennifer Butler

28 February 2019

Easy to work with. We NEVER run into problems or issues. Best thing is; during Christmas time, they offer a free holiday recording. It's kind of like a Christmas gift from them. More...


Lori Logan

28 February 2019

We already used Spectrio back when they were called Impressions On Hold, and they have been awesome. I like the speed of how fast they respond to script changes, I like the reminders that it is time to update our on-hold message and their customer service is top notch. Our relationship has lasted over 20-years and we consider them a big part of our marketing campaign by allowing us to put our message out to our clients. More...


G.L. Moore

28 February 2019

Great product & service. We use them for our dBoard in our showroom. Even the few times we have had issues they were quick to respond & help us out. Customers love it & it is a great advertising too. More...

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