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Steve Kai

23 August 2019

I’ve been working out at Spartacus for a few years now and I highly recommend it!


Mark Bhular

9 August 2019

Great place!


Zerina M

30 June 2019

Staff is great =)


Luke W

30 November 2018

Everything you need in a gym + good open hours + affordable


Throw Away

30 November 2018

I love this gym not only because it is the best value for travellers like myself ($20/week vs $20/visit most places), but also because it is in a basement and all about working out and not just being seen.It has a bit of that old school Rocky movie gym feel (minus the boxing ring of course). Throw in the free underground parking on a busy stretch of Commercial Drive, what more can you ask for at that price?Sure, it doesn't have the latest fancy treadmills and whatnot, but I'm also not paying anywhere close to what those other places are asking. And at the end of the day, it has all the equipment and free weights that I'm looking for. It is my 'away' gym when I'm in Vancity for work. More...


Milena Tesfu

30 November 2018

Excellent management ,affordable, clean and free parking underground


Rodrigo Bastias

31 October 2018

Great machines. Super friendly service.


Behdad Jamshidi

31 October 2018

So far I like this gym . The owner is very responsive and there have been upgrades happening in the gym all the time. Part of me doesn't want to review so that it doesn't get busier :) but it's a great gym. The people at this gym are much better lifters than what I've seen at other gyms. Nice to be around other motivated individuals . More...


Adrian D'Alessandro

1 September 2018

Cheap and efficient. If you're any sort of lifter it's going to be a good experience. Others might not like that vibe, though.


Ken C

2 August 2018

The owner has been actively reinvesting in the gym (renovations, new Rogue equipment) which is awesome. It's not a very big gym so don't expect all the fancy hammer strength machines. You'll get some free classes with the basic membership and a great place to do the big three. More...



29 May 2018

One of the better gyms in Vancouver in terms of lifting. Dumbells go up to 120, lots of squatting space. Can get crowded during peak hours both in the gym and the restroom only has 1 toilet. Showers need better privacy especially since no one gives you any. More...


Teresa Maria

29 May 2018

Spartacus Gym, with Christie Stoll ( So lucky ... she is so AWESOME instructor! I attend 5 of her classes/wk. & Jeff Boyd, attend one of his classes/week as well as the awesome staff, has all in one...transformed my life, mostly by improving my health & thereby creating more enjoyment in my life. It is so easy for me to feel relaxed at Spartacus Gym & therefore perform a great workout.Yay Spartacus! More...


Krista Sidloski

29 May 2018

I have been a member at Spartacus for the 5 years I have lived in Vancouver, and have come to realize there is no other gym for me in this city. Spartacus cultivates a strong, cohesive, and intentional community which has always made me feel comfortable and at home. This sense of community has allowed me to connect with other gym members whom I otherwise would not have had the chance to meet and learn from, especially as a usually introverted and shy woman. There is a diverse range of people from bodybuilders and serious weight lifters, to yogis, to elderly folk, to young people, to intermediate level and beginner level gym-goers. The staff are friendly and attentive, especially in keeping weights organized and the gym clean, plus they make sure there's always decent music playing. Equipment is sufficient for all my needs, and there is almost always floor space when needed. There are also lots of classes and trainers available should you need them. At this point I refuse to work out anywhere other than Spartacus, after trying many over-priced and over-crowded, unfriendly gym environments in the Vancouver area. This is the place to go if you want a community-minded local business and an environment that supports healthy lifestyles and positive change in a down-to-earth, non-intimidating sort of way. More...


Ely W.

24 March 2018

Low key but great. The staff are super helpful and friendly and good vibes. Not too busy and has everything you need.


Benji S.

19 October 2017

I'm really enjoying being a member of Spartacus gym. I love the old school vibe of the space. The staff are awesome. Always super friendly even at 5:30 am ! It's not a huge gym but for me it's got more then enough equipment. Lot's of different cardio options as well. I also like the fact that there are members of all ages and fitness levels who use this place. It's not an intimidating gym if you're just starting out. More...


Michael L.

30 July 2016

I love these types of gyms. Nothing fancy about it but down right amazing. It's in the basement and it gives you the feeling of the gyms Arnold used to work out at. I love it.


Richard M.

24 February 2016

I've been a regular at Spartacus for over a year now and was at Steve Nash for years before that. They are very different experiences so I can't say one is better than the other. However, I can say without a doubt that I'm really enjoying my down-to-business, inner city, no nonsense, Spartacus gym. I like to get in and get out and don't need fancy cucumber water or tvs in the change rooms. Although it is very busy right after work I can't fault the gym for that. The staff are friendly and the clientele are perfect. Friendly and non-judgemental, with good weight room etiquette.Most importantly it is great for compound lifting with 3 squat racks, 2 deadlift pads, and 2 benchpresses with safety bars. There are any barbells and dumbells and benches you need. More...


Perry L.

1 November 2015

Great gym. Good classes great instructors. Do kick boxing with Roy. He's very patient and really reiterates technique. Definitely focuses on quality over numbers


Nicole M.

23 October 2015

Great gym love it here!! Very friendly staff and has all the equipment you need. Excellent personal trainers too:)


J A.

21 August 2015

My partner live in Vancouver bcSo I got to go to this gym few times.  Mix feeling. It's definitely not those big gyms like you have in San Francisco.  How ever.  I like that gym a lot.  They have many things in a small place.  Cool people.  Clean.  Fell like a private gym.   Overall.  I love it Just a note.  There is some new stuff I think they should add.  And the bad ones to fix More...


Marco F.

24 February 2015

Great gym for a serious bodybuilders/powerlifters as well as the average trainee. I was seeking a good iron gym where I could work out during a visit to Van and found this on Yelp so I popped in for a very reasonably priced $10 day pass. Nothing fancy but they have all the essentials. 2 power racks and tons of barbells, dumbbells and plates. More...


Heather N.

10 May 2014

I've been a member at Spartacus for about four years. I recently moved away from Commercial Drive but I just can't bear to give up my $30/month membership because I love this gym!It's in a basement on Commercial Drive- there are no panoramic views or high ceilings. The current owner has done a lot to upgrade the facility, and it shows. The upgraded lighting and ventilation systems have really improved the gym without compromising the character. Fresh paint and new equipment have made the space even better. The upgrades to the women's change room were long overdue. Thanks for that, Roy!I've been here every day of the week from early mornings, to mid-day to late evenings. It gets a bit busy during peak periods, but I've never had to wait long to use a machine or get into a particular area.Equipment is well-maintained, but the staff members aren't nearly as attentive as they used to be. Under the old owners, staff were all friendly and pleasant. Paper towels were always stocked and employees were frequently seen cleaning equipment. That's not the case anymore. I don't particularly care if someone greets me when I walk through the door, but when 2/3 of the paper towels are empty and employees are sitting behind the desk eating or chatting with friends, it doesn't project a professional image. This is the main reason for my 4-star rating.Spartacus attracts a diverse clientele and seems LGBT-friendly, which is a plus in East Van. There's definitely no need to feel self-conscious here. Most members are friendly and respectful (although some seem totally oblivious about basic gym etiquette). There are some super fit long-term members who will inspire you to step up your workout- enjoy! More...


Erik K.

7 October 2013

Great place.  I've been working out here for little over a year now.  I find the gym etiquette of the members is excellent and the staff are fantastic.  That is something I noticed after I had been to a couple of other gyms by chance or circumstance a handful of times since signing up here.  Regardless of how nice a gym a place is, it is the people who use it that make it a good or bad place in my estimation.  This place has all the good people and is a real central hub to the community overall.  It is very welcoming with a good mixture of ages, body-types, and is an LBGT friendly environment from my experience.  You don't need to worry about feeling out of place no matter how old or out of shape you may be.Definitely worthy of your consideration if you are looking for a gym in this neighborhood. More...


Alexandra J.

22 November 2012

I have been a member of Spartacus gym, on and off, for about ten years now.Some people love this place, and some hate it.. depends what you are looking for. I like this place because it is an affordable, no nonsense, straight up gym. The only thing you can do here is get fit. There is no steam room to go hide in, no tea lounge... just a big room full of fitness equipment. What they do offer, which makes it more than just a small neighborhood gym, is classes. Right in the middle of this big room full of sweaty, grunting weight-lifters is an enclosed studio space. They offer yoga, spinning, aerobics, Zumba.. you name it. And it's all included in the membership! THAT is what keeps me coming back here. At a lot of gyms you pay more to get the spa treatment. But does that really help you get fit faster? I don't think so. Spartacus is a good old-school gym run by good people. More...


Robyn H.

11 October 2012

Spartacus Gym is Vancouver's best kept secret, especially considering that the city's as health-conscious, gym/yoga-obsessed as they get.But here's this old little gym tucked away underneath Caffé Roma on Commercial Drive, charging less than $40 per month (which includes access to almost all their classes: yoga, spin, pilates, zumba, etc.)... but the place is absolutely unpretentious and all-inclusive, plus the staff are amazing. Roy and Nelson, in particular, are inspirational - if you get a chance to take a class or training session with them, do so!While not the fanciest gym in terms of infrastructure, all the equipment is in excellent shape, and there's obviously a lot of love that goes into running the place. They'd probably hate me for saying this, but Spartacus reminds me a little of my high school gym; something I find completely endearing. There are several TVs and the music's often a good mix (ie: Thievery Corporation, Metric, Depeche Mode, etc.). As for the equipment, they have pretty much everything you'd need: free weights, weight machines, elliptical machines, bikes, etc. plus one classroom not unlike a dance studio.But what I really love about this gym is that it's home to a diverse community; many people who live on Commercial Drive come here and have been coming here for ages. But people of all ages, all races, all genders, all shapes - everyone is welcome. And when you're a tad self-conscious, or you're not a gym regular, or even if you're a fitness guru - coming here, you'll feel welcomed, and I love it for that. More...


Sarah M.

24 June 2011

Best. Gym. Ever.Where else in this city can you get unlimited access to equipment AND classes (yoga, pilates, spinning, bootcamp, zumba, and more!) for $30 per month? Sure, it's not super glamorous, but they have a good amount of new equipment and the staff are awesome. Yes, the gym can get a little busy at times, but I've never had a problem getting into a class or getting the equipment I want to use.One of my favourite things about this gym is that the people who work out there are from all walks of life. It is truly a community gym, with young, old, fit, and (currently) unfit alike. Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I also love how the treadmills have built-in fans. (This *might* be common, but they certainly didn't have those at my old gym!)The one irritating thing with many gyms is that it's a major hassle when you want to cancel. I have heard SO many horror stories on this topic, but I have never heard anything like this about Spartacus. If you live in the Drive area, there's simply no reason to go anywhere else. More...


Jasmine O.

3 May 2011

Finally! I have hit 5 weeks straight of gyming it up! It was a necessary part of my decision to quit smoking and I have to say I really enjoy this particular gym. It's been many years since I've been to any other gym but I remember paying the same amount for a memebership in the '90's which means this place is VERY affordable. I got a one hour session with a trainer included when I started as well. All classes are free with membership although I've yet to try one (I'm shy ) and the machines are new and plentiful.It's a small space for all that equipment but it works and I'm going to try and keep UP the good work... More...


Mira S.

16 December 2010

This is the best fitness centre ever! I have been many times there over the years. Good, well maintained equipment, clean and comfortable environment to exercise in. No pretentiousness or competition with other fitness go-ers, people are respectful and have the best thing in common; FITNESS!The staff, trainers and class instructors are awsome! Very little staff turn-over! The two owners Doug and Herb, are very hard working and usually one or both of them are there at the fitness centre teaching a class or just working-out. They get to know their members by name and it feels like a big happy family there. They offer a wide variety of fitness classes and at various times of the day so it is convenient with work schedules etc. You must try Herb's Pilates and Yoga-lates classes! Twice a week in 3 weeks and you'll see what I mean! Oh ya, don't forget to go to boot camp class saturday at 9am! I love daydreaming and watching the many TVs while I work out. They also have tanning beds. And minutes are cheap! Sometimes during the colder months, it is nice to warm up and get some vitamin D. LOL, a little reward after my hard work-out!The only problem is I now live in Surrey/Delta and I don't have Spartacus out here! Tho, I still go there time to time when I am passing thru East Van! Thanks guys, you guys rock! More...


Michael C.

18 October 2010

This gym has been here for a very very long time it has all of what you need for your strength and cardio training. It is in the heart of the Drive and has reasonable drop in rates.


Mercedes G.

7 January 2010

One of the only fitness centres along The Drive, Spartacus is the most low-key, affordable and comfortable fitness centres I have ever had the pleasure of sweating in.  The staff is friendly and the classes are taught by knowledgable, skilled and lovely instructors who only want to see you do your best (not to see you in your short shorts...ladies, you know what I'm talking about) or see you suffer.  The owners are vivacious and clearly love life, with a no-nonsense attitude to fitness that has served them well.Did I mention the affordability of Spartacus? Impressively low prices that make working out easy on you and your budget. More...


Ali L.

14 October 2009

My fantastic, unpretentious gym.  The membership fees are unpretentious, too.  It isn't a super fancy, Yaletown type gym (being in the basement, there's no view) but it's got just enough machines, a nice row of TVs, and a touch I like - supplements, energy bars, cold drinks etc. for sale at the front desk.  There's a tanning bed available if you're into that, and parking is free in the underground lot if you're a member.   Best of all, it feels like a community place; the owners train and teach classes.I only wish there were more classes to take, since my schedule is a little hectic!  The evening yoga and pilates sessions are always busy, if only I could get up early enough to make the 7AM classes, I'd review those too. More...


Dani B.

3 April 2009

I love Spartacus gym, its not pretentious and it's very welcoming. They also give you the best deal in town when it comes to taking the classes they offer. You can either pay for a monthly membership or a 10-time (which has no expiry date) pass for $60 and take any of their classes. Since my schedule changes weekly, I go for the pass instead of the membership.I love the Pilates, yoga, and yogalates classes in particular. The instructors vary in level and it's good to know who's who before you take a class.In terms of Pilates Pam is more beginner/intermediate and Herb is definitely more advanced. If you are just starting pilates do not take Herb's class, build yourself up by going to Pam's class at least 10 times before even thinking about moving up. Mark, who teaches the Yoga classes is excellent! His level is a pretty solid intermediate but he always gives you beginner and advanced options as well. Go onto their website to check out their class schedule and you can also see the instructor bio's so you can check out everyone before you go.In terms of price and quality, I believes Spartacus's classes are as good as it gets! More...

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