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Claremont, California

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Claremont, California


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Bill Sarubbi

7 February 2018

Great Food with Outstanding Service and Unique Wines that you can only enjoy there!


Jim Kelm

22 January 2018

We have used the catering services of Spaggi's for several years. From menu selection to final clean-up, Henry and his staff provide a quality product and exemplary service. We have never been disappointed!


Krystal Rawls

13 October 2017

We ordered the South African Bass and the Tilapia with Ravioli: the food was amazing. The service was exceptional. The only down-side was being wedged between two tables with geriatric patrons at each. The conversation was political and offensive at times. It made me rush my meal. There was enough room to spread people out a bit. More...


Henry Echeveste

8 October 2017

Ordered meat lasagna trays for party. Everyone loved it. It was worth it. Best decision!


Rich Nero

24 August 2017

Service was definitely 5/5!! The food was great as well, most especially the pot roast and neopolitain cake!


Tom Kepic

21 June 2017

All of the food is very tasty and the service is excellent. Chef Henry always makes sure the dining experience is memorable.


ryan mitchell

28 December 2016

Excellent menu food service & prices.


Jacob P

28 October 2016

The absolute best place in Upland hands down. If you have not, you must go. You can thank me later.


Nora Ruel

15 July 2016

We love Spaggi's!! There aren't a lot of nice restaurants in Upland (an understatement), but Spaggi's is at the top for us. Dinners are a little pricey, but really wonderful for a special occasion. And then there's his famous chocolate souffle! More...


Craig Sipple

22 December 2015

Service is exemplary. The ambiance and food will have you coming back for more. Chef Henry and his wife, Anna, have created a restaurant that tops all Italian restaurants. The food is so delicious it is hard to choose an entree from the menu. The servers are well mannered, professional and extremely courteous. More...

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