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Indiana Jonas

1. Notice that all good google reviews were made exactly 3 month ago, weird...

2. Read my experience:

I am writing this on behalf of my girlfriend, her Spalady membership and to my experience the poorest customer service that I have ever received with any company that I was dealing with.

It all started with a „win“ of a free 2 week Spalady trial at an art store in the mall. So beginning of this year (March 2015) my girlfriend first visited Spalady as she was called upon her win of this trial. Nobody had ever introduced her to this free trial, instead she was talked into a 1 year membership at full cost at the West Edmonton Mall location as she was working in the mall and had a vehicle for the commute. She had specifically asked if there was any cancellation fees related to this contract before signing, in case her current living situation changed, and the previous question was answered with NO. There was not any kind of cancellation fees mentioned by this employee after asking about it.

She had used the service rarely up to the point where her car was sold and she had moved to a different apartment with a different job. In this case she was wanting to cancel the membership as she had no reasonable way to commute to the gym.

June 2015: She had walked into the gym she had signed up at and explained the situation to them. Even though she was verbally informed differently, they had referred her to a 160$ cancellation fee that would be needed to be paid. This number can not be found anywhere on the contract and the outrageous sum is equal to paying 5 extra full months oft the membership. After reexplaining the situation to them they had again referred that there was nothing they could do as the only thing they relate to is her signature on the contract.

My girlfriend had moved on and called the head office explaining the situation again about the wrong information from the employee and again they were not willing to come up with any solution other than paying the fee. They were at no point willing to recognize that their Employee had made a mistake.

3 month had past (payments were ongoing without use of the gym, August 28) and I myself got to know about the situation, and as a customer service representative myself I knew that with the wrong information that was given, Spa Lady can not force through the cancellation fee based on the signature when Ashley had been informed incorrectly by the employee before.

I started the investigation and had called the branch to discuss the topic. They referred me to the head office. Head office was closed even though their hours clearly stated that they were supposed to be open as the Eest Edmonton Mall employee confirmed to me.

I waited a day, called them, explained them the situation and again I was referred that there was nothing they could do. I then called in the branch again and asked for the manager (which I was given the fitness manager). She had told me that the only one who could do anything about it is head office. I again called head office explaining the situation again. I was referred that only the general manager (Adalma Gonzalez) of the gym would be able to resolve this problem.

We called her and she did not get back to us with further information as promised and told me that she would not talk to me about the account as I am not the account holder (misunderstanding the Canadian privacy act). This is a total untrue statement, as I only got involved with this as the company is showing themselves very uncooperative and my girlfriend had given me and Spalady verbal permission to be involved with this discussion. By Law I am allowed to be involved with this as long as my girlfriend allows. I assume they did not want to talk to me as I was being very certain about a proper resolution of this situation and have experience in a similar business.

Face to face with Adalma we explained the situation to her. Everything we had said was just cut down by the fact that my girlfriend had „signed the contract“. After about 30 minutes of poor argumentation on Spaladys side she had mentioned that she wished she could do something about it but does not have the authority to change the contract, but offered things like freezing the contract. We had left the office with a extension to Nelson from head office who could apparently resolve this problem.

I called head office. The extension she had written down for us was wrong and when we were forwarded to Nelson, he did not answer the phone, and as I found out further does also not have any authority regarding the cancellation. I had then instead talked to somebody who as everyone else referred us to the signature on the contract and would not forward us to somebody with authority about the account. I then asked Spalady to freeze the contract while we are not using this service and are in disagreement, but was referred to a 100$ fee for freezing the contract that Spalady was absolutley serious about. At this time Spalady makes us accept to continue our payments that we are expecting to be refunded since June 2015 as we are not using the service and Spalady has to realize that they are in the wrong. I am currently waiting for contact information to the vice president Rochelle Greenman of Spalady to discuss the issue with her.

As I am in quite a bad mode about this company I had talked to many people about this and even came across somebody who is dealing with the exact same issue.

I had asked all oft he spalady employees if they think they provide good customer service which they had all started stumbling on. I am willing to cooperate with spalady to find a reasonable solution but will then pass on to go public with this story to warn any possible new customer about signing with this company.


Jen Frith-Smith

There is a few girls that work their who are full of themselves and have bitchy attuide's. If you not there to motivate and make us feel like we are reaching are goals get another job!


Bernie Thompson

I have been a member since 2010 and I just love it. The trainers and the instructors are fabulous. I can not say a bad word about this club. I love everything about it. They are going to have to carry me out on a stretcher I love it that much!!! More...


Cody N Candace Chislett

Worst place I have ever been. Never again will I ever go to this place. The child care is trash and so is the gym. They took out a 45$ payment and won't even give a refund after me not being there for a year after me telling them I didn't want to be a member. I will tell everyone I know not to go here. Please pass the word along More...


Diane Chorostkowski

I've been going to this gym for over 15 years because I like the fact that it is women only. The instructors/trainers are good, but the place is a pigsty......the bathrooms don't have proper locks on of any at all, the countertops are always dirty and full of hair .....the gym itself is filthy....the floors, the workout equipment, like the steps for step aerobics need to be badly replaced. We've been told that the bathrooms are going to be renovated..I'll believe it when I see it...this is one of the most neglected Spa Lady gyms in Edmonton. Like I said, I like going there because it is women only and the staff are nice, but really....it is disgusting!!!! More...

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