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Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

University Mobile Home Park, Arizona


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

University Mobile Home Park, Arizona


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Sarah K.

30 October 2019

I started at SWIHA not knowing what to expect or sure I even made the right choice. But when classes started I knew I was finally home! I graduated from the Mind Body Wellness practitioner program and realized that I had learned so much along the way while having fun! The teachers are amazing, the staff answer you back quickly to make sure your questions are answered. I also love that they listened to what I had to say and wanted my feedback. There are a few small changes I hope they make but they are small and wouldn't keep me from telling everyone how great SWIHA is!!!! If you want to find the you that you are meant to be, then SWIHA is for you! More...


Rodney Gray

5 October 2019

My wife and I have been using SWIHA masseuses for years and highly recommend their services!


Bebe Severson

30 September 2019

I like that you can choose either a student in training or a fully licensed therapist. Best of all, it's by appointment so NO waiting.


Karen Patton

21 September 2019

Just finished the 200 hour YTT FastTrack. It was life changing and transformative on so many levels. I highly recommend their amazing approaches. This is Stanford University of the Southwest! More...


Kascha Neff

12 September 2019

This college has brought me through so much inner work and healing that I could not see myself going anywhere else. This is truely a place I am very greatful for. It is one of a kind.


Lidia A.

27 August 2019

Just like any other school you get out of it what you put into it! SWIHA offers an array of healing modalities to introduce you to. If you have an open mind you will receive more then you bargained for. Many of my classmates chose not to take Toe Reading and I feel that they made a mistake judging it prematurely. It is not everyone's cup of tea but it is a wonderful modality that can be very powerful. I took Clinical Hypnotherapy and I have learned so much. The Transpersonal Psychology was very useful and the books and the materials we were taught were great for anyone in coaching and healing field. Overall a great experience. Very soon two of my kids will attend SWIHA. They are not interested in traditional education and I am so happy they want to pursue holistic path! More...


Hali B.

15 August 2019

Wow! The last two years at SWIHA have hands down changed my life. The online community is phenomenal. I truly started with a vision in my mind and they worked with me during some of my trying times like giving birth to my son and allowed me to pause and pick up when it worked for me. I will tell everyone about the positive light they transcend and share of the experience I had for years to come. Thank you SWIHA family for helping me pursue the career of my dreams. Because I am now LIVING it!!! And if you are reading this, you can too!! More...


Tina A.

2 August 2019

I made the decision to go back to school and chose SWIHA.  I had no idea that this seemingly simple decision would change my life in so many areas.  As I took classes every area of my life started to shine. I may have chose the integrative healing arts program but the education and what I went through on a spiritual side brought me back to myself.   It's like I shed years of self abuse and came out a new on the other side. More...


Michelle I. P.

22 July 2019

Excellent program, support, and educational material. My year and a half online diploma was a great experience.  They were supportive of adult learning, and I felt the program focused well on establishing and growing my own business.  Very pleased with my decision to study here. I feel blessed that I found this school. Thanks SWIHA! More...


Barbara Lynch

13 July 2019

Their programs and philosophy is unparalleled to anything I’ve experienced.


Zulema Franco

4 July 2019

Si!! muy amables y muy buen trabajo


Lina Luna

27 June 2019

Authentic, relevant and applicable education. Supportive and just overall awesome.


Jeremy Evans

27 June 2019

Today I met Jennifer and many others who made my campus visit a wonderful experience. I am filling out my paperwork in preparation to enroll! I am so impressed and cannot wait to get started on my education. I’d give this school 10 Stars out of 5 if I could! -Jeremy E. More...


Cynthia B.

19 June 2019

Everything I needed and more. It was the best time I have had in discovery where I am and where I am going. Such an honor to be a part and graduate of SWIHA! Truly blessed.


Caren Lehe

14 June 2019

Amazing school with great healers and community. Life changing experiences and positive education! A must if you’re on the fence, just sit, be still, listen with your heart. This school is for those willing to put in the work to develop and evolve the lives of themselves and others! Best thing I ever did was commit and invest in myself. Thank you SWIHA! More...



22 May 2019

Amy P hands blessed me this afternoon! Felt like I had an outer body experience. Thank you for the amazing bodywork. That you SWIHA for having some of the best massage therapists in the Valley. I’m really thankful for this school. I love you guys. More...


Rosalba Osita

12 May 2019

Great energy! Services were amazing


Vanessa Nicole

4 May 2019

great energy and wonderful staff that treats you with the most respect.


Nadia Holliday

26 April 2019

Amazing place! I absolutely loved it.


Alexa M.

26 April 2019

I must say... Even though this school is a business... NEVER have I walked into a school (elementary, middle, high and college) that I felt like I came home. The staff and teachers are absolutely AMAZING! You feel like you are genuinely a part of their family. The education I received was top notch and received very detailed and constructive feedback all which was incredibly helpful to my ultimate goal. I just finished my 2nd program there this past Easter and as much as I am completely excited and happy.. it's also bittersweet because for two years SWIHA has been a huge part of my life every single day.  The wonderful thing is that we are welcomed back any time... every day. We are ALWAYS a part of this SWIHA family!  Thank you SWIHA!!! More...


Jessica LaMarre

19 April 2019

My experience at SWIHA is amazing I have been able to connect with amazing people. I have and continue to learn so much. I can honestly say SWIHA has been instrumental in transforming my life. More...


Tara M.

11 April 2019

My experience with SWIHA has been transformative. I just completed the online program for Mind-Body Wellness Practitioners. My instructors were friendly, informative, and helpful. They were also understanding when anything came up. I had a couple of situations when I fell behind because of family matters. Each time, my advisor, Janet, sent me an email to find out if there was any way that she could help, and offered encouragement and compassion. If you feel like you have spent your life waiting to find your tribe and an education opportunity that really fits your personality and drive, SWIHA is probably the place for you! I am so passionate about my experience. I only wish that I lived closer so that I could volunteer or attend events. More...


Sophia B.

5 April 2019

To be clear, I do not go to school here but I have been receiving healing services from current and former students.This place alone would be worth moving to Phoenix for.I read a lot of negative reviews about the medical center because many people are claiming that they go to the branches of Southwest Healing Arts and are threatened with child protective services if they do not go to an official government medical facility.  Understand that this is the local and federal government that force the holistic medical practitioners to send you and your children to the places that you are trying to avoid.  Southwest Institute is legally forced to send the patients and children to the western medicine practitioners or else they face getting shut down.Western Medicine clearly has it's limits and Eastern  and-or spiritual Medicine should be combined instead of threatened.I am grateful this place exists as weird and strange as it seems.  Fight the government policy, not the school and facility that is attempting to offer alternatives.The reiki, cranial sacral therapy and massage facility is somewhat chaotic but in a place surrounded by asian sex-trafficked and sex-slave facilities, finding something legitimate is in and of itself something to be grateful for.  I spoke to the receptionist, and sadly, many students here get solicited?  I hope people appreciate and respect the healing arts for what it is worth. More...


CJ Berndt

30 March 2019

I received my Life Coach training there and I continually go back for classes and to be part of a community. I like to call it Hogwarts for Grown Ups!


Catherine R.

26 March 2019

I just finished the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner online program and I must say that I had a great experience. The instructors are always ready to help- whether it's in a class post, or an email... they ALWAYS respond. This school has helped me pave my own path. I have a guideline of what to expect on my road to creating my own business, along with an adviser to ask questions to if I need help.  I am so thankful for all the staff tooMy girl at the book store: Jesse! I appreciate you always helping with my online book purchases and making sure my books always got to me (she went above and beyond several times for me!). Marissa- thank you for helping me through my graduation process and calming my anxieties! Really, all of the staff have been amazing. Thank you guys! More...


Laura Ann Birr

7 March 2019

I love the relationship I had with the other like-minded students in our program for the Certificate of Excellence in Intuitive Guidance. Melissa Corter was an excellent teacher and it was evident after interacting with everyone who works at SWIHA that they are fully dedicated to their job and the importance of spirituality in the workplace. Now, as an Intuitive Guide, I have more credentials under my belt and my practice has grown and expanded! Thank you for being an awesome place of learning, SWIHA! More...


Carol Gardner

2 March 2019

The instructors truly care about their students. I am a graduate of the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner program. It's amazing how much I've learned from the courses. I made several new friends and remain in contact with a few instructors. One became my mentor. More...


Larry Mattingly

26 February 2019

This is a unique “place” for top notch accredited and professional education in Healing modalities build upon Self Empowerment, including your realization that your healing talents are worthy of your own financial abundance!


BarBe Virgil

10 February 2019

Great school and wonderful teachers


Quantanique Williams

2 February 2019

This school as transformed me and continues to grow and uplift me well beyond the completion of my classes. I'm in love with the energy of this place. So many neat programs and great staff. More...


Christine Mapes

17 January 2019

It is a school for those that are called to serve and heal humanity beyond what modern/Western healing can offer.


patricia q.

17 January 2019

SWIHA has been and continues to be the best decision I made for  becoming an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner.  I have had great experiences interacting with other students, and I was truly amazed at the knowledge of my instructors and the amount of information shared from a personal perspective and professional perspective.  I truly enjoyed my experience and look forward to using all that I have learned with my clients. More...


Karen Thomasson

22 December 2018

I’m only a couple weeks away from earning my certificate in life coaching. I didn’t realize when I started what a journey I was in for. I transformed myself through this process because of the powerful lessons and have grown so much. I’m so excited to share my knowledge and experience with others! Thank you SWIHA! More...


Amanda W.

19 December 2018

SWIHA changed my life. I went to get my Yoga teacher certification but wound up taking the entire Mind Body Wellness program with a specialty in holistic nutrition. The instructors are extremely well educated, take unique approaches and are very inspiring. I made lifestyle changes that, seven years later, are still improving my quality of life. More...


Michael McDonald

13 December 2018

Everything!! Especially, Gift and Graces night!!


Dreism IsMe

7 December 2018

I recommend Southwest Institute of Healing Arts because it is a school that teaches you how to take care of yourself. You will learn how to heal your body through nutrition, communication, physical touch and various spiritual practices. And who better to help another when you have gone through the healing yourself! I came to the school with a desire to heal others and to help them but what I received was that same desire to heal and help myself too ❤. More...


Susan Rhodes

2 December 2018

A beautiful kindred community of souls working to bring calm and harmony to our daily life journey


Tai Marie

30 November 2018

I got my aesthetics license here and now that I'm in the field I'm extremely grateful for the wide variety of knowledge that was given to me from this amazing school! As I compare my teachings to others from different schools I can say this is the best aesthetics school by far! This place will always have a found memory and although I have moved to California I would love to come back and visit one day! More...


Natalie C.

27 November 2018

An incredible place to go to school, in person or online. The community that this school provides, in addition to it's phenomenal teachers and staff, is unmatched. I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything! More...


Lori Beard

26 November 2018

I am a graduate and it changed my life. As a healer, I healed while studying there to get my Life Coaching and Clinical hypnosis certifications. Great teachers and mentors inspire you to step forward into your greatness! Now I am published author and speaker ready to continue changing lives. More...


Suman M.

8 November 2018

SWIHA came to me when I was looking to find my place in the world it not only did that but it also helped me find myself. SWIHA has made me more confident and has helped me grow. I was able to start a whole new career here that will help me heal and give the gift of healing to others and I cannot thank my instructors enough for that gift!!! More...


Patricia Lynn

22 October 2018

The massage clinic is amazing! I had a massage session today with Kyle... he does amazing work. I went in with a few issues and he really took the time to address my issues and still provide an amazing massage! He definitely has a gift... a wonderful talent! Thank you, Kyle! More...


Jenna D.

19 September 2018

I have recently graduated from the  SWIHA online program, in Integrative Healing Arts. I cannot express how the experience changed me as a person. The skills and tools I have taken away from my education will help me to succeed in whatever direction my life's purpose will take me. If you have a passion to serve others and heal, SWIHA a wonderful place to mindfully discover your purpose. More...


Kelly L.

6 September 2018

I'm currently taking online classes with SWIHA to become a mindfulness meditation teacher. I'm learning so much and everyone is extraordinarily kind. Even as a full time employee and mom, the classes fit perfectly into my current schedule. The course content is extremely interesting and is giving me the confidence and credentials to spread mindfulness in the world! More...


Jazmine Roberson

31 August 2018

I have had nothing short of awakening experiences from here. I took my first sports massage class for continuing education here back in 2016 and just had intro to chakras last weekend. Both were phenomenal and so fun. Not to mention, I met my life coach during gifts of Graces here back in 2016 and that opened my life to more opportunity and things I couldnt see before. Their staff is lovely and very welcoming. SWIHA is a godsend for anyone lost, seeking clarity, or that just wants to expand in their purpose. I absolutely LOVE Swiha and recommend it to everyone More...


Theresa Small

27 August 2018

The idea of new beginnings in an ability to be the change we wish to see in the world.


Kaitlyn Kash

24 August 2018

it's a amazing school and I can't wait to start!


Anna E.

22 August 2018

This has been one of the best educational experiences of my life. The instructors are incredible, very knowledgeable and very supportive. This school has helped redefined my intention to serve others in a purposeful manner. If Holistic Wellness is your passion, this is the place to  learn. More...


Angela J.

16 August 2018

I've completed 2 programs at SWIHA: Mind Body Wellness Practitioner (on campus) and Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner program (online).I can say that without a doubt this school is the best I've ever attended. More than a school, it's family. During orientation in 2016 we we told "it's hard to leave SWIHA" and truer words were never spoken! It's truly a difficult place to leave! The atmosphere encourages learning and awakened passions I didn't realize I had!The instructors are very knowledgeable, supportive and passionate about the subjects they teach.Thank you KC and staff...Angela j More...


Cheryl W.

15 August 2018

SWIHA is of the highest integrity and sincerity! I am looking forward to begining training with them in the near future!~ The students that attend SWIHA gain more insight than a typical school setting! More...


Kelly S.

10 August 2018

I had the world's best experience at SWIHA! I recently graduated as a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner and would recommend the school to anyone in the field of holistic health (especially their Holistic Nutrition program)


Aileen B.

8 August 2018

Thought I'd bump my rating up!  Jenny at the desk and the licensed massage therapists (LMTs) I see here on a regular basis try hard to accommodate my schedule wishes and needs- I very much appreciate you!  Been coming here almost every week (except when I'm sick or on vacation) for the past TEN years! More...


Jacquie McJax

5 August 2018

A loving and safe space to awaken the spiritually Divine in us all, and educate the healers to guide people to the Light to ascend to their Divine Purpose. ♥️


Jamie Lopez

5 August 2018

it's an amazing learning institute that elevates you to other dimensions!! and helps you find the real YOU!!


Debra Nixon

30 July 2018

SWIHA allowed me to find myself in a unique degree program that invited meaningful thought provoking subjects for study. I am thankful to all my instructors and their philosophies in learning. As a Life Coach/Intuitive/Urban Farmer I am able to make a difference in my community in offering healing services for a better quality life. Namaste` More...


Heike Hensley

9 July 2018

Incredible teachers and incredible school. Highly recommend it.


Joya Christina

3 July 2018

Amazing school, incredible experience! I attended SWIHA from 2009-2012 for Yoga Teacher Training and then went on to complete certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy including Life Coaching, NLP, Grief/Hospice education. Highly Recommend this school!!!!


The Valley Group

3 July 2018

I have had 3 massages now at SWIHA. All were excellent but Grace was exceptional. She puts so much positive energy into her treatment. I find myself breathing along with her and totally relaxing while getting the deep tissue massage my body needs. Her touch and technique are varied and include myofacial work which is an added benefit. I highly recommend Grace and the entire SWIHA staff. More...


Victor Terrazas

24 June 2018

Great student massage experience. Thank you.


Paul Bernitt

19 June 2018

When I started at SWIHA I was sick. I was able to heal my body through diet, exercise, stress mgmt, detox and supplementation. My body literally healed its self through the balance of nature and nurture. I completed the mind body transformational psychology degree program and went on to become a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health. I was able to take what I learned into my community and co-founded TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine. My purpose is to end as much needless suffering as I can through hope, health and healing. My focus is on early detection, prevention and reversal of lifestyle related diseases. More...


Rachael Alvarado

8 June 2018

I love SWIHA


Ciara Bossart

29 May 2018

I'm a student in the Mind Body Wellness Program and specialize on polarity/cranial therapy, aromatherapy and life coaching and all I have to say os thank you to my swiha teachers for helping me recognise my greatness



29 May 2018

Absolutely love everything about SWIHA. As a former graduate, I can tell you the information you learn will help you in all walks of life. I should warn you, though- you'll get hooked. You'll take one class and before you know it, you'll have signed up for 72 more! It's addicting in the best way possible. The teachers are excellent, the environment is unlike anything you'll experience anywhere else (community support kind of feel/big family), and it's an experience you'll take with you for the rest of your life. Also, the SWIHA massage clinic is AMAZING. Great prices, plus you're helping students practice crucial skills for their field of study. It's a true win-win. (For reference, they do have licensed therapists as well.) More...


J Bird

29 May 2018

This place is sacred. It will change your life. Be joyously prepared!


Sonja Schaefer-Smith

26 May 2018

Wow i was impressed as soon as i walked into this spa like at atmosphere. The ladies at the front desk were very nice. I spoke with Tina about the Aesthetics/Laser Program and she explained everything very thoroughly . I'm so excited about signing up for this program. More...


Dannielle Monem

18 May 2018

Just enrolled to attain education in Holistic Medicine and I am looking forward to learning all that I can with SWIHA!!!


Dulce Zo

9 May 2018

SWIHA is a great school. I got my life coaching certificate here over 3 years ago and was able to start my business and begin helping people. I then came back and completed the Hypnotherapy program and took Transformational Reiki 1 & 2 and Tarot here as well. I feel all of the programs are organized in a good manner and the education is presented in a digestible and sequential way so that all students are able to get a good understanding of the material and learn these unique healing arts. I also really liked all the of the additional resources most classes provide such as suggested readings to continue your growth and development as a practitioner after the class or once you graduate. The instructors, staff, and owner are all genuinely good, heart-centered people and have always been wonderful to be around and I've seen numerously how much they all care for the students and doing what is ethical and loving as well as providing a world-class institution. I learned so much from each of my teachers and feel they are great instructors who were super proficient in their fields and great resources for information and training. I took both on campus and online classes and can honestly say I loved both of them. I am a full-time holistic practitioner and would highly recommend SWIHA's programs to you if you feel called to do this work and want a solid education. More...


Dulce Z.

9 May 2018

SWIHA is a great school. I got my life coaching certificate here over 3 years ago and was able to start my business and begin helping people. I then came back and completed the Hypnotherapy program and took Transformational Reiki 1 & 2 and Tarot here as well. I feel all of the programs are organized in a good manner and the education is presented in a digestible and sequential way so that all students are able to get a good understanding of the material and learn these unique healing arts. I also really liked all the of the additional resources most classes provide such as suggested readings to continue your growth and development as a practitioner after the class or once you graduate. The instructors, staff, and owner are all genuinely good, heart-centered people and have always been wonderful to be around and I've seen numerously how much they all care for the students and doing what is ethical and loving as well as providing a world-class institution. I learned so much from each of my teachers and feel they are great instructors who were super proficient in their fields and great resources for information and training. I took both on campus and online classes and can honestly say I loved both of them. I am a full-time holistic practitioner and would highly recommend SWIHA's programs to you if you feel called to do this work and want a solid education. More...


Michael Seward

6 May 2018

Swiha has been such a huge impact on my life in the past 90 days. I'm not even a student of this school, yet my friend took me there to introduce me to the staff & possibility have the opportunity to display my artwork. They welcomed me with open arms immediately, it's been such a blessing, my confidence has sky rocketed, ever since I walked through those doors. More...


Jessica C.

4 April 2018

Oh where oh where do I begin?So, I love SWIHA! I had no idea that this place even existed nor would I have thought I'd find my way here. I will admit that I'm only taking one 100 hour program right now and perhaps my experience may be quite different from others however, what I've been doing has been transformational.From the moment I went online to request information to the visit and the classes all has been incredible. The staff and the students alike. So many people from so many different walks of life all experiencing so many things. I feel like this is truly where I belong. I love the fact that as a single(ish) mother and full time employee I am able to take my classes without interfering with my daily responsibilities. As I said, I'm only taking one program and it happens to have only weekend classes which works perfectly for me. They seem to have a number of different events that are available to attend, not to mention they do allow for people to sit in in classes that may be of interest to them. I'm hooked and am looking into a more intensive program come fall. I'm grateful and thankful for all of those who I've met on this journey and am so excited for all to come. More...


Luna Sky

4 January 2018

I am currently a year in & Loving every min of it!


Bishop Crystal Elizabeth Melville

26 December 2017

An excellent school to pursue the healing arts in person or online!


Bonnie MacDonald Kavanagh

8 December 2017

I am in Holistic Nutrtion Practitioner Course (755 hr) I am only 1/3 or my way through. I think that like anything else you have to be creative to use what you learn here. There is no clear definition of what you can do and there is no limit. Thinking that you are going to take a course and graduate and move into a job market with this training is not going to happen. You have to create different avenues and use it for a jumping off point. I know for me I will continue to get more education to add to this and then I am using my knowledge to move into different jobs that will help me evolve this learning. Its a process and what I'm learning is very educational. I also am thinking that I have to open myself up to creating many different income streams at first to get myself out there. It will take time and much more education but the teachers here are super educated and informative and very inspirational. I think SWIHA outperforms itself with the talent they provide for teachers. I will move onto getting my NANP certification, starting a blog, etc. Its a process in growth also, I'm not using this as a end all, I'm using this as a foundation to build my skills on and just because I complete this course will not mean I am ready to go into a practice. It will take time to grow into myself and my knowledge, to build upon it and to increase my eductation and practice. As with anything in life, use it or lose it. There are so many avenues and journeys that you can find a niche for with the skills taught at SWIHA. One of the things that I have learned is that I'm growing into my role and changing to be able to do this work. Its so intensive especially if your holding down work and family and you have to be willing to to the work and grow into your role and that takes time and energy and I also believe that when the time comes in your journey in life that whatever you take away from your learning down the road, we don't know when will play an important role somewhere in your life to be able to use this experience. I have seen in my life things I have done 10 years before and have education in play a role in not only who I am today but influence factors in my life that I could never have forseen at the time and then it comes back years later as a benefit that I took that course or job. At the time I thought, gee alot of good that did me. Life can be full of surprises like that! More...


Melissa Medlock

4 December 2017

My experience at Swiha was wonderful overall. 90% of the instructors were amazing and very hands on, even in my online program. I made many wonderful friends, one of whom even walked me down the aisle at my wedding. I changed a great deal and found a ton of personal healing in my program. That being said, there is little preparation for starting and maintaining a successful business. The Business Development class taught at the end of the program, for me, was taught by a fellow Swiha alumni who was a hypnotherapist, not a business expert. My career counseling in the career center was awkward. My counselor did most of the talking about himself and just kept asking why I wanted to do this work. I guess I didn't answer clearly enough because I got some eye rolls and interruptions when I tried to answer. There is a lot of talk about following your dreams, setting goals, and being a light in the world but there is nothing tangible. They don't teach you how to truly sell these modalities in the real world. Maybe I'm frustrated because I couldn't make it work but I bet if you ask anyone I graduated with, they would tell you the same thing. I don't know anyone who's actually using the education they received at Swiha to make a living. Maybe, in part, the world isn't ready for it but I think there's a lot more they could be doing to help. Fantastic for personal development and healing but lacking in real world implementation. I have a bitter taste in my mouth every month when I make my student loan payment for the program I attended but try to remind myself of the personal healing I achieved and the friendships I made. I hope Swiha is doing a better job of this in the past few years since I graduated. I don't regret my time there but I wish I had known what I could and couldn't do with it before I bought "the dream". More...


Christina Marie Lmt

20 November 2017

Discover yourself my fellow beings! This place is beyond magical. Gratitude for all that you do, SWIHA!


Jess Jacobs

8 November 2017

#iseeyou ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Barbara Payne

23 October 2017

I really enjoyed the program, I'm not complete but so far it's been a good program. The issue I have is, the employees aren't knowledgeable on financial aid and the counselors do not follow up as they should with students. #educateyouremployees #stressed


Carol-Ann Devine

9 October 2017

I have been going here for massages for almost 20 years! Never received a bad massage.


Chassie Nix

6 September 2017

I came all the way from Mississippi, to take the 200 YTT course. I am convinced it is the right school to go to for my yoga teacher training. I love the studio, instructors, & students. I love what it offers & can't wait to see what else I can get my hands into. More...


Helen Talia

9 July 2017

This place is awesome and noticeably energetic, from the time you set your foot in.


Det Bond

8 June 2017

Friendly staff, beautiful and calming campus


Paul Vincent

8 June 2017

As a Veteran I can't imagine what Nicholas is referring to about 'scammers'. I visited SWIHA, then attended and completed the Mind, Body, Wellness 2 year program. I cannot begin to say what a trans-formative experience attending SWIHA has been for me! It's true, SWIHA may not be the place for you, but if you are serious about making change in your life and the lives of others then you owe it to yourself to check SWIHA out. The staff and faculty there are wonderful and really do care about your well-being on both a physical, emotional and spiritual level. SWIHA is not traditional schooling but that hardly changes the fact that what SWIHA offers is amazingly life changing. Big Blessings to KC Miller and her staff! In my heart always! More...


Ronna Faith Ambrosino

8 June 2017

As an alumni of SWIHA, I can't say enough great things about my experience there! I graduated with a Massage Therapy Diploma, and Life Coaching Certificate. I also received a variety of education from Energy Work to Yoga! It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself. Since then, I have worked for two leading Spa's, done Mobile massage for a year, and I am about to celebrate my one year anniversary, in my very own Spa! In my practice, I provide both Massage & Life Coaching to my clients, and I use Yoga, to maintain my body. SWIHA is great at blending total Wellbeing! My manta now is "Mind body Spirit balance", which is what I received at this Wonderful school for my personal life & education.The staff is very welcoming, compassionate, and wants you to succeeded. This is no ordinary school! It will become like your family, and you will make "life long friends" at this school. Most students have a hard time leaving after graduation, so some add dual education or certificates, and most come back for Special Events, CE's & FREE audits!!!I highly recommend this school, if you are searching for more than a career, but a place to grow, learn, expand & feel supported. If you choose to attend here, it is because it is your "calling", and you will become part of the SWIHA tribe! More...


A McCafferty

8 June 2017

Great price for a great massage!


Anahy Hernandez

4 June 2017

LOVE this place! � one of the best schools I've ever attended.


Ciara Bossart

29 May 2017

I am a student in the mind body wellness program best school best staff best ppl ever


jillian duley

29 May 2017

Great place to learn about healing arts & make connections! In regards to the clinics I think what some don't understand is that there are various levels of training that you could be experiencing in addition to various levels of ability. The training is great but that doesn't mean that every individual is ready to be a successful massage therapist, hypnotherapist, life coach etc. It is a process for many & this is why the services are discounted or free. I hope this provides some insight about the 'services.' Again, the training & instructor here are amazing. More...


Amy Belsanti

2 May 2017

Love this place !! A great place to renew and heal your spirit !


Kira O.

27 April 2017

I will never go anywhere else for a massage! I've been here twice, one massage with a licensed therapist, Odette, and another massage with a student. Both were fantastic and such a great value. I feel like their technique is just as good as big massage chains but at half the price. Everyone here is so friendly and the environment is peaceful and relaxing from the moment you walk in. When paying, you can also get cash for a tip instead of adding it after and waiting days for the bank to process. Plus you don't need to worry about stopping at an ATM beforehand. This place is a great value and seems to be teaching students wonderful things. More...


Amparo Pagan

9 April 2017

A very unique and moving experience. yes experience. It was fun, it was moving, peaceful and wonderful people. Lots of opportunity for growth, expansion , healing and just being.


Laura Davis

1 April 2017

I can't express how much I love this place. I went into massage therapy in 2008 at a different school. I remember how fascinating the energetic and physical "concept" was but was very skeptical. I used to "judge" this school as "to airy fairy for me" Never in a million years did I expect to be graduating as MEDM. Not only did this school enhance my abilities in a multitude of ways but I found confirmation of myself, my personal life experiences, and that turned me into a better healer. Walk this life with open skepticism and see where it takes you. You will be amazed. More...


Joel Phoenix Lmt Rmt

24 March 2017

This place is amazing!.... They will help you find your purpose and follow your dream!


Nicole Chartrand

12 March 2017

I just started classes in the MT750 program and I knew from the moment I entered the school for a tour I felt at home..the instructors so far are beyond awesome..truly the best decision I have made for myself and my family. Thank you SWIHA! More...


Amy Lynn

9 March 2017

I am excited to start my journey in May as an Integrated Wellness Practitioner with a concentration in Spiritual Studies.


April P.

6 March 2017

This school is SO AWESOME. I received the BEST continuing education OF MY LIFE at this school. Pam Field offers an innovative and groundbreaking massage technique that combines energy work, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release. You can accomplish the same results of a deep tissue massage without the pain. Her Myofascial Energetic Massage classes are a MUST for any massage therapist interested in exploring those techniques. More...


Allen Geib

21 February 2017

Enjoy it there because I am learning to be myself with there help..goi g to be a master of self motivation and polarity healer with soul food and more


Angela L. Alexander-Roth

19 February 2017

I graduated way back in 1998 when SWIHA was a fairly young school. They were originally Southwest Institute of Myotherapy and switched the name to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts part way through my time there. The new name fits! I learned so much through the program. So many wonderful modalities. The teachers were all very engaged and knowledgeable. It was the perfect way to get my healing practice off to the right start. I now teach and am a Metaphysician and going for my PhD now at another University. SWIHA gave me the perfect foundation. I highly recommend them. More...


Tatiana Pappas

14 February 2017

Just received my first ever massage from Scott and it was AHHH-MAZING! The facility is clean and beautiful and calming and the staff are so kind..from our therapists, to the reception lady, to the bookstore guy.. very nice! Scott was so patient and kind and I can not wait to go back! ����� ��� More...


Cherise Williams

13 January 2017

Absolutely one of the best schools I've ever attended. Truly something for everyone and they really care about their students.


Gena Lee

5 January 2017

Best place to go for many health needs. Massages..hypnotherapy. .toe readings.. and many many other fantastic body mind and soul rejuvenation. Be a guest or if thinking of a new career path? This is the total package. More...


Ryan Minner

21 December 2016

An experience unlike any other. Truly this is more than just a college, it is a community of love, a safe haven. Any and all who consider going to this school will forever be changed. Healing your mind, body, and spirit to truly discover your gifts and share them with the world. My only recommendation is this -- Show up and do the work. More...


Teresa Cox-meeker

18 December 2016

Best move I ever made Signing up for classes at SWIHA! My life has changed in such a positive direction in 5 months time. Before signing up I was going through the motions of life." No Fun" Now I am living a purposeful life. If you want a change in your own life sign up. It will change your life in so many Amazing ways. Grateful soul now! More...


Patricia Breslin

29 November 2016

This is an excellent school I have learned so much Proud to say I have atended


Chad Lakridis

24 November 2016

Self Improvement on and off the dance floor & Toxic Free living can only make our world better.


GaBy Nunez

18 November 2016

SWIHA changed my life! I think I recommend this school to at least 2 people each day. Love it ������


Bridgett Zehnder

26 October 2016

I am enrolled in the Mind, Body, Wellness Practitioner Program. It is a one year course. My focus is on Holistic Nutrition, with life coaching, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy. I am 55 years old, and prior to starting classes, I was SO EXCITED, but there was alot of fear...I'm too old to start a new path, can I keep up, will I fit in, etc. Well, let me tell you, this has been a life changing experience!! I AM IN LOVE with this path.I have just started my journey, but it is has already been life changing. I primarily wanted to learn how to heal my body, my mind..I have health issues that were taking me down. The school, teachers, information, and the students are all AMAZING, the energy is Vibrant, uplifting, healing. My life will never be the same. I can't wait to carry my message to the world! Thank you SWIHA! More...


Jesse James Ferrell

19 October 2016

my life experience is magical and i can thank KC Miller and her vision for that. i never imagined life could be anything you wanted until I started down my alternative healing path at SWIHA. thank you KC.


Zen Benefiel

19 October 2016

I enjoyed their programs, both learning and teaching, and would recommend their coursework for helping practitioners to change lives... theirs and others. Many opportunities to garner experiential understanding have helped in my coaching practice... Be The Dream and even in my team building business... Team Partnering Thanks to everyone! More...


James Silva

19 October 2016

I originally moved from NY to AZ to attend SWIHA but got side tracked trying to settle my life in the beginning that I didn't actually attend until 3 years later, when I learned all about divine timing. The moment I started, I knew it was my time and for the first time, I found my passion and purpose which I realized I had resisted for so long with my own excuses and stories. I have found my own healing through my own processes and have since become an employee, instructor and advocate of this school. Additionally, my own business has grown in leaps and bounds and I LOVE being part of this conscious community and family. More...


Stacey S.

6 October 2016

I am a recent graduate of SWIHA and I have loved my experience at this school. Was it always smooth sailing... No, of course not; this is real life, but when I was struggling I felt completely supported by all my SWIHA tribe. I have started at many different schools in my adult life, but SWIHA is the first one I have actually graduated from, and I believe a lot of my success was because I had amazing teachers, attentive student services, and follow up to help make sure I found a job in my field after. SWIHA is an awesome community of like minded individuals all working together to achieve their goals More...


Rosa Carbajal

13 September 2016

Just started here last night and i can already tell that the instructors are very passionate about what they do. I know it's going to be an amazing experience that's going to help me grow spiritually mentally and physically. Thank you guys for being amazing and welcoming me into your school ❤️ More...


Colleen Young

19 August 2016

Taking the online Holistic Nutrition course was one of the best experiences of my life and I am living proof that you are never too old to pursue your dream of furthering your education.


Cammi Sanchez

25 July 2016

Dramatically improved my personal and professional life. I would not be who I am today without the most valuable education I have ever received at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


Michele Welch

13 July 2016

Love this place and all the people who work there, and visit there!


Melanie Williamson

7 July 2016

I attended the Life Coach Online certification class, and I don't regret a thing! The instructors were wonderful, my classmates were awesome, and if I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. Thank you SWIHA for helping to put me on the career path I needed to be on! More...


Paul S.

2 July 2016

Great staff...great energy....awesome massage at unbelievable prices!  I have been coming here for years.  Student massages are really good.  The best thing is the fact that they have licensed massages at very reasonable prices.  Book Ahead though, because they are quite popular.   Also they reduce their hours for the summer. More...


Cynthia Parra

8 June 2016

What a wonderful experience I had there! Can't wait to go back!


Michele Root

16 May 2016

LOVE SWIHA - talk about transformation! Wish I had known about the school earlier in my life, and am GRATEFUL that I did find it! Awesome teachers, mentors, peers - everyone needs to experience SWIHA, even it's just for a complimentary 4 hours of a class. More...


Scott Taylor Lmt

5 May 2016

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a school that changes lives! It develops its students into healers and sages who then go forth into the world and manifest success! Going to school at SWIHA is a bit like going to school at Hogwarts School of Magic... Classes that bring out gifts in you that you never knew you had, or dreamed of having. SWIHA is a true blessing! More...


Laysha Lapree

18 April 2016

Looking into getting started immediately can't wait for the beautiful experience to help myself and others transform their life. Beautiful world!


J V.

4 March 2016

I love this school. I have attended a complimentary toe reading session and I could not say enough good things. I forgot cash to tip so that would be a recommendation of mind- even though she didn't mind in the least bit and I never felt pressured.The school seems to really care about their students. Artwork can be seen on the walls, the building radiants positive energy, and the instructors are friendly.I also have been to their yoga studio. Honestly, the best yoga studio I have ever been to! They revolve a lot around positive energy. I am not a religious person and sometimes they can cross into the religious realm, but for the most part they focus on energy.They also have an aesthetics school- yes it is performed by students, hence it is reflected in the price. However, you get the bang for your buck.Recommend this school to everyone. From the AMAZING classes to the services they offer.Will not be disappointed. More...


Donna B.

1 March 2016

This review is based on my experiences with their massage clinic.  I have had very good luck here finding an affordable massage from profession massage therapists or students.  The place is clean and well maintained.  It is not as fancy as a spa, but it is less expensive.  For example, the sheets that are on the massage tables are not as soft as other places I have been.  They can always get me in within a few days of me calling, and overall it is a good place for a less expensive massage. More...


Ashley Arnold Swiha

17 February 2016

When you come here you come home. This is a place of support, education, and truth. You learn to turn inward to heal and discover and then learn how to take that out into the world and evolve and grow!! I am almost complete with my Yoga Therapist 800 Hour program and have learned more than I thought about myself, including self love and self care, and about the world and those in it that are ready to receive More...


Kerri Wade

18 January 2016

I am so thankful for this school and the amazing people here. The classes are all A+++!


Nkisi PiRo

18 December 2015

A gateway to your true self, ❤️ing transformation!!


Heidi HI Brigitte Gisa

16 October 2015



Parimita Mohanty

12 October 2015

I want to join soon.When does the next class starts.


Lora Lee Mc

28 September 2015

What a wonderful school! Everything I've learned has been taught so thoroughly. Perfect place to hone your healing practice skills and get your license! Wonderful staff and instructors too! More...


Tom Leegstra

21 September 2015

A life changing experience! A GREAT school if you are willing to transform your life !


Raquel W.

29 August 2015

What great customer service. I had an issue with the price of the student massages... I felt the quality of the massages I had gotten were not worth the price. The manager quickly responded and offered me a complimentary massage with a licensed therapist so I could experience what SWIHA had to offer. Libna, my massage therapist, was amazing. She carefully listened to what I needed and gave a extremely deep massage which is what I was looking for. She even explained where my tight areas are and showed me some good stretches. I was very impressed with her. Thanks SWIHA. More...


Heather Graef

21 August 2015

This was the best school I could have ever decided on!!


Rebecca Padilla

11 July 2015

I just started taking classes here and I'm blown away with how at home I feel!!! I've never been around so many like-minded people in all my life!!!! When I'm here I don't want to go home!!! More...


Dean Thornton

17 June 2015

I love your programs and the sense of community that each teacher creates. Great job KC. A special mention for Linda you are a wonderful teacher and for Laura, you rock and SWIHA is lucky to have you.


Michelle Redmond

8 June 2015

Love love love..this school..transformational healing at its best..


Amanda DeJong

8 June 2015

Enrolling at SWIHA was the best thing I have ever done! I waited to attend college because there was never an area of study that I truly wanted to pursue and I am so glad I did because when I finally came to SWIHA, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. The staff and teachers are incredible, knowledgable and genuinely want their students to succeed. The curriculum contained subjects that I resonated with, and am interested in and I learned so much through the entire process. I graduated in March 2014 with a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology with a double major in Spiritual Studies as well as Clinical Hypnotherapy. I now own my own successful company and am proud to say that I am doing what I LOVE. My dreams have come true and I owe it to finding this wonderful school! I only wish they had a bachelor program.... :) (Thanks to all of the wonderful teachers that are too many to name but include Linda B. Kathy S, Cliff S. and many more) More...


Markki Adams-Vangueety

8 June 2015

★★★★★ 5 Star in way of schools; when u really are wanting an inner & outer education, but all coes down to "Are you willing to do th work; on & for yourself first?" If not, then chances are u will give this place a 1-2 Star Rating. By far is most intense program I have found yet! The only thing that can use a little help is coordinating schedules; but still 5 Stars since Heads realized the mistakes, apologized, corrected them, and waved my fees due to it all! So, may not be perfect but who is?!?! More...


Lori Brisselli

8 June 2015

SWIHA is an awesome place to get massages. I enjoy the licensed therapists the best! There are excellent special packages throughout the year and I love the well trained and kind people that work there! They help rejuvenate your body & mind with their massages. My favorites are Peter, Tammy, and Amy. Thanks SWIHA !! More...


Hank Miner

30 May 2015

Great environment from the front lobby, to the book store, to the restrooms and message rooms.The people are great and very helpful. Great deals on student massages in a lovely peaceful environment.You will never regret going here! More...


Rachael O.

4 April 2015

Super friendly and helpful staff! My licensed therapist, Peter was awesome and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I can't wait to come back! The prices are more than reasonable and if you ask for a student, not only is a great deal, but you're helping that student get their hours! I love that. More...


Derek Alexander Leiss

21 March 2015

I learned about this school when I was about to just abandon society life and live on the road. It gave me a sense of purpose and a solid education in a multitude of healing modalities. Superb synchronicity sync and a great place to learn and connect! More...


Shea Pritchet

18 March 2015

I love it, just fresh out if prison 3 yrs ago, and I used Mind/Body Transformational Psychology to transform my mind state while in prison , and it was a goal to get out and find an actual school that specializes in spiritual healing. I couldnt believe there existed one right in my native state, I love S.W.I.H.A. ....K.M. More...


Christina Hayes

17 March 2015

Just an amazing place to be....and a great learning environment. It's refreshing to be around such positive energy.


Judie Graham

13 March 2015

Attending SWIHA was life changing and I am forever grateful for the experience.


Shea Pritchet

12 March 2015

I believe that this school will change Your life and those You offer Year humble healing services to, if You give a go....K.M.


Christina Louise

5 March 2015

I'm not sure what to say because my entire being is bursting forth in Gratitude and delight for having found SWIHA. ♡♡♡


Yesenia Fernandez

19 February 2015

Ommm!! I feel super


Houston Sanders

17 February 2015

I have to honestly say that my experience was beyond wonderful. The classmates I met and the friendships that I gained was truly a blessing. The instructors are wonderful and the classes were more than interesting, they were life changing. I graduated in 2013 and to this day still miss logging in every night. Truly an experience that I am grateful for. More...


Jenny Wolf

17 December 2014

I'm soooooo excited to expand my education here in January! Can't wait to meet every loving teacher student and ALL the divine beings that attend here at SWIHA!


Marshell Germany

5 December 2014

I had no idea that I would be at SWIHA. The decision to attend was the call to adventure to awaken the hero within me. This journey has been intense, yet a deliciously rewarding experience that I have had in regards to education. The joy of this journey has been an exploration of self that transcended my view of our overall design. This school definitely has been a changer for me that will create ripples as I expand my horizons. I LOVE SWIHA! More...


James Barnes

4 December 2014

It's ok


Bradley King

10 November 2014

I took the Life Coaching course online and it was amazing!! I learned some amazing things and really grew as an individual through the process. LOVE!!!


Jeniffer Whitmer

7 October 2014

It was the college that felt true to me and my belief systems. Since then I have exponentially grown and learning has become joyous again!!!


Susan Gray Adams

18 September 2014

I dropped in when driving by 6 years ago and ended up taking many classes! Starting with Mind Body Wellness to hypnotherapy and Polarity therapy, life coaching and toe reading :) Swiha will always be in my heart. Changed my life in a very positive way:) Great to truly say I LOVE what I do and you can too ! More...


Dajon Ferrell

10 September 2014

I love the SWIHA community. It's more than just a school. It's a family of people dedicated to service. Definitely worth checking out!


Mikki Gayle

10 August 2014

Sounds like an amazing school


James Williams

2 August 2014

I love every time I enter the building how I feel I have left the mundane world behind and am surrounded by kindred souls who are aware of their journey and want to share their gifts with others. I try to visit at least once a month for their Gifts and Graces presentation on the first Friday evening of each month usually. More...


Carolyn B Melby

17 June 2014

What a great experience! Finished my 1st Class and wow! Love all the people, love and energy. Looking forward to my other classes. Love the instructors there. What passion! :) More...


Xander Ludena

13 June 2014

Im just getting started with SWIHA the energy there breeds pure inner peace and community. The people I have met have all been so kind and carry such a high vibration of love. A very unique place surrounded with the true human spirit. Im looking forward to my journey with SWIHA .... More...


Libna Mejia

8 June 2014

Great environment. I loved everything about the school.


Joanna Keeton

8 June 2014

As an Alumni, a patron of the massage clinic, and a customer of the Healing Pages bookstore; I can Only say how Glorious this place Is. Stepping through the doors, I feel a Gentle yet Engulfing Hug from the entire Energy of SWIHA. I attended this College many years ago, and though teachers come & go, as their lives dictate; I Always find New inspiration and Renewed Knowing here. To truly Be here and to Truly study here requires a Willingness to Open one's heart, and the Head will follow. SWIHA is Not a College, it is An Energetic Vortex of Insight...Joanna Keeton xx More...


Janell Erickson

30 May 2014

BEST SCHOOL EVER!! Their holistic loving approach to all classes they offer, is simply amazing. I cannot get enough of this school! I keep coming back for more and love that you can audit most of your classes without paying again :-) WAHOO!! More...


Suzie Mclaughlin

29 May 2014

If you want to get a solid education in holistic healing SWIHA is the place!


Annette Romo

15 May 2014

Classes that will change your world.


RoseMarie Guerra

5 May 2014

K.C.Miller is true to her words.


Maureen Kelley Randolph

5 April 2014

The classes are smaller and interesting, with quality instructors.


Rose Marie Gumpert

4 April 2014

It is an amazing school :-)


Rozalyn LadyRha Ellerbee

15 December 2013

I have learned so much! My personal transformation has been a journey!! One more year.....#myfuture


Tony H.

5 December 2013

I discovered SWIHA in 2010 and had an INCREDIBLE massage with Lance. Now that I'm back in town with work, I made it a point to return to this awesome facility. I had a great massage with Peter--but quite possibly the best massage I've ever received from Ari.Thank you to the owners, staff, teachers and therapists for making these transformative treatments possible.I look forward to returning to SWIHA. Hopefully it doesn't take another 3 years! More...


Gail McGee

16 November 2013

I really appreciate the eye opening journey that I began in 2011, it certainly was a roller coaster ride with scary good emotions. To all my Instructors, thanks for the trip. To both of my advisors, all work and don't play, I feel in my space today. To Mary D, thanks for caring, To KC Miller, thanks for sharing. More...


Jackie Mushi

1 November 2013

I want to take this opportunity to thank Swiha for bringing western herbalism this close to home. I want to say thank u for choosing the most beautiful amazing educated spiritual and loving women I call her the ball of knowledge she should be recognize as the excellent teacher of the year goes to joAnn Sanchez thank u for educating me the right way to make medicine thank you for sharing your journey with us you will never be forgotten. I'm here to assist any time love you More...


Kaye Coleman

8 October 2013

It is like coming HOME. Come and find your light, purpose and path!


Gail Clay

1 October 2013

I have learned that everyone that walks into the doors at SWIHA are in for a transformation rather they know it or not:-) It is the place for transforming your life and discovering your gifts in a loving and supportive way.


Alix M.

27 September 2013

Swiha is a sometimes disorganized but mostly incredible resource for anyone seeking self-help, massage and other holistic healing modalities. I go for the free hypnotherapy clinics and the affordable student massages. What the clinics sometimes lack in professionalism (starting late, confusion, etc) they make up for with the well-trained and very warm therapists. The entire place has a healing vibe that calms me as soon as I walk in the doors. The massages are always great, and the hypnotherapy is mostly great. I found the individual hypnotherapy sessions to be much better than the group sessions. *Side note: The bookstore will not give you a refund sans receipt without manager approval. I found this to be a little annoying when I purchased a lamp that was clearly broken and the manager was never there to approve the refund at the same time as me (in the evenings). After 2 weeks and leaving a note for the manager, I eventually did get a refund for the lamp. More...


Elmer Hose

13 September 2013

Sounds like a great place to learn something new.


Bee Shaw

6 August 2013

Jordin Shaw you should friend this page...they have great postings!


Victoria Hunter

28 July 2013

As soon as you walk into the doors of SWIHA, you feel at home. At that first step, I knew the Universe led me here to create great opportunities for myself. Can't wait to start class in September! Yoga Teacher Training here I come! :) More...



8 June 2013

I do not think I can quite describe my SWIHA experience. I attended SWIHA for my associates degree in Holistic Healthcare and it was the two best years of my life. I had never been in a better place to make me feel happy and understood by everyone. No one at this school that I meant was mean and everyone wants to help you. The instructors are great, at least in the programs I was in. I would recommend this school to anyone who wanted to be well educated about affordable and natural healthcare. Even if they did not want to do it for a living.I did see a review that said that they had problems with SWIHA but to this I must respond that it is not for everyone. It is a very relaxed environment where teachers allow you to learn at your own pace and their often is not a late paper penalty. As for lying about the jobs they make you sign a paper at admissions telling you that you are responsible for your own employment. Most of the jobs that SWIHA trains you for are the kind of jobs that you will need to open your own business for. And that is not for everyone. My suggestion is that everyone does their own research and takes advantage of SWIHA's 4 hour preview option to see if that field is right for you. More...


Suzanne Angel B.

6 June 2013

I have loved every moment I have spent at this school as a student and I encourage others to enroll as well.I am a licensed skincare therapist who practices in an integrative health clinic.  I am a proud graduate of SWIHA because their classes are taught with the Mind Body Wellness that allopathic medicine lacks.I am very proud to say I recently achieved my certification as a life coach and clinic hypnotherapist at SWIHA. More...


Michael M.

28 May 2013

This is an excellent school. I have taken a few classes there and they are very on time and spot on in their teaching and instuction. There are many levels to approch anyone needing to know things they might be interested in to professional health care people who are great at what they do and want to improve their skills. More...


Tahsha Hollister

8 June 2012

Omg SWIHA IS AMAZING!!!!! changed my whole life and made me the person I am today!!! You will NEVER regret going here....everything happens for a reason so if you are even THINKING about going here then something inside you is trying to tell you something...DO IT!!! I LOVE SWIHA!!! More...


Jill C.

29 May 2012

Prenatal massages for less than $40 for an hour?!  SIGN ME UP!  As a birthday gift (February), J got me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage at SWIHA.  I did not cash it in until April, because I wanted to be a little further along in my pregnancy...when I knew I would need the massage the most.  After my first visit, I was hooked!  I started booking regular Friday afternoon appointments every 2 weeks.  And at $33 for an hour...for a student..who's received the necessary prenatal massage training....it was not breaking the bank!Thanks SWIHA for making the last month of my pregnancy tolerable!  :) More...


Violeta H.

14 March 2012

I had a wonderful massage last saturday and the pricing is reasonable.  I have been having some discomfort after working out.  I asked Aileen B who she would recommend and she was able to provide me the names of her favorite three therapist (LMT's). The location is easy to find but the parking was difficult on a saturday.  It was a perfect massage and my therapist worked on my sore spots and I finally felt some relief.  great massage and the therapist even did some light reflexology which reduced my stiffness and pain that I had.  overall I felt like I received my money's worth and great alternative to high end spas. More...


Nancy K.

21 November 2011

For three years I have been getting massages at SWIHA.  Even though not every experience was a perfect ten, it is still the best massage facility I have come across for being balanced with a nice feel, appropriate atmosphere and a good price.   I love the deals they run on Black Friday.  At least the last couple years I did most of my Christmas shopping with one call to them the day after Thanksgiving, seriously.  My kudos to them is long overdue.  No need to shy away from the students but be a responsible communicator!  They don't have a mind reading course there.   You should have a great massage. More...


Charles M.

18 September 2011

The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts has been one of the highest points of my spiritual Journey! I didn't only get amazing training in Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Reiki by highly skilled instructors. I gained many good friends and feel like I am part of wonderful healing holistic family. I can not say enough good things about SWIHA! More...


Laura S.

10 August 2011

SWIHA is an awesome school.  I truly did find my dream there.  In the process I also learned a lot about myself.One of the best things they've done is include business classes in the curriculum.  My last class, Entrepreneurial Support really created a lot of momentum for me to set the foundation for my business.  I will be moving into my own office in a few days thanks to the business classes that help me move in the right direction. More...


Lolly M.

8 August 2011

Great value. You can't beat 5 session of yoga for $35 anywhere. The new location for the yoga is gorgeous inside and out. There is ample parking and everyone who works there is kind. It is not pretentious at all.  I do wish they offered more classes, with a variety of times and styles. More...


Sue C.

24 June 2011

Tried a one hour massage in the student clinic because yelp states that they open at 9am and I try to get out of the heat before 11am in the summer. It turns out that they do not open until 930am. I scheduled a morning appointment for a couple of days later. Oddly enough, they wouldn't schedule the appointment unless I paid in advance or gave them a credit card to hold the appointment. I paid cash and was not even provided with a receipt (I deducted one star for this weird policy).  I have had massages for many years and normally payment is not expected until after the massage. The facility is clean. The massage was great (thus the four stars). The student was very nice. The cost of a student massage is a little high ($33) compared to Spa Pima on Dobson in Mesa ($25) and I will probably return to Spa Pima once the weather cools off (they only have morning appointments on Friday and Saturday). More...


Annette F.

23 June 2011

At first I felt a little intimated attending a class, but the instructors make the class feel welcomed!  SWIHA offers so much more than yoga and I plan on taking advantage.  I have learned so much in the past couple months attending yoga classes and I'm considering branching out and taking a nutrition class or signing up for the next seminar.  The building can be overwhelming but you can find your true self as you walk the halls and look at all the student art. More...


Jonathan Andrews

8 June 2011

hogwart's. nuff sed


Dolores G.

15 February 2011

I had been here once a few years ago to attend a workshop when I was contemplating a degree as a ND (Naturopathic Doctor).  But still unwilling to leave my cushy government job I headed back up into the mountains of AZ.   Fast forward 5ish years and I am living in Phoenix, yet again looking to follow what I feel to be a calling.  A calling to continue my education, to help myself so I can help others.  I have started to attend some of their seminars and attending some of their student clinics.  Still reluctant to leave my cushy government job just yet, I just go and enjoy my time and the the knowledge acquired in each little course.  The staff, students and teachers have been professional and welcoming.  They offer a loyalty card for their student clinics and occasionally offer free group sessions.  For now I am just trying to be aware of the "signs", let life happen, and let each day be. More...


Pamela C.

10 February 2011

The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts helped me find my true self! That comment may sound a bit corny, but it is so true. For years, I have been walking around wounded by life. A physical pain thrust me in a new direction. The physical pain made me slow down my life to see what was working for me and not.  I knew that I had a deep need to serve others. As a manager for many years, I thought leading a team of individuals to be good at their job and love coming to work was meeting that need inside me. The physical pain forced me to take another look.  In an effort to find relief from my physical pain, I enrolled in a weekend course at SWIHA to learn to read toes. I thought that if I could understand myself better, maybe I could heal my pain. The toe reading class was life changing. I grew up thinking my feet were ugly and embarrassing, but KC Miller helped me see that I had gifts. My toes told the story of my life and gave me clues where to search for more healing. Next, I enrolled in the Life Coaching program. WOW ! Fabulous program. If you want to learn more about yourself and heal emotional wounds, enroll in that program. I was so impressed and still in pain that I enrolled in the Hypnotherapy program. Another great decision on my part. The instructors are experts in what they teach. The energy of the school is one of love and acceptance. After a while, I wanted to hang out at the school to enjoy the vibes! I met other people who were in search of their truth while on a healing path.  The reason I am sharing so much of my personal story is to paint a picture of what the school has to offer. If you enroll and take classes at SWIHA, you will never be disappointed. One thing, to not be disappointed, you must have an open mind and heart and be willing to acknowledge the darker sides of yourself as well as the light.  Best wishes and lots of love and light to you all! More...


Zoe T.

24 January 2011

SWIHA and there sister school SWINA are by far the best school I have ever attended. They have everything that could be found in the area of healing arts and natural aesthetics. The school is open minded and taking on new idea's in health and well being of the human condition and is constantly evolving. There is a term at these school that is used for lots of there students that seem to not be able to leave and continue to enroll in classes "lifers" and I would encourage you to become one of these "lifers" as this school gets so addicting to attend. More...


Robin L.

1 November 2010

I went to the wellness fair yesterday and had an interesting experience. Some of the vendors were a little pushy, some had a hard time explaining how, or why something worked and some were awesome. I had a lot of fun at this event. It was open to the public and seemed to have a very good turnout. There was a little bit of everything....toe readings, massages, facials, waxing, herbalist, life coaches, chiropractors, artists, natural cosmetics, energy readings, teeth whitening....and the list goes on. It was a good way to check out the facility and see what they and the community had to offer. Additionally they held a silent auction. I didn't stay around till the end but things were going for reasonable prices. Over all I really like the facility, the vendors and the atmosphere. I will definitely go again next year, but I will plan to stay a little longer. More...


Cassandra O.

26 August 2010

SWIHA really does have it all. Insane, inexpensive massages, great yoga classes, meditation classes, and curriculum that is life-changing and basically non-existent anywhere else. I have received massages twice here and not only are they super cheap but they give a student discount! The yoga classes are inexpensive as well and I have never found one I didn't enjoy. So far I have taken 3 nutrition classes that have completely changed my life and am signed up to continue the rest of the holistic nutrition program. My husband and I are also signed up for the whole foods cooking classes that we both are dying to start in September as well as a meditation and mindfulness class that we can not stop talking about. Everybody is extremely welcoming and very helpful. It is such a breeze to make a payment, sign up/change your classes, and everyone always has a smile on their face! All classes can be taken individually (as opposed to being enrolled in a program or requiring prerequisites) and most are only 1 day/night a week for about 5 weeks so it's not a huge commitment. Many classes are offered online as well. SWIHA is an incredible place to meet tons of really awesome people and learn so much more than you expected regarding health, wellness, nutrition, spirituality, herbalism, etc! They also give out guest passes so you can sit in on any class before signing up which is so helpful. I have not tried Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics yet but plan on it VERY soon! More...


Sammy K.

18 August 2010

I have been here twice now and had great experiences both times! To get to the massage spa area, you actually have to walk past the front reception desk to the first hallway on your left. Once you turn down that hallway you will see the door into the massage services area on your right. Just throwing that out there as an FYI since I felt like a total asshole the first time I went in, talking to the school registration desk about my appt. The building has a pretty cheesy Grecian/TJ Maxx decor going on, but who really cares about the interior design?  The rooms are also super minimal.  Small, just barely enough room for the table and one or two chairs.  But again, I wasn't there to hang out in the room, I spent pretty much the whole time with my eyes closed anyway.I am writing this review way too long after going, so sorry that I don't remember any names. The first time I went for a deep tissue massage. My masseuse was a student, a younger guy, very gracious and soft spoken.  He started with this sort of rocking thing which helped him detect how my body worked, something, I don't know.  It is so cool that they do this there, I have never seen it before, even at the super fancy spas.  The massage was absolutely amazing, perfect pressure, really took his time.  He was able to guess what kind of job I did, what positions I mostly sat in, even which hand I wrote with!  It was crazy how he could tell all of that from a massage; I thought he was about to guess my favorite color!In conclusion (sorry for the super long post), this place is really fantastic.  The prices are unbelievable (1 hour massages starting at $33!) and the quality is just as good, if not better than any massage I have ever received at a fancy spa or resort hotel! More...


Holistic Health Provider Susan A.

16 July 2010

Fantastic school!  I signed up for a year and stayed two and just keep going  back. This school has wonderful teachers, fabulous classes and a great place to meet amazing new people. They also have a wonderful clinic to get massages for a reasonable price.  My favorite classes were Polarity and Cranial Unwinding.  I would recommend this school very highly. More...


John G.

17 June 2010

Inconsistent but where else can you get an hour Swedish massage for $35? If you've been to a teaching school before than you will know what to expect but the place isn't high on ambiance but then again, that isn't what you are paying for. The receptionist usually knows which students are most highly rated and I haven't been disappointed with her recommendation. They also offer a buy 4 get 5 promo..making it even cheaper. More...


Joe N.

6 May 2010

I've been to quite a few colleges, seriously. It took me 2 state universities, two community colleges and one private college to earn my Bachelors and Master's degrees. The good news is I still managed to finish in 6 years. Then I decided to attend SWIHA.Technically I suppose you could call SWIHA a private/vocational school. However, anyone who has ever taken a class here will tell you it's much more. This place is incredible for many reasons. When you walk into the doors of this place, the feel here is so calm and welcoming. If you're coming for a message or going to SWINA (separate building) for spa services you won't be sorry. For message, pay the cheaper price and go with a student. I have yet to be disappointed. There are so many modalities here, some you probably haven't even heard of. In addition to message they also offer clinics in hypnotherapy, reiki, polarity and other holistic healing methods. So call the student clinic and ask. Some things are free the first time you come in (not massage though). Oh and as an added bonus if you are a student here, you get your massage by a student practitioner at half price. Comes out to $15 bucks or so.Ok now let's say you want to go to school here. You meet with an admissions counselor and then an advisor. These are some of the nicest people I've ever met in a college. They really do care about what you want and are here to help you acheive your goals. The whole school is geared towards this. They even have awesome job placement people for when you graduate.The programs here are numerous and in many ways all intertwined. You will be in classes with people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles. Everyone will be approaching health from a holistic perspective, each with their own special talents. The teachers here are incredible. Honestly, I've had some great professors in all of my education but there is something different about the teachers here. They also seem to have a lot of input in creating the actual classes which makes each class very dynamic and unique. Some of them create events and groups as well. Students are also able to do the actual work while still going to school to learn more and more.Imagine going to a school where people remember your name. Picture going to a place where you can actually grow, heal, learn and are encouraged to think outside the box. If you want a place where you will be guided through an incredible process that often leads to great success then come check out SWIHA. You won't be disappointed.Oh and the other day some one asked me if this was a school mostly for women. While they seem to be the majority, there are still quite a few of us guys there...and male teachers too. More...


Tiffany J.

21 April 2010

As a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, the possibilities for pursing a career in the healing arts has been boundless.The Teachers are amazing - truly. The curriculm is designed so that you actually learn the material rather then memorize and dump the info.In addition, their experiential approach and awareness of  diversity in learning styles was clearly appreciated by  most.The staff are incredibly helpful and supportive and especially patient - with so many elective courses to choose from, it's nice to know you have an Advisor there to ensure your sucess. I especially love that the School is "Spirit Directed" and is commited to their mission and the success of graduates. .In 2004 I graduated with a degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, a degree in Holistic Healthcare, and I took several hundered additional hours of training (I am not exaggerating) for personal and professional development simply becuase the school offers so much more than an education - it's a community. More...


Michael F.

18 March 2010

This is where I received my yoga teacher training and will be taking classes here again in the future. Before my father passed away and after his departure, I was able to release some of my sadness and stress here during my yoga training. Most of the instructors here are pretty cool and understanding.  I really needed to be in a peaceful and spiritually uplifting environment during that period and the school really helped.Some of the best things about this place are the  inexpensive massages, the good instructors, the good classes and the good choices.  They also have a good aesthetic clinic,  inexpensive yoga classes and loyalty cards. (and yes, you even get a bigger discount if you are a student there.)I trained with Mary Bruce when I got my certificate, but noticed that she's no longer on the SWIHA website. Either way, check them out if you are thinking about taking classes there or thinking about just getting a massage. More...


Ali M.

1 November 2009

I wouldn't call myself a yogi, but i am an appreciator of a good yoga class that is a decent workout but also one where a good calorie burn is not its sole purpose. I had tried out many yoga classes around the valley for a while. From wannabe-yoga at gyms where you end up just doing crunches and everything is rushed with no focus on alignment, to free drop ins at reeeeeeeeally expensive yoga centers where everyone there probably naps in a backbend, feeds themselves with there toes, or just drapes their leg over and around their head as a nice morning stretch. The last and best spot I found was SWIHA. I'm a big fan because: a) Price. For a damn good class, you definitely get your money's worth especially compared to valley yoga centers. I think its $5 for your first class and $12 for each drop in. Of course, multi-class passes drop the price as you buy more classes.b) its awesome. The classes I've been to range from Hatha, Flow, Vinyasa, Anusara, Level 1-2, Yin, etc. All of the instructors are very welcoming, knowledgeable, and willing to assist students in wherever they may want to travel within the class. The instructors realize that many students may be participating for a good workout, but they also remind participants to keep a focus and benefit from the many delicious things yoga has to offer. so, for beginners, novices, amateurs, hard-core yogis, or just clumsy but ambitious kids like me, I highly recommend SWIHA for your every yoga need:)namaste:) More...


Camille H.

6 July 2009

I've been coming here for a couple of years now when my tight shoulders started demanding weekly massages and though Odette is my favorite, I can't say I've had a bad massage here. I've had massages at the Aji Spa, the Camelback and the Mondrian and though those places are much prettier, the quality of the massage is no better and once your eyes are closed, what's the difference? More...


Kelly H.

10 June 2009

I've been attending yoga classes here for a couple of months and have enjoyed it so much that I'm signing up for their yoga instructor certification program. SWIHA is both tranquil and positively energizing, warm and familial yet open to strangers. I had only really experienced yoga studios where fitness was the primary concern, but the feel here is more spiritual and health-oriented rather than just fitness. AND the price is right - some of the cheapest yoga and massage prices in the valley.Coming here makes me want to quit my day job and be someone's life coach and make sacred music mixes.... not really, but it's definitely cool being in an education scene where people are learning about herbology and holistic healing. Hippie-esque? Defintely, but in a way that provides a good oasis from the bronzy, plastic kind seen elsewhere in surrounding areas. Lovely, lovely place. More...


Sue W.

5 May 2009

The massage clinic is phenomenal, frankly I find the services her more personalized and carefully executed than most services I have had at resort-spas.  Over the past 4 years I have been to SWIHA more than 50 times. Once  I did  have a bad experience with a nervous student - and the clinic was amazingly apologetic over the experience. SWIHA is a wonderful value and a great resource in our community for all of the people seeking pain relief and relaxation. Highly recommend, particularly for people looking for massage services at low price More...


Mandi C.

23 April 2009

Did you say inexpensive massage? I'm so there.  I've been coming here for years when the tension works its way though my neck and back.  First, I love the exclamation of "HOLY CRAP!" I hear as they first feel the knots that rival a sailors best work.  Even more so, I have often felt that the students, who are about to graduate, pay more attention to how you feel and what is working than someone who's maybe a little jaded.I've tried their massage and spa services, and never walked away unhappy.  The clean, peaceful and professional environment strips away my worries as soon as I walk in.  The location, for East Valley people is great, and booking an appointment is  easy.  In fact, I think I'm going to go book one now.All of their services are on their web site, so its easy to decide what you want by reading the menu.  If you aren't sure what you need or what would be best, they will discuss what you need with you. More...


Janet R.

18 April 2009

I love this place. I am one of these people who love spa services and love a good deal. Here is what I recommend. Get on the email list for SWIHA, and you will get emailed all sorts of deals. They also have fun and intersting events if you are into the whole mind, body, spirit thing.They offer free hypnosis, toe reading, and life coaching sessions on their first Friday events. Those are held in the evening and start with some sort of presentation  that is of a personal developement/spiritual nature, and then you break off and get to try one of their treatments. If KC Miller is speaking, you are in for a treat. She is the owner of the school, and a dynamic speaker.Aside from the First Friday (they call it Gifts and Graces) they provide a free  hypnosis session, as their students need to practice,  so call on that one. It all depends on the student how well this goes. I've done it a few times, and some of them are great, and some are still learning. This is true everywhere, but the difference here is that it's free. You can always tip, and I do that. I have been hypnotized for getting organized and starting exercise programs, etc. I admit that I am still working on these things, so the hypnosis wasn't a magic bullet in my case! LOLThey also have massage there. You have the choice of a student or graduate. The prices vary depending on whether you get a student or not. I always request the student to save money. My very favorite thing, however, is their facials. I always buy a package when they have their coupons out, and it makes it so that the facials are less than $20 each!!!!  Call and ask them when their next coupon comes out. It's a great way to go and get your face really cleaned nicely and relax. More...


Julie W.

26 July 2008

SWIHA is not only a school but a massage/bodywork clinic and yoga studio. You can take a class, get massaged, and drop into a yoga class all in the same day. Sounds like my type of school!! They offer a variety of classes and programs like Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Yoga Teacher Training, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Western Herbalism, Reflexology, Reiki, Polarity....the list goes on. You can get a comprehensive education and go for a degree in Holistic Health care or Mind-Body Transformational Psychology or you can just register for one class, whatever suits your needs. It's an amazing place to learn about any alternative therapy. Right when you walk in the doors there's a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. After going through many of the various programs at the school, I highly recommend it for those looking to broaden their horizons in alternative therapies, or are themselves on the road to self-discovery and better health. They offer financial aid and are an award-winning private institution. The yoga studio is fantastic and just so happens to be one of the cheapest studios in the valley. It's $10 for a drop-in class, but they offer monthly, 3 month, and 6 month passes which come out to way less than $10 a class. Also, all classes and passes are 10% off for students with ID and anyone over 50. The teachers are amazing. I highly recommend Cathie and Ann's classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! More...


Annmarie L.

27 September 2006

What is SWIHA? Southwest Institute of Healing ArtsMassage School, Life Coaching School, Intuitive Studies, etc..This place gets four stars because of my personal opinion, i love the intuitive nature and the peaceful environment. The welcoming peace that encapsulates your soul once you walk in the front door is amazing. What I am concerned about is a certain Licensed Massage Therapist, Odette who conducted herself in a less than professional manner outside of the walls. Unfortunately she is associated with SWIHA as I met her there, therefore she is part of this review. Inside the walls of SWIHA she was helpful and very talented at what she does. Outside the walls she made choices regarding an appointment we had scheduled and I was put aside despite my already having made the commitment to the appointment. Needless to say, I will never be receiving her services, inside or outside of SWIHA. One of the best Licensed Practioners at SWIHA Massage School is Ann. She is very skilled and does everything from deep tissue work, Reiki, Swedish Massage to a gentle Lymphatic Massage. Worth the money and definitely worth the time!! More...