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Tobey Hicks

1 October 2018

Great people, great work, great rates...


Turtle Mundell

3 September 2018

can't wait to see the fantastic work you guys did when you get back... love you guys and the amazing work you do!!! Have a safe trip and see you when you get back!!


Mary Meier

3 September 2018

Michael and Sherry have such a collective artistic eye. They work so well with their subjects. Senior Pictures - check--and awesome! Can't wait for the final product! Thank you! More...


Jeannine Evans-Hensley

3 September 2018

Attended a wedding last night that was being shot by Southern Touch Photography. I've been an event planner for years and this was one of the best photography teams I've met. So fun and professional. Would highly recommend! More...


Kaeley Smith

3 September 2018

Just received my wedding photos back and could not be happier! We got married on a day that was over 90 degrees. I was hot and getting crabby, but these two were perfect and accommodating! They even helped clean sweaty makeup off my dress with some toilet paper and hand sanitizer HA! LOVED working with them!!! More...


Mn Tez

3 September 2018

I watched them as they photographed my cousins wedding. They are amazing and the photographs turned out awesome. I would hire them in an instant!!! So easy to work with and they listen to what the customer wants! More...


Thomas N Tressa Maier

3 September 2018

We got married over the 4th of July 2015 and all I can say is thanks for the great experience and new found friendship. You guys are not only wonderful photographers but also wonderful caring people. Thanks again for all the great memories, past and hopefully future to come. More...


Shawn Krueger

3 July 2018

Very professional, yet friendly and welcoming experience. Would recommend Southern Touch Photography to anyone looking for affordable, high quality pictures of themselves, their family, or their event.


Sharon Bryant

29 May 2018

Very professional and fun to work with, this is me standing on a car


Doug Spencer

29 May 2017

Friendly, helpful, and fun to work with