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We provide marketing and business consulting for many small businesses. Design, change, update, host, and manage websites. Digital marketing and Analytics. Weekly metrics and reporting. Search engine optimization. Social media consulting.



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First it needs to be technically sound. There are two kinds of optimization, technical and marketing. Technically optimized means it will be fast from page to page without any delay or crash while someone is browsing. Highly defined graphics are important and user-friendliness is as well. Your visitor must easily find what they're looking for, or you risk them leaving for the next website quickly. Customer service is always very important. If someone has a question, they need to be able to ask any way they choose, and they need an answer as quickly as possible. Treat your clients and customers with respect and appreciate them and your business should do well.

What are your goals? Where do you want to be? Where are you now? Do you have a plan to get there?
Do you have a strategic plan that you can execute and get where you want to go?
Do you have a mission statement? What is the reason for your business? Are you working to serve others? Do you have a skill or product, or both?
How big is your market? Do you know your market? Your customers? Let's define them first and go from there.

When I feel that I have helped my client. Doing my job is to serve my client's needs.

Control of my own destiny. Freedom and flexibility with my time. But mainly, it's having the authority to execute my own
vision of what I think is right. What I think is effective. I disagree with passing the buck. I'll take the responsibility.

We will work very hard to help you and earn your business. I will stand behind my products and service.
I don't make money if you don't. I don't succeed if you don't. I believe in working together, a team player.
Together we can meet your business' needs.