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We offer Day to Day Drop-off Catering, Drop-Off and Set-up, Full-service Catering, Table Side Catering Service, and On-site Food Preparation.

Southern Komfort Kitchen  Reviews


Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Duke Johnson
4 30/06/2018 Duke Johnson

Chicken fried steak is good. Black eyed peas not so good new versions of recipe with tomatoes and other stuff. I only want black eyed peas with my black eyed peas and hammocks.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Helen Vizina
5 10/06/2018 Helen Vizina

My friend and I just had dinner there. The food was delicious, the service spectacular, and the pricing for what u got was right on. The side portion was huge. My friend and I will definitely return sooner rather than later. Keep up the good work guys.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Cathy Covington
5 31/05/2018 Cathy Covington

Great food and staff were very friendly and very efficient bringing the food. Prices are a little more than other restaurants but worth it. Great place to bring children!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Kyle Peek
5 29/05/2018 Kyle Peek

The young lady that was our server was a doll. She was upbeat, full of energy, and made sure to be thorough with any of our needs. The food is stupendous and hearty. The fried okra has to be the best I've ever had. The menu was not over bearing yet with plenty of options. I recommend this establishment for your southern home cookin meals.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Marisol Vazquez
5 28/05/2018 Marisol Vazquez

The restaurant is decorated very uniquely and clean, the food was delicious, and the staff is very friendly. We were attended quickly and with a smile. My husband had a steak and quail and I had a ribeye steak. They also offer several unique kinds of meats such as alligator, elk, bison, and more. We will definitley come back soon! Thank you Southern Komfort for a lovely dinner.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Alee Saldana
2 06/05/2018 Alee Saldana

The food is good but on the night we went the service was terrible. Our waitress had a very distinct smell of alcohol on her breath and it was noticeably stronger each time she returned to the table. Didn't get silverware, napkins or refills until we asked when our food came. The poor people at the table next to us had the same server and they were dealing with way more than missing silverware. I understand having a bad night but it was just sad.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Larry Shafer
3 20/04/2018 Larry Shafer

The service was good. The food was good, but the portions small for the price. Also, the tables are too close together making it hard to get in and out without bumping into your neighbor customer.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Kestrel Kross
3 08/04/2018 Kestrel Kross

Very cute atmosphere. Staff is friendly. Portions were pretty big and reasonably priced. My friend's food wasn't all that great (don't get the oysters or catfish) and luckily I asked for my steak rare and got medium instead but it still tasted good so no major deal. Its a pretty busy place on a Sunday so don't go in when you're starving and expect to be seated right away.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Rosemary Savino Clist
4 04/04/2018 Rosemary Savino Clist

Wheelchair accessible! Great food. Many choices. I was accompanied by a vegetarian, a diabetic, big meat eater and person on a dental soft diet. We all found wonderful choices. We will definitely go there again.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Sheena
5 23/03/2018 Sheena

Delicious food! Great variety. Love our favorite waiter Brian!!! Delicious catfish, salad, good fish tacos. My family loves the vegetables and sides here, especially the griddle Mac and cheese. They have fried green tomatoes and a trophy club that gets you a free appetizer.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by mohawk
5 14/03/2018 mohawk

Every time we go here the food and service are outstanding. We usually order off of the senior menu and we get plenty of food. We have tried other things also that aren't on the senior menu and have never been disappointed. This restaurant far outshines those with similar menus that are nearby. We have never waited more than a few minutes for the staff to come and get things started and you will not leave hungry as the portions are fantastic!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by E Mendoza
1 25/02/2018 E Mendoza

Our waitress is in the wrong business. After messing up my order, she insisted that I had ordered the fish. I do not eat fish. I would not order fish. There were TWO strands of her hair in my husband's food. We didn't eat the food. We paid for it only because we waited twenty minutes for a manager who couldn't be bothered. I saw a roach, on a side note, run under our table.
This place has gone downhill since the last time I was in LaPorte.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Blue Eyes
5 23/02/2018 Blue Eyes

This is the 6th time we have been here. We love this place! They have great service and exotic food. I recently ordered the chicken fried chicken with cheese sauce and fried jalapeños on top. Wow! The owner is a very genuine person and will listen to any criticism over his restaurant. He's very good at correcting any issues rather it be service or food. We have set reservations for a group of thirteen people before and the food was spectacular! Service is always great! This place is also a very good restaurant for a romantic night out so bring your dates here. Thank you for all your hard work. 😃😃😃😃😃

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Jeff Eaves
5 09/02/2018 Jeff Eaves

The best food around. The honey butter is amazing. Nice atmosphere with very nice murals. Good job Dwayne

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Donna Motilal
5 23/01/2018 Donna Motilal

The food was so good Thank You
The service was o.k.
I might go back....
Very friendly waiter name Brian ..
He was awesome...
Thank You so much

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Karen Freeman
3 07/01/2018 Karen Freeman

Shrimp and catfish were good. Waitstaff is a hit or miss depending on who one draws. Sr. Menu is the best deal vs regular menu where it is another 4.85 for an extra shrimp.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Jessica Priestley
5 31/12/2017 Jessica Priestley

Went for lunch, no wait. The food was delicious. I had catfish special which was very yummy. The mashed potatoes with brown gravy were amazing. I saw someone complain about fried okra but it was also great. Obviously fresh okra and super crunchy, not soggy/greasy like most places.
The best part was the service. Meagan was attentive and funny but didn't linger too much. Even the guy that delivered our food came back to check on us. Now that is what I call service.
Thanks for a great dining experience.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by April Washington
5 15/12/2017 April Washington

Who was wonderful service was great. Wonderful place to eat at. Love all of the animals on the wall so awesome

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Philip Conklin II
2 09/12/2017 Philip Conklin II

Hey Honey! Remind me to never get food from here again.... It was over priced for the quality. Comfort food menu without the comfort food flavor. After reading these reviews I gather the food was good here in the past, but now they seem to be lacking in ingredients and charging more. Quality food brings in a quantity of customers.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Ashley Rose Moree
5 03/12/2017 Ashley Rose Moree

Love the atmosphere- that was the very first thing we noticed. As a country girl, I felt right at home!

We had a very sweet waitress who was on the ball, and my boyfriend and I both loved our food! I got the burger that's topped with mac and cheese and onions (can't recall the name at the moment) and my boyfriend got steak. We both got the broccoli rice casserole as a side and we were very pleased!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Kathy Dyer Furby
1 Kathy Dyer Furby

The service was awful waited almost 2 hours for food the waiter wouldn't bring drinks when ask good finally come than it was cold than manager sent waiter on caterer run waited another45 min for our check than she gets a mad bitch look st as eta talking with a attitude and says you will have wait for your waiter to get back here to straighten up your bill ugh no for spending almost a 140.00 would think better service and better food

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Jerry Henderson
2 Jerry Henderson

I haven't eaten there for two years because the service was bad my last three visits. My food was, almost, cold when I, finally, was served. I got shortchanged & never, even got to tell anyone because all the servers were grouped together, talking. I've intended on going back to see if things have improved. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, favorably.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by GayLynn Cash Branham
1 GayLynn Cash Branham

Service was awful last night. Manager really did zero to compensate for the lack of service. Also my one piece of fish was the same size as one of my shrimp!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Virginia Dickenson
5 Virginia Dickenson

I went for the first time last night. Ordered sirloin steak (RARE!!!) with two sides - broccoli cheese casserole and a ginormous wedge salad. They bring you two homemade small loaves of bread with honey butter, and another basket with tiny cornbread, cheese and herb, and cheese muffins. If you sign up for their email club, you get free dessert or you can get a free appetizer with your receipt on your second visit. The steak was SUBLIME!! All the flavor of a sirloin, NEARLY as tender as a filet! I can't believe I haven't been here before! The service was top notch. The veggies and salad are UBER fresh, and the blue cheese dressing is homemade. Cannot say enough good things!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Pam Crynes Anstead
5 Pam Crynes Anstead

We absolutely love this place! The food is always good and delicious! We eat here at least once per week. The wait staff is attentive and continues to make sure you are taken care of!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Gereme Pullin
3 Gereme Pullin

Ordered the fish and shrimp. Fish was thin and over cooked to extra crispy. �The cornbread was awesome but the dinner rolls smelt like my boys dirty diaper. �The staff was friendly. �

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Sharon Semmes
5 Sharon Semmes

This was our first time to eat at this restaurant. We had a table of 5 and ordered seafood gumbo, ribeye steak, chicken
fried venison,and kids chicken strips . Our sides were homemade mashed potatoes with brown gravy and another order with white gravy, black eye peas and a salad with several different type lettuce, bacon, cheese,a sliced egg, tomato, and cucumber. This was an amazing salad!
My Venison was delicious. To chicken fry anything and get that wonderful, crispy , crunchy outside and tender inside is a skill this restaurant has accomplished at the top of its game. I am from Louisiana and make gumbo. This was the best restaurant gumbo I have ever tasted. Loved it! All sides were outstanding.
We will be back! If you have not been go, go,go, go soon!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Dee Wigal
5 Dee Wigal

I was extremely pleased with the service and the food. Our server was a very attentive young man that said he was new. His wife is also a server there. He was wonderful! I highly recommend this restaurant.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Debby Johnson McManus
3 Debby Johnson McManus

Food was Okay, wait staff was pretty good, went for Lunch 1:30ish on Sunday Feb. 11th and while we were eating SOMEONE hit Our car parked in the parking lot, With the rainy weather we were in and out of the car as fast as we could get in, didn’t notice the damage until the next day, called the Resturant and They said Yes They Have Cameras and will Ck the film as soon as they Get A Chance, and get back to Us, have called 4 Times and told The Same Thing each time With No Call Back, So Now We have to Pay the Deductible To Get Out Vehicle fixed, SUCKS So
Either Management Is Lazy, or Irresponsible or they Know Who did it, Either Way I’ll never go again and Will tell Everyone How Crappy They Are 👍 Thanks for Nothing S.K.K. Sincerely M & D MC.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Christa Midd
3 Christa Midd

So the food was EXCEPTIONAL!!! Timing was quick and much appreciated. But next time someone orders $150 worth of take-out food to be delivered by Waitr, and blatantly notates that they are poolside, maybe include some plastic ware and napkins if it’s not too much to ask. Otherwise, beyond pleased with this place!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Bridget Hebert Winstead
5 Bridget Hebert Winstead

We have always loved SKK; however, the last few times we came, the service was definitely lacking. On the last trip, our salads came out with the meal which made it pointless to pay for a salad.
Today we decided to try SKK again and were pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious and the waiter, Zachery was great! Our glasses were never empty and Zach was very attentive and quick with our food.
We will return!!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Michelle Morris-Rainer
5 Michelle Morris-Rainer

Thanks for all the great food and attentive service for the bridal shower we held at your place. Your whole team went above and beyond. Not sure how to share pics but it worked out great and looked awesome. I'd recommend to anyone looking to host an event to give them a call. Thanks again for helping make the day so easy, fun & special.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Shari Leonard
1 Shari Leonard

Will not be back. We have eaten here since it was Cornbreads and through the various owners. Today was the final straw. There were only 7 tables while we were there, had to wait for our waitress, she didn't even take our drink order. The "manager" brought Bob's dinner and asked "only 1 meal today?". Told her I ordered a salad. 10 minutes later still no salad. Got our waitress attention and asked her where my order was. Asked what I had ordered, told her she took my order she could look it up. She found it, a wedge salad, that's right all I ordered was a wedge salad and it wasn't prepared by the time Bob's catfish dinner was cooked and served. Asked to speak to the owner, we saw him around the restaurant and he was too busy to speak with us. Oh well, we tried. I know our $20/week won't kill your business but your service will certainly do it.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Michelle Yarbrough
2 Michelle Yarbrough

My friends and I ate there several times and the food was ok, nothing majorly bad or good. The last time we ate there I ordered a pulled pork bbq sandwich. I took one bite and was scared to eat any more. The meat tasted old and stale, like something that had gotten pushed to the back of your fridge and forgotten.

Since I was with a group, I quietly explained to our waiter when I could catch him. He offered to replace my meal with something else, but since my friends were almost done, I told him I didn't care to wait. He returned to tell me that the owner said there was nothing wrong with the pork, it was the way it was prepared and the sauce used. He had taken $5 off my bill, but expected me to pay for the remainder, although all I had eaten was half of one side dish before it was taken away.

At this point, I was getting upset, and I refused to pay, but our waiter explained that my meal would be taken out of his check if I did not pay, so I paid $10 for a half order of broccoli and have refused to return.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Jerry Manning
1 Jerry Manning

The triple crown....bad service, small portions and bad food.
I would rather be denied service by the Red Hen than lured into a "patriotic" restaurant to be ripped off. Ordered off the seniors menu because they are supposed to be good deals for our seniors, right? No, another scam. I had a chicken fried steak that was the size of 2 chicken nuggets (about 3" x 1 1/2" and very thin) with a small bowl a baked potatoes (counts as 2 sides) for about $9. The cream gravy was watery and sparse. So tough it took a fork and steak knife to cut and had to chew a while before attempting to choke it down. How do they keep it so tough after pounding it so thin? The flavor was reminiscent of shoe leather. And I only had to wait a little over an hour between ordering and delivery. They're picking your pocket while you're saluting their flag. Despicable.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Mallory Waugh Brown
3 Mallory Waugh Brown

The steak is okay. Avoid the way overpriced loaded mashed potatoes. They are watery and cheap (not even the food kind of) instant potatoes. I found them inedible and not worth the extra $2 to “load” them. Also the peach tea was just sweet tea with such a small amount of peach I couldn’t taste it. I’m giving it 3 stars because the service was excellent.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Jennifer Arias
1 Jennifer Arias

Terrible management. Since my family and I are on vacation I found what I thought was a nice local restaurant to try. Last night my husband's steak was very overcooked (ordered medium, came out very well done) and he was offered to have it remade, but when he said we weren't waiting another 25 minutes for a new one, that was it. With 3/4ths of the steak untouched on his plate, we were charged full price for everything, not even a drink taken off or complimentary dessert, nothing to save our experience. Our dog had a $18 treat. This was our first and LAST time here!!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Juana Doucet
5 Juana Doucet

We went for Father’s Day and there is nothing we could say bad about this place. The food was amazing, the server Kelli M was very attentive & “the trough” drink was on point. I can say I’ve never had a margarita that tasted so good. We will be back soon and already agreed that this will be a Father’s Day tradition now. Thank you for a great experience.

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Kate Ansell Decker
1 Kate Ansell Decker

Worst service ever! We’ve been coming here for three years and it has steadily gotten worse and today was my last visit! So much time and money has been put into revamping the look and the menu while customer service has declined. We were greater relatively promptly after being sat, gave our drink and appetizer order. 15 minutes later the server returns to see if we’re ready to order, no drinks, no appetizer. Our salad order was wrong and my husband’s meal was wrong. Apologies were made and excuses were given. After our food was corrected no one returned until they brought the check, during which time our drinks remained empty.
I understand waiting tables isn’t easy, I did it for years. We were 1 of maybe 6 tables and there were quite a few servers. I am not just being picky. We have had horrible service the past several times we have been there and today was enough!

Review of Southern Komfort Kitchen  by Robert Hagan
1 Robert Hagan

We went to Southern Komfort this evening for dinner. It was myself, my wife, my toddler, and my baby. Visit started and we were taken care of. I noticed the free appetizer when loginging into their wifi and liking their page. Their wifi wasn't working so they rest the router, no biggie. Found it, got our fried green tomatoes. We didn't notice this offer until after we ordered our entrees. We ordered kids bone in wings and the chicken fried venison for my wife and I to share. This is when things went south. After about 30 min, the waitress kept telling us the food is almost ready. She told us the venison is taking longer and that's the problem. No problem we were fine. Our child was getting hungry so we asked if the wings were ready. The waitress said she would go look. She came back shortly after and said "the kitchen said the plate is to hot so they want it to cool down before sending out.". I was little surprised by this but we said ok. After another few minutes we asked about the wings again. The waitress then informed us that the kitchen never got our ticket and they were rushing to make the food. It would be another 3-5 minutes. I questioned the waitress why she lied to us and she blamed the kitchen. My wife and I decided to wait 5 minutes for the food, if it didn't come, we were leaving. 5 minutes came and left and so we decided to leave. The worst experience we have had.

Southern Komfort Kitchen

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9629, 2501 Underwood Rd, La Porte, TX 77571, USA

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Southern Komfort Kitchen  Q&A

Company Q&A

What’s your signature dish?

With such a diverse menu it’s hard to pick a signature dish. Some of our most ordered items are our Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken, Mississippi Farm Raised Catfish, Wildcaught Gulf Shrimp, and our Halpern’s Aged Angus Steaks.

How do you go about creating the perfect menu for your clients?

We Listen!! We are willing to meet with each potential client to discuss exactly what they are looking for in the way of menu options, find out if there are any dietary or allergy concerns, and are open to preparing anything they want on any of our menus, as well as dishes they are not.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the seeing our clients satisfied not only with the food, but with the quality of our service knowing that we did our part in making their event a success.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We were tired of eating at all the chain restaurants with processed prepackaged food. We wanted to offer food made from scratch, done the old fashion way.

Why should our clients choose you?

I believe you should choose us because you will get owners who are passionate about food and are involved in Every event from beginning to end. We are all go and no quit when it comes to our business, and when it comes to our customers and their event, we want to provide legendary service, each and every time.

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