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The Pointe at South Mountain, Arizona

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South Point Animal Clinic

The Pointe at South Mountain, Arizona


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Robyn S.

8 June 2019

The best Vet in the valley and incredible staff!Love Dr. Patti!!!! I've been coming here for many years. Dr. Patti tells it like it is and doesn't force unnecessary treatments on anyone!


Maria C.

1 June 2019

I love Dr. Patty and her staff.   She really is reasonable and cares about my fur baby's.   She and her staff are a calming force when my dogs are ill.   I wish she.could be my doctor.   She doesn't push treatments, but does what needs to be done.   We love the place.   If I could rate her 10 stars I would! More...


Kira Svenonius

23 May 2019

We LOVE Dr. Patty! She has taken care of all of our cats for 10+ years now. First choice EVERY time!


Andi C.

14 May 2019

I chose to take my dog to this vet because of the amazing reviews, and I was not disappointed. I will be going back for further appointments but my first impression of the place was great, everyone was so friendly which is a huge plus as I have anxiety and have encountered many condescending people at vet clinics. They were so sweet to my dog, which helped as he's also an anxious mess. They do have cats out and some beds on the counter (not where they check people in and out, but to the sides so they do not get in the way at all). And I have to say, for someone who is allergic to cats and has a dog who isn't a great fan of cats, we both felt just fine. The place is so clean the cats had no effect on my allergies and they were calm and sweet in their little beds. I will be happily going back after my experience! More...


Melanie Stephenson

13 May 2019

They are the most kind and caring staff around. Reasonably priced too. Have been taking all our dogs there almost a year now. My dogs are treated very well. I come all the way from Avondale just because of the quality of care they give can't be found anywhere else. More...


Brenda Cleland

30 April 2019

Very caring vet and staff. They have helped both my dogs.


Ruth McLennan

30 April 2019

Dr. Patty and her staff are amazing! I went to this clinic over 20 years ago for my golden retriever. Once my dog passed away, I didn't have a need to go there. About a year ago I ended up with a 3.5 lb. senior rescue dog in pretty bad shape. I started going back to Patty and she and her staff have been so kind to me and my little rescue Sophie. Sophie has a VERY severe heart murmur and most likely many other health problems. Patty and her staff have been amazing in helping me figure out how best to take care of Sophie in her twilight years. I highly recommend this clinic! More...


Barbara Montgomery

30 April 2019

Our 2 dogs get great care there. We are always pleased after a visit . Thank you.


E. S.

25 April 2019

I have been to quite a few vets in tempe over the years (and 1 in Chandler) for cats and dogs. This clinic is the best so far. We live in tempe and there are quite a few clinics closer to us than this one, but we chose this clinic again for visit number 2--different cat, different problem.We all went this time--Dad, Mom, and adult daughter. We all felt very confident in the Doctor's knowledge of pets.The staff was very helpful and friendly. Thank you for making our freaky felines' visits less stressful. More...


Dee Pond

31 March 2019

Dr. Patty and her staff are fantastic. Thanks for the great service! I'd drive to go to this clinic, but I'm really lucky to have it at my doorstep.


Jennifer Penman

31 March 2019

We have been taking dogs here for 5 years. We moved out of the immediate area but love it so much, we happily take the extra time to keep visiting.


Shelby Watkins

1 March 2019

Love Dr. Patti and the staff. My dad referred me here when i got my first dog and i will not be going anywhere else. She truly cares for your fur babies.


Vanessa Peinado

1 March 2019

I took my first dog to Dr. Patty over 7 years ago when I first got my dog Lulu. She goes above and beyond and has even called me on her weekends to see how she was doing. The staff there is professional and the rooms are very clean. I am so lucky to have found this clinic.What stands out the most is when my dog Lulu suddenly fell ill. She developed an auto immune disease and was at a hospital at the time. They sent over the information to Dr. Patty and I loved how honest she was about Lulu's diagnosis. She was realistic, but not harsh and let me know what the odds were of her recovering. Her bed-side manner is impeccable. The day I got my dog back from the hospital, Lulu passed a few hours later at home. I was hysterical and didn't know what to do. I called Dr. Patty and the staff there walked me through what I needed to do and they were so unbelievably kind and supportive. I cannot express how grateful I am that they were there during my darkest moment. I brought Lulu in and they gave me room so that I could grieve with my family and friends for as long as I needed. Lulu had a short life, but Dr. Patty was there from the day I got her, to the day she passed. Because of Dr. Patty and her team, I know she had a wonderful life and was cared for. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my dog and now my new puppy, Bean a patient at South Point Animal Clinic now. More...


Ann McSherry

23 February 2019

we wouldn't take our pups anywhere else. Dr Patty and her staff are the best!


Susie N.

20 February 2019

I just realized This post is about 20 years past due. Of course Yelp wasn't around 20 years ago but Dr Patty was.  She has cared for my boxers, mutts, kitties and whatever animal showed up in my life.  She's not just a vet, she loves animals.  She is genuine and passionate about her job.  She'll tell you the truth even if it hurts.  She'll stand right by your side when you have to say goodbye to a dearly loved pet.  I currently have 3 dogs one of which is NOT cat friendly so the staff is always good about moving the cats when I am bringing "Vinny" in for a check.  Thank you SouthPoint for wonderful care all these years for our extended family members (: More...


Lynette Juencke

9 February 2019

Dr Patty, is the best! She’ll get down on the floor with you letting your pet get comfortable with her while she talks to you like a regular person about what’s going on and what your concerns are. While she’s doing her exam she’ll ask you more about what you’ve told her your concerns are so you can tell she’s listening and paying attention to everything you’ve told her. She always stays in the room with you while she considers different courses of action, answers any questions and letting you know which test could probably be cut if money is a factor. Never pressuring you into anything but will let you know when things are more serious you want to realize. She always makes me feel like I’m her most import client and extra care will be taken with my pets. The rest of the staff is just as wonderful, they all know me by name and great me extra friendly when they find out I’m the one calling them. They are alway wonderful about squeezing me in early if there’s something I’m worried won’t wait till the next open appointment. Over the years I’ve taken 8 of my own dog 2 of my parents and a couple of foster dogs. During this time I’ve become a Veterinary Technician and have been around a lot of different Drs at different clinics and even though it’s more Convenient and I get an employee’s discount I still prefer to go to Dr. Patty. I don’t think it’s possible to get better care anywhere then you would at South Point Animal Clinic. More...


Tom walling

30 January 2019

They are always very gentle and caring even in the most difficult times. Great place for the pets.


Lady Melo

30 January 2019

They are so kind and understanding. They've helped my furbaby from her first shots, to her last moments. Couldn't ask for a better vet or staff than the team here.


Gabriella C.

21 January 2019

I can't say enough about this place. I'm SO glad I decided to bring my dog here when he wasn't feeling well. Dr. Patti is WONDERFUL and everyone working there was super helpful and nice. I won't ever go anywhere else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I went in yesterday (1/21) at around 4:30 to buy my dog's prescription food and the older lady with reddish hair and glasses that was working was incredibly condescending. She didn't want to sell me his food because there was no record of it being sold to me in their system. She was rude the whole time and acted like I was making up the fact that I have to buy my dog $30 food....I'd much rather spend $8 on Beneful but I trust Dr. Patti (who is lovely), and I buy the expensive one. It turns out the food was charged to another account and that's why it hadn't shown up on my dog's information they have in the system. She apologized dryly for the mix up since it wasn't my fault, but I still had a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing. She could have handled it more professionally. I'm sorry you had to work on a holiday but please don't take your frustration out on the people who come in for help. More...


Denise M.

22 December 2018

I have been going to Dr Patty & the South Point Animal Clinic for over a dozen years after trying a variety of vets in Phoenix. Her service is thorough, responsive, caring and on-time.  We all wish the doctor services in Phoenix was as good :). As a former wildlife biologist myself, I highly recommend this vet! More...


Lori U.

25 November 2018

I am so happy taking my cat to Dr. Patty. She is a very caring, intelligent person. I highly recommend her.


Makisha H.

17 September 2018

Dr. Patty and the staff are wonderful! They truly care about their patients and getting to the root cause of any issues. We have brought our 5 year old shih-tzu to the office a few times in the past year and are always very impressed with the service of the front office staff as well as with Dr. Patty's insight and genuine care. They always make follow up calls to check on our girl and the prices are very reasonable whenever we need to get meds (and they are readily available too!) We are glad to have found our forever vet :) More...


Lisa Wright

17 August 2018

Our Zoey needed some dental work and we just moved to the area.
Lucky for us Dr Patty is right around the corner. She saw Zoey and the same day did her dental work.
What a caring vet she is and she took great care of our fur baby.
Another bonus is they took care credit.
A winning combo for us!
Thank you Dr Patty and team!


Peter J. Szerszen

17 August 2018

Dr. Patti walked into the exam room and said "you sure look familiar". It had been about 8 years since I last saw her, I moved to Michigan and back in that time and now had a different dog. I brought my 11-year-old Jack Russell mix in for a general checkup and she had been licking at her back legs. Dr. Patti fortunately determined it was just allergies. She said my Ellie was in fantastic shape for her age. She prescribed allergy medicine and Ellie is doing great. One of the things I've always loved about her practice is that she's practical and down to earth, she doesn't order unnecessary tests. My dog means the world to me, she has traveled the world with me and is always by my side. It's so great to have such a great vet I can trust. She is absolutely worth the drive from E. Mesa or anywhere in the Valley for that matter. She is the best vet I've ever had. My dog was so fascinated with the "house cats" too, they are so friendly and must be spoiled rotten living there. More...


Éva Balogh-McClean

17 August 2018

First time here today. We were very pleased with Dr. Patti and her staff. Our girl is not the easiest to deal with but they handled her very well. We are coming back.


Arle Nicely-Danford

3 July 2018

Dr. Pat and their staff are the greatest people we had to bring our beloved Phenix Ayre our 17 1/2 year old Doxie to have him laid to rest and they were so kind.


Justin Yarbrough

16 June 2018

My wife and I started taking our dogs to Dr. Patti when we moved less than a mile from her office almost 5 years ago. She has always been wonderful to us, especially when we had to deal with end of life issues with two of our dogs last year. I figure the biggest testimonial for her, though, is that we continue to bring her dogs to her after we moved 20 minutes away last summer. More...


Amy H.

20 May 2018

This office is amazing! I've been going for several years now. Most recently I had a dog that was old and sick. I took him in, not sure if he just needed some medication. They said it was time to put him down. I wasn't ready to do it then and there so Dr. Patty suggested a home service (Gentle Journey). She cried with me and didn't even charge me for the visit. I do have four dogs and end up going there a lot. Always greatful for compassionate service no matter what we need. More...


Heather Fockler

1 May 2018

Dr Patty is a compassionate, amazing vet who takes such good care of my furry roommates. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a veterinarian!


Robin Bryson

22 April 2018

Thank you Dr. PATTY!!! You are the best vet/person I have met in 10 years. I will tell everyone your best interests. My boy mack is so much better after his surgery and is only 2 years old. My whole fur baby family loves and thanks you for everything you have done for us. I wish I could thank you more!!! More...


Blake Matthew Lundy-Butler

18 April 2018

Dr. Patty and staff are the best. She has been taking care of our Kids for 21 years now. Thank you for all the great years and Vet care!!!!!


Suzy Modrich Rebsamen

27 February 2018

Wonderful, compassionate people. My 16-year old cat was in end stage kidney disease; I knew what the inevitable would be. Dr Patty took the time to listen to my husband as he reminisced the last 72 hours of her life and more - grasping at hope, and with hope in his voice that he/we had done "nothing wrong" to bring this on... Dr Patty explained that a cat's kidneys are not designed "to last as long as the rest of the cat." So sad. Yet so lovingly explained. While the whole process broke my heart as I kissed my Starbuck good-bye as she crossed the rainbow bridge, I'm glad we came back to Dr Patty and her staff. More...


Chris H.

26 February 2018

Doctor Patti and her team are some of the best people you'll ever meet. I have two German shepherds, one of which has multiple skin issues. Doctor Patti has gone above and beyond to care for my dogs and find long term solutions that do not cost an arm and a leg. She genuinely cares for each of her patients and does not try to gouge you/ rack up a huge bill for you and your pet. We've been to many different vets, including Banfield, and none of them are even close to how amazing this place is. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. If you want someone who will treat your animal as their own child, Dr. Patti and her team are the perfect fit. More...


Andre K.

22 February 2018

Dr Patty deserves a 5 star. Great bedside manner, sympathetic and very informative. She made you feel very comfortable, did not rush the visit, informed me of my options and even told me that if my wife had any questions to call her. It's not often you get that kind of service from a clinic. The staff was very friendly and helpful. That took me exactly at my appointment time and Dr Patty saw my pet immediately. I appreciate good medical care and highly recommend Dr Patty and her clinic. You can tell she really cares about the pet as well as the owner. More...


Christine Peterson Cooper

24 January 2018

I love Dr. Patty and trust her with all of our fur-babies. We have been seeing her for 14 years! Amazing service and great staff!


Connie Hutzel

7 January 2018

Dr. Patty & her angels have taken care of our family pets for about 15 years...ours, our brother's, our niece's, etc. They are such wonderful people, so caring, always call to check up. They treated our Gonzo who had diabetes and was deaf & blind. She did surgery on our geriatric Chi Hickey & now she is seeing him weekly for an eye ulcer. We've lost a couple along the way & were greatful for their compassion when our pups passed. I thank God for finding Dr. Patty & her team. 10 STARS!!!! More...


Dana R.

27 December 2017

I have been taking my dog there since he was a puppy. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Patty and the staff. You can tell they love what they do and care about your Pet just as much as you do. If you are looking for a family vet I HIGHLY suggest them. She is hands down the best veterinarian I've ever come across. Thank you to the staff for everything you've done for my fur baby! More...


Debbie Casper

26 November 2017

We fell in love on our first visit!! Dr. Patti and her entire team were absolutely amazing and beautiful!! Thank you!! You're a true Angel gift and blessing!!


I C U.

21 September 2017

I drove from old Chandler to South Point Animal Clinic based on the YELP reviews and I was more than pleased with Dr Patty and her assistant.I was not bombarded with a sales pitch for products and services (looking at my old vet in Gilbert), the vet looked over my puppy and determined she needed pain pills and rest. Sure enough the next few days my pup was back to her regular self happy and bouncing about and the office called to make sure my dog is feeling better.The price was absolutely acceptable for an emergency appointment and meds (they already had the pills cut in half for correct dosage).I'm so happy I have a great vet that I trust. More...


Jodi Webster

30 August 2017

My furry family of 5 have been under Dr. Patti's care for 14 years and you won't find a better or more compassionate veterinarian in Arizona. I can't express my gratitude for all that Patti has done for my pooches and for me too when my dog was nearly killed and then again when she was suffering from cancer. She's amazing and her staff is AWESOME too! Check them out! More...


Anne Swanson

12 August 2017

I've been taking my dogs to see Dr Patti for over 15 years. She is thorough but does not push for unnecessary costly DX test, X-rays and procedures. Dr Patti and her staff are excellent. I'll never go anywhere else! More...


Christina H.

4 August 2017

I cannot even begin to express how truly amazing South Point Animal Clinic is.  Everyone at the office is caring, and responsive.  Dr. Patty is the most generous, honest, and kind soul I have ever met.  All of my pets have felt comfortable with her from the very first visit.  Due to work, I moved back to New York and since then I have yet to find a vet that I trust as much as I trust Patty.  Even though, I now live in New York, I still call Dr. Patty to get her opinion on test results for the pets.  Not only does she provide advice, she calls to follow up.  I am so grateful to have met her.  Thank you South Point! More...


Mary Thomas Alaniz

8 July 2017

We have taken our pets to Dr. Patti for about 18 years. She has seen us through all pet issues from silly concerns, minor and major injuries to the hard decision to let them go with love and grace. She and her staff have a love for all creatures big and small. We travel 15+ miles to seek there help and guidance. The miles don't matter, their care can never be replaced. More...


Amanda T.

29 June 2017

I've been so pleased with Dr Patty and her team. Our first appointment with her was for our 10 year old cattle dog who had suddenly started destroying our home. She recommended blood work to rule out things like tick fever, but said that his behavior changes were likely due to dementia. She prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to take the edge off him, and he's back to normal. Plus, their follow up calls show how much they really care about your pets! More...


Sue Lauck

25 June 2017

Dr. Patty and her staff are AMAZING. Never a disappointment. They all truly care about my two labs.


Connie Salinas-Hotchkiss

9 May 2017

Love Dr Pat and the staff. We have been going there for years.


Brenda H.

23 April 2017

Dr. Patty is the best. We brought our newly adopted puppy in for her exam, and Dr. Patty was patient and answered all of our questions and then some. She's thorough, is very nice and her staff is just as wonderful. We hope to have a long relationship with Dr. Patty and our puppy. More...


Malinda Hall Malone

4 April 2017

Love Dr. Patti and her staff. The best in vet services available. You will not be disappointed.


Reyna B.

7 March 2017

Loved this vet! It was my first time here yesterday, and I could really, really feel the care from the staff for my dog. Usually these type of appointments take forever, but I was in and out and treated WITH my prescription in hand in less than 20 minutes for less than 80 dollars. I'm thrilled. More...


Jasmine C.

10 November 2016

Extremely positive experience.This is the first time I have ever brought a pet to a vet and wanted to return again.  Otherwise I have picked one, not been satisfied and decided not to return, only to pick a different one the next time.We called to make an appointment and get information.  We were given straightforward answers via phone in a friendly way.Made an appointment for 7:30 am.  Arrived about 15 minutes early and the clinic was already open.  Walked right in and had our dog weighed.  No paperwork.  Put in a room and were seen almost immediately.  The Dr and staff were friendly, down to earth and helpful.  We needed to schedule surgery for a cherry eye and weren't charged for our office visit.About 4 days later surgery day had arrived.  Drop off was easy.  Got a phone call after blood work.  Got a phone call right after surgery.  Were able to pick up our precious dog early.Cost for 2 cherry eyes (second one popped out once anesthesia was administered) was $370.Was given medication and lots of post care instructions.  Was given the Dr's cell number is I had any questions or concerns.I can't recommend this clinic enough. More...


Jodi F.

6 October 2016

Dr Patty and her staff are amazing. My parents have been going to her for YEARS!! I needed to go to her as my best friend, Madison, was not doing well. She did not try to charge me a arm and a leg to run tests. She tried a injection with no results. It was a difficult decision but with Dr Patty's compassion, I decided to let my cat go. This is twice she has assisted me with this. I drive 45 minutes to get to her and I will tell you, I won't go to another vet EVER again. The most compassion I have ever seen from her and her staff. You want the BEST see Dr Patty.... Jodi More...


Diane Mase

18 September 2016

I've been going to Dr. Patty for over 12 years, I wouldn't trust the care of my precious fur family to anyone else. She and her staff are very compassionate and they all care about your pets.


Katy C.

22 June 2016

We love Dr. Patty and the amazing staff at South Point Animal Clinic! They are incredibly caring, thoughtful, and love your pets as much as you do. If your dog or cat doesn't like being treated up high on the table, Dr. Patty and her assistant will sit on the floor and care for your pet where he/she is most comfortable. We will only ever take our pets to see Dr. Patty, for as long as we live in Arizona.Dr. Patty received her degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the best veterinary colleges in the United States. Go Badgers!! More...


Nataly A.

31 May 2016

South Point Animal Clinic is the best clinic in Phoenix. My poor pup wasn't feeling well so I called the clinic and they saw me on a short notice. The staff there is incredibly friendly. They truly care about you and your pet. Patty O'Berin was our vet and she was amazing. More...


Suzanne Ecker

9 May 2016

Excellent, compassionate care. A well-run establishment with a big heart.


Erika K.

24 January 2016

We have been going to Dr. Patty O'Beirn for about 10 years --ever since we moved out to Phoenix with our five year old Welsh Terrier.   Since then, we have added two more dogs to the pack and Dr. Patty and staff love them all (but I think our first born is their favorite).We live in Laveen and don't find the 20-25 minute drive up Baseline Road inconvenient.   Yes, our part of town has a few Veterinary clinics, but none with the experience of Dr. Patty.   Plus, you get the sense from her that your pets ARE your children.   She will take the time to really answer your questions.A couple of years ago, when our Welsh Terrier for starting to show signs of aging, she actually let me come in to talk to her about "end of life" care for an aging dog.  She didn't charge me.  She just counceled my husband and I on what to look for and things we should look out for.We love Dr. Patty O'Beirn and her wonderful and friendly staff.   She and her staff stand out because they are more like the small town veterinarians you see in the movies.  The kind who really KNOW you and your pets and care about you all. More...


Liz W.

8 January 2016

I love the staff here and dr. Patti is great. She's super friendly and falls in love with every pet. The fact that she takes time to explain what's wrong with my dog reassures me that she knows her stuff. I've taken my dog here twice for two separate incidents and have had a great experience both times. Be sure to say hi to the cats! More...


Michele M.

25 November 2015

Great team! Thank you for helping with Honey B's healthy issue and not price gouging.


James M.

2 November 2015

Dr Patty is nothing short of amazing.   We have been bringing our dogs to her and the team for over 12 years.   She has helped us with everything from initial vaccinations and check ups at adoption, to the end of the road.  Everyone loves the animals so much, the care for our dogs has been amazing.   Our 4th is now under her care too. More...


Jason L.

10 September 2015

I love this place so much. Dr. Patti is awesome, but her staff is just as great. They've been able to get me in for emergencies, always put my pets at ease and follows up to see how they are doing. Seriously, I can't recommend her clinic enough. More...


Jessica D.

1 September 2015

I love Dr. Patty O'Beirn! It was a bit of a struggle trying to find a vet when we first moved to Phoenix, but we couldn't be happier now.  I have two lab mixes and they even love going to see Dr. Patty!  She is down to earth and really takes the time to talk to you about your pet.  You can tell how much her and her staff care about your pet's health and well being. They aren't like most places that try to sell you things your pet doesn't need.  I will not take my pets anywhere else, the only way is if we leave the state.I very highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a vet!!! More...


Lora D.

1 July 2015

Dr. Patti is the best, she truly loves animals and it shows.  She is reasonable and doesnt charge a fortune.  She doesn't make you do unnecessary labs or procedures.  A true gem for our furry kids.


Steve C.

13 June 2015

Dr. Patty and staff are simply fantastic!  I found out about her by a family recommendation. Five stars doesn't even begin to describe this place. I've been bringing all my dogs to her for over ten years and will never go anywhere else. My entire family feels the same. People aren't exaggerating when they say you are treated like family. Everyone there genuinely loves animals and enjoys what they do. They know our pets are family members and treat them and us accordingly.  My family has had to have three dogs put down over the years and Patty's care makes the difficult process as comfortable as it can be.  Prices are always fair. Information is always direct and without sugarcoating. You won't be disappointed if you  give them a try. FYI I'm also allergic to cats, but the feline greeting party on the front counter never has bothered me. More...


Cathy Chase Otto

6 February 2015

Dr. Patty and her wonderful team are the most amazing, caring people we have ever experienced!


Blanca D.

3 February 2015

Let my start off by saying my dog is terrified by vets, he really dislikes going & I can admit he is sometimes hard to work with when it comes to vets. But she was just wonderful! So patient, so calm, so understanding! I will forever go to her now!! More...


Ellie Whitaker

24 January 2015

Dr Patty O'Beirn has been my vet for over 20 years and is one of the most compassionate people I have met when it comes to animals. She is professional and caring. She truly loves animals and does an excellent job taking care of your pets and you as a client. If you want someone who really loves what they do and cares about your babies please check them out. More...


Debbie Jones

20 August 2014

Dr. Patty & staff are the best! They've taken great care of our kitties for many years.


Bobbie A Martin-Halladay

15 July 2014

Very professional and they really love animals. They were there for my cat in an emergency situation,took him right in and saved his life. I wont go anywhere else.


Kathryn B.

24 June 2014

My pets will never see another vet! Dr. Patty and her staff are always so helpful, honest, compassionate,  and accommodating. I have recommended both friends and family to her office and they have all received the same quality care. They truly care for each pet as if it were their own. I have been taking my dogs to see Dr Patty for almost three years, since my Great Dane had to have an emergency surgery, and I will never go anywhere else! More...


Tanya R.

21 June 2014

Dr. Patty is awesome, very caring, and doesn't try to be a know it all. The staff is great, and the service is fast. I'm so glad I found them. The menagerie of friendly cats is a wonderful experience. I always enjoy taking my fur babies here because they enjoy it. More...


Olivia S.

29 January 2014

Dr. Patty is wonderful!  She treated us (and our cat) like family.  She was kind and helpful, and especially sympathetic to our sick kitty.  She took the time to explain our options and their costs, which was great. It's been less than a week, and they have already called 3 times to check in on our cat. The pricing was fair.  It was $57 for the office visit, $50 for an antibiotic shot, and $90 for labs.  I would gladly pay it again here. More...


Dave Kimmel

12 January 2014

Dr. Patty O'Beirn is the best. Great care of our four legged kids.


Wendy R.

13 November 2013

My 14-year-old Welsh Corgi owes her long life (several times over!) to Dr. Patty's devotion and care. She is a wonderful Veterinarian with a very caring and dedicated staff. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. More...


Dan H.

30 April 2012

We have been going to South Point Animal Clinic for many years now and absolutely love brings our dogs to see Dr. Patty and her staff. The have got us through tough times with our dogs and the normal routine visits. We have recommended her to many other pet wonders & everyone has had the same experience. Anyone looking for a great Vet should seriously consider South Point Animal Clinic no matter where you live in the Valley! More...


Mary W.

28 April 2012

I've been meaning to write this review for a long time....I absolutely love Dr. Patty!!! She's so compassionate, professional, and competent. She truly listens to your concerns, and she's willing to make accommodations based on your pet's needs. She always remembers that my dog had an ACL surgery on her right leg, and so she's extra gentle when handling that leg. She's extremely fast (which my dog loves!) but also very thorough. Even though I've moved out of state, I go back to Arizona at least once a year to visit friends and family, and I make my dog's vet appointments at this time, because I trust Dr. Patty more than any other vet. More...



27 March 2012

This is one of the most amazing, compassionate veterinarians I've ever met. I would take any of my animals to see her. Probably a little known fact is that she helps a rescue in Phoenix by donating so much of her time with little compensation. She has a pure heart of gold! You walk into her office and it like walking into a friends home. Smiles on the staffs faces and cats galore to greet you. More...


Aimee B.

20 December 2011

The service was nice, fast, efficient. There are many cats running around (and when I say many, 5+ at least), so those with allergies will definitely be hurting. I'm slightly allergic to cats and I could just tell the dander was getting to me even in my brief visit.I recently got a miniature dachshund and I just needed to get his shots up to date and whatnot. It was a painless process, everyone was very friendly, and we left with a clean bill of health.I will however say the bill was a bit surprising. $200 for a first visit and usual puppy shots? Ouch. Assuming I don't have to come here often, I can suck up the price since the service was great. Otherwise, my doxie's checkups will need to go elsewhere. More...


Blake Matthew B.

11 November 2011

Dr. Patty is the best.  we have been coming to her for almost 14 years.  She treats all her clients like family.  We drive over 3 hours to come see her.


James L.

23 September 2011

Dr Patty is the best, love her she is like family



27 March 2011

I have been taking my Weimaraners to see Dr. Patty since 1998. She cared for my Ellie back in '98 when she worked in Ahwatukee, and we followed her to her current location in Tempe. She continues to care for our elderly Ellie and sister Nina who is an old girl too. Every time I call or visit the office, I am treated with respect and kindness, and every concern I have about the girls is heard completely. My girls have always, and still do, whine and bark and get excited as we drive up the I-10 because they know exactly where we are going. They love Dr. Patty and cover her with as many kisses possible. We are nearing the end of the girls' lives and Patty and staff have been compassionate and loving in giving us advice at this time. I wouldn't trust my girls to anyone else. More...



2 May 2010

Our boxer dog we have had for 2 plus years was not feeling good and not breathing right. Made an appt. to see Dr. Patty and was in awe of the professionalism of her and her staff. She was straight up with my family about what was wrong with our boxer boy. He had congestive heart failure. We had to put him down there, so he would not suffer any more. We are very thank ful of the kind and compassion she had with us. Would recommend to any family with any pet. She even sent us a sympothy card in the mail. She went above and beyond my expectations of a vet. Very caring and compassionate. More...


Mary R.

15 February 2010

We have taken our dogs to Dr. Patty at South Point Animal Clinic since moving to Phoenix. They were very compassionate when we had to put our pet of 16 years down, and helpful when it came time for recommending a new pet for our family.


Sharon S.

12 December 2009

We have been taking our cat here for several years, and the previous cat too.  Service & care is wonderful.  The staff is caring, makes prompt appointments, and really pays attention to you and your animal.  Dr. Pat is very nice and explains the issues with your animals carefully.  They are also reasonably prices and accomodating.  I really recommend this Vets.  (I could only hope for this level of care from a people's doctor's office..) More...


brad j.

6 April 2009

I've been taking our dogs to Dr. Patty since moving to the valley in '98.  She's fantastic and so is all the staff at South Point Animal Clinic.  Dr. Patty is a very practical vet who really helps care for your pets as if they were her own.  I whole-heartedly recommend her. More...


G B.

11 September 2008

Dr Patty and her entire staff are FABULOUS!  I stumbled onto her through a friend and I could not find a better Vet for my animals.  She is so nice, great with our animals and so skilled, I trust what ever she says in regard to them.  She is one in a million!  You won't find a better Vet anywhere! More...


C N.

8 July 2008

Dr. Patty is a great person and was always great with my two cats. She has a great sense of humor and is very intelligent. Her and the staff are very friendly and always made me and the cats feel comfortable when there for a visit. I moved out of state and miss this clinic and would recommend it to everyone. More...

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