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We are a fellowship of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are here to support and lift up those in the community

As a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
we are here to help Family, Couples, and anyone else with
Weddings, Marriage and other Life issues


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Kate Hasskarl

30 July 2018

My step dad is good at what he does



24 June 2018

My husband and I feel as if he did a wonderful job with everything.


Pastor Jay Randolph

20 March 2018

Meet us at 1000 Hallmark Drive. Friendly, and open to everybody.
Teach about God and His Word,
without making any judgements about you. Thursday Community Bible Group & Food Give Away at 6 PM
Become part of our family


Pastor Jay Randolph

30 July 2017

SCWC Home Church is a part of the South Carolina Wedding Chapel, Inc. We are the Bride of Christ sharing with everybody who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us and promise to do in the future


Pastor Jay Randolph

6 June 2017

A Home Church with services in public to share the gospels and love of God with everybody. Monday Street Ministry 6 to 8 AM. Tuesday Visitation. Wenesday Bible Study. Friday Day with a Minister. Saturday CLOSED. Sunday 3 PM Service. Open to everyone, be yourself and learn about God.NO ACCESS to building, till after Sept . . .Till then, contact for location. More...



26 November 2013

Pastor Jay was a true man of God. He not only prepared my husband and I for what would happen on our wedding day, but he also prepared us emotionally. He gave us tips on how to have a happy, God centered, successful, and loving marriage. I would recommend him for the officiant at your wedding if you want God involved in your marriage too. after all marriage is a contract between man wife and God. More...



24 November 2013

we used Pastor Jay for our wedding and was very pleased with him. Thank you and God Bless



27 May 2013

Pastor Jay was great! Leading up to the event we were sent a series of emails for my bride and I to work through, which were both helpful and thorough. The day of our outdoor wedding there was a freak rainstorm, so we had to change the ceremony 20 minutes before the actual event, and Pastor Jay took everything in stride and still managed to make the ceremony smooth, concise, and memorable. Thank you Pastor Jay! More...



5 October 2012

Pastor Jay was a joy to work with. He was very easy to work with, and accomidating.



13 August 2012

Our wedding was perfect!! Pastor Jay was very helpful! He sent us the entire ceremony before the wedding to make sure that it was what my fiance and I wanted. He was very flexible and made it exactly what we asked! He helped to make our day special! More...



2 July 2012

Pastor Jay was just fantastic! He was beyond flexible and professional. He made us all feel as if we were family. We could not have found a nicer guy to conduct our wedding. We wish him well and will surely keep in touch. THANK YOU SO MUCH, PASTOR JAY! You are THE BEST! More...


The thing I love the most, I have the very best boss.
What I love most about doing my Job is seeing others being happy in being THEIR best.
I see many times people being stressed trying to be what somebody else wants them to be
YOU are not one of many, you are Special, and you need to Shine

God made way through all my excuses. God called me for many years. I knew it was hard work, felt it was not for me. When my wife started her cancer treatment, I met so many people who were deeply hurting. My heart broke for these people and I wanted to do something for them. That is when I realized God gave me a big heart, and this is what it is to be used for.

I am NOT the best, and I doubt I ever will be.
However you will see I have a heart to help you, and I will do my very best
For a wedding. God will be invited to the service, and to be a center point in your lives
You will understand what a marriage is , before taking your vows
It will be a wedding for God, Bride and Groom to become a marriage with God, Wife, and Husband.
Without the DMV, you can not have a drivers Lic. Without God, you can not have a marriage.