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Self employed carpenter with 6 years experience in general and high end carpentry. Specialized in fitting kitchens, build-in wardrobes, doors, etc. I own a Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Wood Occupations (QFC)


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The ability to build something with bare hands and the satisfaction that goes into finishing projects. Using professional tools and equipment in order to produce a high quality finish.

I worked in the building industry for 4 years before i become a qualified carpenter. In all this time i have been a painter-decorator and worked as an apprentice for electricians and plumbers, but i stopped at carpentry because i like the crafting that goes in to it and i love working with wood.

I meet deadlines and i work with quality tools to produce a beautiful finish. I will try and match others prices and i am willing to negotiate for those who are least fortunate money wise. Carpentry as most of the trades has become so expensive these days at the point that sometimes i wonder myself how some people are able to do any work in they`re homes.