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Hannah Peet

2 July 2018

Kam transforms lives....

I went to see Kam really stressed, very wound up and suffering from mild insomnia. As soon as I saw her she immediately put me at ease- Kam has a very soothing and calming presence!

I have so far had 4 treatments and already feel much more relaxed and I can finally sleep again. I frequently got headaches and Kam has made them disappear, even mixing massage with the acupuncture to help relieve tension headaches.

I really cannot recommend Kam more highly. She is massively lovely and talented.


Paula Adams

3 April 2018

Kam is a highly gifted Acupuncturist. Her caring attention has helped my lower back pain and I have kissed goodbye to Hayfever again! Thank you so much Kam xx


Alex Stick

25 February 2018

Kam is an experienced Acupuncturist and practices at several locations in Kent and Sussex. I know Kam personally as she works just up the road from me in Tonbridge. Highly recommended.


Dr Danny Scahill

14 February 2018

I've been a patient of Kam's for a couple of months now. As a Chiropractor, its a hazard of the job that I sometimes suffer with backache and I've found Kams treatment to be very effective.

Years ago before I met Kam, I had acupuncture which was pretty painful. So when I started treatment with Kam I was delighted to find that it was very gentle and I can barely feel the needles when she does the treatment. I would absolutely recommend Kam @ Acupuncture in Eden.

Dr Danny Scahill


Richard Winchester

23 January 2018

20 years old injury in Lower Back and now monthly maintenance from Kam couldn't ask anything else. Thank you


Jay Panesar

23 January 2018

Not long ago I had Lower Back Issues, but Acupuncture in Eden resolved within few session, for pain you need looking no further- just ring Kam she will fix the problem