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Sooth Away Your Aches

Little Ferry, New Jersey

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Sooth Away Your Aches

Little Ferry, New Jersey



Massage here at sooth away your aches
Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release
MLD. manual lymph drainage

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Astrid Lao

22 September 2019

Soothes your aches away for real


Thomas Diamond

15 May 2019

Great massage!!!


christopher ralda cruz

30 March 2019

Best message I’ve ever received. I would 100% recommend sooth Away. I went in with pain and came out feeling better then ever. Mike is truley the best at what he does. He takes his time and it’s Also super affordable More...


Monica Castro

5 February 2019

Michael has helped my son so much with his knees. Michael is an amazing person. Thank you


Lisa Marie Quiroga

5 February 2019

Michael Anthony is the BEST therapist around, hands down!!


Elizabeth Jaime

29 January 2019

Hidden gem. Mike is the best! If you're looking for a good real massage, this is not your typical swedish massage, Mike will go deep into the muscles to release the tension, it will hurt but it will be so worth it.



30 November 2018

At Sooth Away Your Aches I really feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time. Michael really is the best massage therapist I know. He will go above and beyond and never rushes anyone out. You will pay for one hour massage but actually get a two hour massage. He won’t stop until you feel better. I am so grateful to have found him ever since I have been visiting his office my migraines are gone. Thank you !!!!!! More...


Emrah Gujia

31 October 2018

Best place


Bahrija Hoti

29 May 2018

This place is one of the best place for healing. Its not fancy by no means, kinda dingy but his hands are angel hands. I went to numerous doctors about my lower back pain and they told me that nothing can be done. I only went one time to him and my pain was gone. I am writing this review 2 years after my treatment because I am recommending him again and I realized I didn't do a review. More...


Irene Valdes

29 May 2018

Absolutely love Michael! He never rushes you out. Knows what he's doing. The place is spotless.


Michele Tierney

29 May 2017

Michael is the best!! I've been going to him for years. I saw the review from the person who said she was uncomfortable and had to "get out of there." That's insane. Mike is NEVER inappropriate in any way: I have never worried about getting almost-naked at Sooth Away! :) More...


Bill D

29 May 2016

Michael knows his stuff. He won't rough you up (unless you ask lol), but he will make you feel great. He is very skilled and knowledgable. He doesn't charge a lot either. Don't think - just go there! More...


Debbie Dove

30 May 2014

Where do I start? Michael has been helping me since my onset of Bell's Palsy. He is knowledgeable and extremely gifted in his massage therapy. I highly recommend him!

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I try and do my best so you can feel better at that end of each time you see me