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Sonic Crew is a Multimedia Production Company based at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.

We work with exciting artists and musicians and have a wide range of services available including:

- Music Production
- Mixing and Mastering
- Web Design
- Visual Branding
- Music Lessons (Singing & Guitar)

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Maryan Elmi

30 April 2019

Max is an excellent vocal coach who took time to understand what were my strengths and weaknesses. I saw massive improvements in my voice and would recommend him to anyone who is learning how to sing.


Philip Rose

31 March 2019

I have really enjoyed my lessons with Max, he is very patient and clear with his teaching methods. When i first told Max what I believed my issues were we immediately got to work and quickly I was reaping the benefits. Could not recommend him any higher! More...


Clara Ninez

1 December 2018

I m utterly pleased with Max' s class. I only started his course 6 weeks ago and I have already improved my voice in many ways. The resonance is bigger, I have access to wider pitch range, the projection is stronger, I have learnt a lot of tools to overcome the defaults of my voice. As an actress I need to have a clear, outforward voice and Max really helped to achieve the goals I was aiming for to sound professional. His class is not only technique but also fun as every time you work on a different piece. I really recommend it! More...


Tina Snowdon

1 November 2018

My first ever singing lesson, I was nervous but Max made me feel at ease. I learnt so much and I left with confidence and enthusiasm to continue with group singing lessons


Kylie Traynor

2 September 2018

Max is an excellent teacher who also makes learning to sing fun. I have improved a lot in a short space of time and I'm looking forward to further improvement with his help and instruction!


Matteo Bernardotto

30 May 2018

Singing class with Max was fun and relaxed. I was able to learn useful simple techniques to enjoy my singing more


Strange Planes

30 May 2018

Used the vocal coaching last night for a re-cap on how to sing, as I felt like I had lost my way a little. Max was really helpful in putting me back on track. Will definitely use again - thank you. More...


Archie Khan

30 May 2018

Max is the coolest singing teacher you will ever find. My partner and I took group singing lessons with Max. It was a fairly small group and it almost felt like a private lesson. He gave us personalised attention to improve our techniques and tailored his advice to our needs. Max was very patient and a lot of fun! We would highly recommend singing lessons with Sonic Crew. We are very happy and pleased clients. Max is the best! :) More...


huw williams

30 May 2018

Max is a great vocal coach and takes time to understand exactly a singer's strengths and weaknesses. He then works on a few key areas at a time, to reinforce his teachings and then provides great follow-up. We saw a significant improvement after sessions with Max and would strongly recommend him to other singers who want to improve their technique, voice and performance skills. More...


Colour coordinated

14 February 2018

Excellent teaching, been using for more than a month and could not be more satisfied!


Simon Crawford

30 May 2017

Alex is a fantastic teacher who takes the time to teach you the theory behind the music as well as teaching you to play some great songs. He works at your own pace and his passion for the guitar is evident. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn the guitar or improve. More...


Phil Pickett

13 February 2017

After a long career having had the great opportunity to work on music and vocals with Sailor, Culture Club, The Beach Boys (Mike Love and the late, great Carl Wilson) Take That, Robbie Williams and Paul McCartney and many more & including Robbie Ransom who I currently manage, I consider Max Bonnano to be one of the finest and most effective and professional vocal coaches I have ever worked with. His unique approach to the art and skill of vocal coaching has ensured amazing results with a variety of artists and is a real pleasure to work with him. Phil Pickett More...


Robert Ransom

9 February 2017

Max is an inspiration and has the voice of a god! A great guy!!


Andy Brook

30 December 2016

I have been having singing lessons with Max for 15 months now and I consider him to be one of the best teachers I have ever had. Each lesson is fun, hard work, informative, and inspirational. I leave with a spring in my step and looking forward to practising what I have learned.

My vocal skills have improved far beyond my expectations. Max has unlocked a whole octave of vocal range that I didn't think I had, and I still find myself surprised by my own voice.

I have also worked with Max and Alex on music production and found their skill invaluable.

I enjoy rehearsing in the professional rehearsal rooms; it makes me feel like I am part of the music industry for that hour.

Finally, I would say that the prices charged by Sonic Crew are very good value.

Andy Brook


Laura Brew

31 March 2015

Coca-Cola had a great experience with the Sonic Crew. Max led the group vocal class with passion & humour and made sure everyone in the group had lots of fun. We had a great time and the group came away really energized! Thank-you so much Max! More...


Sparkly Trashcan

25 March 2015

These guys have TALENT! I brought my song in draft form and they transformed it into something magical!!! I plan to hand over more of my work to SonicCrew ASAP. :)


Cee Grand

23 September 2014

Sonic Crew are a real joy to work with. I found their website and communication very professional and reassuring. It's always very nerve wracking handing your ideas over to someone else and having the high expectations that any artist has for their work. Well, they made it look very easy and I was thrilled with my track! It was current, fresh and exactly what I wanted. Max and Alex really listened and delivered a completely satisfactory result. They are friendly, fun ,full of great ideas and put me at ease while recording. It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to working with them again and again. More...


Clive Copland

20 September 2014

Max has been my son's singing teacher over the last year and we have seen great strides through the work Max has done with him. I highly recommend Max for any music production and teaching work, he is the right person for the job and the lessons have been very enjoyable with a lot of variety thrown in. More...


Ahmed Al-kharusi

1 September 2014

I started guitar lessons with Sonic Crew ever since June and I noticed a huge improvement not only in my guitar playing, but also in my understanding of music as a whole. The teachers are very knowledgeable and technically advanced. But most of all, they are there to teach you everything they could teach so you come out of the lesson knowing far more than expected. You learn everything related to music such as recording, pro-tools and music software, Amp and effects setup or whatever crosses your mind. But most importantly, they teach you how to incorporate everything you learn into something meaningful. More...


Bee Ward

17 May 2014

Before I started singing lessons with Max I didn't think that I could sing at all and had very low confidence in my singing voice. I didn't like to sing in public, even to sing 'Happy Birthday'. Max has been brilliant at helping me to build confidence and technique. He is very patient and encouraging and thanks to this, and Max's enthusiasm for music, I am now happy to sing and pleased with my voice! I even joined a choir ... and before my singing lessons, I never thought that this would be possible! More...


Ichiko Watanabe

24 April 2014

I have been taking vocal/piano one-to-one lessons from Max for several years, and my experience from his lessons has been amazing. The standard of his teaching is high and fantastic. Max is a very experienced, professional and very friendly teacher. Although I’ve been practising music with Max for many years, he’s never stopped trying to inspire and help me develop!! He is full of enthusiasm for encouraging me and improving my musical ability weekly. Letting me choose the song I want to sing and music I want to play, keeping it current and up to date, so I never have chance to get bored and always learning something new!! My technique and overall ability has improved to a level I could never have imagined achieving and studies in other areas such as vocal & piano technique, sight reading, music theory, ear training including interval & chord identification, rhythm and chord/scale relationship, confidence on stage, etc. Max has made me a much more well-rounded musician. I have no hesitation in highly recommending his music lesson to any prospective musician and would always be happy to learn music from him!! More...

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