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Somer Design is a full service design agency. We don’t just do design we are passionate about design. Creating impactful work for amazing clients, to help them build a brand to communicate and grow.

Our core areas are:
- Brand strategy and brand design
- Print design work
- Website design

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ola ogundipe

27 July 2019

We really love our logo design. Thank you Caroline and your team.


nathan powell

23 July 2019

Caroline and her team really hit it out of the park. I knew my website wasn't quite there, but couldn't put my finger on the problem. Their marketing audit has proved invaluable. I now know which areas to focus my attention on. Thanks! More...


Malkani Hair Restoration Institute

23 July 2019

I met Caroline and her colleague Timea who looked at my website to help me. Our website wasn’t working to attract audiences and Caroline and Timea both sat with me and went through everything that was not working explaining why in the most diplomatic and courteous way. They were incredibly helpful and in a nutshell have transformed and changed the way I think about websites including the language and marketing and the appearance. They are true experts and very professional. Highly recommended. Five star. Will get your website working with their meticulous insight. Thank you both ! More...


One that engages with your target audience and converts visitors into clients? A mobile-friendly, content rich WordPress site with clear navigation and a call to action. A website that’s easy-to-update with a 1-hr free consultation session and training material.

What product/service do you offer?
What are your goals for the business, what do you want to achieve?
What is your target market? Ideal customer?
How do you want to be perceived by your clients?
What makes you different, what are you usps?

Helping businesses succeed, giving clients something tangible in order to do that. Helping clients understand what makes them special and why people buy from them so they can attract more of the same. Working in partnership for the long-haul, not just a quick fix.

Freedom to work directly with business owners in a variety of different industries.

We have a wide experience in the industry, excellent knowledge of business development and brand strategy. Brilliant track record of creativity and delivery. We care and we're fun to work with.



Knowing how you stand out from your competitors and understanding the advantages your brand holds over them is key to creating a superior brand. This is a full day, hands-on strategy session to get to the heart of your company and ensuring everyone involved is clear on both the business and brand objectives. What marketing channels are right for long-term growth, how you can reach new audiences and drive more sales.

Any aspect of branding must underpin your business strategy to be truly effective. Whether you are developing an identity from the ground up or evolving an existing one, your brand is your organisation’s biggest asset. When you work with Somer Design, you’ll get an effective brand identity that represents the quality and value of your business and engages with your internal and external audience across all touch-points. We have a simple step by step approach that guides you through the process working quickly and collaboratively to build the visual elements of your brand.

Nowadays websites are an integral part of your brand and marketing mix and it’s taken for granted that you will be online. But what do you want to achieve with your website? Is it a portfolio site that enhances your brand message and raises your profile or do you what to drive people to it to win new business. Get a website that delivers the results you set out to achieve, gets across your key messages and enhances your company brand. We have a simple step by step approach that guides you through the process working together quickly and collaboratively to design and build you a website.

A logo and website IN JUST 10 DAYS! Get your business more exposure, reach more clients and make more sales with an amazing logo and fantastic website. Get a website that delivers the results you set out to achieve, gets across your key messages and enhances your company brand. With our proven process we’ll clearly define your brand story, design and deliver a professional logo and website that is ready to convert visitors into paying customers.