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Andrea C. Pronko Jones

11 April 2019

Lisa Hubbard has been working with my 93 year old Mom . My Mom is in great shape but her anxiety is crippling. After a constant change of medication and even the new Magnetic Therapy, there was really no improvement. Lisa has been wonderful with her kindness, professionalism and expertise. My bothers and I can see an improvement already! We are fortunate to have found Lisa and help for my Mom! Thank you, Lisa Hubbard. We love you! Andrea Jones More...


Carly Fridell

11 April 2019

Prior to trying hypnosis I was having to supplement my newborn son with formula and expressed breastmilk due to him not gaining weight appropriately. I was supplementing for about 7 weeks while trying every method known to help increase my supply. My goal was to breastfeed without having to supplement at all. Within a week of my hypnosis session I was able to completely stop supplementing my son and he gained a pound over the course of two weeks. When going back to work after maternity leave I was concerned about being able to pump enough for my son while I was away from him due to working as a nurse on a busy unit. I turned again to hypnosis to help. Within my first week back to work I was able to pump what my son ate while I was away from him even on very busy and stressful days. I am so thankful for Lisa for helping me to reach my goals. More...


Don Hresko

11 April 2019

Very soothing experience. I lost 40 pounds over the course of 3 months and live a more active lifestyle. I now take at least two walks a day. I have been clean and sober for 7 months without assistance from a program. More...

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