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Juliette van der Meijden

1 September 2018

Lorie has immense experience in her field and is continuously learning, in order to offer the very best to her clients. She is a true inspiration!


Ginger Parnes

6 June 2018

After hearing a friend rave about Lori Solay helping him relieve stress through hypnotherapy, I made an appointment . Stress was an issue I , also, had and I wanted to heal some pain in my body. Lori's intuitive and transformative sessions absolutely increased my well being And, she gave me guidance for continuing on my own including a tape of her soothing voice for my meditation and thus, healing process. More...


molly natsues

29 May 2018

Recently my oldest daughter saw Lori Solay for an appointment; experiencing deep anxiety, doubt, sense of purpose, etc. Not only did Lori help her diminish those feelings, but gave her some tools to consistently reduce them in her own time, thus giving the power back. I would recommend Lori for anyone experiencing the loss of purpose, feeling anxiety, loneliness, and needing a jump start in general. More...


Frank Silver

29 May 2018

Lorie's sense of her self and how to translate that to helping others is amazing. She has as keen approach to uncovering someones' real issues with the goal of getting them back on track easily and happily.


Benjamin Bloom

29 May 2018

Lori is a real gem. I have seen her twice so far and look forward to more. I consider what she does a great alternative or complement to traditional therapy. Solay Creative will help turn your mentality into your reality! More...


Annabel Castaldo

29 May 2018

Lori gave me powerful tools to change a negative pattern that had sabotaging my happiness for years. I am so grateful for her compassionate listening and ability to distill negative emotions into triggers that can be identified and re-routed. Thank you Lori!


Julie Gardner

29 May 2018

Need a mental reset? A restorative reboot? An adjustment to your mental process, or just a physic hug? An hour with Lori Solay will have you back on par. As Lori likes to remind us “Your mentality creates your reality.!” More...


Soniyah Singh

29 May 2018

Lorie Solay is beyond gifted. She is my money and business coach and has transformed my business, really transformed me. I am beyond grateful for her intuitive gifts and her brilliance. I send my clients and loved ones her way with wholehearted confidence. Her gifts are immeasurable. Thank you Lorie! More...


Janet Thomson

29 May 2018

I've been working with Lorie for a year now, and her ability to help transform my mindset on an almost primal level is utterly amazing. I have a grounding in neuroscience and western medicine, so it's important to me that she explains the research behind her hypnotherapy approach so I understand why it works. Together we have addressed deep and long-term issues including family dynamics, fertility, relationships, and the growth of my business. Any time I feel stuck, I rely on Lorie's help to change my approach. I can't thank her enough! If you need a mindset shift and can make it to Oakland to work with her, I'd recommend giving her a call! More...


Allen Romano

29 May 2018

This is a relaxation therapy I find utterly enchanting and effective. A discussion of personal issues in a supportive environment followed by an extremely relaxing hypnotic session. Wonderful.


C. Finnegan

29 May 2018

Lorie is a highly compassionate, experienced, and talented hypnotherapist. I saw Lorie to help me decrease stress and tension and man did she help. She put me in what felt like the deepest, most restful sleep I've ever had. The effects lasted for many days. I highly recommend Lorie to alleviate stress. More...

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