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Dean Sanders

26 July 2019

Terrific contractor of solar panels in the region of Los Angeles. Simply installed a fresh system and these people were in a flash on it! They've been excellent, quick and professional. Highly recommended! More...


Mark Taurus

23 July 2019

Crew of Solar Unlimited AMAZING!!! Thanks for coming to our solar repair in Los Angeles, CA


Jeremiah Weilert

29 May 2018

This company has been great to work with. Bob came out to the house and really took the time to make sure we understood the process. After calling 4 companies total we went with Solar Unlimited not only because of the price but because they weren't pushy and really took the time to with us. Solar is a big investment in the most expensive thing we have ever purchased (our home) and Solar Unlimited really made us feel comfortable with the whole process. Thanks guys! More...


Don Yuan

29 May 2018

I have had my power solar panels for just over a year now through Solar Unlimited. I previously had solar pool panels with the company to heat the pool for many years, so going with them was a no-brainer. Daniel from Solar Unlimited came out and sized my energy needs plus reconfigured my pool panels with more efficient panels. They installed in 2 days and were very courteous and clean.I have had now one full year of ZERO electric consumption recorded with the electric company (GWP), plus have produced excess energy that become credits to cover the rainy days to boot, and am only paying GWP the standard electric service fee of $11/ month. I can also monitor my energy production via a mobile app. Even received the 30% Federal Tax Credit, whoo hoo!What can you not be happy about?! Time to add a Tesla! More...

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