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Soda Stop specializes in Italian & handcrafted sodas, frozen fusion lemonades. We also offer a full menu that includes salads & wraps, custom deli, & panini grilled sandwiches, and we offer exclusive recipe cookies & brookies. A sandwich shop which offers a comfortable dining area and a drive through for convenience.

We offer full service catering and we can cater any occasion or event. Whether a box lunch, platters, or on site soda bar & mobile kitchen is preferred we can accommodate all requests.

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Soda Stop Inc Reviews

Soda Stop Inc Reviews

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Paul Dam
5 25/05/2018 Paul Dam

Nice clean place. Very friendly. The food came fast and hot. So tasty, and as healthy as you can get without it tasting like dirt. An amazing thing is it also a soda bar. That's right a bar with soda, like the pom-pom Sprite peach pomegranate and cream, plus beer and wine.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Heather Grano
4 14/05/2018 Heather Grano

Bit pricey but we did enjoy a couple cookies and delish sodas.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Salvador Gonzalez
5 13/05/2018 Salvador Gonzalez

Great variety! More than soda the sandwiches are carefully crafted and grilled to give you that feeling of mom's home cooking and every item on the menu is healthy with the exception to the carbs on the bread... Great food and drinks for lunch or after work for a quick beer and snack.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Carissa Holdaway
1 28/04/2018 Carissa Holdaway

$28 for two sandwiches, two drinks and a salad WITH a coupon.

Salad was not edible, half of it was brownish and gross. :(
And they forgot my chips!

I get it's just chips, but when you're paying $10 for a sandwich and chips,
You want the freaking chips. :(

The drinks are awesome,
I may be back for those occasionally to be honest.

But I'm never ordering their overpriced food again.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Abigail Cuff
3 19/04/2018 Abigail Cuff

Great food, questionable management. I went to this restaurant twice, and each visit left me with mixed emotions. The wrap I received tasted great, made by the hard working kids behind the counter. Though I felt uncomfortable as a man, I believe his name was Jeremy, was hasty and yelling at the workers. As a parent, this made me feel uncomfortable and unbelievably sad for the kids. I understand that management must be able to keep the pace going, but this was leaning a bit into unacceptable territory. If this manager’s actions aren’t caught and confronted soon, this could possibly turn into much worse situation for the kids working there.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by camala sowell
3 02/04/2018 camala sowell

Gave 3 stars because the flavored sodas were good. But the food was a disappointing. My daughter and I got bagels and cream cheese sandwiches and there was only a very thin spread of cream cheese(they did give us extra cream cheese when asked). The avocado did not taste fresh and the turkey simply didnt taste good as well as the bagels.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Kevin Hines
5 25/03/2018 Kevin Hines

I stopped in last night for the first time with my wife and daughter and was pleasantly surprised! We walked in 30 minutes before closing time and we were still treated very well by the staff. It was the most welcoming place we've been to in a while. It was very clean and the different flavor options for the soda are great! They have a pretty good selection of food (we haven't tried yet) and even have adult beverages! Since they are just down the street, we will be making this a stop every weekend for some family time.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Kayla Madrid
5 02/03/2018 Kayla Madrid

Tried it for the first time today, & it will now be our family go to for lunch. Delicious food. Loved the Witch Doctor that I got. Great atmosphere, & super friendly staff. Give it a try! You will not be disappointed!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by M Howell
5 02/03/2018 M Howell

Awesome customer service! Yesterday was my first time in and the guy working was incredibly friendly and helped me pick an awesome drink out. I will definitely be returning ????

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Lori Hagen
5 25/01/2018 Lori Hagen

This place is great! Very reasonable prices and delicious! We bring our church youth group here and the people are wonderful and fast!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Todd Hanson
5 24/01/2018 Todd Hanson

I wasn't sure what to expect... One of the best sandwichs I've had in a long time. Don't even get me started on the mixed sodas. Amazing.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Melinda Sant
5 17/01/2018 Melinda Sant

delicious sandwiches. fun variety of soda combinations. Fast friendly service to our birthday group.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Donnella Macias
5 03/01/2018 Donnella Macias

Our office ordered some food for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was on time, hot and crispy. I was worried with delivery that sandwiches would get soggy but that was not the case. The flavor combinations were delicious and everything was generously proportioned. I can't wait to eat there again!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Ryan Mooney
5 21/12/2017 Ryan Mooney

I ordered 3 sandwiches and a salad for the office. I was blown away by the originality and ingredients. Crispy and delicious. Ill be ordering again soon

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Brandon Shaun Buck
5 Brandon Shaun Buck

Love going there. A great place for my wife and I to walk to and hang out and talk. Really drinks excited to see them at the Boise state games.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Amber Thurston Irvine
2 Amber Thurston Irvine

I was disappointed that "puree" fruits are not fresh fruit, but rather an extra shot of flavoring. Sugar cookies are served chilled and very shortbread in taste and texture. I was underwhelmed.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Duston Wurtz
5 Duston Wurtz

Soda stop is a great place. Excellent customer service. Their sandwhiches are great and soda's are very tasty. Definitely recommend this place to everyone for lunch time.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by AnnaLisa Gardner
2 AnnaLisa Gardner

Went there for my usual dirty Dcoke only to find out the prices went up with new management. It is now over $3 for 32oz drink. Too expensive for a soda!! I'll hit fast eddys and get my refill with free limes and free flavors. Lost a customer!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Sadah Bentz-Epps
5 Sadah Bentz-Epps

My other half and I have been coming here for almost three months now loving everything we have tried. They have been very accommodating with food and drink requests due to likes, dislikes, dietary and allergies. We tell every to stop here if they can.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Heather Brooks Torres
4 Heather Brooks Torres

Love the witch doctor drink- yum! And the bookies are so good! And service was wonderful! Very fun!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Amanda Mosdell
5 Amanda Mosdell

Discovered this gem on Instagram and always looking for a great sandwich shop, so happy I stopped in today! Fantastic service, delicious sandwich and potato salad ! Will definitely be my daughters and I weekly lunch date place from now on !

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Ashley Brown
5 Ashley Brown

It was my first time coming today, and Soda Stop made a great first impression. My mom and I just got hot chocolate, but the customer service was SUPURB! The ladies who assisted us were so friendly and helpful, and they really made us feel welcome and taken care of. Will have to come back and try the cake pops!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Sara Hurlbutt Walsh
1 Sara Hurlbutt Walsh

We waited well over 15 minutes for only one other customer before us to be served in the drive thru. Eventually we reversed and went inside, expecting it to be amazingly busy, which would explain the huge wait, and saw three boys at one table-already finishing up. I'm still wondering what took so long....and then when we were checking out the poor girl at the cash register couldn't figure out how to ring us up and had to go get help. Even that took a few minutes! In total about 20 minutes for overpriced sodas and COLD cookies.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Jessica Bradley
5 Jessica Bradley

Great food! Great service, definitely try the strawberry drinks!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Rachael Burnham
5 Rachael Burnham

Went here for the first time today and was seriously impressed. The sandwiches were amazing and not to mention, the delicious thick pink sugar cookie! Our baby was being fussy so we went to eat in our car and one of the workers helped me carry our food and drinks out. A cute little place with stellar customer service. Will definitely be back!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Connie Peugh Garner
5 Connie Peugh Garner

Thanks to my sweet Daughter-in-law, I had a coupon for a free drink. Couldn't pass that up so I went over and was so happy to see they have a drive-thru! Right up front I was told they were having problems with their soda machine, but, if I didn't mind a little wait she was happy to take my order. Since I wasn't in a hurry I ordered an extra dirty diet coke. I waited all of maybe two minutes, enjoyed my visit with the sweet girl at the window and was headed home. The drink was very tasty and they have crushed ice! I'll definitely be back to try some of their other combinations and maybe a cookie or two!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Martha Tejeda Thompson
5 Martha Tejeda Thompson

We went to Slanted Rock Brewing company for a beer. Soda Stop had a mobile kitchen set up. We ordered two paninis with our beer. They were amazing. Perfect compliment to a cold beer. We will be going on a weekly basis for the great food and beer. I would like to know if there are other SS mobile kitchens at other breweries in town.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Kristi PlusAaron Young
1 Kristi PlusAaron Young

The soda was fantastic! The atmosphere was really cute. A lot of great potential!
My problem is that the general lack of knowledge and customer​ service combined with the food and price really ruined the experience.
The poor teens working didn't have the training needed to input my order which turned my spinach wrap French dip into a Mediterranean sandwich with no Aus ju. When I brought it up they shrugged awkwardly and gave me a free Aus ju but it just didn't go with the sandwich. The quality of the meat ratio to wrap wasn't impressive either. Awkward! -and I paid 12.95 for the experience. The 12.95 was in fact an over charge- again stemming from lack of training and menu knowledge. The meal should have actually been 10.99.
My sister reports that her ranch dressing on her salad was chunky and off putting. Again no explanation or offer to fix it from the staff.
Unfortunate experience overall for all the good things I had heard!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Alaina Terry
2 Alaina Terry

The sandwiches were good but the service was definitely lacking. We ordered three sandwiches and two were brought out and then we waited and waited for the other. Finally someone came out and said that they were working on making it and gave us some excuse about a volleyball team order. Finally the sandwich was brought out and this person gave us a completely different excuse for why our order was not completed all together. We won’t be back. We can find much better and cheaper sandwiches elsewhere.

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Virginia Cunningham
5 Virginia Cunningham

The Cicero Italian Beef sandwich and homemade potato salad were delicious! Very friendly service and warm atmosphere!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Ryan Archibald
4 Ryan Archibald

They just catered a lunch for my sales team. Luckily for me, they had a whole tray of leftover sandwiches and wraps. Jeremy Dowland from Soda Stop even offered to come and pick up the amazing tray the next day. Way more than soda at the Soda Stop on Overland neat Dickies BBQ. Thanks Jeremy!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Mallory Dearth
5 Mallory Dearth

I have been meaning to review but hadn't gotten a chancd until now. We took our daughter and 9 of her friends here for part of her birthday party. They each got a flavored milk and a cookie. The price was great and they were quick and very accommodating to our larger group!

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Leola Johnson
1 Leola Johnson

They canceled a paint night for kids within an hour of when the kids were just going to show up. They canceled via a text message to The host. SODA STOP did not confirm with host that it was cancelled. So there were 15 people that showed up half of which were kids and the host. Soda stop locked there doors and wouldn't come out to talk with us. Standing at the door.
No professionalism

Review of Soda Stop Inc by Bevs Gemp
1 Bevs Gemp

This is a joke place, people that work here was very unreasonable. We were supposed to do paintings with our kids here, and they cancelled it because they thought their were only 7 of us. Their were 15 of us. The kids were so excited for this night and it turn out to be nothing. I was bout to try their menu but not anymore.

Soda Stop Inc

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6026 Birch Ln, Nampa, ID 83687, USA

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Soda Stop Inc Q&A

Soda Stop Inc Q&A

What’s your signature dish?

Our Panini grilled sandwiches are customer favorites. The combination of high quality meats, cheese and bread, with our unique sauce blends create a perfect balance of flavor. The right Panini grill makes for a satisfyingly crispy finish to each sandwich. Generous portions make for a satisfying meal. Our mobile kitchen also allows us to cook our sandwiches on site at private and public events.

How do you go about creating the perfect menu for your clients?

We offer a private consultation for each client, gathering key information about the type of event, and the details that are important to the host. Tastings are a part of this consultation.

What do you love most about your job?

We have a passion for food and love sharing our recipes with people. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing from a satisfied and happy customer.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We have been business owners for almost 20 years, with Soda Stop being the first venture into the world of food service. After selling our wireless business and moving from Montana back home to Idaho, we were excited about the new restaurant possibilities we might enjoy. While there was lots to choose from, we were frequently disappointed with our dining experience. Soda Stop presented an opportunity to build a fast casual menu of high quality at a moderate price.

Why should our clients choose you?

The Soda Stop menu has high quality food that anyone would be proud to have their guests enjoy. Our sandwich menu is complemented by fresh salads and soups, and a delicious dessert offering in our original recipe cookies. The soda bar on site is a refreshing non-alcohol option to keep the mood festive without the risk of overconsumption.
Soda Stop is a big believer in supporting the community. As a major sponsor of the BSU Broncos, we are a part of the Bronco Nation since 2017, and a Boise Hawks sponsor since 2016. Our BSU sponsorship includes providing meals for student athletes that keeps sports programs affordable for many students. We've also supported local high schools like Rocky Mountain and Mountain View through sponsorship and other events, and local artists as well.

Services provided by Soda Stop Inc

Soda Stop Inc Services

Mobile Kitchen

A "mini restaurant" can be set up on the site of your choosing. We'll help you create a custom menu of made to order sandwiches for your guests. Choose from deli, wraps, Panini grilled, complemented by soup, potato salad or kettle chips, cookies, and our portable soda bar.

Boxed Lunch Service

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