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I offer freelance photography and videography services in the tri state area. I also offer photo editing services globally.


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There is no one secret to making (not taking) a great photograph. As a photographer, I have a checklist of a dozens of things before I click the shutter. The lighting, the framing, the distance my subject is from the background and the foreground, the posing of my subject (if I'm taking photos of people), the exposure, the depth of field, and a lot more. So if I had to break it down to one thing, it's really making sure that you go through your personal checklist before pressing the shutter.

Some example questions I would ask would be, what will this work be used for? Do you need to display this on a website, social media, or print? When do you need this completed?

I love everything about making a photograph. From choosing a location, a subject, the lighting scenario, composing, and editing. I enjoy working with people either collaborating on large projects or doing simple headshots for a portfolio or linkedin. Photography is a science that I use for my art.

I've worked in the non-profit sector for years as a staff accountant and I hated it. I took of photography as a creative outlet years ago and as I got better I started to take on clients. Before long I was relishing being able to go on shoots during the days but the full time job was prohibitive. I finally took the plunge once I realized that I needed to be happy with what I did for a living in order to do it for a long time.

You should choose me because I'm a passionate and driven photographer with my hand on the pulse of creating a modern image. I am punctual and efficient. I understand that your time is of value and I will value it. I also always aim to produce top quality images in even unideal situations.