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A Google User

29 May 2016

Lani is an amazing coach. I have worked with her for about a year now and it has been a fantastic experience. Most of the problems we have in the areas of dating and relationships (romantic or otherwise) have to do with bad habits that we form over long periods of time and that keep getting in our own way and keep us from having balanced and satisfying relationships. Finding out the root of those behaviors is an extremely vulnerable process that takes time and patience. And there is where she excels. Lani is great at listening intently without judgment which creates the right environment for deeply introspective, highly personal discovery. And she can connect pieces of the puzzle that come up in different conversations, sometimes weeks or months apart, and use that to create the overall picture of what needs to be corrected. And then she carefully guides you through the difficult process of un-learning those bad habits. Finally, and I can't emphasize this enough, Lani is a genuinely good person. She was always available to me when I needed her and took a personal interest in helping me for which I am truly grateful. More...


Gene X Hwang

30 May 2013

So I never thought I'd go to a relationship coach since I never really was in long term relationships. But, uh, that was kind of part of the reason why I did start meeting with Lani. I went to her for a slightly different reason than many people might, as I wasn't looking for a relationship necessarily, but rather wanted to explore what relationships meant to me and whether I was 'fit' for them. We explored a lot of areas and I especially liked the homework assignments that pushed me to learn more about myself. I now feel like I'm in a much more open and accepting place thanks to working with Lani! More...


A Google User

8 March 2011

Lani's coaching is infused with her own emotional intelligence, warmth
and intuition and I trust her completely.


A Google User

3 February 2011

Lani is a lovely individual--caring and completely authentic. She’s a remarkable relationship coach--extremely non-judgmental and accepting of each individual’s uniqueness, something, sadly, difficult to find, even in the S.F. Bay Area.

Lani brings her extensive wealth of experience to her coaching. Relationship coaching is a natural avenue for Lani to share her unique wisdom. I feel so blessed to have Lani in my life; we are so fortunate to receive her amazing gifts.

As a gynecologist, I have worked with many women who struggle with low self-esteem and wounding from past relationships. I wish that each one of them had the opportunity to work with Lani. She’s a gem. I give her my highest recommendation.


A Google User

5 January 2011

Lani is the real deal!

So, I actually coach people around relating to others and I go to Lani when I need coaching...(I love that I can write this). Not only is she a relationship and dating coach, she's a coach to the coaches. Which says a lot. And a natural. You'll see as soon as you meet her. you'll think, how did I get this lucky to find her...and it only gets better from there!

After meeting with her, my life, loves and relationships all make so much more sense and I feel at ease and so loved!

If you are looking for someone who is enthusisastic and feels like your own private cheerleader, you will call her now.

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