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Every business is different so we work to provide that special touch to help you stand out. We work together to service the needs of our clients in a timley manner.
Our services include Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Web Design, SEO, and SEM.


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22 August 2019

James is a very professional , prompt and knowledgeable.


lylah l.

26 July 2019

My name is Lylah. I own a farm in Arizona, but met Bethany when she called me to do an interview for an Orange County publishing company several years back. We connected instantly. It's true - if you love who you work with, it makes "work" so much more enjoyable. Recently, I enlisted in Bethany's help to generate ideas for my own skin care brand, and also help with a Pinterest strategy for both my farm and skin care businesses. I'm thankful for the expert tips and strategies she's given me to help generate more traffic to my website. Thank you so much for your help.  Lylah Lylah Ledner Bespoke SkincareThe Simple Farm More...


Shannon Murphy

20 June 2019

Community is THE most helpful community I've been a part of. The classes also contain a lot of helpful information and is NOT stuffed at all with unhelpful crap. They will create a 2 min video that tells you exactly what you need to know and move onto next topic as opposed to a half hour of filler. Also, they bring in specialists for certain topics, so that you're really hearing tips you don't see anywhere else. And one of the most helpful parts is the templates that are shared or just the a-z how to propopse, do, and report each thing. Plus Rachel who's really busy actually does try to make herself available and has personally responded to comments in groups as well as a PM. Literally the only class I've taken and went on to spend extra money with them. More...


Michael Peiniger

14 May 2019

Jenn Donovan has been a fantastic social media and marketing expert for me this year. My social media strategy was basic and sporadic to say the least - Jenn has helped me formulate a social media plan and execute consistently across a number of platforms with her knowledge and experience. I have relied on Jenn's easy to understand step-by-step online lessons for Facebook ad optimisation and preparation of Leadpages, as well as her expert knowledge face-to-face and on the phone / Skype. In addition, Jenn has been exactly the type of marketing & accountability coach I was looking for this year. The right blend of push, pull, encourage and challenge to get me moving in the right direction - particularly when it can be so easy to push marketing to the side when it is busy (and most needed). In a small business, it can be easy to let yourself 'off the hook' and push out deadlines - having Jenn in my corner meant that I did far less of that and had the best financial return in my business for the last 10 years. Jenn is fun, easy to work with, highly skilled and provides simple solutions for where you are right now - she is able to make a difference in your business no matter what stage you are at with your marketing - I couldn't recommend Jenn more highly for small business owners wanting to do more and get more out of their business. More...


Jo McKee

10 April 2019

These guys combine whip-smart marketing with a huge desire to bring goodness to every campaign they launch and every person they mentor.


Tammy Durden

25 March 2019

Highly recommend this community. They are so helpful with questions and guiding. They do not hold back but rather share with one another the wisdom of years of experience.


Jenny T.

19 March 2019

Love, love, love this woman!! I initially hired Bethany to help with my IG posts but she turned out to be a social media guru and a business coach!  She is very knowledgeable (and talented) about social media but how she stands out is that she is a pure joy to work with.  She's easy going, reliable, professional, creative and funny!  She watches out for your business' best (marketing) interest and keeps you updated with fresh ideas and suggestions.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. More...


Robert Sterbal

28 February 2019

They run the best social media manager's group on Facebook.


Kassandra Keeton

11 February 2019

They break it down. They provide everything they've done to be able to create their successful business. Learn from their knowledge & experience to either start your own business, or learn how to effectively manage your own social media.


Brett Dashwood

19 December 2018

Jenn, your Ultimate Marketing Plan Template and Social Media Content Creation Ideas are brilliant. I'm excited to see what 2019 can bring! #TrueLoyalty


Chris East

18 December 2018

You have been such a great help over the past 12 months. Jenn is practical, down to earth and always available and has a genuine care and interest in my success. Having Jenn on my side has had a dramatic impact on both my business and my thinking for which I am very grateful for. More...


Joy Crosby

19 November 2018

Simply put - they ROCK!


Lori Hyland

26 October 2018

1 Month down with JW Marketing and still very happy with everything!


Fullerton Club

26 October 2018

We have now been working with this company for over a month now and its safe to say we will continue to do so! We went with their A Class Marketing package + email and have loved the results and leads that have come in.


Amir Pozderac

18 October 2018

Love the strategy, experience and knowledge these guys bring to the table. It's a breath of fresh air to learn from someone who actually does this for a living, and shares their wisdom so unselfishly. Highly recommended!


Sharon Cho

27 September 2018

JW Social Media Marketing has helped me drive in more leads for over a year now!


Tawnye V.

20 September 2018

I worked with Bethany on a project for a big publishing company in Laguna Hills. She had so much enthusiasm and personality and it shows in her work! She did the strategy for their social media, and also helped with creative ideas to build their blog traffic and online presence. She always brought an amazing energy to the table, and her ideas translated into growth, and a real increase in numbers. Highly recommend if you need consulting to grow your business online! More...


Kim Gail

27 August 2018

Absolutely recommend Social Media Pro to both newbies and those already working in social media. You will either learn all you need to know to become a successful social media manager right out of the gate OR pick up some great tips and review some things you forgot which gives your business a kick in the cash Kate, Jesse and the entire team are professionals from beginning to end.


Jay Johnson

12 August 2018

The training catalog they offer is very extensive and up to date based on the ever changing social media landscape. SMP is a great platform for anyone trying to better their knowledge of social for themselves as well as their clients.


William Scullion

11 August 2018

From what i see and the strength of people here its a strong group.


Kelly Endres

2 July 2018

David is professional, fair and timely in all his dealings with our organization. He gives not only good service but more than was expected - which we appreciate! I'd recommend him to any business looking to improve their web presence. - Kelly Endres - CEO National Veteran Support More...


Theresa Schnipke

19 June 2018

Wonderful company with excellent customer service. Highly recommend.


Laura Hayford

23 May 2018

Always in-the-know and so helpful! You don't want to go it alone—not with experts like these to guide you!


Cheval John

4 May 2018

They are among the most professional company I have ever seen. They have a unique culture that allows everyone to shine and their conference is great too.


Brenna Narayan

20 April 2018

Such amazing photography & videography services!


Sarah Dorman

19 April 2018

I recently hired JW Social Media Marketing just to create a simple landing page to showcase my fitness Client’s testimonial’s and I couldn’t be happier! They really went above & beyond!


Lien FranklynWalt

5 April 2018

I just didn't have enough time during the busy Christmas & Tax season to take full advantage of the program. I had to cancel, expecting to go through a lot of time-consuming questions from Social Media Pro to try to get me to not cancel. I was wrong! The process was simple and seamless, and they were really responsive. I will reattempt to connect w/ Social Media Pro this summer, when life is much slower. More...


Marina V.

3 April 2018

Content Social Media Queen and her team, are positive, organized, and "think outside the box". If you're an entrepreneur and business owner like me, in today's world, you know what a challenge it is to keep up with social media marketing. It's critical in today's transparent digital world to saturate the social media marketplace the "right way", and enough in order to gain momentum to grow your business. I firmly believe that you hire the right people to do what they're amazing at. Bethany and her team are just that - AMAZING. I'm so excited to see where she takes my company. Thank you Content Social Media Queen for doing what you do best! #shereallyisthequeenofsocialmedia More...


Suren K.

23 March 2018

Blaire is a true professional. Every project that she worked on was completed above and beyond expectation. She helped our company grow into a top 5 agency in the state. We need more people like Blaire in this world. Thank you!! More...


Tim A.

18 March 2018

YES, I have done a review before. YES Social Media Toolworks is the very best at what they do! We are four years into working with David and I have to say the power of the work he does for my company is outstanding! Go ahead and google RX Fitness Equipment and see for yourself. Thank you David for the countless hours you have work for us, and the outstanding job! David and Social Media Toolworks have put us on the map in the new world called the internet, and for that I will be forever thankful! More...


Cody Barrington

7 March 2018

We had been working with a web designer prior to Hamilton Social Media, and they quoted us a price on some updates. It seemed high, so I ran the same updates past Phillip, and their price blew our prior web designer out of the water. Very professional, timely, solid people here at exceptional rates! Thanks for your help! More...


Huia Clifton-Pope

6 March 2018

Sean and his team are amazing...When I started with social media ninjas, I did not think I could fit this into my budget but I took a chance and I am so glad I did. They are amazing and have helped my business tremendously! Also, they are only a phone call away...Great investment. More...


Sheila J.

2 March 2018

If you're looking for someone who adds creativity and flair to all their projects, look no further. Bethany has a vision and knack for getting things done, better than one would anticipate. She's dedicated, hard working, casually attentive, and only gives her best performance when working with clients. Take a chance and see what she can make happen for you. More...


Renee Flask

2 March 2018

After purchasing the Social Media Manager Pro program nearly a year ago...and putting it to the side...I was ready to dig in and get back to work with it. Unfortunately, it didn't seem that my access was valid and I was worried that everything had gone down a black hole and I was out money due to my negligence of not completing the course timely. However, after reaching out via the SMP messenger service and providing a bit of information, my access was restored the very next morning! Super easy and efficient. I am grateful they resolved it quickly. #happycustomer More...


Terry Anderson

22 February 2018

Great service by their "Chat Now" agent. Didn't catch the name but very responsive!


Rebecca C.

23 January 2018

After weeks of searching for someone to develop content for my website, I found Bethany's business on yelp. I'm very cautious on who I work with because I look for someone that is trustworthy and reliable. I gave Bethany a call and we discussed a little bit about my business and what I was looking for. She said she would definitely be able to help me and from there we scheduled a consultation. I loved working with Bethany because she took the time to listen and understand what my needs were. She is truly passionate about helping others and offered me great advice on my business. Bethany was easy to talk to, honest, and transparent. I would definitely recommend her to others and I am excited to work with her on future projects. More...


Camille Macres

14 December 2017

We've been working with Curt and Co. a little over a month. They are sooooo smart in the way they think about building influence on FB using the latest tools. Unlike anything I've seen. Thanks, guys! More...


Lorna Griffin

5 December 2017

Brilliant, love his work. Thanks for all your help Patrick


Andrea Collins

5 December 2017

Well done Pat! Very detailed work great to see keep it up!


Isabel Moore

5 December 2017

An absolutely excellent service . Could not recommend this more . Very informative and helpful. Can see big things happening for this company. Nothing beats service with a smile! Will definitely be availing of this service again. More...


Ann del Llano

27 November 2017

Curt is the best, we are so lucky to have him here in Austin!


Kat T.

22 November 2017

Bethany helped manage the website content and online blogging for an interior design company in Anaheim Hills and did a great job! She has SEO knowledge and helped the company pages rank a lot higher on Google. Definitely recommend if youre looking for blogging or website copy. She offers some great packages. More...


Sherry Ward

17 November 2017

Social Media Ad Genius...is just that Genius! Super great guys that are VERY helpful and cutting edge in the industry! :)


Patrick B.

15 November 2017

I hired Bethany to help me to develop and manage a social media campaign for our business. Her approach is transparent and honest, she helped me clarify the best strategies to grow my business and she backed it up by running analytics to show me my Roi, she understands business and really makes me feel like she is invested in my business. She looks at every social media engagement from the viewpoint is this gonna make money, that's refreshing and that's the service I pay for! More...


Rubie M.

31 October 2017

Bethany's services are on of a kind. She is an expert and very talented individual in this field.


Eric David Duncanson

25 October 2017

I am very excited about information and insights provided on this page. Curt is truly a leader among leaders, and he and his associates are very passionate about helping others to succeed. His training has helped us to move our business in the right direction and has given us a foundation to achieve our objectives. I'm looking forward to leveraging the latest marketing strategies and tips by plugging in here every day. More...


Betsy Stevens

21 October 2017

Since watching Curt at a Live event been waiting for his comeback he is obviously a genius...Can't wait to see what he has to share.


Michael D.

11 September 2017

Say what! CSMQ does a fantastic job. They helped me to grow my YouTube channel to 230k in subs over five years and I'm making my money back off of Adsense alone now. It wasn't a sprint with me, it was a marathon. But, it was definitely worth it :) Thanks! More...


Jennifer Hutcherson

22 August 2017

Phillip updated our website way beyond what I thought it could be. He was very fast with his responses, and answered any question I had no matter the time! Thank you for doing and excellent job. Very simple and trendy! Love it and them! More...


Bob Fricke

17 August 2017

We couldn't be more pleased with our new website. The whole process of working with the staff was fantastic. The build was finished ahead of schedule and has received rave reviews since the launch. Thanks again to the NOW team on behalf of the Allen County Fair! More...


Alex Conley

14 June 2017

I'm so happy with the work that these guys did for us. I heard about them via word of mouth, and they surpassed all my expectations in designing and delivering a website that captured my vision. A really friendly team with great communication, advise, support, and knowledge. I highly recommend them to any person or business who's looking for a stunning website and great SEO. More...


Rachel R.

7 June 2017

I have worked with Bethany on mutual projects for clients and every single time we work together she exceeds expectation. Her creativity is limitless, her cheerfulness keeps everything fun, and her communication is on point. She will always make sure her clients are taken care of before she focuses on anything else. I highly recommend Content Social Media Queen to anybody looking to improve their social media and build their online presence. More...


Joshua Hayes

11 April 2017

Now Marketing helped me create an amazing piece of art that clearly expressed my ideas, services, and my vision. And the website generated income it's very first week! Four new clients in the first four days. Very professional, service and customer oriented. I would recommend anyone looking to do a professional looking website to consider Now Marketing first. More...


Nicole Renee Scott

11 April 2017

Currently, I am taking the Magnet Marketers online certification course and it is very valuable. Now Marketing helps keep me up to date on all of the changes in social media and brings new ideas to light. They are also very involved with the community and have a lot of valuable information and resources to offer. More...


Frank A.

24 March 2017

Bethany is awesome! I ran into her on Yelp while looking for a graphic designer for real estate. Her customer service is great and has really good ideas that fit in well to what I'm trying to do. I'm really looking forward to the social media campaigns, marketing and designs! Thanks again for all your help! Would highly recommend! More...


Sue B.

22 February 2017

We are thrilled with our new website!! David was a pleasure to work with and very quick to respond to questions and changes as we moved forward in both the creative and final process.


Sheila Frueh Custer

19 January 2017

NOW Marketing Group works very hard for their clients – looking for what the client’s wants and needs are helping them to exceed in their social media. NOW has many educational opportunities for everyone. By giving social media tips, webinars, Marketing Magnets even a Social Media Conference. The conference helps the attendees see how the use their social media will benefit their business. More...


Wynel Seldon

28 November 2016

HSM Firm provides the very best quality and customer service. They've given our company a completely new look online, that'll help us grow exponentially. On behalf of IAM, we would like to that HSM Firm so much for their dedicated service More...


Michael Crites

23 November 2016

We are Mr. Manhole a Delphos company dedicated to providing tools and supplies for manhole Rehabilitation. When we needed a company to manage our social. Media and marketing we chose Now marketing. They built a completely new website for our company and have been managing our social media. It's awesome to have a group that we can depend on to handle all our marketing needs, someone we can truly depend on. Our response has been great and our sales have increased drastically this year. We are very pleased and we highly recommend Now marketing. More...


Mary Woodhull Smicklas

21 November 2016

I would like to give a big thank you to Jessika Phillips at NOW Marketing Group for her willingness to educate the YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral specialists on the many advantages of marketing through social media. We are confidant that after applying the techniques we learned in her Marketing Matters training we will be able to extend our outreach to many more parents, children, and child care professionals across the state. We are eagerly anticipating utilizing the expertise of NOW Marketing Group in future projects! More...


Rachel B.

29 September 2016

Bethany was great, it was like she could read my mind. She was kind and very responsive and straight forward. I was able to get my logo within a week. Price was very affordable. I have already recommended her to all I know. Thank you again Bethany!!! More...


Bob K.

13 September 2016

Blaire is a tremendous asset to any small business. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, however she was able to bring my social media presence to a new level. She helps me reach new clients on a personal level, and also helps me build stronger relationships with my current clients. Thanks Blaire! More...


Jaquatta Klein

9 July 2016

Very impressed with their level of professionalism and wisdom. My consultation went way better than expected and I am looking forward to working with them in the future as well as networking with their clients in the allied health industry. I have a major load lifted off my shoulders as I now can move forward with some other business objectives knowing that my companies future in digital marketing and social media is in great hands! Thank you Victoria and Phillip for your work and investing in the success of RESET By Jem LLC. More...


Brandon Correia

5 July 2016

Hamilton Social Media Marketing and Design Firm is the only company I trust with my websites. I do SEO part time, and another job full time so I don't have time to design sites on my own. They've built two sites for me this month and both projects were done on time and properly. The pricing is great, the web design is top notch, and Phillip is professional and fun to work with. I I've also used them in the past for a back window decal and it came out Awesome. They even found a local installer for me. highly recommend Hamilton Social Media Marketing and Design firm. More...


Peggy Murdock

22 June 2016

I honestly can not say enough great things about Hamilton’s Social Media Marketing and Design Firm. Phillip Hamilton did a phenomenal job revamping my website. He made the changes I asked almost instantly and developed a site that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. He was very quick to respond to my emails, questions and ideas. He took the time to understand my business and how to best deliver my services through the website. It was a process and experience made simple and pleasurable. I couldn’t be happier. I have no hesitation in recommending Hamilton’s Social Media Marketing and Design Firm. If you’re looking for a job well done, talk to Phillip! More...


Bryant Girardot

8 June 2016

What I enjoyed most about Hamilton Social Media is that they listened to my needs and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Their attention to detail is impeccable and their services come at a very modest price. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a design tweak or overhaul . More...


Kevin Jellerson

7 June 2016

VERY pleased with Phillip and his company. Knowledgeable, fair pricing, fast turnaround and easy to reach. AAA++++


Evan R.

17 May 2016

Vision | Strategy | Execution . Bethany has proven time and time again with every campaign she has provided, to be one of the best among the sea of "Social Media Masters". I am the technical arts director for Generations Church in Los Alamitos. The staff and I could not have been more pleased with her service. Her ambition teamed with her creativity has provided us with a multitude of solid and engaging strategies to truly represent everything we've dreamed of and beyond. Her process was very organic and so accommodating to the vision we were trying to convey to our followers and congregation. She has an amazing personality and work ethic that makes one of the most stressful aspects or marketing a breeze. Bethany knows the social media world inside and out and knows how to manipulate all of its terrifying obstacles into being the most powerful tools. We will continue working with her for the foreseeable future. More...


David Pinkerton

3 May 2016

Now Marketing is very professional informative group of individuals I've ever worked with. I would refer all my Web development and social media needs.


Luis M.

29 April 2016

Bethany, Is a marketing, editing, writing and social media superstar! She knows her stuff and takes the time to work with clients individually and gets to know their business to market it effectively. She and I worked together at Stampington & Company and collaborated on some of their most successful online marketing campaigns and content. We were able to achieve our high outcomes through strategic planning and research. Currently working with Content Social Media Queen on other aspects of business and she is a great source for digital marketing. If you have a company, especially one in real estate, Bethany is your go to gal, since she has been in the real estate marketing business for 7 years. Highly Recommend! More...


Marcia H.

15 April 2016

David Perkins is a true professional and showed me what needed to be done to best reach the people I'm trying to help. He's smart, dependable, and a pleasure to work with.  He comes up with the long-term plan and gives more than 100% to get the job done.  Couldn't have done it without him!   David not only helped my presence on the internet, but taught me what to do so I didn't need to pay him to do what was needed.  I can recommend David without any reservations to everyone who wants their business to grow. You won't be sorry if you use Social Media Toolworks.  You will only be sorry, if you don't! More...


Tim Adams

11 April 2016

Social Media Toolworks, has change the way we do business. They have taken us to the next level in the Fitness industry. David gives everyone the best customer service including answering his phone on a Sunday afternoon, when this (me) old guy can not figure out something. If you our looking to grow your online present, look know further. Thank you for all you do at Social Media! RX Fitness is proud to work with such a wonderful company. More...


Kendra Ludington

9 March 2016

NOW Marketing has really taken our business to the next level, especially with Social Media. When trying to navigate your way through everything involved in business (small or large) it is nice to know your marketing is being handled professionally, proactively, and with no hand holding needed. Jessica, Terence, and the rest of team are top notch and treat your business as if it were their own! More...


David S.

2 March 2016

Bethany is simply terrific. My business, lovetress.com, which is online only, needed to really understand the dynamics of the strategies in engaging potential customers in the leading social media forums. Bethany sat down with me, and got right down to business. She educated me exactly about the things I was looking to learn. She is professional, and super pleasant as well. A real joy to work with, and when I need more knowledge in this field, I will definitely be working with her again! More...


Carolyn G.

15 December 2015

Bethany does great work! I really like that she offers to meet one on one in person (if you live locally in Orange County.) You can tell when working with her that she really has a passion for what she does and she brings that into each project she takes on. Her style of writing is creative and unique. And I also like that her pricing structure is flexible. With big SEO and marketing agencies, you can end up forking over thousands of dollars and wonder what exactly they're doing for you - you're just another little fish in their huge pond. But with Bethany she provides attention to detail - and she's available when you have any questions. Definitely recommend her services. Thanks Bethany! More...


Ted A.

11 November 2015

David is incredible.  Everyone that works with him gets a huge return on investment.  Hands down the best investment we have made in our business and it will be for you too.


Manda Moberly

7 November 2015

They are an amazing group of people who are experts in what they do. Also they are a knowledgable group of people who are constantly learning new things to help you market your business to the fullest extent. Highly recommend them if you are looking for help on how to market your business through social media, website design, engagement, content writing and much more! More...


Sara K. Cardone

6 November 2015

As a Professional Network Marketer I needed help with branding myself and my passions properly through social platforms and I found Jessika at NOW Marketing to be so helpful in her direction and insight on the way for me to go. She really sets you in the right direction for a successful business and it worked for me! Thank you Jessika! I'm forever grateful for all you did to help me. :) More...


Ed A.

3 November 2015

I had gotten to a place in my business doorsbyinvision.com where I knew I had to up grade and update my home made website. I hired somebody who worked a couple of days and then disappeared on me and left me hanging. I happened to run into Bethany at Starbucks and learned what she did. We started talking about my situation and I hired her on the spot to do some touch up with my business.I'm so glad I did because that very day she jumped in with both feet and what a pleasure it's been to work with her. She's an absolute whiz at content and SEO. I found her to be a good listener and it was not difficult to explain to her what my goals were. If you hire her you won't be disappointed I promise. More...


Chase Vance

24 June 2015

Hands Down the best Social/Online Marketing resource and tool for your club, organization or business. They can even help you advertise virtually, attracting those online consumers. Great Group. Teamwork at its finest! If you need help with your social media platforms or website, CONTACT them asap! More...


Branko Romano

12 January 2015

Excellent company. They know search engine optimization and can help any online presence increase their visibility... And who doesnt wan't that?


Huia C.

31 March 2014

In February of 2013, my business of 23 years, Kiwi Preschool,  was not performing well on the internet, we would show up on page four of google.   Our website was outdated.  Business was down.  I sought out my neighboring business owner of Phas 3 martial arts as their visibility on the internet was very strong.  Ben informed me that he had hired Social Media Ninjas and they were the reason for this.  I met with Sean Daily, the owner of Social Media Ninjas and it was clear to me that I needed his expertise to help my business but whoa, could I afford the cost which was not on the low end.   I decided to take the conservative road and NOT make the investment.   In November, I called Sean back and confessed I had made a mistake.   I signed up with Social Media Ninjas and OMG our visibility on google has gone from page four or five to page ONE!   Not once but twice!   Our new website is fabulous...check it out...kiwipreschool.com and our presence on Facebook is exciting and informative for parents.  After having a very bad experience with Yelp SMN's brought us from two stars back to four stars!  I am so grateful for Sean's knowledge, compassion and patience during this process.   My questions are always validated and I feel I have a friend working with me to make my business better.  I have paid AT&T AD Solutions, Yelp & 89 Prime to improve my on line business and never had any of the results I have had with Social Media Ninjas. The phone is ringing again on a daily basis.   I gladly pay my monthly retainer and will continue to recommend their services. More...


Charles L.

14 November 2013

Social Media Ninjas, and Sean Daily, the owner, are on the cutting edge of web design and SEO. I thought I knew something about both, until I met Sean. The services provided are not cheap, but they are very good indeed. Sean is very bright, and is a very human person... he uses his education and skills to help his clients succeed, and he's helped me to understand how I can get a lot of bang for a relatively small amount of time and cost. More...


Ken G.

4 February 2013

It is not often that I feel compelled to write a review for a business, but I am so pleased with Sean Daily and Social Media Ninjas that I must say something. I hired Sean back in December to help my jewelry store's online presence and ultimately to bring more business to my store, Design Jewelers. I am solicited 2-3 times a week by either a company or an individual for search engine/social media optimization, so I have heard many presentations and they all failed to convince me of their worth. Fifteen minutes into Sean's presentation (which lasted for well over an hour) I was sold. His experience and expertise in this field is second to none. He wasn't "pushy" and he didn't work a hard sell on me, he just presented facts and info which allowed me to draw my own conclusions. We are now just over one month into Sean's program. He did a complete overhaul of my website and it is spectacular, see for yourself  hiltongray.com. He increased our Facebook page from a handful of likes to well over 3,000 likes. Amazing! Google search results have us consistently on the first page and always at or near the top.  Most businesses are online these days, but if no one knows about you how are they going to find you in the vast sea of Google search results. This is why you need Sean and his expertise. More...


Clayton M.

3 August 2012

I must say Sean knows his stuff.  We have used Social Media Ninjas for our SEO and Social media campaigns and can only say I have the upmost respect for their knowledge.  Our outreach and conversions have gone thru the roof resulting in increasing our business beyond what I would have imagined could be done.I will continue to use Sean and feel it is my personal responsibility to tell every business owner I know about his services, to help their business in these tough economic times.I noticed there is a negative review about Social Media Ninjas and can only think it is based on a misunderstanding or defamation.  His work is the best I've ever seen.  ROI on their services for us have been outstanding.  All I can say is I'm sorry they did not use his service to see how it could have helped their business. More...

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Simplicity and professionalism. If the business website is overly filled with content, it becomes overwhelming for potential customers to even want to pursue the business. Less is more. However, the content must be relevant to the business and professionally displayed.

I would ask, what is your business? What products/services do you provide?
What is your brand's objective? Describe your target audience.
Do you have a business profile on social media accounts? If so, which accounts?
What's the biggest barrier to your success on social media? What have you tried so far?
Do you have any resources for content creation?

I love helping others figure out the best marketing route for their business and bringing them results.

I recognized that in today's business world, there are so many businesses that need help with their marketing and connecting with prospects and customers. I then decided that a plan of action must be put in place to solve this problem by offering social media marketing services.

When it comes to my clients, I diligently strive to execute a solution to their challenges.