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SoBa Pilates & Fitness is a newly built high tech studio set in the semi rural grounds at South Barn, less than 5 minutes from Kings Langley High Street.

Facilities include private parking, shower facilities, pre/post workout indoor/outdoor chill out zones to enjoy a refreshment and relax with a friend after training.


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Jenna Hope

30 July 2019

Soba is one of the best fitness classes around. Sam is an amazing instructor and she's great at making sure each move is an appropriate level for everyone in the class. She's really attentive and is able to progress or regress each move according to every person in the class. The pilates beds are great quality, the studio is beautiful, clean and fully kitted out. I've been going consistently and have noticed huge differences in how I feel, look and my performance in class. Absolutely great value for money and I really recommend it! More...


Kelly Morgan

11 July 2019

Sam is an amazing instructor! She pushes me to be better every class, and tailors exercises to my ability to get the best out of me. I’ve seen total body transformation - I feel stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. Consistency is key - stick with it and you’ll see amazing results! More...



18 June 2019

Yell is not a good platform review, anybody, anywhere can write whatever they like! I've seen and know of people who have had major problems with this place...


Jennifer McKinlay

11 February 2019

Sam is a great motivator and the beds are superb at really finessing your workout. You will know about it and notice results quickly. Plus she has a lounge and gym that is available to use with the usual equipment you would expect. More...



11 February 2019

I have been using SoBa pilates now for several weeks having been recommended them by a friend who has also become a regular user. I am a keen runner and cyclist, and have been looking for an alternative form of exercise to strengthen my muscles, core and improve overall flexibility since I have been prone to injury over recent years. Since I started attending SoBa classes, I have not only avoided injury problems but have felt stronger, more supple, and much improved posture wise which has subsequently helped with my form when running.The facilities at SoBa are super modern, with state of the art machines, in a unique location which really makes you feel like you are at a plush private gym ! Instruction in the classes is absolutely top notch, and it's quite evident they are very highly skilled in what they do.I have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant place. Give it a try ! More...


Laura Paige Serlin

10 January 2019

I attended a Reformer Pilates class last night and it was beyond my expectations. The instructor Sam, had the ability to teach all the women in the class at the same time...who were all on varying levels!! A wonderful session from which my body is feeling the benefits today!! More...


Sara Nathan

9 January 2019

Absolutely amazing class, lovely studio and great teacher - cannot recommend enough!



9 January 2019

Great Reformer classes on the Powerformer, in a clean and brand new studio! Been looking for something like this in the area for a while now. Highly recommend!


Sara Cane

6 January 2019

Amazing instructor and fab classes. Highly recommend


Julie Wilson

13 December 2018

Fantastic facilities, with a great trainer, called Sam. Really enjoyed my class will definitely be attending again.


Tom Wingate

12 December 2018

Awesome class this morning, a mixture of kettlebells and core on Sam’s unique power-former bed. Great all round workout


Rim Almosawi Samari

12 December 2018

Great facilities and excellent work out. Highly recommend it



We offer a range of small group Pilates classes based around SoBa's designed ‘Powerformer’ Pilates reformer machine. Our reformer classes are designed for everyone at all levels, based in our newly built high-tech studio.

Our signature workout! Combining strength and conditioning with highly beneficial mind & body principles of pilates. The gap is bridged between athletic conditioning and healthy core centred movement. Creating a balance in full body postural strength, alignment, tone and mobility. Low impact in nature, it's a highly empowering, uplifting and rewarding experience for the beginner, the pro and all of us in-between.

Dynamic Pilates with cross over fitness for an intense workout. A real pilates bootcamp incorporating elements from HIIT, Plyometrics, Weightlifting and Powerlifting. The answer to cardiovascular fitness and total body strength & conditioning. Be in the best shape you've ever been!

Added kettlebell intervals bring a more athletic, energising and dynamic boost to the signature class (Dynamic Pilates) on the 'Powerformer'. Improving overall strength, joint health and cardiovascular fitness. Be the strongest and fittest you've ever been!

Our signature Dynamic Pilates class using our 'Powerformer' with intervals of high impact body weight exercises to increase the heart rate and post calorie burn. Training your muscles to be more explosive, useful for improving speed, agility and power. You must like star jumps and burpees to feel the love for this class! Be the fittest you've ever been!

Most people may think Pilates is just for women...? Think again! Pilates was created by a man for men and women alike. Dynamic Pilates is an effective form of exercise because it develops core strength and improves posture and alignment. That's something men can benefit from just as much as women. What's the point of being fit and strong but weak through the centre. That in itself can lead to lower back pain... Hence why we have included a mens only class to introduce our signature pilates moves on the 'Powerformer' especially for the male masculinity. More classes to follow if demand is high.