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Scott Nibauer has been a visual artist since his mother worked at a TV station, back in the 60's. As a 5 year old going to work with her, Scott fell in love with the cameras! His mother says, "He never wanted to be on any of the kids’ shows, which were many.


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Deb Shane

29 July 2019

It was my pleasure to work with Scott on a recent video shoot for my company. His ideas, creativity, and professionalism sets him apart from other videographers I have used in the past. There is no one that could have pulled off the corporate video I requested but Scott. I have (and will) recommend him to others looking for his amazing expertise. More...

Thank you Deb! I always enjoy working with you! Your collaboration on a set is awesome!


Bill Schmitt

26 July 2019

I and others at our large health care system have worked with Scott for many years. He is a top-notch photographer, delivering the highest quality photos and video for our high-end print, digital and video platforms. His work for us has ranged from simple grip and grin to highly technical medical and scientific photos and videos. He delivers his product on-time and on budget. Having worked in previous jobs in NYC and LA, I can say there is no one I would recommend above Scott! More...

Bill, Thank you for the kind words! It's been my pleasure working with you and your team for so many years!


Dave Holak

26 July 2019

I’ve worked with Scott Nibauer as my go-to photographer since 2004. Scott brings so much more than technical capabilities to every project. He brings creative vision, unique perspective and an unparalleled personal touch that takes every shoot to the next level and those qualities extend to the final results. Scott isn't afraid to try something and he always collaborates to help make every project exceed expectations. In my 25+ years in the Advertising & Design industry I’ve never worked with another professional who has consistently taken every project to the next level the way Scott has done time and time again. More...

Thank you Dave, it's always a pleasure working with you!


Taking a great picture is about the relationship you create with your subject. It's also about knowing how to see light and use it in a fun, dramatic way.

I always want to know what my clients vision is. What they want out of the images I create for them. I work with them but absolutely bring my lifetime of experience to the table!

My job has let me meet some of the most interesting people. Its also opened doors for me to see the "behind-the-scenes" of the inner workings of many careers from surgery to air travel, manufacturing to movies.

Being a photographer opens so many locked doors. It's an exciting life to be working on different creative projects constantly.

I listen to what you want and discuss it with you. And add my own unique vision to every project I work on. I'm easy to work with, professional and have a great time doing what I do!