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Fine Art Photography specialising in the most tricky environment known to man... underwater!

Taking photographs is what I do, 'different genres interest me' and I am not put off by any task at hand!

If you are looking for something 'a little different' yet contemporary - then why not get in touch to see what can be done for you?



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Composition, subject matter, knowing which lens for what purpose, working on angles and often spontaneity !

What are the requirements? What is the objective? What is the scope of the project? What are the timelines? What are the deliverables?

The variety and scope of what I do and the opportunity to raise awareness through photography.

Environmental conservation, marine protection and awareness - to work my own directive and create sustainable wealth for myself and others given time.

It is at their discretion - the saying 'the proof is in the pudding' is a good one... Clients should choose me - if they are looking for a unique characteristic and distinct photographer style...