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Lorraine Royal

21 June 2019

Best coach ever. No guilt trips just lots of encouragement and advice.


Natalie Brannigan

5 January 2019

Last year I was trying to loose my baby weight but just not had the motivation to be committed to it!! In the summer my husband paid for Alan to be my personal trainer Random present and I’m sure many would have preferred a holiday I stuck to the nutrition plan and completed the training each week. It’s was tough sticking to the meal plans and training 4times a week but it’s been worth it! You work hard each week knowing you can have a treat at the weekend! After completing the 12weeks I was 1stone lighter and lost 4.5inches from my waist and 2inches off my thighs! And dropped 8% body fat!! Although I wanted to loose more weight my body shape has changed and I’m much stronger It just goes to show when you are accountable to someone how much you push yourself! I 100% recommend Alan to kick start your fitness for 2019. More...


Emma Eaton

16 September 2018

Most dedicated person I’ve ever met. Incredibly patient and never to busy to answer questions! Definitely knows his stuff. Couldn’t recommend enough.

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