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I help people and organizations develop their potential. My approach combines business, design thinking, and innovation to create powerful tools for success. Located in sunny Los Angeles, I work with clients around the world and offer in person and virtual consulting services.


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Wendy Woodhall

6 December 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Sean at SMC Coaching recently and it was truly an invaluable experience. He asked me great questions which helped me analyze my situation in a completely different way than I had been doing previously. This helped me think outside the box and find places where I was stuck and he helped me break free. Sean is very straight forward, insightful, supportive and does not waste time or beat around the bush. He assisted in helping me discover opportunities that are more aligned with my values. I'm looking forward to working on the plan that we created and will not hesitate to reach out to Sean again if I need additional support and direction. More...


Lucy Yeh

6 December 2018

As a Career/Life Coach myself, I am very selective about the professionals I refer others to, and equally selective with the professionals I choose for my own support.I met Sean in 2016, and we realized we practiced in very different ways, which has proved to be complementary over the years. We have worked side by side with corporate & individual clients, referred clients to each other, and swapped tune-ups. I have seen him generously give of his time and caring in support of others’ success, time & time again.Sean has proved that he checks all the boxes for experience, professionalism and wisdom, as well as warmth and honesty. I know this from both personal experience, and feedback from people I have referred to him.It is because of this that I confidently refer him international clients of all levels and industries, C-suite executives, engineers, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs - and I highly recommend him here. More...



6 December 2018

I’m writing this review from a unique position. Sean has been my colleague and friend over the years. I have been impressed with his innovative thinking and caring personality stemming from his clinical roots. Eventually when I became one of his coaching clients, I was happy to find out Sean isn’t your run off the mill coach who helps you re-write your resume and come up with a strategy to apply for a new job. Sean wants his clients to connect with their deeper selves and helps them find meaningful, impactful and energizing work that is aligned with their values and fully leverages their skills. This is no easy task. However, Sean’s methodical approach, his strength in asking the right questions and follow ups in between sessions forced me to think deeply about what mattered to me the most. After that it was a matter of coming up with an action plan so that I can continually work toward my goals. Sean’s help and insights opened a new line of thinking in my mind and put me on a track to achieve my personal goals. I highly recommend Sean’s services. More...


Ha N.

15 September 2018

The career coaching service from SMC is very helpful and brings me great result. I left my job back in March 2018, spent a total of 4 months sending resume and got nothing in response. I was so disappointed about myself and started to search for a career coach. Sean reached out to me through LinkedIn and offered a 30-minute free consulting. He helped me to re-evaluate myself in terms of strengths, weaknesses, threads and opportunities. This analysis and two sessions with Sean make me realize I have strength as being bilingual that has not been utilized. I always think English is my second language so I can never communicate as fluent as a native speaker. This fear becomes a roadblock and reduces my confidence. Sean turned it up side down and advised me to look at it as an asset. Together we created a job search strategy using my bilingual skill as an valuable asset. I landed a job offer and another interview as I am typing this review for SMC Coaching. I highly recommend Sean Carney as a career coach. Thank you Sean for the time you generously gave me every session (I know sometimes it goes over an hour I pay you). I definitely will keep you posted on my career path. More...


Talia Namini

2 January 2018

Sean is the best business consultant/life coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is not selfish with his time and money; he makes sure that he squeezes everything that he possibly can in one session, while being efficient about it. On top of that, he genuinely cares about your business and wants you to succeed! This is so obvious in the way Sean conducts himself- his expressions, his questions, his enthusiasm, and genuine support!

This guy is hands down awesome- I highly recommend him!


Talia N.

2 January 2018

Sean is the best business consultant I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is not selfish with his time and money; he makes sure that he squeezes everything that he possibly can in one session, while being efficient about it. On top of that, he genuinely cares about your business and wants you to succeed! This is so obvious in the way Sean conducts himself- his expressions, his questions, his enthusiasm, and genuine support! This guy is hands down awesome- I highly recommend him! More...


Brad W.

12 December 2017

After only two sessions with Sean, I have to say he has been an amazing career coach for me.  I had recently left a job which I was at for 12 years and for the past 6 months was having all sorts of issues trying to figure what's next.  Trying to figure this out on my own was becoming extremely stressful and was also starting to put strains on my relationship.  Talking with Sean and doing the exercises that he provides to help you get in touch with yourself really helped me put things into perspective.  While I'm by no means out of the woods yet because I still have to produce for myself, I have a clear and solid direction, know which of things I was doing that were distractions, and now have a laid out a new plan with goals to go into 2018 with.  I'm now mentally in a much better place and confidently look forward to executing this plan.  Sean is definitely someone I will stay in touch with and know I can always turn to for help/advice.  I highly recommend Sean if you're having the same career/life challenges I was having.  As much as friends and family can offer advice and support, help for a outside third person can be much better, they don't hold back on some of the things you might not want to hear but need to hear.  Thank you again Sean and I look forward to reporting back to you to let you know how things are going. More...


Michelle R.

22 October 2017

I just completed my 6th session with Sean and am not exaggerating when I say, this work has already changed my life.  I've been stagnant with my professional life, frustrated, under employed, not making a good living I'm used to for some time, though I enjoy many aspects of what I do as a marketing professional.  Sean's approach is detailed, thoughtful and methodical, which is the perfect complement for my tendency to go off in a million directions. He is generous with his time.  He really helped me focus and stay on track,  which was no small task.  I came to Sean primarily to be able to accurately define my ideal job and pursue it, and we genuinely tried to do that.  But in the end he helped me feel confident enough to switch my mindset to a more entrepreneurial approach to work which is a MUCH better fit for who I am.  I'm a writer, connector and communicator.  I'm a creative person and free spirit who need flexibility and freedom to thrive. He helped me understand that and even more so, that I can make a living on my terms.  I still have work to do, but am well on my way and opportunities are showing up now that I'm not trying to force myself into a traditional 9-5 type mold.  I wish I'd found Sean about a decade ago, but am so glad to be finally on my correct path.  Life is too short to put stuck in the wrong work, company or field.  Thank you Sean!PS - I also appreciated the fact that he did not push me into or require pre-payment for a block of sessions as some require. More...


Marcella B.

11 August 2017

I met Sean in 2009 - he was setting up a huge call center for a client in the Philippines, and he hired me as his assistant.  I learned a lot during the years that I worked for him, but what I remember the most was that he always took the time to mentor and motivate me.  Even when we were in different time zones, and only able to talk on the phone, or email.After a few years, I found a better job opportunity, so I gave him notice.  Sean was truly happy for me, knowing that I had bigger goals in mind.  We stayed in touch, and when my new job posed challenges, I sought him out for success coaching.  I have worked with him since, and his ongoing support has made all the difference in my career.Sean helps me consider all facets of each situation, and with my goals in mind, guides me to make strategic decisions.  This has been especially helpful as I've taken on more and more responsibility.  Innovation is a major focus of Sean's, so his viewpoints during our sessions have influenced my own thinking too, and that has resulted in growing recognition for my contributions at work.I highly recommend Sean Carney for your success coaching needs! More...

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I love helping people reach their potential, in whatever form that takes-personal, business, career, etc.

I was inspired to start my own business so I could have the greatest impact on people and see the results.

As the founder and principal consultant at Loocidity, I guide individuals and companies toward actions that inspire success, innovation, and deep change.

Working as a Physician’s Assistant (PA) in emergency rooms during my early career years sparked an ongoing curiosity about what healthcare could learn from other industries.

Subsequent roles in technology, design thinking, and innovation management gave me opportunities to innovate and explore, while collaborating with corporations’ leadership teams and their employees in the US, Asia, and EU.

Through the years, I have developed a thorough understanding of many cultures, diverse populations and styles of thinking, as well as multi-faceted experience in technology, healthcare, and executive leadership.

The body of my expertise lies in business techniques, creativity, innovation methods, design thinking, leadership and creative business solutions.

I currently work with solo and corporate entrepreneurs and professionals of all levels, coaching and speaking on topics of innovation, leadership and design thinking, to address change management, implementation and training.

I have an innovator’s heart and an entrepreneurial mindset; I believe that the infinite pursuit of the idea is our greatest commonality. I am driven by what’s possible, and passionate about working with individuals and organizations who feel the same way.

When I am not helping people or organizations reinvent their futures, I live to be in the outdoors; especially back in Vermont, where everything tastes like maple and I can think-walk through wide expanses of autumn-colored foliage.