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Boiler installation - Gas / Oil / Coal / LPG
Full central heating system installation
Underfloor heating installation
* Fully gas safe approved and regulated

Solar PV installation and Maintenance
Solar Thermal installation and Maintenance


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6 February 2019

I've had a 4kw system with battery fitted in our home. Brilliant service. Tidy, efficient and fitted in a day.



4 February 2019

Lovely guys to deal with. Very helpful and respectful. Everything working as should be.


Mrs H.

15 November 2018

Smart performance provided me with first class service. I had a problem with my oil boiler and decided to go with an air source heating system which would work well with my solar panels. Of the 3 quotes I received sp was definitely outstanding in its attention to detail and they answered all my questions. Installation took 2.5 days and I am delighted with the results. More...


Claire Johnson

Excellent people and service.


Syed Raza

Friendly and fast turn around. Very Happy with the look of the panel solar system and the professional installation.


Akram Ouertatani

my solar system has stopped over 2 months ago despite the phone calls almost daily since january .now i have to do my next step is to take them to court and let the judge decides about this smart performance company . also the return they have promised me is a lot lower . the bottom line they took the money now they don't care More...


Jenny Jones

Wow! How good can a product be like Smart Homes. I had put in integration of security, audio visual, lighting and heating. I have control now to do some pretty amazing things. Sensors in my home can control the heat, security can send automatic CCTV to me wherever I am and even allow remote controlled access to my home and business premises. Great piece of mind. More...


Georgia Exley

My boiler broke down due to recent cold snap, so had to get one in as soon as possible. Had British Gas and Helplink in but quoted way above what I wanted to pay. Smart Performance fitted me latest compact boiler with better warranty for a lot less money. Thank you. More...


MD Riaz

Smart Performance’s consultation was superb in my opinion. I am greatly impressed by their knowledge and the way the energy consultant answered all of the questions. It was free and it allowed me to assess the feasibility of my property for Air Source heating with no pressure. I was provided with a detailed quotation. The office team was fully supportive and communication was great. I was informed that installation would take 2 – 3 days. In the end in took 2.5 days. A large amount of that time was spent upgrading my existing system which I feel
good about. All installed, working and happy.


Amber Potts

I did a lot of research on solar companies and was pleased to see what I found from some of my research. Smart Performance are A rated, have an electrical license and are registered with the MCS and RECC. The equipment is top of the line and they are guaranteeing my complete solar system including the invertor and MY roof (to not leak where they installed or altered) for 25 years. I was a little skeptical at the start, but the salesperson who helped me was very honest,took his time and didn't pressure me at all. After the sales process, there was a site analysis where someone comes out and surveyed my house. I was particular about locations for equipment and they wrote them all down. He gave all the information to the design/engineering team.After all was approved it was time for installation. This was scheduled
with myself and everything went better then I expected. The install was super clean.I am now saving a lot on my home’s Hot Water costs. Many thanks to Smart Performance for providing a highly efficient Solar Thermal hot water system. It has the latest low profile high efficiency system. My family has access to immediate hot water for catering the cold winters. I definitely
recommend it to all families out there.


Diane Rawlings

This company has not lived up to its guarantees. The after sales service has been abysmal. We have had not government refunds or monies. The system installed produces less than half of what was promised. The directors ignore our calls, apparently they are in meetings. We have called at least twice a week, at various times every week since mid December. As you can imagine, repeated efforts to get reassurance that the system is working properly or to get our money back has not been acknowledge let alone responded to. More...


Adam Parke

I have no words to thank Smart Performance team. The Air Source Heat Pump has reduced my
energy bill by 60%. When I added this the government incentive, it has a lot benefit for me. The
good part is I had a really good install team who worked carefully in my bungalow as my wife
says I have a cleanliness OCD, so I was very happy about that. The air source heat pump is out
side my bungalow and doesn’t take up much room. The engineer who first came wwas a nice
chap who worked with me on location of the air pump. The survey I got at the start helped me a
lot. Thank you chaps.


Helen Currier

Got the Smart box fitted in June and wanted to see if it does increase performance so waited until summer been and gone. Company state minimum increase of 15% in contract and was up 19% from last year. Warranty covers system for 20 years so when my electric tripped out two weeks ago I called them out. Turned out to be an old consumer unit which was shorting. Didn’t charge me call out and fitted new consumer unit whilst onsite, cannot fault them at all very happy. More...


Arturas Rtiscev

These guys truly did a good job on installing my solar water heating panels.The efficiency,
cleanliness and professionalism of the installations is clear to see! The best part is that they have
installed the solution in my house in just one day. To familiarise me with new solar panel system,
I was given a guided tour. My solar panel has started generating energy and saving my money on
the energy bills. Highly Recommended.


Leigh Taylor

This company dose not pay it bills, knowingly ripping people off.. Very poor, I would strongly recommend not using them


Heather Marshall

Had both systems fitted in Boston (USA) before I moved to UK with wife, Daiken high temperature system with Hydromx Nano-Thermo Technology, a rock solid system. Struggled to find company that fits Hydromx in residential homes in the UK, turns out that Smart Performance does. Had to wait 4 weeks for install due to government support being increased in September. Fitters spot on, experienced guys who knew there stuff. Have passed company details on to next door neighbour as well. More...


George Gewrgiou

Our friends at our local walking club recommended Smart Performance as they installed there Airsource heat pump with solar panels last year and now have no gas bill with lower electricity so thought would be worth looking into. Richard was very thorough and explained how it works and what funding we get, turns out we get over £8,000 tax free towards cost of installing from government. Installation took about two days from start to finish, lovely chaps who fitted System..even brought their own tea and coffee with them! Good company, fuss free from start to finish. More...


Tilly Kenyon

Smart Performance’s consultation was great. Their knowledge and the way the energy consultant answered all of the questions was impressive and reassuring. I would definitely recommend.


Lucy Robinson

Really great service, my solar panels help to reduce my energy consumption and save so much money. Installation was quick and easy, highly recommend.


Naomi Abson

I was really unsure about whether or not solar panels was the route I wanted to take but the team were extremely helpful and explained all my options without being pushy. The installation was done efficiently with no mess and no fuss and I am happy with my choice. Definitely recommend. More...


Dariusz Pytel

I will change my opinion when the job will be done.

David from sales, advice is excellent and very knowledgeable, he helped us with the product and support.
It is unusual for a sales person to have that kind of knowledge.

But when it comes to installation, Installers rescheduled 5 times before they showed up to complete the installation. Despite the effort and hard work, job wasn't finished.
They were misinformed about the job on site, and there are still things to be finished.
Last booking I had was on 1.6.18 but no one showed up.

On top of that I still don't have the paperwork I should have received.

When the job will be finished I will reconsider my opinion.

With regards
Dariusz Pytel


Kamel Aldeirawy

The company is the least professional I have encountered in any country. Unreliable staff. The sales man Peter just is there promising and committing to close a sale but the after sales service is completely unreliable dates are not met.staff are unprofessional and no one responds to emails. More...


Debbie Bligh

David came out to discuss the benefits of having solar panels. He did not pressure us and understood that we wanted some time to think it over. What was really good was that we got a full guarantee. When we decided to go ahead it was fairly seamless, the scaffolding went up, an independent engineer came out to give our house an energy rating before the panels were fitted. Fitters came and fitted the panels which took less than a day. David even visited day after installation to make sure we were happy and knew how everything Worked. Took about 2 weeks from start to finish – would highly recommend as passed company details on to friends More...