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Secure your home with the best wireless home alarm system . No contract, monthly fees or annual maintenance costs

Smart Home Security specialises in the most advanced wireless, self monitoring security system. Using the latest X3D communication protocol (not WiFi) and 10 year Lithium batteries - guaranteed, you are able to be alerted and control your alarm system from anywhere in the world at anytime.


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Hazel Wignell

3 October 2019

We had our alarm fitted just over a week ago and are extremely pleased with the whole experience from beginning to end, from Simon’s initial visit, the system fitted by Dave & the follow up visit to ensure all’s well. We feel secure with an excellent system and could not recommend highly enough! Also any queries made via email get answered by Alex really quickly which is reassuring. More...



3 October 2019

I have just experienced possibly the very best customer service of all time. Smart home security are fast, informative with exceptional Professionalism. I would highly recommend both product and company. More...



25 September 2019

Great home security system which puts me in full control. I received an honest appraisal of my security needs with no pressure to buy.The installation was smooth and Dave the engineer went above and beyond to decommission my old alarm system which was hard to access.Good after sales/install service from the team. More...


Mr David Taylor

20 September 2019

Smart home security are passionate, kind and honest in their approach. Personal service and product knowledge is impressive.The product is easy to use and clever in its function.Very happy customer. More...


Betty Sansome

15 September 2019

We can highly recommend Smart Home Security. They are very professional and the system is amazing. We are very happy with the product and the service. “ It does what it says on the tin” More...



12 September 2019

From start to finish we had an excellent experience with Smart Home Security. Simon visited our home and took us through the whole system explaining it's features and which options would be best for our particular rooms. There was no hard sell but we were so impressed with the system and the fact that there are no ongoing costs that we signed up there and then. Simon was even happy for one particular part of the install to wait until some work that we were having done was finished.Dave the installer took particular pride in his work ensuring that there was no dirt or dust left in the house when he had finished. He thoroughly explained the working of the system ensuring we were completely happy before he left.Alex followed up with a number of calls to make sure we were happy with the system and to check if we were ready for the final part of the install to be done.All in all we would have no hesitation in recommending Smart Home Security to others. More...


Steve Raynor

12 August 2019

I feel really safe now and especially as I can have the alarm on when I leave the dog at home. It is really easy to use and there was no pressure to buy. The Security Assessor was very professional and the after sales has been really impressive. I would definitely recommend and have already done so! More...



6 August 2019

We saw Smart Home Security at the Kent County Show at Detling. I called to arrange an appointment and Simon came and explained how the system works - there was no pressure to buy at all. The system seemed so simple and the fact there were no wires - amazing. Dave came and installed the system and Simon came later to check everything out and give us a "training session". Any questions at all I can call Alex in the office and she talks us through anything we don't understand. The system is so adaptable to any circumstance/set up and it is great to have a security system that works and that we can view everything on the mobile etc where ever we are. Also reassuring if any questions at any point we can email or call and the problem will be solved - operator error not the system! More...


Joann Morgan

12 July 2019

From beiging to end the people we dealt with was honest as when he arrived for the initial meeting he gave us an approximate quote to see if it was in our budget as he said he did not want to waste our time. I thought this very honest and as we went ahead the gentlemen who installed it was yet again very nice very approachable and explained everything in great detail and any question how ever silly it seemed to me he didn't and explained it all and maybe over again just for me.I feel safe in my own home again. More...


Richard Cox

9 July 2019

If you’re looking for a home security system that has no hard wiring, is easy to use through an App, has live video streaming, has no on-going costs such as an annual contract, can take it with you if you move, is fitted by a knowledgeable (not to mention reliable, clean and conscience) engineer, controls the heating and lighting and can be turned on or off from anywhere in the world. Then I cannot recommend the Home Smart security system highly enough. Did I mention the CCTV system and the 5 star after sales support? It’s not the cheapest home security system in the world but as my old mum used to say ‘You get what you pay for’. More...


Kathleen Baker

19 June 2019

Very good alarm system. Simon and Alex are very nice helpful people, after we had it fitted by their colleague Dave whom is also very nice and again very helpful in explaining the system, you can also contact them any time if you have any queries which we did as being of a certain age we don’t take everything in so they talk you through it and they come again in a couple of weeks to check everything is working ok.We would certainly recommend them and their alarm systemKathy & Richard More...


David Cornelius

10 June 2019

5Star product 5Star customer service. I can't fault the Smart Home Security team.



6 June 2019

Excellent service....really helpful and had no problems answering questions and running through everything until i understood. Great quality alarm system, very effective and incredibly pleased with our purchase. More...



11 May 2019

So pleased We picked Smart Home Security to make our home safe, no drilling, no wiring, no mess! What a bonus, the engineer was very professional and caring, answered all our questions and returned a couple of weeks later to check we were satisfied and made a thorough check on the system.Highly recommend this company



28 March 2019

Not much to add to the comments below. The initial consultation was factual and easy to follow with no sense of ''being sold'' and the install and demo equally straight forward. There is plenty of follow up service if needed (but the system is intuitive). The whole process was actually quite entertaining! No negatives whatsoever. More...



20 March 2019

If you are looking for a professional company who has the expertise and knowledge about Home Security please look no further. Within 10 minutes of speaking with Simon, I knew Smart Home Secruity was the right company for my security needs. Throughout the install Simon, ensured that no areas where left uncovered. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and provides great advice. The after sales support and customer service is absolutely spot on, no job is too big or too small! Always help at the end of the phone. I highly recommend Smart Home Security! Thanks again Simon and Team! More...


Mr Bedu-addo

23 February 2019

Excellent customer service throughout.Informative home survey and demoPrompt and efficient Installation.High spec alarm .user friendly and looks good too.Highly recommend this company


Alan Taylor

16 February 2019

Not only a extremely good alarm system, but an excellent company to deal with. From introduction to the product, it’s capabilities, installation and customer service, you can not do better than Smart Home Security.


Mr Anthony Wheeler

15 February 2019

Very happy with our Smart Home Security, Simon explained it very well and Dave made it very easy for us when he installed it and Gabrielle is very helpful if we have any queries.Feel very safe in our home now, would definitely recommend this alarm system. More...


Asmina Islam Chowdhury

10 February 2019

Fantastic service throughout fromThe very first visit from Simon, through to the installation by Dave and the aftercare support from Gabriella. The system has provided us with the peace of mind and security we needed. More...



28 January 2019

This is a top class product, delivered, installed and maintained by a top class professional team. Smart Home Security has all the functionality we were looking for in a security system and more. And we were delighted to find that the installation team was professional and effective. The system is user friendly and has worked from the word go. We have had not reason to contact Smart Home Security since the installation other than to order new components and to discuss expanding the system. More...



18 January 2019

Really happy with the whole installation will recommend to friends as I was reccomended Keith



13 January 2019

We've been very happy with both the service and product received from Smart Home Security. Our needs were relatively complex and they took the time to discuss the options, what we needed and fully explained how everything would work and benefit us. I feel like we've really been guided through the process of understanding what security system and feature we need to best suit our property and lives. The installation and set up of the system was completed quickly and easily and they follow up to make sure you are getting on alright with it. The fact that the system can be used via an app on your phone, a key fob or a key pad makes it really versatile and there is always someone on the end of a phone or ready to answer an email with any questions you have so the after service has been wonderful. So far we have installed an internal alarm system but we will also be using Smart Home Security to provide us with external CCTV cameras and gate automation, all which will integrate with what we currently have and be controlled via our existing app. A great feature is the ability to take the system with you when you move, though this is not relevant to us as we plan on staying in this house for quite a while! More...


Barney Case

31 October 2018

Knowledgeable, helpful, efficient and friendly company with good aftersale service. The system is reliable and user friendly doing, as another product claims, what it says on the box. I like the idea that the system can be enhanced and added to and that it can be transferred to a different property in the event of a move.I recommend both the product and the company. More...


Gloria Chikukwa

25 October 2018

I had given this a one star because it was not accurately presented to me. I argue it’s not wireless because I asked when I was told that it was wireless and finds its own internet that I have a medical device that finds its own internet, will it not conflict with it and I was told it will not but on the day of fitting a box was plugged into my internet and left there. I felt like something had been taken off me from under my feet because there was not supposed to be something plugged into my internet, I was led to believe it finds its own internet. However I was vulnerable at that time as I had just been burgled. Subsequently the alarm would go off without any intrusion. I reported this and on two separate occasions it was attended to but on the third occasion it wasn’t and later I was told to read my manual which was emailed to me. But it continued going off without intrusion so I turned it off until I went away when people I had left to attend to the intruder alarm eventually complained that it was going off without intruders. I then left a one star rating which was responded to very promptly and I am Very Pleased that I can now set my alarm on and go to sleep without being woken up unnecessarily. I was requested to delete the one star rating and I did.It had not worked the way I needed when I had it isince May but I am Very pleased with the service I have received since my last review. Excellent customer service. I have given it four stars as I expect to be back to give it a five star at some stage. This will be when I’ve been away and the people responsible to respond give their views when they compare to how it worked in the past. I am now confident it will be five stars because I have been given the attention I needed. More...


Keeley Sewell

18 October 2018

Great service from beginning to end. Simon was a great salesman and installer. He took the time to thoroughly go through the system with me, without no pressure for me to make a purchase. When he arrived to install he did the job with minimal fuss and took great effort to show me the system and ensure that i was happy and comfortable with it. He then came back for the post follow up, moving the sensors as requested by me and again was thorough in his testing to make sure all worked as it should. Highly recommend the system and the team. More...


Lucy Horne

11 October 2018

Fabulous customer service! The system is exactly what I needed and the Installation was quick and easy. Great after care too, although to be honest the system is simple to use and I don't envisage any problems, but I know that their very friendly team are there if I need them. Definitely recommend!


Spire Housing Ltd

20 September 2018

Simon came to extend our existing system to incorporate our shed, summerhouse and garage. Excellent service as always. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


Lynsey Harrison-Smith

30 August 2018

A fabulous and personable experience. We had our alarm fitted last year and have always been updated personally on any changes, etc. Overall, a really good price, especially with Blue Card Discount. The fact it's ours, no monthly charges, any issues we can contact them. We had an initial issue with the sensor in the kitchen, would trigger alarm randomly (alarm is really loud and so off-putting to any potential criminals, by the way) - called up, they collected sensor and tested it. They agreed it was defective and replaced it for free. More...


Katie Li

29 August 2018

Highly recommended - 5 Star tech product/service. The security product is well designed and ergonomic, it's easy to use, and its mobile application is intuitive. Huge thank you to Simon and Jan for their time; installation and system setup was straightforward. Thank you to Gabriella for ensuring communication is well planned throughout - her customer service is second to none. More...



29 August 2018

Having looked around for months for a good home security system, I came across SMART Home Security's Google ad. From the initial call to installation and post care, it's one of the best customer services I've received from a company.The security product is well designed and ergonomic, it's easy to use, and its mobile application is intuitive. Huge thank you to Simon and Jan for their time; installation was straightforward, they walked us through the demonstration and helped set up the system. Thank you to Gabriella for ensuring communication is well planned throughout her customer service is second to none. More...


Stacey Drewry

10 August 2018

Superb products, remote alarm setting/disabling has been really helpful. Intruder notification and video is brilliant, and very efficient. No concerns about data security and tampering as it’s on it’s own network and all comms are encrypted.Staff are very friendly and helpful, installation was brilliant and my lesson on how it works was very clear and easy to understand!I would throughly recommend Smarthome security and their products More...


Roy Jarrett

9 August 2018

Very professional in everything from first consolation to fitting and after sales.


Joe B

17 July 2018

From my very first contact with Simon (who is ex military and it shows in his professionalism) and his team, the service has been first class. The system is superb and fits in with exactly what I wanted from a no fuss self managed, wireless high end alarm. This is my experience!! that the continuity and support has been exemplary and is not what you would ordinarily receive from other well known companies offering contracted managed or monitored systems. Great service from a great team. More...


Patrick West

17 July 2018

We took time researching well before subscribing and Smart Home Security came up as the best overall. The technology is modern. The package good value for money and the service before and after was visibly genuine and excellent. More...


Jonathan Terry

2 June 2018

Smart home security is just that.We wanted a system that had no subscription but could be monitored remotely. This seems to be the only option that met our requirements. The initial cost is steep but the subscription of adt or verisure would make them more expensive over the term of the contract. The system is sleek and easy to control. It doesn't give you the ability to stream video from the video PIR if that's what you want but it does send you video if the alarm goes off which allows you to confirm the presence of intruders. The instillation was professional and friendly. All In all very happy. More...


Ashley Wright

18 May 2018

Extremely professional Easy to use Can add more alarms on to suit your needs



4 March 2018

We interviewed a number of Security Companies but liked the idea of being in control wherever we were without having to pay monthly charges. Forgot to set the security system while out shopping but 1 minute with my phone all set. Smart Home Security start with a basic package that provided good coverage of our house including covering doors that might not be locked while we are at home. It does not set the alarm off but gives a warning noise that the door has been opened. Useful if you are at the front door being distracted while others are looking for another way into your house. The doors are armed if you set the alarm. You can zone the protected areas thus giving you security when in bed.A camera has been installed and you can even talk to the burglar. All information recorded by the system viz pictures is off site and can be accessed via your mobile.Don't be frightened by the technology. If have a problem just phone their 0800 number and you will speak to a lovely lady who will talk you through to a solution.Its all wireless thus no wires and if you move you can take it with you. Only 1 unit required mains power. All the rest have batteries with 10 year life. The system can be added to cover fire/monoxide heating control etc. You will see this in their brochure.Its not a cheap system but with technology you tend to get what you pay for. Think how much you could be paying for a monitored system. We did and opted for the Smart Home Security system. Its our system wherever we move to in the future. More...


Maryna Malik

26 February 2018

Highly recommend Smart Home Security. We liked the concept of 'owning' this product and the fact that we are not tied up to monthly payments. Simon was great, answering all the questions we had, following up after our security alarm was installed. Excellent service all the way through and we feel much more secured now. More...



15 February 2018

Amazing service. Great product. I love that they are honest and give you the best product for your needs they don't try to sell you everything! Most importantly their after sales care has been top notch. Can not recommend this company and their products enough. More...


G Meyer

1 February 2018

I received straight-forward advice, easy to understand explanations of the alarm system. The follow-up support was second to none. I'd buy from them again if I ever needed to. There is no reason to use anyone else! More...


Dominic Labram

2 January 2018

Speedy installation and good product


Judy Yallop

13 December 2017

A well organised company that do what they say and at the time stated. Our installation was hassle free and I have rarely met such neat workers - no mess at all. The office admin is equally well organised. We are now confident that we have a reliable security system protecting our home. More...


Ken Hyland

30 November 2017

An excellent product and a very professional and hassle-free experience. Simon visited the house and showed us the options and we got a quote immediately and an early installation date. The installation was quick and efficient and there was a short training session and a follow up visit. Couldn't be more impressed. More...


Penni Goulden

18 November 2017

I was very impressed by the initial assessment carried out by Simon. I thought that I had a clear idea about what I required but he explained that I did not need so many detectors to adequately protect my property which reduced the cost. Unlike with other providers who presented I was put under no pressure to buy. I bought! The installer arrived on time, was smart and installed the equipment cleanly and efficiently. I have no doubts about recommending Smart Home Security. In my opinion they are the best in the business! More...



30 October 2017

Very professional and friendly service from each person I dealt with Listened to my individual needs and sold accordingly. Added to the feeling of security. Would definitely recommend and buy from again. More...


Charles Sargent

25 October 2017

I couldn't be more pleased with Smart Home Security, from start to the present day that have offered a polite, friendly service. The initial meeting with Simon to discuss the product was actually fun and informative and I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for.The product looks good, and has the added dimension of being able to work from an app on the phone or a key fob or from the control panel in the house.The installation was just as explained it would be and being wireless meant that there was minimal fuss or mess.Thankfully I've not had the alarm activated since its installation but being able to check up on it whilst away is perfect, being able to see videos of the inside whilst away gives peace of mind and if I wanted to communicate with anyone in the house whilst away I could do that.A great follow-up visit to make sure everything is as it should be.And although that part of the installation is up and running and I am extremely pleased the relationship with Smart Home Security will continue as I move forward and get other parts of the system added e.g. heating controls, light controls etc.Highly recommended. More...


G Bridge

20 October 2017

Excellent in home demonstration with no "hard sell".Everything was installed with a minimum of fuss and everything was happily demonstrated a number of times until we fully understood how to set and unset the alarm and change it's features/settings.Very happy.


Linda Jane Jennings

17 October 2017

I have have a lot of technical applications installed in my house this past year and can honestly say that Smart Home Security were one of only two installers whose products worked without fault, were installed by true professionals and gave thorough training with follow up.


Peter Suchy

16 October 2017

I met Simon at the Edenbridge & Oxted Show and was immediately impressed by the product and his knowledge of it too. I've now had a wireless alarm system fitted and it is very impressive, controlled by app on my phone, with video, no maintenance charges for ten years, and battery life expected to be ten years. This alarm system overall works out cheaper than a lot of these so called high end alarm systems that are going to charge you in excess of £100 per year. Aftersales follow up also very good, I feel properly looked after. Perfect More...


Irene Lloyd

22 September 2017

This is a first class system. The in house demo was good. This system can be configured and personalised to individual requirements. The installers were excellent, arrived on time, respected ones' property (I. e) took their shoes off, laid a cloth over our table so that they could lay the products out without marking the table. In depth demo on completion. After sale visit was good. More...


Mallowry Spens

8 September 2017

So far everything is working as expected and they are being very long suffering in answering my questions.


Peter Harland

9 August 2017

Great service, great system, simple to use and operate and no false alarms (so far)


Dominic Scullard

6 August 2017

We were looking to upgrade our home security system to meet modern life and were staggered by the lack of pace from all of the national and local home security companies who were continuing to peddle systems that have not advanced at all in the last 40 years. It was as if technology had stood still for home security for them. What we wanted was something we thought was very simple:• An alarm that alerted us when it was activated• Ideally a system that could enable us to see inside the house to detect whether it was real or a false alarm without bulky and unattractive CCTV • Would work with a GreyhoundThis seemed to be beyond all home security companies except for Smart Home Security.Unusually the product does what it claims, no ifs or maybes it just works. It exceeds our expectations and enables us to manage the house security remotely – as well as telling us when the alarm has been activated. The installation and the team were fantastic, turned up and delivered when and how they said they would. I could not find fault anywhere. Their aftersales service following up that the system was working properly was revolutionary and without extra charge. This company truly deserves to do well, particularly as there is no other credible competition. More...


Ian Johnson

4 August 2017

I was with ADT paying a monthly maintenance fee for which I received little support and at the end owned nothing. I was given a free and very comprehensive security assessment which identified what I needed while explaining the benefits of the wireless and encrypted radio technology used to ensure that in the event of a break in I could have sufficient information to get the police to my property. The lovely installer Alasdair arrived on time, was neat and carried out the installation professionally and efficiently. I highly recommend this vintage claret company. They really deserve their 5 stars. So much better than ADT! More...


Andy Ashlee

29 July 2017

A first rate alarm system from a company you can trust. The installation is far superior to anything else we looked into. I have no hesitation recommending Smart Home Security to anyone.



7 July 2017

Smart Home Security were very good in all respects. They were very accommodating and their immediate after sales service was as good as promised. The system they devised for us met our needs admirably and we would certainly recommend them to anyone. More...


Tony Herbert

4 July 2017

Great product and well supported by staff at "Smart"


Anthony Pink

22 June 2017

An absolutely first class product supported by equally impressive service right through from the initial demonstration and sale to the installation and follow up visit to ensure that we were happy with everything. No high pressure sales tactics, the product speaks for itself. We are very pleased with everything. Thank you. More...


Linda Anthony

26 May 2017

After being burgled, having a Smart Home security system fitted helped to erase the damage that I felt. I come home now secure in the knowledge that there is no one inside my home. There are excellent features such as the silent SOS plus it is a very handsome piece of kit More...



12 May 2017

Very professional, friendly, knowledgeable about the system they implemented; Very satisfied with the recommended technologyWork was performed on time and in a very clean mannerCan only recommend !!Thank you


Brian Forsyth

12 May 2017

Absolutely amazing service from the start. Within days of deciding we needed a security system we had survey and quote arranged with Simon and then days later the system was installed. Excellent customer service throughout, efficient installation and follow up service. Easy to follow instructions and user guide. We have already recommended the product and service to friends and family. More...


Mo Hussein

7 May 2017

After searching long and hard for a security system that's cost effective and up to date with today's world I found these guys, the system was installed by highly experienced professionals, Simon is a Credit to this Company! A+++


Bill Quigley

5 May 2017

Smart home security have been an absolute pleasure to employ and work with. The product supplied is second to none and the exemplary customer service beyond expectations.Simon's personal touch ensuring a quality, on time, mess less installation with further back up and a , check' visit a few weeks later is the best that I could imagine.Fantastic system that not only provides the reassurance of the security that you need but, is portable if you decide to move. More...


Katie Mansford-Clark

5 April 2017

I recently had this Security system installed and I couldn't be happier or feel more secure in our home. The fact that the employees are ex police and/or military is such a comfort as they are genuinely interested in your security and crime prevention.I love the fact that I get alerts to my phone whenever the alarm is turned on or off or goes off. Being able to see the video clip completely pit's my mind at rest. I also had a pet cam installed which allows me to monitor what my cat is up to during the day! Being a wireless system is great as no mess to install and we can take it with us if we move. I also feel comforted that if the fire alarm is activated I will also be alerted. It's very user friendly and we are in complete control of the system.Would highly recommend this system to anyone! More...


Ashley Wright

20 March 2017

The whole set up was extremely quick and efficient, the staff involved was polite and courteous as well as respecting our every needs,The security system is extremely easy to use , it's a nice feature that you can add bits on if and when requiredWe feel extremely protected in our home which was the biggest reason for us to have the smart security system installed



19 March 2017

As a consequence of a burglary within the family, I decided to consider a security system. After considering various options, I opted to go for a Smart Home Security System.From the moment I discussed my requirements with Simon, I was comforted by his knowledge of the product and his business model. The installation that followed was carried out very professionally and there was no trace of any installation debris once Simon and his team had finished. I have subsequently purchased both heating and lighting solutions from Smart Home Security to utilise the Delta Dore system. I have had various calls post implementation to ensure everything is working as I expected it to which is what I consider excellent customer service.First class service, would highly recommend. More...


Stephen Marchant S N Marchant Builders

16 March 2017

I contacted Smart Home Security and made a appointment with Simon Ricketts.There was no pressure to purchase this Alarm.I had done my homework and I could see that this Delta Dore system was probably the best wireless alarm on the market.It's easy to use and doesn't need a annual maintenance because theSystem is talking to its self all the time checking for any faults.The battery life is 10 years under normal use.It comes with a five year warranty.If the internet goes down, now problem this system uses it own radio signal which can not be hacked it's used by the military.Installation is quick and clean, no carpet and floor boards up or holes thought the walls.Because this is a Smart system it doesn't stop with just a alarm, the app has many features that you can add on.If you are away from your home it's looking after it all the time so if someone is breaking in or you have a leak or fire you will be notified on your Smart devices.We have two of the cameras,the picture quality is great with very good night vision.Delta Dore will be up dating the App for these cameras soon to have 24/7 recordings.If you are thinking of getting a Wireless Smart Alarm don't purchase one until you have let Smart Home security demonstrate this great system.Have a look on YouTube or google it.Many thanks to Simon and his team.Mr & Mrs S Marchant Beckley Rye East Sussex More...


Gabriella Rolfe

19 May 2016

Smart Home Security are quick and efficient from the first contact to installation. They are trusted and genuinely care about keeping you secure.

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Making my customers feel secure and able to simply control their complete home security and automation. There is no hard sell or discounts so the customer has full transparency and can decide whenever they feel comfortable

The current security companies are unprofessional and focus more on monthly payments than the best crime prevention for todays home owners. There was a gap in the market for a more professional and customer friendly company that could provide a reliable and innovative security product that can also integrate into all their home automation such as heating and lighting.

We provide a professional security assessment, the market leading product and exceptional aftersales service. There are NO monthly or annual fees and the customer owns the product but does not have to worry about maintenance or battery replacement or recharging. Check us out on Trust Pilot.