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The company that provides free demo versions for gaming websites with slots that are accessible without download and registration.

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27 April 2017

Played yesterday, good website with free spins, I also like the design, classy and easy to play. If you want to have fun time this one is for you.


Alessandro Rossi

17 June 2016

I used to play Quick Hit on my Android powered smartphone and now I can play the same game on my PC. Also, I was pretty happy to see the video slots version of Monopoly. At the first moment, I thought “how it is possible to transfer a board game into the slot machine” and then, “OK, they managed somehow, but I’d like to try it first without making any money deposits”. So I googled a bit and find Slotozilla and realised they have Monopoly slots among their other slot games. “Great, let’s give it a spin or two, maybe I’ll give a couple of coins and try to make some money here”. My point is, Slotozilla offers so many games and options to make a player stay at their website for such a long time. There is a blog and review section with all the relevant info about games you can play there. Since I’m not a native English speaker, I really appreciate they have multilingual website, so I can read everything without any trouble. With this pace, I am certain they’d offer all the video slot games that exist – at some point, for sure. More...


Mihaela Delic

16 June 2016

Slotozilla has quickly become my place number one when it comes to slot games. Their offer is extensive and service is user friendly, so you can practically spend days and months playing a new game each day. I was really happy to find two of my favourite games here, both playable directly from the browser. First of them, House of Fun is a horror-themed game and also includes some free spins and rewarding bonus rounds, so it can be a great addition to the overall casino experience. On the other side, Wizard of Oz is based on the popular movie and features all the legendary characters such as Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. It also has a nice bonus round in form of a mini game, so it brings memories back and offers some quality portion of fun. Since those games are available in both free play and the real money mode, I found the practice for free option very useful. You can learn basic rules and games’ mechanics before decide to invest your money and look for some real action. There is also a section with reviews of all slot games, so you can actually read more about your favourite title before start to play. More...


Daniel Carvalho

16 June 2016

Casino games have already become a large part of our daily entertainment. Whether you play them in the casino establishment next to you or in Las Vegas, the thing is you can always enjoy them. Since recently, all those favorite casino games can be played over the Internet, and some casino players managed to cash in on their knowledge well.
Still, it’s not always easy to find a reputable provider that offers hassle-free playing, especially when it comes to slot games. The Internet is crowded with many different sites with different terms and conditions, but somehow Slotozilla manages to differ from the others. If you are looking for playing without any barriers, this is pretty much the right place for that, knowing they offer games from reputable software providers such as IGT and Bet Soft.
Slotozilla’s no download slots section includes a great deal of games. The good thing is that site doesn’t require any registration, so you can start playing immediately. Also, there’s no need to download any of the games offered. Still, you need to have a browser that supports HTML5 technology in order to play instant games, but I guess all the new devices already have that option built-in.


Eddie Dean

13 June 2016

What’s the all hype with mobile slots? Well, the mobile industry is growing and all the major players adapted its casino software and made it possible to play on mobile devices. The thing is, you can now play slots on tablets, smartphones, and even ordinary mobile phones (I guess it is important to have Java support). Now, where Slotozilla fits into this nice little story?

Slotozilla offers a pretty good choice of mobile games and they fit for all major operating systems for phones and tablets. In addition, I played mobile slots even through my browser. Another good thing is, the site required no money deposit for playing and I didn’t have to download any software to play a slot game.

The bottom line is, I was able to start some of my favourite titles both on my iPad and Android tablet and I must admit it looks really good. It’s a nice pastime while waiting for a bus or driving to my office and it doesn’t cost a penny. Of course, some players may wanna try to play for the real money, not just as a fun, but I’ll stick to free mode for a while. But, who knows, maybe I join the army of professionals in the future? We’ll see about that…


Ray Hawkins

13 June 2016

Once upon a time, I was a regular in my local video joint. I used to play every slot machine that existed there, either for money or just for fun. Now, when I have a business on my own and a constant lack of free time, I can’t play games like I used to. Still, I figured out how to stick with my hobby without compromising the daily job routine.

Slotozilla is one of the most reputable providers when we talk about free video slot games. There’s no need for a registration and I can use this website to find many games I enjoyed few decades ago. Also, I’m sure that fans of the new titles will find here what they like.

Their video slots section contains a wide variety of titles, so you can find both classic Vegas-style machines and some latest games. If you look for high-quality graphics or 3D slot game, you can also find it here. Slotozilla cooperates with the major software providers, and that’s why their offer is extensive and growing day by day. I recommend this website to all recreational players and I think it’s a good start for some more experienced gamers too.

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