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A professional friendly photographer who captures your whole wedding day, from the early preparations until the last dance.

We're Slicclick photography. We combine our creativity and technical skills to capture your big day in a fun stress free way.



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1. Get in close
2. Shoot every day
3. See the light
4. Ask permission
5. Use flash during the day
6. ISO
7. Buy books, not gear
8. Slow down
9.Stop chimping (checking the photo on the back screen) 
- It’s a bad habit digital photographers can develop. Time and time again I see photographers take a photograph and then look at the back of the screen straight away. By doing that you could miss all the special moments. You can look at your photos later. You can miss ‘the shot’ and it affects the flow of your work, so just keep shooting!
10.Shape with light
11. Be present
12. Charge your batteries
13. Shoot with your mind
14. Keep it simple
15. Exposure 

16. Hold your camera properly
17. Get your subject to relax
18. Be patient and persevere

1. What’s your budget for wedding photography?
2. How many photos do you need, both hard copies and digital?
3. How many guests are invited to the wedding?
4. What are you expecting from your wedding photographer?
5. Do you have a list of poses?
6. Do you want to take solo shots of couple before or after the wedding?
7. Will there be a coordinator to work with during the ceremony?
8. How many group photos do you need of family, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.?
9. Do you agree to the wedding photography contract?
10. How did you meet?
11. Will you recommend my services to others and get a discount on your shoot?

1. One hundred pictures of the same place can all look different.
2. One picture can be interpreted in multiple ways.
3. A photo can tell a story without a single word; there's no language barrier.
4. Photography allows for complete self-expression.
5. Although it has its stressful times, photography can actually be very relaxing.
6. There is nothing more satisfying than getting the perfect shot.
7. Photography has the ability to evoke emotions in others.
8. It gives you a reason to travel to beautiful places and explore.
9. You are in complete control of capturing memories.
10. Photography has the ability to bring people together.

Photographs are the universal language of our era. Everyone has hundreds, maybe thousands in their pocket. Weightless, they turn the scale when the argument is: What happened here? Images don’t age or warp. A great photographer’s strings never go out of tune.

Why choose me over the HUNDREDS other wedding photographers in this immediate area? That's definitely a fair question.

Well, for one thing, I hope you like my work. I hope that you like my ability to create unique photos for my clients on their special day...not just traditional, pretty images, but a style that suits your venue, your gown, your own personalities. I love being able to adjust to the roller coaster that is a wedding day and instantly realize the vibe that is happening, and then take the right photos, to ensure it's captured in a creative and memorable way. I'm not rigid in my approach to taking photos of YOUR day. I have standards, but I'm always keeping my client in mind.

Another big part of my business is that I don't hold your photographs "hostage." When they are completely edited and ready to roll, they are loaded in their hi res sizes in your own online gallery for you & your guests to enjoy...and download, and print...on your own time, with your own printer...which means you can go wherever you like and not have to buy images from me, or have a huge mark up from the online gallery printer. Most photographers charge an arm & a leg for you to have a disk of your images in their sizes (with the watermark removed), or only allow you to order prints from them. I completely understand why they want you to order prints from their companies as they can guarantee the quality of their work will be reflected in the quality of the print, but I don't do that. I have recommendations for excellent printers, and feel that it's the client's right to use how and when they want to use their own images. I also find that wedding guests, both friends & family alike, enjoy being able to have copies of photos from the big day as well. you'll have the edited photos on a Disc, with the option to buy additional Discs if you need them for safekeeping (or Mom).

I am Passionate about what i do! A good photographer loves what they do, and you can see it when you talk with them. It’s more than just a business…it’s something that’s a part of them and that they love doing. Finding a photographer that has a true passion for what they do will almost always translate into beautiful images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

I am always trying to better my photography. A good photographer never settles and always strives to improve and become better at their profession. This goes hand in hand with dedication and passion, and without the desire to learn and keep moving forward most photographers will stagnate and it will show in their work.

I am very laid back and relaxed. I go with the flow and won’t try to run your wedding. I know how hectic and stressful your wedding day can be, and I work very hard to not only not add to that stress, but to also keep you relaxed and laughing. I may make some suggestions during the day-for example, where to stand for the cake cutting, or when we could step out to try for a sunset shoot etc, but I am far from a control freak.

Photography is my full time job-I don’t have a second day job. There are many very good wedding photographers who do weddings on the weekend and another job during the week As a full time photographer, I am able to focus my full energy and attention on providing stellar service to my clients.

I have over 15 years experience. I have photographed many weddings over the years, so I am prepared for just about any circumstance.

Over the years, I have perfected my ability to anticipate what is going to happen, as well as my technical skills. I have shot almost every

kind of Wedding, from small intimate ones to lavish ones.

I use some of the best cameras and lenses available, and have back ups.

While the skill of the person holding the camera is much more important than the equipment, having really great gear helps. And at a

once in a lifetime event like a wedding, having backup cameras just in case is critical.

I love photographing weddings. This reason sounds a bit selfish, but my love for photographing weddings is a major benefit to you as

well. I genuinely love my job, and I believe this shows in both my attitude on your wedding day and in your wedding photos.

I am a Photographer that you can feel comfortable with.

All Photoshop and creative work is completed in house and is not outsourced (which can often be the case with other Photographers.) This ensures the highest quality from the shutter button closing to the finished print.

I will capture your love story, with raw and real emotions, your unique essence and spirit with ease, creativity, style and flair, giving you beautiful memories that will be treasured a lifetime and through the generations.