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Slapshot Studio

Ozark, MO, Christian

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Slapshot Studio

Ozark, MO, Christian

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We are a collective of storytellers, strategists and designers from around the world. We partner with ambitious leaders to grow remarkable brands and websites that foster community and ignite the imagination. Slapshot Studio was birthed from the understanding that the most effective path to developing a truly remarkable brand experience is to foster authentic, caring relationships along the way.


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Timothy Wilkins

23 July 2018

Jaime and his team did an awesome job with my website migration and design updates. Highly recommended!


Ray Matz Jr.

23 July 2018

Had the opportunity to be interviewed on riding the pine podcast, Jamie is a rockstar host!


Kyle Lougnot

23 July 2018

Slaphotos is top notch all the way, highly recommended.


Edyne Plancy

23 July 2018

Awesome team. Very professional, dedicated and delivers what they promise! I would recommend Slapshotstudio again and again for all your business needs such as podcast management, website design, marketing strategies and your virtual assistants' needs. Thank you.


Tanner Leuning

23 July 2018

Jaime and Sara are absolutely amazing people and helped us at the rink and did a amazing job


Fadie Hany Areny

23 July 2018

Jaime and his team are some of the best in the industry. You can trust your marketing for small businesses with them!

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We will help you develop a story, a lasting strategy and a path to connecting with the human spirit. we will take all of these elements and transmute them into a truly extraordinary, timeless brand experience. A website should offer an intuitive and remarkable navigation process (called user-experience or UX) so your visitors can get the information they are seeking quick and easy. Visitors are more likely to make an inquiry if they find the information they were looking for and can easily contact you.

We have a questionnaire that we submit to every new client, but here are couple questions you can expect to get from our intake form:

1. Tell us about your company?
2. What is your site about? (Answer only if you have an e existing website.)
3. What makes your site special?
4. In what way will your site help, entertain or inform your readers?
5. In what way does your site add to sites that already exist?
6. In what way is your site better or different than others?
7. What is the reason you want or have a website, besides making money?
8. Who is your ideal customer?
9. What are your main objectives with your website?
10. List up to three reference sites (these are usually competitor sites or site designs you like).

We enjoy taking ideas and concepts and turning them into a visual representation of your brand.

I have always wanted to be creative and coming from a corporate background, my creativity was often time muted by management. I had to go through a lot of red tape. Now, I am able to let my creativity flow and I can also turn projects around a lot faster.

Your clients should choose us because we have a lot of experience and turn out great projects. We are a team of 16 people with writers, developers, editors, social media managers, brand architects, and technology marketing experts.




YOUR BRAND IS THE SOUL OF YOUR BUSINESS. WHY NOT MAKE IT REMARKABLE? PERSONALITY A brand refers to the expression of personality and character of a particular business, individual or event. NUANCE A brand is about nuances and all those elements people rarely take the time to invest in. CONNECTION Brands are built around people and culture. It's the element of your business that brings life and connects everyone. COMMUNICATION Your brand is a communication. It's a language developed specifically for your target audience. It speaks to them. EXPERIENCE A brand is about nuances and all those elements people rarely take the time to invest in. PSYCHOLOGY The branding process requires you to understand the behaviors, motivations and fears of those you wish to serve with your product, services, or otherwise.

We offer social media setup, support, coaching and management services.

WEBSITE UPDATES We can review your existing plugins and themes and look for updates. In addition, we will learn what plugins and themes have been uploaded that are no longer being used and delete them. WORDPRESS CONSULTING It's always nice to be able to have a WordPress expert on call for you. We offer a ticket system, email and phone responses, depending on your plan, to answer your questions, advise you and offer insight into making your experience with WordPress much easier. PLUGIN INSTALLATION It's very important to make sure that when you are adding plugins that they are built well. Plugins built with poorly written code are giant targets for hackers that can easily find holes in the software and get into your site. CONSISTENT BACKUPS Creating a backup of all your files isn't enough. We will schedule consistent backups so that in case something happens, you will always have access to your files. SECURITY MONITORING We will upload a security plugin that will consistently monitor your site. While we cannot 100% guarantee someone hacking into your site, we can do a lot to prevent it by monitoring your site 24/7. PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION Speed is very important to how well you get ranked in the search engines, but it's just as or more important to your visitors because 72% of visitors will leave your site if it doesn't load in the first three seconds.

POWER PRESS Our press release service will get you lots of diversified natural links from authority sources. In addition, you also need to round out your nofollow diversity in your profile if you don’t have enough. These help prevent Penguin penalties. GUEST POST Guest Post is the easiest way to get high quality, natural, white-hat in-content links to your site to help you boost your rankings and get more traffic to your site. POWER PLAY Sometimes you need something stronger to rank your keywords, and in today’s SEO world, the #1 way to get that is to get high Domain Authority homepage links. DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA) The 10, 20, and 30 means the level of authority with 30 being the highest. Domain Authority is a metric which was created by Moz (SaaS company), for rating a website on a scale of 1-100, (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). So the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher its ranking in search engines. Instead of thinking of domain authority as a measure of your SEO effort, think of it as a competitive metric against other sites. So if you compare your website’s DA score with that of your competitor’s site, the site with the higher DA score is likely to rank higher in search engine searches!

Welcome to Slapshot Studio Chatbots. By harnessing the power of your brand and aligning the communication with your target audience, your personalized Chatbot will provide a user-driven experience like you've never seen before. Your Chatbot will generate leads, sales, customer service, customer pre-qualification, and/or content delivery mechanisms with open rates above 80% and click-through rates over 35% (often much higher). If you are spending money on social media, email, and/or print marketing, we can help you save money and dramatically increase your conversion rates.