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Slangbusters is a branding studio focused on creating timeless brands through clear communication. We are here to create timeless brands, by making it easy for you to understand the process of branding so that you can be an integral part of branding your own business.



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We collect the business background material from your end to learn more about your organization. This information includes all the details of the business starting from your vision and value proposition, the products and the services, to the existing business plans.

We gather the data about the customer choices of products, services, and brands. This includes qualitative research that explains the customers' perceptions, beliefs, and motives as well as quantitative research that shows the market from the statistical point of view.

Here we examine the competitor brands. We identify and list down all the competitors to study their services, products, touchpoints, and their standing in the marketplace. The deeper the insight into the competitive strategy, the higher the competitive advantage to your brand.

Language audit is where we undertake the voice, the message and the content that is associated currently with your business. This inspection paints a clear picture of how the language is used in terms of design and content to provide the overall customer experience at present. However, language audit is only applicable while rebranding a brand.

We formally present all the collected information to the senior management of your business for them to assess the current ecosystem. This information is used as a measure by our creative team to gauge and create a differentiated work on the later stages of the branding process.

This is where we interpret and understand the customers based on their buying behavior and their interactions with the brands. It allows us to identify what is important to them and inculcate it into our brand strategy to create a brand that is relevant to the consumers.

We sit with you and have several open discussions to realize the core essence of your vision. We help you put your thought on the paper after passing it through our audit findings without losing the gut feeling behind it. The clearer the vision, the easier it is to convey.

We help you find a strong differentiator that can help your brand to compete in the marketplace. This strong differentiator is the result of hours of rational as well as creative thinking and is one of the most important elements in building a timeless brand.

Brand architecture is an essential part often missed by brands while launching a new sub-brand or acquiring an existing one or merging with another. It defines which brand will take the lead while entering the market. Brand architecture determines whether to have different brand identities or a unifying one while keeping an organized distribution of the internal divisions and resources.

We assist you in defining the business category of your brand or help you carve out a new one. We aim to make your brand the category leader and help you sustain that position.

Brand positioning is all about how we position your business in the minds of the people who interact with it. We express your brand in a unique voice and tone to form a distinct position in the minds of all the stakeholders of the brand because it matters what everyone thinks about the brand, not just customers.

We define a clear business strategy which will be used as the roadmap to your envisioned brand. Here is where the imagination, innovation, and individuality will come together and take the brand in a direction where others have not gone. This will be the strongest pillar in helping the brand to stand the test of time.

This is where the entire brand is cut down to its most fundamental parts and is kept on a simple, one-page document. The brand brief is a result of the collective and agreed upon thinking. It consists of the core purpose, brand attributes, positioning statement, and the desired endpoints. The brand brief is a timeless document and helps you stay on the brand.

Naming is a complex, creative and iterative process and we are here to simplify it for you. We apply various brainstorming techniques to generate hundreds of possible names for the brand and help you choose the right as well as a legally protected name for your brand, product or service. The right name can define your brand’s success.

Designing your brand's identity is creating the entire order of colors, typography, marks, logotype and every other visual element. The identity also defines the brand voice considering the language and the sound elements. The aim is not to make it just visually pleasing but to use the design excellence and the experience to reflect the brand essence through all the touchpoints. Here is where the meaning takes a form.

Touchpoints are the points where the people interact with your brand. The touchpoints include everything starting from the website, stationery, your office, and signage to the design of your products and its packaging. This is where you will be able to see the brand in its tangible form.

This guide consists of all the visual and verbal assets of the brand and lists down the ways to use them. Following this guide ensures the brand's unique look and feel as well as the voice to remain uniform regardless of the platforms.

This is when your brand is finally launched and interacts with the people for the first time.