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How do you win at social? You hire Canada's award-winning social media agency, Sky Alphabet.

We are an award-winning social media agency with clients across Canada. Word of advice: don't hire a web designer to do your social media. You wouldn't hire a social media agency to design your website.


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Dr. Joyce Knudsen

22 May 2019

Sky alphabet helped me solve a very troubling issue with my twitter account that no one else was able to solve. I am very grateful that they took time out from their own work to help me.


Christina Otero

31 October 2018

Steve Yanor and his team are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Sky Alphabet! Nothing but instant results and efficiency. Thank you again!!


Stefan Filipopich

29 May 2018

Great results.


Marc Irving

29 May 2018

Steve at Sky Alphabet has done incredible work to promote my site from the back woods of page 10 to the first page in Google searches for my business type. His expertise in SEO and social media is invaluable.Marc Irving CEOWinezooloo More...



29 May 2018

Fantastic service and at a great price. The results came fast. In 6 months our phone went from crickets to crazy. Recommend 100%


Brian Hunger

29 May 2018

Steve is great at what he does. He's a true professional I would definitely recommend Sky Alphabet for all of your internet marketing. Great job, great customer service and he always is there when needed. He truly go's the extra mile. More...


Sean Carter

29 May 2018

Brilliant insights. Great value. Helped us understand and capitalize on the voodoo known as Twitter.


Western Media Group

29 May 2017

I wasn’t originally a big fan Twitter. Now I recognize the value of its audience and the power of its reach. That's because Sky Alphabet showed me exactly how we could turn our Twitter account into a major marketing asset. Steve did exactly what he said he would do: build a strong and growing community and create a full messaging program that would position us as leaders in a competitive space. Everything he said would happen has happened - and more. We get a detailed monthly report that shows us the progress we're making and I look forward to seeing the results each month. Now we're excited about what's happening at our company because our online brand reflects who we really are. We didn't think we would ever be believers in Twitter, but Sky Alphabet converted us!" (David, President, Western Media Group) More...

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We love to see our clients succeed. We do this by stretching their budgets so they get the best results at the lowest cost. To do this, we have to be creative. Creative with the social media content and creative with audience selection and media placement.

But that's not the only reason we love what we do. Social media is always changing. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are constantly introducing new features and abilities. Better ad formats, better targeting, new ways to spend money more efficiently - if you know how to do it.

For example, what's better: boosting Facebook posts or running Facebook ads? Without question, running ads. Why? Because with Facebook's agency API we have access to better reporting and customization of the ads across the various formats. That's really important because you don't want to run ads in Facebook marketplace when you only want to run ads on Instagram. Also, we can pay per click instead of impression.

You know what else is cool? Instagram Stories ads. With the right creative we can buy them for 50 cents a click. Imagine how good that is for your brand: a full screen full colour Instagram Stories ad targeted at your exact audience and driving traffic to a landing page for fifty cents a click. Wonderful. We love Instagram. LinkedIn is pretty great, too. Super underrated.

We started Sky Alphabet for two reasons. First, social media is essential for all businesses and brands. Second, we were seeing far too many social media campaigns with a strategy. That's a heart breaker! We wanted to bring strategic social media to businesses, public companies, agencies and brands at a price that won't break the bank. Our biggest thrill is seeing our clients grow. It really warms the heart, even on a cold Toronto day.

We are Instagram ad masters. We are award-winning. All we do is social media.

You'll be getting the best social media at the best price because we deliver results without breaking the bank. We work hard to make the most out of every interaction by collecting data on your audience and leveraging the strengths of the individual social media platforms. Our motto is win with social.



Social Media Marketing encompasses the strategy, planning and execution of one or more campaigns to achieve a desired business result or outcome. We get involved at the front end with setting the strategy, selecting the platforms, producing the creative and executing the campaign.