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skinSALVATION acne clinic

Mission District, California


skinSALVATION acne clinic

Mission District, California


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Meadow S.

19 April 2019

If you have acne, you NEED to come here. Yes, it is expensive, but it is well worth it. I have not had a treatment in a while because of finances, but I wish I could. The knowledge that this clinic has is unbelievable and all the staff are wonderful. I urge you to not be frustrated with any of the high prices or difficulty getting an appointment. I learned that you do not have to go through their skin clearing program perfectly...that is, yes, do what they say, but take what you will from it if you cannot afford to keep going, and believe me, you will learn SO MUCH about your skin and overall health. The skin treatments are very painful but less so if you have some complimentary Fernet beforehand :) Also, a note on the products, they are indeed pricey. But I have stopped using them for a while, and I am noticing my skin not looking so great. So I really do think these are some of the best products you can buy in SF for your acne and honestly they're probably cheaper than so much of the crap at Sephora so, just use them slowly! Kim is amazing and the other staff are awesome too. Thank you Kim! You and your team have helped me gain so much confidence as an artist and human. I hope to find time to see you again. More...


Becca J.

5 March 2019

I'm leaving a 5 star review because this is literally the only place that has ever helped my skin (and my skin is sensitive to everything - rosacea, acne). However, along with the comments recently left, I'm terrified of losing my skincare routine because it's nearly impossible to get an appointment and there's currently only one aesthetician. I can only hope they stay open and add on more aesthetician. I'm not sure if it's the cost of living in SF or what the deal is...but don't leave us Skin Salvation. It is pretty frustrating to not be able to have an appointments available and be wondering if I can rely on their clinic in the future, especially when it truly is the only thing that has helped me. More...


Tania W.

22 January 2019

Absolutely love Allyson at sS! Love the approach of this clinic, where they teach you about the products you use. Growing up, I have always just asked my friends what are the best products, but that's not always the same for each person. Knowing what works for you and your skin is important. Allyson kept me accountable to staying true to my treatment. I was really sad to hear when she moved away and left sS. She was absolutely amazing! More...


r r.

25 October 2018

Skin Salvation really is as good as it gets. A total life saver! I have a story like many who have come here...desperate, willing to do whatever it takes because their skin will not cooperate. My acne story started very young, with rounds of antibiotics and accutane that led to other horrible health problems with still no resolve. I later had to do my own research and tried diet and lifestyle changes that only moderately helped, but then I found Kim and Skin Salvation in 2011, and I was blown away by how thorough her treatments were and how committed she is to getting you clear. Kim and Skin Salvation have literally thought of everything that might get in the way of 100% clear skin and has a solution for you. Do what they tell you! Not only will your skin look better than you could have ever imagined, you'll be much healthier for it! All of their estheticians are excellent, but definitely see Kayla if you can! She is so awesome to work with. She is caring, quick, and a perfectionist when taking care of your skin. She has her own acne journey and can relate to the struggle of getting clear and has tons of knowledge and insights to share. You will feel well taken care of during this sometimes uncomfortable journey towards acne freedom. I am so grateful for Kim and Kayla and Skin Salvation! What you do changes people's lives. More...


Kenny E.

17 September 2018

The day I turned 29 I had a horrible breakout and it never went away...until I found this place! In just a few months they cleared me up pretty much completely. The initial visit they took a deep look at my lifestyle and diet and really told me what I needed to focus on and do better with and it helped a ton. Kayla and Allyson are my main little angles, they're both amazing at what they do and have a way of making me feel comfortable and happy with my visit even though they're stabbing my face and melting my skin (extracting and chemical peeling). 10/10 would recommend getting stabbed and having your skin melted here. Also, they have a bottle of fernet to partake in before any treatments! So that's cool. More...


Syra McCarthy

13 September 2018

I have struggled with acne from when I was a teenager into my late 20's. I found this place when I was borderline about to jump on the accutane train, even after knowing all of the negative side effects to the body. Thank god I did. Not only did it opened up a whole new world of knowledge and awareness of what I put in my body but it adjusted my lifestyle and put me on the road to clear skin. My girl Allyson was there with me every step of the way. Even when I felt those moments of lost hope, she gave me light. Not only would I get a cared for and detailed treatment each time I came in, but also a free therapy session. I honestly get complimented on my skin now about once a week and this is something I have never experienced before. All thanks to Allyson and the badass SS woman crew. Thanks ladies! More...


Michelle M.

13 September 2018

I've been seeing Allyson for almost a year next month and I'm really sad to see her go. She has been much more than an esthetician that just cleanses your face and throws products at you. She has helped me develop an overall healthier  lifestyle. Oh Allyson, I wish you weren't leaving because I can't thank you enough for making me feel comfortable during every visit and for being patient with me when I would fall of track. This has not been an easy ride, it's been long and comprising but you've made the journey much more enjoyable. I'm happy to say that after almost a year my adult acne is almost gone and it's all you Allyson! Thank you thank you thank you. May life bless you with nothing but wonderful things! More...


Micael B.

5 September 2018

Allyson is a miracle worker! My skin has done a complete 180 and it is very much thanks to Allyson's thoughtful care. She's not only thorough and thoughtful, she is kind and warm. This is a pretty big life change and Allyson was with me every step of the way. I wouldn't let anyone else near my face!! More...


Marissa W.

25 August 2018

It's not an exaggeration to say this place changed my life. Anyone suffering from chronic acne knows how much it can affect your day to day activities and self esteem. I'd been battling acne since I was about 14 and had felt I had tried everything. I even did the whole Accutane thing, which was an awful process but worked for about 5 years. Then about two years ago, I started my first year teaching and my acne became very, very inflamed. I was embarrassed to go anywhere in public and piled on tons of makeup in my attempt to hide it. My acne continued to get worse until, through my desperation, I found SkinSalvation. Their holistic, no nonsense approach has truly changed my skin - after about 5 months of treatment I was cleared!!! People now tell me my skin is glowing. I wear only light foundation (for the sole purpose of managing my sometimes oily t-zone) and my complexion is even and clear. It's expensive and I had to make some diet and beauty product changes, but for me, that's a small price to pay for feeling beautiful again. I do maintenance treatments now about once every two months. My esthetician Allyson (who now feels more like a friend!) has been taking care of me for the past year and a half. She is so warm and friendly, super knowledgeable about health and well-being, and I feel she attends to my skin with precision. She regularly gives me tips for managing stress and mental health on top of adjustments I can make to better take care of my skin and body. The clinic does without much of the frills of a regular spa, but I feel just as rejuvenated and refreshed after my treatments! SkinSalvation has truly transformed my skin and the way I think about my internal health. I can not recommend it enough for anyone struggling with their skin! More...


Anne Marie C.

23 August 2018

Emily at skinSALVATION has completely changed the way I see myself. After two decades of acne frustration (I'm 30 and my skin problems only continued to persist), I was exhausted just by the thought of hearing yet another person's perspective on how to get clear skin. I've tried every antibiotic, topical cream, pill (including Accutane), and more. I gave up, deciding it was easier to have mediocre skin and wear too much make up.After a particularly bad month, and finally admitting that whatever I was doing wasn't working, I scheduled my first appointment. To say that their process of overhauling lifestyle is comprehensive would be an understatement. Emily carefully went through, in detail, every aspect that could be contributing to my acne. The difference between my experience here, and with a traditional doctors office, is incomparable. I had my first appointment in January, and 8 months later, I've gotten an alarming amount of compliments, making me wonder why I didn't come in sooner. I've tried everything, and can tell you with confidence that this place knows exactly what they're doing. Special thanks to Emily for her endless patience, compassion, thoroughness, and openness to share her own experience of getting to clear skin. More...


Courtney H.

23 August 2018

This place is pretty incredible - I LOVE it.Pros:-The only thing I've ever heard of that will actually get to the root of your skin problems and help you understand how to solve them, sustainably!!! I've put a lot of work in, but my skin looks amazing now, and whenever I do get minor breakouts I have a clear understanding of what is causing them.-Takes a holistic approach to skincare instead of putting you on antibiotics and prescription meds that have terrible, long-term side effects.-Allyson (my esthetician) is AMAZING - she's always transparent and available to answer questions when I need her, she holds me accountable for doing my skin homework, and she pretty much knows everything there is to know when it comes to skincare. I trust her completely with my face, and I just really look forward to coming to the clinic because she is so much fun to chat with!!Cons:-Takes a lot of hard work on the client's part - there is no magic solution here. You have to make a lot of diet/lifestyle changes to see results (like cutting out dairy and coffee temporarily to see how they affect you, changing all the products you use on your face, and icing your face daily).-Expensive. Personally I think it's worth it, but depends on your budget. A standard session for me included extractions + chemical peel, which costs ~$145 (plus tip), and this was recommended approximately every three weeks until my skin was cleared up. You also will likely want to purchase their line of skin products, which are great by they add up, as well. The initial consultation is more expensive than a normal appointment, too. More...


Betsy K.

22 August 2018

Skin Salvation is a life saver. I struggled with chronic acne for years and someone introduced me to SS. Allyson was my esthetician and completely cleared my skin. She is also the best listener and an amazing resource for all things - from astrology to life advice. It's been an amazing journey and I pinch myself when I see how she's cleared up my skin. My life and career would not have improved the way it did had i not scored some confidence from having no more breakouts. Allyson kept me accountable to staying true to my treatment and I'm forever indebted to her work. More...


Lauren D.

13 August 2018

I came to SkinSalvation in October 2017 after struggling with horrible stress and hormonal acne for about 2 years. Like many other people, I tried what seemed like every single kind of skin care system, expensive face wash, and diet out there - with no luck. I was told by dermatologists that there was pretty much nothing that they could do with "my kind of acne". But with the help of sS (especially Kayla!!) I finally have my clear skin and confidence back. Don't let the pricing turn you off, it is so incredibly worth it. You will not regret it. It has seriously been life changing and I cannot thank them enough. More...


Steph O.

10 August 2018

Ss is the best place. I've been struggling with hormonal acne since I switched birth control pill, like everywhere on my skin with a few inflamed spots. I literally tried everything on the market, even Accutane (but as soon as I stopped, acne was coming back). And then when looking for a new dermatologist to visit, I found SkinSalvation on Yelp, and read the great reviews. I wasn't sure I wanted to go as 1) I had been disappointed by all the previous doctors I had seen 2) it was expensive for my budget 3) it was not immediate improvements (I was still dreaming of that magic cream that would remove it all in one night).I finally decided to go after my dermatologist told me that there was nothing to do, that I had to live with it. I went for the first explanatory visit, and decided to give it shot for a few months. I can tell you, I have NO REGRET at all, this was the best decision ever. I always take appointments with Kayla, and she is so great!! She is patient, even at the beginning when I had soooo many acne seeds to remove. Now, I go there once per month, for maintenance. I don't have to deal with acne anymore, and I even stopped wearing foundation every day! More...


Britni S.

4 August 2018

Kayla is the best. My skin has improved so much and she worked with me about my resections with the diet changes. Her treatments are relatively quick yet very thorough. Grateful to have been recommended this place because my skin was in rough shape! More...


Shaina G.

28 July 2018

Everyone at SS is wonderful and it has made a huge difference in my skin and how I feel overall.  Emily has been my girl and I can't believe she's leaving! She has made such a huge difference in my skin and helping me understand how to use the products in a way that gives them the most benefit. She really knows her stuff. She also makes the experience truly enjoyable because I love talking to her, I can tell she cares about you as a person and she's never judgmental about how you are handling your routine which makes for an easy, open and problem solving conversation. I wish I was seeing a little more happening from the peels, but I think that's something that will happen over time. If you're thinking about about it, I recommend giving it a try. It has really changed the way I think about caring for my skin. More...


Alex R.

24 July 2018

When I went to Skin Salvation I didn't know what to expect, as the dermatologist wasn't working after years with no success. Skin Salvation has simply been a miracle, but it all comes down to the amazing staff and services offered. I really can't speak highly enough about the owner and Emily who I was working with since I started my treatment. Emily is extremely skillful at her craft, but she is more than that. She is patient, personable and has very high attention to detail. From her professional services to reporting my procedure with daily follow ups to see if everything was going well. All I can say is thanks Emily and Skin Salvation for being the #1. More...


Kati K.

23 July 2018

Skin Salvation has really helped clear up my acne. I go to Emily and she is AMAZING. My skin feels super smooth and clear after a treatment with her and her extractions are not painful. Aside from the products,  which are great, ss gets you to clear skin by urging you to follow an acne safe diet. I was struggling with giving up coffee. Emily, in a gentle way, helped nudge me toward tea and I see a big difference in my skin. The breakouts on my jawline have cleared up and I feel so much better about the overall condition of my skin. 100% recommend. More...


Munkhzul C.

21 July 2018

I always had acne since I was teenager and never found right regimen until I came to Skin Salvation. It was time to do something about my adult acne and found Skin Salvation from Yelp. It had 5 stars and I really wanted to try. My first appointment was in March, 2018 with Emily. She was very nice, friendly and informative. Even first consultation appointment was little bit expensive for me I thought it was all worth it. I felt like it wasn't just about acne, it was also about healthy lifestyle. I was surprised that the products I was using would clog my skin more even though it was all for acne. So I've been going to Skin Salvation since then. First, I had treatment every other week until my skin got lot better (I can tell I have clear skin now. Everybody around me notices and compliments my skin). Now I go there just once a month just to have even clearer skin :-). Emily has been truly helpful and supportive through this journey. She really cares and does awesome job. I'm really happy that I came to Skin Salvation. More...


Jan Paredes

7 June 2018

This place changed my life!!!!


C I.

18 March 2018

I have always been hesitant to have a facials because of all the scary things I read about redness and breakouts afterward. I'm in my mid-30s and I'm getting married in the summer so I figured now would be a good time to figure out how to get my glow on. After doing a ton of research, I decided that Skin Salvation would be the place to go. I've been stalking their Instagram for months and I love the total-body approach skincare. If you're on the 'gram ya gotta check them out! You guys -- Skin Salvation did NOT disappoint and I adored my skin after Kayla worked her magic. I really enjoyed how pampered I felt throughout the entire process. Kayla made sure she communicated with me, but she spoke in the most soothing tone that I nearly fell asleep. It was THAT bomb!  After my appointment, I felt glowy, more educated, and experienced zero redness or breakouts after my treatment. My favorite part about my experience was the quick consult about the yummy products they used on my skin. When I mentioned that I was a smoker (bad for the skin I know!) I got zero judgement and even a recommendation for a skincare routine that worked with that in mind. So much love for this place! I can't recommend Kayla and the team at Skin Salvation enough! More...


Rebecca Schwenk

13 March 2018

This place has saved and changed my life. I never had acne until I was about 22 and it got so bad so suddenly and I couldn't for the life of me understand what was going on. I tried EVERYTHING. Every product and acne system out there that (proactiv, sephora products, dermatologica, drugstore products, facials, dermabrasion, laser treatments, dermatologist prescriptions, you name it - I tried it) and then switched to trying all natural, organic treatments. Nothing worked whatsoever. When I moved to San Francisco, I was looking for a place for skincare and skinSalvation popped up on my google search. I checked it out and decided it was worth a try since I had seemingly already tried everything else.

I learned that every product I have been using from my toothpaste to my shampoo to my laundry detergent (not to mention my face products) were contributing to my acne and were not safe for my skin. I had to change over my life for the better and simplify my 43 step routine (which was a god send). I also learned about my diet and how that contributed to acne. I learned about the cause of acne and how it forms. skinSalvation truly educated me and gave me the tools to change my skin. And within a few months, it has cleared up to 95%. I still get zits and I am so careful about my skin, but it has cleared up so much and healed and scars have faded. If you have been suffering with acne, I know what you are going through and the agony and time spent obsessing. While skinSalvation may seem expensive, it is so worth it to change your life and I really and truly urge you to go.

Shout out to Allyson, my esthetician, who has helped with such genuine caring! It is always great to visit her and get her help and support.

Thank you so much to skinSalvation!!


Rebecca D.

13 March 2018

This place has saved and changed my life. I never had acne until I was about 22 and it got so bad so suddenly and I couldn't for the life of me understand what was going on.  I tried EVERYTHING.  Every product and acne system out there that (proactiv, sephora products, dermatologica, drugstore products, facials, dermabrasion, laser treatments, dermatologist prescriptions, you name it - I tried it) and then switched to trying all natural, organic treatments. Nothing worked whatsoever.  When I moved to San Francisco, I was looking for a place for skincare and skinSalvation popped up on my google search.  I checked it out and decided it was worth a try since I had seemingly already tried everything else.  I learned that every product I have been using from my toothpaste to my shampoo to my laundry detergent (not to mention my face products) were contributing to my acne and were not safe for my skin.  I had to change over my life for the better and simplify my 43 step routine (which was a god send).  I also learned about my diet and how that contributed to acne.  I learned about the cause of acne and how it forms.  skinSalvation truly educated me and gave me the tools to change my skin.  And within a few months, it has cleared up to 95%.  I still get zits and I am so careful about my skin, but it has cleared up so much and healed and scars have faded.  If you have been suffering with acne, I know what you are going through and the agony and time spent obsessing.  While skinSalvation may seem expensive, it is so worth it to change your life and I really and truly urge you to go.  Shout out to Allyson, my esthetician, who has helped with such genuine caring!  It is always great to visit her and get her help and support.Thank you so much to skinSalvation!! More...


Yael Meromy

11 March 2018

I LOVE Skin Salvation- they are the real deal!

I came to SS for a consultation because my skin had gotten much worse than ever before over the last few years, and I wanted to try some new products as well as gain a deeper understanding of what was causing my breakouts. My esthetician Emily A. was AMAZING. Skilled, thorough, smart, good-natured and just so nice- (plus she made me laugh which is always a bonus). She went over my life in detail and presented reasonable “acne-safe” alternatives to all different aspects of my lifestyle. She was also excellent doing extractions on me, washing my face and doing all the “esthetitician” stuff that actually involves touching my skin. I felt totally comfortable the whole time, even while getting extractions done (which can be painful sometimes) and discussing things that have been uncomfortable for me to discuss with other clinicians in the past. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Also the SS products have completely changed my life and helped my skin SO much.

Note-Esthetician Alison was also lovely on multiple occasions. Would recommend her as well. :-)


Isabel F.

3 March 2018

This place is amazing. I started going May 2016 when I first moved to SF. My skin was a mess from eating the wrong foods, stressing out a lot, drinking too much caffeine and not getting enough sleep. After seeing Allyson, skinSalvation has not only helped clear up my skin but also improved my overall health and lifestyle. Yes it is a bit pricey, but it is so so worth it. My skin started clearing up within 1-2 months (that is, if you follow everything they tell you!)Thank you thank you thank you!! I'm moving out of Cali and I'm so sad I won't be seeing y'all anymore :( More...


Kaitlin K.

28 November 2017

A facial at Skin Salvation is unlike anything else I've tried. They have a strict regimen for an acne safe lifestyle and I'm sure if I followed it my skin would be 100% clear. That being said, my skin has cleared up significantly (about 80%) from the facials alone and I couldn't be happier. They recently introduced a new kind of Spa facial, it feels similar to the more relaxing facials I've tried in the past but was still effective. All of the facialists I've worked with have been great but I highly recommend Kayla. More...


Nevada L.

5 November 2017

I walked in 5 months ago with cystic acne that started after I hit my 40s. I had no idea how to handle it and kept buying random products in an attempt to get rid of it. After my initial consult I finally felt so relieved and empowered - I had a plan of action. Today my skin is clear and pain free (if you have cystic acne you know what I'm talking about). And throughout the process my skin never got dry or flaky. The guidelines about changing your diet aren't easy to commit to, but they work! If you follow their advice, get regular treatments and use the excellent products you will get results. It feels great not to be embarrassed or distracted by my skin! More...


Erin R.

19 October 2017

Since my skin has cleared up (after seeing Kim & the gang at Skin Salvation) I only go in for their acne treatments a few times a year. This has been an amazing development. Also, I like to be pampered from time to time so I've been trying to figure out where I could get an "acne safe" spa facial. Good news! Now Skin Salvation is offering them! I just got one with Allyson, and after my skin was super hydrated and I was uber relaxed. Loved the massage portion! More...


Jenna S.

10 September 2017

Skin Salvation is EVERYTHING. The staff and service are personalized, caring and incredibly knowledgable. They DO not care about selling you things you do not need, they only want what is best for your skin and overall health. The office itself is beautiful and very welcoming. I had the privilege of working with Emily and she gave such great advice, after only one treatment and a few days of my new regimen, my skin has dramatically improved.The owner was so kind, she gave me free samples of some products that I was hesitant about purchasing, but after a few uses, I will absolutely return to buy them. This place is a sanctuary for women who are seeking real help and resources to improve their skin and confidence. Worth EVERY penny. Thank you Skin Salvation, because of you my breakouts do not stand a chance! More...


Alma C.

25 August 2017

I was participating in a clinical trial over the past two months, that alone got my acne down significantly and I am officially a client as of today! Looking forward to a healthier skin with the help of these lovely ladies :) More...


Nicki B.

30 July 2017

skin salvations is still my favorite clinic in sf to get the BEST products for your skin.  i never shop anywhere else for my facial moisturizer, under eye cream and powder.  kim's experience, intelligence and thorough research in all things healing for the body is felt the moment you walk into her gorgeous clinic! her team is friendly and experienced too.  thank you kim for providing a hub of wellness and knowledge in sf.  i am grateful for your service, products and kindness!! More...


Karina Gerstenschlager

7 June 2017

I wish I had found this place when I was 12. I've struggled with breakouts my entire life- from small ones that only I noticed, to deep and painful (and embarrassing!) blemishes. Over the years, I tried everything from OTC creams to antibiotics, Retin-As, Tazorac, and even isotretinoin (Acutane). After a scary allergic reaction to the isotretinoin, I was scared that I had no choice but to live with icky skin. And then I found Skin Salvation! After just 2 appointments with Liesse and 4 weeks on my new regimen, my skin completely turned around. 3 months later, coworkers and friends ask me about my glowing skin (not exaggerating!). Dark marks from old blemishes are fading and I'm hooked- Thank you to Liesse and team for helping me find a lifestyle path to amazing skin! *Bonus point: the Skin Salvation regimen also helps fight wrinkles and aging by reducing inflammation. If you are struggling with your skin, sign up to see this team immediately! More...


M. M.

11 May 2017

I've struggled with adult acne for 8 years. Dermatologists always prescribed medicine after medicine and never suggested any lifestyle or product changes. That seemed strange. How could products really have no effect on acne? So when I found SkinSalvation on Yelp, I had to try it. A sustainable, medicine-free, customized regimen to clear your skin? Yes please! After only 1.5 months of treatments, lifestyle changes, and product changes, I have almost no new acne. Seriously. My skin is soft and acne-free. My parents were amazed when they saw me. Note that the lifestyle changes are no joke- get ready to ditch dairy, soy, and coffee and start taking a supplement, using a new laundry detergent, and even swap out your hair products (I now have great skin but really dry hair), but you can reintroduce some of those elements after the total purge is over. Thank you so much, SkinSalvation! More...


Dhesa K.

26 April 2017

Skin Salvation is the best!!! They helped me with my journey to a clearer skin!! Shout out to Liz!! It took my skin a year to really get better and looking at my old pictures I can say that it's a money well spent! I never had pimples before but last year was different, I guess it was a mix of stress and diet + trying various product such as proactive which made my pimple worst!!! Thankfully I found skin salvation here on yelp and honestly I was skeptical at first but I decided to dive in and try it out and it was the best decision that I made!! Thank you skin salvation for helping me to be clear from stubborn pimples!!! You're the best!!! More...


Allyn Nielson

10 April 2017

I went to skinsalvation for mild acne issues -- their products as well as changes to my diet helped my skin clear up almost 100%.

While the visits are expensive to do regularly, I highly recommend working with them for 3 months to get your skin under control.

Service is wonderful, and I can easily email my questions to the team and get answers within 24 hours.

Strongly recommend Allyson and Kerry.


Jan P.

27 March 2017

the best acne clinic in san francisco! i've been a long time sS client (since 2010!) you will not find a place like this anywhere! not only they clear your face and go. they also EDUCATE you about living a healthier lifestyle... this awesome company is how i started becoming a health nut, knowing what's going inside my body so it's a lifetime investment for sure! my face has been consistently CLEAR, for life. all of the estheticians are super friendly and welcoming every time i come by. all of their products are definitely upgraded since i first had my treatment and are all ACNE-SAFE. kim was the only person who did my treatments and sadly she's retired from the treatment room to creating and developing acne-safe products to those in need (& writing a book!) but she still watches her estheticians to set a skinSALVATION's high standards so they are able to accommodate everyone who needs to take the journey to clear skin. before i started, i was on a 6-month waitlist! now they're 9+ years that just celebrated their birthday and growing. you already know that they are doing something right :) love you, all! More...


Anthony Dukes

23 March 2017

Haven't been in to see the team at skinSalvation yet, because I'm in Australia, but they helped me heaps with with my questions over phone.

My favourite new trick is icing, which is helping tremendously, and they didn't push a sales pitch on me, which was really refreshing and pointed me to their blog on their site that has a ton of great resources I can use too :)


Patrycja K.

16 November 2016

I rarely give 5 star reviews but this place has truly changed my life and how I take care of my skin. I've been going to Allyson for a few months now and am finally reaching complete clarity and beautiful complexion of my skin. I have been struggling for years with antibiotic and treatments that didn't help. SS gives you a complete plan and an approach that is far reaching and very successful. I'm immensely grateful to have found this place and the wonderful ladies there. Thank you! :-) More...


Bruna B.

27 October 2016

I've been seeing Kerry for about a year now and i have to say it's one of the best decisions i've made! Before coming to skin salvation i was having a really hard time controlling my breakouts. After meeting with Kerry it was like an angel sent from above! She is so knowledgeable about everything skin-related, how to be healthier and how to maintain your skin clear and healthy too. All of the staff have been nothing but friendly to me and not to mention, their products are definitely top notch--the charcoal face wash is my favorite. I've been a loyal customer, and client of Kerry, for quite some time and i plan on keeping it that way :)! More...


Jen F.

28 September 2016

I've had bad acne all my life.  When I was a teenager I had a huge pimple that stuck with me for months.  Even in adulthood acne continued to follow me.  It wasn't until I started going to Skin Salvation that my acne started to heal.  I am so grateful to Kim and her staff.  I learned how to make my acne stay away for good and for that I'm thankful. More...


Zuri B.

21 September 2016

If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would. I have suffered from moderate acne since I was a teenager and thought I'd never had to deal with it as an adult. But I was wrong. My acne got way worse during my college years and was at its worst at when I was 25 26. In search of finding a cure and a dermatologist I came across skin Salvation. The truly cure of my acne. FOR. EVER! More...


Rayna K.

14 September 2016

The name is apt, and Kerry is my saviour.When I walked into Skin Salvation nearly two years ago, I was utterly demoralized and confused. My skin was freaking out for no discernible reason, and I had attempted all manner of activity to remedy it. Kerry walked me through a detailed questionnaire to evaluate my skincare and cosmetic routine, dietary habits, stress level, sleeping patterns, and overall lifestyle and health.We all intuitively know that skin is just as much a reflection of what you put into your body as what you put onto it, but how many of us really know the specifics? There are overarching principles as well as our own individual nuances. Kerry has helped me learn and reinforce both, and the difference has been restorative. In return, I can only offer a million thank-yous to Kerry, Kim, and the rest of the amazing team. Everyone is always kind and willing to help.In short, I'm absolutely thrilled Skin Salvation exists, and support them wholeheartedly. They brought stability back to my skin and continue to be an ever-calming influence in my life. More...


Chris G.

13 September 2016

I've been visiting this clinic for about a year and a half, and after many lifestyle (and product) changes, I'm finally living with clear, beautiful skin. I never thought this day would come, and I'm so happy that this clinic not only set me up with noncomedogenic products (and not just for my face, but everything that comes into contact with my skin: laundry soap, hair products, lotion, etc.), but also armed me with the information I needed about eating a low inflammation, low sugar, dairy-free, estrogen-free diet. Two years ago I was eating a classic American diet and also picking at my acne, using super cloggy products, and having no idea why I was plagued with adult acne. What a turnaround it has been. They make a lot of their own products in the clinic, which can be pricey, but certainly not more than what you'd spend at Sephora. They actually test their products to ensure they do not clog pores, and their blog offers tons of great advice on other products, recipes, etc.Highly recommend to anyone living with acne. Just make sure that you are ready to make the changes you need to make to be acne-free. It takes just as much from your end (if not more) than just visiting the clinic. Usually a whole lifestyle change is in order, and it may take awhile to actually see results, but once you do, wow. More...


Suprinya U.

11 September 2016

I've been suffered with acne for 5 years and never thought it would be gone till I found this place from friend of friend. I started having the first consult with Allyson. She supported and guided me about my diet and how to take care of skin. She's very friendly and have a great effort to understand my broken English ! And After I have done working on the diet regiment and treatment with Allyson for 3 months. (5 times treatment), my skin has changed ! No more imflamed acnes and it's 90% clear. Only some light scars that need to take time.I can't believe that I'm gonna have a chance to dress up and going out with confident again. No more hiding my skin with foundation. Now I can lift my face up and have eyes contact with everyone. I'm so confident and so much happy. For anyone who wants to say good bye to acne, come to this place !! I'm 100% sure that they can help you. All staffs here are very friendly ! And Allyson and Kerry you did a great job !! No worry about the money. It's worth every penny !!! More...


Meredith L.

23 August 2016

i've tried everything to treat my acne and was at the end of my rope when i found skinSALVATION. my life is transformed. i cannot overstate how wonderful the clinic is, how effective the treatments are, and how loving, knowledgable and supportive everyone who works there is. natalie changed my life and i think of her fondly and with immense gratitude everyday. i have so much more confidence and feel in control of my body and skin health. i can't thank you enough. More...


T C.

23 August 2016

It will soon be 7 years that I have been a loyal member of SS and I intend to keep it that way! Not only do these awesome ladies keep my face in check but they taught me also a little bit about women's health and SS has saved me from on going doctors visits. I love all of SS's skin care products and the acne safe make-up that they have available.....not to mention acne safe chocolate!!! You want glowing, clear skin done in a holistic way, Skin Salvation is the place to go!! LOVE SS!!! More...


Kaitlyn V.

22 August 2016

I have been seeing Kerry for 7 months or so and have truly enjoyed every signature facial and / or peel. Kerry is relatable, kind, and is attentive to my skin's needs. While I have been going though some medical problems that have forced me to take ongoing antibiotics, which have not allowed my skin to completely clear up, I have noticed that my skin is healthier overall. Before seeing Kerry I was using way too many products and spent too much time on my skin care routine. Now, I spend five minutes or less! Woot woot! I look forward to the day when I no longer need to wear make-up (hopefully soon) and would recommend Kerry and skinSalvation to anyone who is looking to clear-up their acne and improve their overall health! More...


Julia E.

22 August 2016

BACKGROUND: This is a review for a 30 year old female with non-inflamed mild to moderate acne and oily skin.  I began dealing with acne as a teenager and it started getting worse in my early to mid-twenties, particularly on my forehead.  I've been to the dermatologist so many times over the years and tried many treatments, including topical antibiotics and finally spironolactone (which is more helpful for hormonal acne vs my genetically acneic skin).  It was always a battle between oily skin and then flaky, dry skin in response to strong topical treatments.  I think dermatologists are really helpful for serious skin issues, but if you go in with moderate acne they think you want a prescription and that your skin isn't comparatively terrible.  So they sort of don't take it as seriously as you do when it's your skin.  I'm skeptical of non-science-based treatments, but it started to concern me that no dermatologist ever asked about my diet or what makeup or other skincare products I used, because I was seeing the connection in my own skin. CONSULTATION: I had my first consultation with Kerry at SkinSalvation in December 2015.  My main concerns were acne, oily skin, and what I thought were blackheads on my nose.  Kerry was very detailed in providing background about acne and explaining the SkinSalvation treatment process (which addresses skincare, makeup, eating habits and stress management), and answering my many questions.  She explained that the spots on my nose are not actually blackheads but sebaceous filaments.  The disappointing news is that they are impossible to get rid of completely, but she suggested they could be less apparent by reducing the oil/sebum in the pore, achieved by following the treatment process.  The difficult recommendations for me were cutting out soy, dairy and sugar.  The skincare regimen recommended will vary by individual skin concerns - for me it involves a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer/sunscreen.  The products aren't cheap (prices on their site) but it's not more than I was spending previously and they last.  I'm still using the same bottle of cleanser and sunscreen I bought at my first appointment in December. TREATMENT: I've had all my facials with Kerry and she's wonderful.  I get facials every 2 months or so now.  I would probably have cleared up faster if I'd gone more frequently, as recommended, in the beginning of my treatment.  My skin is dotted with red marks for the first day after extractions, but they heal completely within a few days and then I have the best, clearest skin for the next two weeks.  I'd suggest bringing sunglasses and a hat for after extractions if you're taking public transit. RESULTS: In the first month or two I was following all the suggestions regarding skincare products, but I was still eating some soy, dairy and sugar.  Once I finally cut those out of my diet (especially cutting back on sugar) I saw a big difference in the clarity of my skin.  For the first time since I can remember, I go through a day of work without needing to use an oil absorbing sheet.  The sebaceous filaments on my nose are not invisible, but they are less apparent.  What I really appreciate is that they have a holistic program in place that educates you and takes the guess work out of skincare.  They are available to answer questions by email and provide support, which I think is a big part of why this works.  The website is also a great resource!  I always get an email after my appointments summarizing suggestions and providing links to products we discussed.  I also like that I feel much healthier overall since adopting their suggestions.  Treating acne isn't simple and skin aggravators really do vary among individuals.  If you're willing to change your lifestyle, I strongly recommend SkinSalvation. More...


Christopher M.

19 August 2016

Lisa was great! She was gentle! She was fast! Thank you guys for making me feel beautiful!


Ella G.

19 August 2016

This is the go to place in SF, and maybe on the planet for true skin health. As a holistic professional, I look to people for systemic health support for my skin and body issues. Allyson was very knowledgeable not just on skin health but on gut health and body health as well. She was a consummate professional, a delight to work with and made my facial process enjoyable and informative. Skin salvation supports me in truly keeping my body and my skin healthy and whole. More...


Amanda M.

18 August 2016

I love this place and everything they are about! The staff is so incredibly helpful to all of my questions. Such an awesome business! I hope they expand one day!


Kate B.

17 August 2016

I turned 30, found the courage to leave my boyfriend and start my own business.  Life was exhilarating, AND I had a raging new case of adult onset acne.  :( .  The new found courage I found was encumbered by my "faulty" skin.  I found skin salvation because the founder Kimberly Tan and I were at a wedding together.  I made an appointment 6 years ago and have never had a facial anywhere since.  In addition to a superior treatment, I received and education on my diet, lifestyle, and product choice.  The clinic has a holistic mentality whiteout being hippy dippy.  I had been clear for many years and recently had a relapse.  Largely due to travel, diet, and environmental change. I came home and made an appointment with Lisa.  After a week later my skin was completely clear and I had a regime for both my life in CA and my life as a sailor.   Through experience I have trust in their process and their products.  I can live life with confidence and no make up!!!! More...


Katie T.

17 August 2016

I can't rave enough about SkinSalvation. If only all skin treatments were like theirs. I started seeing Kim in 2007 and wanted to improve my skin and she was so dedicated and passionate and made skin glow and clear! She doesn't just do treatments, her approach at SkinSalvation is holistic - from your diet to your products to your daily routine. It changed the way I understand my skin and treat it from the inside out. You leave not only feeling like your skin is healthy but you're rejuvenated because the care so much about you! More...


Hannah M.

17 August 2016

Can't say enough good things about this place. I've had many facialists in the past but it doesn't beat the thoroughness that this team has when it comes to holistic skin care. All of the changes that i've made to my lifestyle aren't just good for my skin -- but also my digestion, stress levels, and sleep! I've been working with Sally at first & now Allyson who has been an absolutely angel -- incredibly patient, gentle and understanding of the challenges of transitioning to an acne-safe lifestyle. My curly hair products were one of the bigger triggers that caused my acne, and being a curly girl herself she appreciated the challenge of finding acne-safe products.Everyone that works at SkinSalvation from the front desk staff to the estheticians are all an incredibly kind team that really are life savers. No need to look anywhere else :) More...


luvlee l.

16 August 2016

Skin Salvation has literally saved my skin! I remember one night feeling desperate to find a place that could help heal my cystic acne and stayed up all night searching skin spas/dermatologists, etc and I came across Skin Salvation. I read the reviews and was drawn to what this clinic had to offer and the clients seemed genuinely pleased with their results. I am one of those people that grew up with acne and took every pill known to man to clear my skin (accutane, birth control, tetracycline), applied every ointment, used proactiv, homemade remedies (don't recommend this lol), etc.  I'm learning from Skin Salvation that I have to be consistent with their game plan on clearing my skin, use the products as instructed, EAT healthier (no coffee booooo but it's worth it promise!), and hydrate and ice (a lot). Nowadays I barely wear any foundation or powder and my makeup products last a whole lot longer!! I feel amazing walking out into public without layering my face with concealer. Thank you Skin Salvation for being my skin Angels and friends!!! More...


Jessica L.

15 August 2016

I started seeing Kim when I was 19 years old, and now, I am 27 years old. I say this with complete confidence and trust, I completely trust Kim with my skin. Before coming to Skin Salvation, I had tried accutane, antibiotics, scrubs, rinses, tonics etc from the dermatologist. Nothing worked, so I finally gave up trying to do anything. I started seeing Kim, and my face started clearing up about two- three months into seeing her. Also-- I was away at college (NYC) at the time, so I wasn't able to see her on the regular. However, my skin soon became very clear. I had really bad hyper pigmentation, and it is all gone now! I have been completely clear since I was 19. There is nothing better than waking up with clear skin every day. At work, my colleagues often comment and tell me my skin looks like a "doll skin, like porcelain" or "like baby skin." I also love that I don't have to cover my face with a mask of make up every day. I love not wearing make up. I think Kim and her staff are extremely professional, and I wouldn't trust any one else with my skin. More recently, I had a rash on my stomach and arms and legs, and I called Liesse to help me because the dermatologist wouldn't help. She gave me tons of holistic remedies to do,a s well as soaps that didn't aggravate the rash. I believe they really helped me. I would definitely recommend going to Kim. I still buy products here, even though my skin is clear. I love the wash, the sunblock, and the moisturizers. They are also free of toxic ingredients.Seriously, go here! If you want clear skin, best decision I ever made! More...


Vinnie P.

15 August 2016

I've been seeing Kim and her crew at skinSalvation for almost 10 years now.  I've always had a great experience, and learn about nutrition too.  I always take away something new each visit, and update my regimen and diet.  I use their products, which are affordable and excellent for my skin.  Highly recommended, you will be happy! More...


Catherine M.

30 July 2016

sS is the absolute best! I battled with acne for almost 15 years, trying every prescription, product line, and treatment available. No one knew how to treat my skin-- something would work for a month or two, and then my breakouts would come back full force. I tried super harsh chemicals and treatments as well as super natural skin routines. I went to dermatologists, specialists, and spas, but no one could ever truly help my skin! It was so frustrating to never understand what was causing my breakouts! After moving to SF while battling some horrible cystic acne during my first pregnancy, I gave sS a try. They are serious about helping you, and I was serious about clearing my skin-- so I brought all my products with me and spent a lot of time filling out their pre-appointment forms. It was immediately clear to me that they were willing to spend the time and energy to really understand MY skin and help me find a solution. I learned so much at my first appointment and am happy to say that after a few months my skin looked amazing- the best it has looked in my whole life! I've now been a client for 2 years and my skin has stayed calm and clear. The entire staff is kind and resourceful. They were able to easily modify my routines to be breastfeeding and pregnancy- safe, and are always there to offer suggestions for whatever may came up (traveling to a dry climate, needing a new hair product, finding the best acne-safe meal delivery service in SF, etc).Everyone at sS is on a mission to help you understand and heal your skin, and they really are experts. My skin routine is easier than it's ever been because, for the first time in my life, it's free of any guesswork. I know exactly how to keep my skin clear for life, and I have Kim and her crew to thank!! More...


Amanda L.

21 July 2016

I have been a sS client for 7 months now. Kimberley and the other estheticians completely changed my skin. I was battling with cystic acne around my chin, which was painful and upsetting. Some days I couldn't bear to go into the office, and if I had to face a client...forget it. It took me about a year of breakdowns until I made the call to sS. After the first treatment, the cysts started to disappear and never came back. My skin has been consistently 95% clear for the past few months. The treatments and initial cost of products is expensive, but it is the best gift I have EVER given myself. The sS team takes a holistic approach to tackling acne. It all starts with ditching products that don't serve your skin and setting yourself on a strict elimination diet to determine some of the root causes for inflammation. I was initially really sad to learn that dairy and coffee (bye bye Philz addiction) were causing breakouts. The sS team has wonderful resources and great personal suggestions of new foods and recipes to try that meet your diet needs.All of the products are amazing, smell great, and last a long time. The small containers are perfect for traveling or throwing in your gym bag. And the treatments- it's like being at a spa (with a little poking here and there). I love the tranquility and cleanliness of the rooms every time I go in for a treatment. The staff are all so friendly and sincere, you really can't go wrong. Thank you sS for making me look and feel beautiful again! More...


Nicole B.

5 July 2016

If you are serious about getting your skin cleared up this is the place to go but beware, this is not your typical frilly spa where an inexperienced person puts masks on your face and gives you a foot and hand massage.  This place is legit.  I have been treated by this clinic for almost six years now.  After hoping from fancy dermatologists and spas around Los Angeles, I found Kim, the owner, at the Skin Salvation Clinic shortly after moving to San Francisco.  My face was in BAD shape.  However, in less than a year, Kim and her team transformed my face and I have been living 95% clear for a couple years now.I had to throw out a lot of make-up after my first visit and make some dietary changes that were recommended by the team but they have all worked and I have seen the direct correlations between what they recommend and how clear my face ends up.Over the years, I have been treated by numerous people at the clinic, including the owner, Kim herself.  All of them are stellar.  If you know Kim, she is a perfectionist and takes her line of work very seriously.  Her team goes through extensive training and education to be on staff here so I never worry about getting a bad treatment.  All of the products are specifically formulated by the clinic which you might think is a scam to sucker you into spending a bunch of extra money, but honestly they work AND are pretty reasonably priced for products focused on this sort of healing on the market.All-in-All if you have acne of any sort i.e. face, back chest etc. look no further than the Skin Salvation Clinic.  Their newer location is conveniently located next to the 22nd BART stop and they have expanded their team so I don't think you have to get on the wait-list anymore to get an appointment -- I had to wait 6-months a few years ago when I started!Good luck and enjoy your new beautiful acne-free face!TIP: I get my dermatologist to write an annual RX for "acne treatments" at the Skin Salvation Clinic.  With this letter, I am able to submit treatments for FSA healthcare (pre-tax) reimbursement. More...


Julie N.

23 June 2016

Kim (the founder) has clearly obsessed over ever detail of the customer experience and has created the most incredible holistic, end-to-end approach to acne treatment. sS will educate you, hold you accountable, and give you all the products (their in-house products are insanely high-quality and better than all the high-end products I've tried from Sephora that cost 4x more) and tools you need to completely turn your skin around. Yes, there will be a lot of work and habit changes for you to do, but this is the reality of skincare. It's not about popping antibiotics and spironolactone and then eating a bunch of junk food and failing to manage your stress, sleep, and hydration. It's about learning to live a healthier lifestyle and building skin-healthy habits. It sounds like a lot, but sS will guide you through every step. They genuinely care about your success so much. You will feel completely nurtured throughout your journey to clear skin. More...


Monica B.

30 September 2015

Life Changing sums it up!! For the first time in 20 years, I feel like I am getting my life and confidence back. I owe this all to Kerry and the wonderful girls at SkinSalvation!  My acne journey started in my teens, followed me through my 20's and 30's...here I am at 40 and for the FIRST time in 20 years I have no pimples on my face!! For years, I spent money going to dermatologist after dermatologist. I tried every antibiotic out there, every prescription cream out there, went on two courses of Accutane, did Blue Light treatments...you name it, I tried it.  None of it worked and only made my immune system and body more unhealthy than when I started. None of the dermatologist took time to ask me about my diet, explain what ingredients could be triggers in products etc. All they really cared about what getting me to try the latest drug.  My entire life I missed out on a lot of family events or seeing friends because I was too embarrassed of my face. I work from home to avoid being in public and have dealt with depression/anxiety.  In just 4 weeks, Kerry and SkinSalvation have helped my face and me do what no one could in 20 years. Kerry is VERY understanding, extremely kind, and made me feel super comfortable with her. She spent almost 90 minutes with me on the first visit going over my history, listening to my concerns and explaining how diet, the wrong facial products, sleep, stress etc. ALL play a part in acne. I left with a detailed plan on what to do for the next few weeks. I went home, threw out all my old facial products, went grocery shopping for a new diet and haven't looked back in 4 weeks. Seeing the improvement in such a short time makes the diet totally worth it! Kerry gave me her email and is there for any question I have and responds within hours! What dermatologist will do that for you...none! And the best part is that I find the monthly facials super relaxing. :o)  I will always be a client and forever thankful!! More...


Diana R.

13 September 2015

I have only been to my first appointment, but it was definitely a 5-star experience!  Kim and Kerry were professional, friendly, and kind.  Kerry's consultation was thorough, and she was so empathetic when talking about my healthy history and lifestyle.  She was patient and detail-oriented.  I am so excited to be a client and can't wait to see the results as I change my lifestyle and the products I use on my skin! More...


Brooke T.

12 August 2015

SS really truly changed my life. I came across this yelp page in August 2014, and I was so frustrated and felt that I had tried EVERYTHING to clear my skin and nothing worked. I went in to this experience with very low expectations, because every "miracle" acne cure I had tried did nothing for me. I had been on antibiotics for a year straight and of course the acne came back immediately after I stopped taking them. They also had many adverse effects on my overall and gut health. I had been eating clean/dairy and soy free for two years, was trying to do elimination diets for inflammatory foods, and oil cleansing with coconut oil daily (yikes!). Of course I found out that all of the face products and makeup I had been using were contributing to the problem.The treatments are very expensive, but I had spent so much free time and money trying to solve this problem myself that for me it was completely worth it. Natalie is a rockstar! She is so knowledgable and empathetic, not to mention hilarious. She truly changed my life. I was almost completely clear in 3 months and have never looked back. I recently moved to Seattle and I am wishing so badly that there was a location or affiliate here so I could keep up with the occasional facial. These ladies really know their stuff- I cannot recommend this place enough! More...


B-rad R.

12 July 2015

Wow! Just wow!! I have been seeing Kim (owner of Ss) for at least 5-6 years. For the last 2 of those years I have been a bit of a bad girl with not getting regular facials but was still keeping up with her great skin care products. But I noticed that for a while now my skin has been broken out and not smooth at all. So I decided to come in for an appointment.I forgot what a nice treat it is. My skin feels so great too. It hasn't completely healed yet but it was nice to be reminded of how important keeping up with facials are.I had the privilege of scheduling with Leisse and couldn't have been more satisfied with our time together. She was very thorough, attentive and easy to talk to. She followed up with great suggestions and provided me support to contact her to help monitor my skin progress of getting clear again.  Thanks girls!! Xo More...


Julie M M.

11 May 2015

Clearly, Skin Salvation team and Kim personally don't "need" yet another 5 star review, but I feel like out of all the businesses and services I've ever used - they and only they truly deserve it. I'll start by saying that my road to skin salvation has been very long.. I've had light to moderate acne on and off though out my whole life after puberty.. It started to get a lot worse in my mid 20's,  I went to a dermatologist, then another one, multiple estheticians, very pricy spas, i tried every single solution I could find here and abroad and nothing seemed to work.. I was embarrassed, totally lost and very depressed -  these were definitely the darkest years for my skin... Acne affected how I interacted with people, and many decisions I made..  The funny thing is that all these years EVERYONE kept telling me that diet had nothing to do with my problem... I had no choice but to believe them..I finally came across Skin Salvation blog one late night goggling acne causes and connections and instantly, for the first time everything I read about acne causes made so much sense.. Of corse diet plays a role in how your skin looks and of corse everything you put on your skin will affect it in one way or the other... Kim did an OUTSTANDING job and got to the bottom of it. She is so diligent and resourceful, like a walking encyclopedia. It turns out that it only takes few simple lifestyle changes and your skin can be completely clear with absolutely no drugs - AMAZING! It's been 6 or 7 months since my first appointment at SS- my skin had been clear for the last 5. It's been an amazing transformation internally as well as externally - all credit to SS, - "just take it ONE DAY AT A TIME". This is what Kim told me after my first appointment, and it turned out to be a really good advice and something I tell myself once in a while...So I really want to say - Thank you Kim for your hard work for your patience and wisdom! For starting SS, for finding and training wonderful ladies who work there (I now see Kerry on regular basis - and I LOVE her ), for giving me confidence, for changing my skin and my life! More...


Elena S.

10 May 2015

Skin Salvation truly changed my life. Not just skin, but also life style and the way I eat and take care of myself. My skin has done a complete 160 and I've never felt this good about myself in my whole life. The services and products are worth every penny and I'm very grateful to have found such a treasure in SF. I would recommend this place to everyone I know! More...


M.T. C.

22 April 2015

I walked into SkinSalvation mid-December 2014 looking red like a tomato and acne blemishes all over my cheeks. It was pretty bad. It is now April and I can say my acne is 90% clear. There's a few lingering blemishes but I am SO happy with my progress. I've been working with Kerri who is super sweet and helpful. At first I wasn't sure of the extractions. They hurt and you do scab but after being a patient for 3+ months I can say, it works. Have patience and trust the process. Their products are affordable for the most part and I LOVE that they aren't full of weird ingredients. They are produced by them so you know they're great!I do have to say that coming here also challenged me to change my unhealthy eating habits and I learned that clear skin is as much about you as it is about the clinic. They will give you the tools but YOU need to put in the work. I love this place! More...


Andrea F.

24 February 2015

I don't really write that many reviews, so when I do, I really mean it.SkinSALVATION saved my life.  I know that is dramatic, but they work wonders.  Seriously.  I have always had skin issues and have been fighting with acne since I was 12 and in 2013 I was having some MAJOR skin issues and did not know what to do.  My skin was WAY worse than it had ever been.I tried EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything.I signed up with SkinSALVATION and saw Christine on a regular basis.  Christine is phenomenal, by the way; she is the nicest person!  Christine cleared up my skin and got me on a regime that to this day I still use.Their products are amazing and really well priced.  I highly recommend them even if your skin is not "that bad."  They approach your skin in a holistic way and even coach you about how your diet can effect your skin.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW! More...


Melissa H.

27 December 2014

It is difficult to put into words how much the guidance from Kim and her team have helped me with my acne prone skin. The goal that I wanted to accomplish by going to the Skin Salvation Clinic was to feel confident not wearing makeup. I am confident not wearing makeup at all now and have been very proud to show off my skin. It was hard to go to Skin Salvation and hear that maintaining clear skin is not as easy as putting some cream on my face and more of a lifetime commitment. I am now committed to not eating dairy, soy and other "pore cloggers", to only using products that do not contain pore clogging ingredients and to practicing healthy lifestyle activities that reduce stress. I could not have learned this much about acne and gained this much confidence in my skin if it were not for Kim and her team. I am so happy I went to Skin Salvation and I would recommend it to anyone with acne who wants to learn how to control their acne the healthy natural way. More...


Olivia P.

21 December 2014

They know their stuff and will get you clear. If you are struggling with acne, GO HERE. I tried so many other things before coming to SkinSalvation without getting results and am very glad I found them. I only wish I had found them sooner! More...


Katrina D.

9 November 2014

The ladies at skinSALVATION are the real deal, and now that they've hired more staff, I'm feeling more compelled to share them with the world :).  I have been seeing Kim and Christine for over 4 years now, and their holistic approach to skin care blends knowledge about how to care for your skin over the long-term from the outside as well as from the inside.  Everything from their skincare product consultation during the first session to every follow-up facial that I have had ever since which also includes a review of one's diet, health, behavior/stress levels and daily skincare regimen, has been amazing.  In addition to the excellent facials, Kim and Christine are also very kind and straight-up, and they aren't pushy about theory or product - although I have certainly found that both are exceedingly helpful (I use many of the products that they offer under their own label, and have found that it has enhanced my skin clarity for sure).  They've also helped my skin to calm down following some minor health issues and eating detours (I'm lacto intolerant but still indulge), and they are oh-so patient with me even though you'd think, after 4 years, I'd have everything under control.  In fact, the one major piece of advice that I have always refused to take ("stop drinking coffee") - well, I finally took it, and holy sh*t, they were right!  For the first time as an adult, my skin is close to being 100% clear. If that isn't proof positive that they're worth the money, then I don't know what is. Love them! More...


Jessica R.

8 November 2014

I went to see Kerry Watson for a facial to help reduce my acne and provide better overall balance to my skin. What I received was so much more than that! I was so impressed with the very detailed lifestyle/skin analysis right away. Immediately this was a huge point of difference.  Kerry spoke to me in a extremely caring, down to earth and experienced tone about my current skin lifestyle. It  was apparent, this was about my road to better skin health and empowering Me to do so thru what i do day to day! This was such an informative experience that wasnt just about a simple facial but providing me with the information to make better/healthier choices to have lasting benefits for happier skin! I highly recommend Kerry Watson because of her obvious years of experience and knowledge of wellness and skin care and her warm and nurturing energy! I have been in the health and wellness field myself for the last 9 years, I can say enthusiastically that I would reccommend Kerry to anyone who is looking for a legitimate professional with results! I felt that Kerry provided me with her insight so that I am able to live with the skin I want and feel confident in it!! Thanks for the Amazing experience Kerry, cant wait for my next visit!!Cheers,Your Biggest Fan More...


Farzana G.

4 November 2014

Natalie has been absolutely fantastic. It's been a long time since my skin looked this great. There are some pictures of a guy with scabs on here about his experience with them, but that's normal after extraction. Scared me at first but it's all part of the healing process. And once you understand the process you will not look back. I'm really glad SS was recommended to me by my nutritionist! More...


Kim S.

23 October 2014

May sound cliche, but I felt helpless and hopeless about my acneic skin.  I'm 33 now & since puberty I've spent thousands on facials, products, visits to dermatologists for topical treatment, & nothing worked until I saw Nathalie. Their simple treatments & product lines work; and that's my story. I have beautiful, clear skin now. My skin is so clear that Nathalie now recommends I decrease my facial habits from monthly to every 2-3 months, but I love her personality, humor, and treatments so much that I still want to see her monthly... Thank you Nathalie & skinsalvation. More...


Les L.

18 October 2014

Thanks to Yelp I found this special clinic!  I don't have acne, but have had moderate - severe rosacea for over 25 years. I've been to ALL the top dermatologists in SF to no avail, just tons of scripts for products that do little or nothing. With rosacea, you can't go to just anyone for facials because if they don't know what they are doing they can really aggravate rosacea with steaming, harsh cleaners, toners, etc. Rosacea skin is delicate! So I was thrilled when I read on skinSalvation's site that one of their clinicians, Natalie, had both personal AND professional experience with rosacea. I've been twice and each visit was AMAZING. Natalie is lovely. To say she cares about her patients is an understatement. Natalie records everything I ask and everything she recommends and does with my skin. She went thru all my current skin, makeup and hair products to see if my products were rosacea safe (about 50% weren't). She's given me an enzyme facial that was amazing... my skin glowed in a way I have not seen for many decades! And this week I had my first peel, since I've never trusted anyone else to do it. Great results!Right after the 1st consult she emailed me a detailed list of homework and dietary changes to make and offered to be available via email whenever I had a question. I had recently given up sugar, which helped my rosacea a lot... Natalie suggested I give up coffee and switch to a caffeinated tea. While I love coffee, I hate my red skin and giving up coffee has reduced the inflammation so much better than anything else I've tried. I am so grateful to have learned this. Thank you, Natalie! Natalie does gentle extractions of white heads, black heads and other plugged pores so my skin can be smooth and healthy. All my friends are amazed at my skin's progress in just 2 weeks. I don't need makeup to cover redness anymore!!! Natalie is super focused and professional, and at the same time relaxed and friendly... I immediately felt at ease with her. She works slowly and carefully to be sure I am included in every step and can learn all the best techniques for my troubled skin. I find sS's prices very reasonable. Their products are superb quality and reasonably priced. It's worth it to me to KNOW that the products I'm using are helping to heal my rosacea and not causing other issues. Guess what? A lot of that drugstore crap is full of clogging oils/creams, etc that only make your skin worse! If you have problem skin, it's worth it to go to sS for a consult ($195) just to make sure you are using healthy products. Stop buying crap products and go to sS for a consult. You'll learn so much! The clinic is beautiful, calm and friendly. (Metered parking is pretty easy. Take plenty of quarters or your Muni parking card.) I saw a bike locked on their downstairs lobby stairpost but I'm not sure how safe this is. It's close to BART, muni too. This is a serious skin clinic, NOT a spa... with highly skilled skin "nerds" who pay attention to every detail because they really, really, really, really, really want you to have the best skin possible. Thank you, Natalie! More...


Minty S.

9 September 2014

I wish I could give Christine six stars! I went in to see her for a skin consultation and we talking about my skin and what I wanted to improve. She explained everything in so much detail that it started making sense. I didn't know that acne has so much to do with what I put in my stomach and how I manage my body. She is friendly, knowledgeable and I swear an expert in getting your skin clear and making you look just absolutely beautiful and acne free for life. This woman is GOD when it comes to artistry and making your skin just clear and spotless. If anyone out there is considering getting an acne free skin, I'd advise them to book right away.  Her positive Yelp reviews speak volumes about her smart, professional, friendly, talented, and careful way of performing procedures. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Christine!!!! More...


Anne Rose D.

3 August 2014

I have been working with Natalie since February 2014. At first, I was very skeptical about what to expect at SkinSalvation, and if they could actually do the job of clearing my skin successfully. During my first consultation session with Natalie, she could immediately sense that I wasn't coming in with an open mind. But then she told me something that put everything into perspective: "If you haven't been able to clear your skin yourself, then obviously what you have been doing hasn't been working." Ouch.From there, I realized that in order for my experience at SkinSalvation to be a positive one, I would need to come in with an open heart, an open mind, and have trust in their methods and be sure that I followed their recommendations on my part.I'm not going to lie: these past few months have been rough. But I realized that in order for me to clear my skin, I would need to go about it holistically, and that's where SkinSalvation came in. They made me reassess my diet and go cold turkey with my old makeup and facial products.While I will not go into detail as to what types of products and procedures I went through at SkinSalvation, I will tell you that SkinSalvation works with the individual to re-evaluate what you have been doing and personalize the best acne fighting regimen your skin needs for the future.I urge you to come to SkinSalvation and ask for Natalie. She's honest and will give it to you straight. We started off as strangers but now I trust her opinion wholeheartedly. She tells me things that I don't want to hear, but are for my own good. Sadly, my journey with SkinSalvation will be ending soon but all I can say is that Natalie made me see that I could spend all the money in the world on acne fighting products, but what it really boils down to is my health and well-being. If what I am putting in my body isn't good for me then it sure as heck will show on the outside. (Full disclosure: I've spent 1K+ on SkinSalvation services and products).Thank you Natalie and SkinSalvation for clearing my skin. I'm so glad I came to you when I did. And to the rest of you naysayers out there, come to SkinSalvation and experience what they have to offer before doubting that they can do nothing for you. I know I did and they sure showed me wrong -- in the best way possible. More...


Brenda S.

17 July 2014

Don't go anywhere else. Don't try yet another product that doesn't work. AND don't hesitate, just DO IT. I have been a client of skinSALVATION for about 2 years now. I didn't have the worst acne in the world, but I also could never find a solution. I began getting acne when I hit my 20's (amazing, I know) and somehow could never find an answer for it over the counter nor from my doctor. After years of putting it off I decided to go to skinSALVATION. I'm not going to sugar coat it and say it was a breeze, because it wasn't. It takes work and dedication to clear your skin. You and I both are human beings who just so happen to be more prone to acne than perhaps your friends. It sucks. But it's the truth and if you want to do something about it you do it! skinSALVATION not only clears your skin, but they explain the reasoning behind everything in detail. Not only are these women incredibly knowledgeable and super informative, but they are great conversationists and make you feel like you matter. If I haven't convinced you yet, here's another story. My younger sister has suffered from acne for the past 3 years. She also got her acne when she began college (it runs in the family). She however, had more inflammed acne and was spread out throughout most of her face. She had tried endless products and facials that did nothing. Being a college student, she decided to go the cheaper route and went to another acne clinic. To say the least, after about 6 months her face did not clear up. I finally convinced her to go to skinSALVATION and she finally agreed. Turns out the products that she had been given at the other acne place were cloggy! I believe she's on her 5th treatment and her face is 80% better. She has gained back her confidence and she no longer feels the need to hide. She is not 100% there yet, but her results have been simply amazing. Convinced yet?Try it for yourself and tell them Brenda recommended you. You will not regret it!!! I promise!!! More...


Laura F.

16 July 2014

Love skinSalvation!For the first time ever, I love my skin now!  They are the real deal here - no gimmicks, no false advertising, just real effective skin care to get you clear and beautiful!


Laura T.

11 July 2014

This team lives up to their name - they truly are skin saviors!  I can't say I had severe acne when I first arrived 2 months ago, but I've definitely had extremely acne-prone skin since I can remember.  Clogged, bumpy skin, occasional cystic blemishes, etc.  Then steps in: Christine. She's oh so knowldeagable, honest, kind, pleasant, and always reachable (via email or popzit!). All the ladies at SkinSalvation are lovely!this place is a gem.  thanks sS team! More...


Julia T.

7 July 2014

I don't know where to begin because I've developed such an emotional attachment to skinSALVATION over the years! This team has not only helped me with my skin but they are just genuinely amazing people who I now have the honor of calling my friends. It seems my story is like most people's. I developed acne in my teen years and tried everything under the sun to get rid of it. It was never horrible, but seriously annoying and no make up or products up to that point made me feel better about my skin.skinSALVATION does not change your skin alone but they will help you immensely in the process. This is not a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change. You will have to go in for a series of acne treatments which consists of extractions and peels. I will not lie; the extractions hurt like a bitch and sometimes I even shed tears but the ladies here are so personable and comfort you the best they can. The hour long treatment goes by in a flash since I enjoy chatting with them so much. It's like seeing old friends! :) Outside of the office, you will have to do work too. They guide you to clear skin by helping you make healthier choices and encouraging you to stay active, sleep more, and eat acne safe foods. Your "homework" will vary depending on the lifestyle you already lead. They care about your daily habits and will note down everything you mention in your file so they can keep track of your skin history. I actually cleared my skin a few years ago but reverted back to some old habits last year. I was able to get clear again with their help so I know their advice works. Other times you just need a "tune up" for whatever reason and they will happily assist you with a pop zit or full treatment even after you have stopped going in regularly.skinSALVATION has a very grown up approach to clear skin. You can expect great things from this team but you also need to be open and put in work to see results. It's pricey but so is spending money on other places and products that don't work. Every year Kim throws an anniversary and appreciation party for clients. I always look forward to this because it reminds me of how far I've come with my skin, my healthier lifestyle and how much I love this amazing team. My life has changed for the better because of them and I am so grateful for it. I want to give a big public THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. These ladies are seriously the best! More...


Zoe C.

2 July 2014

I'd had really bad acne problems for over 8 years before I went to see Kim. But just after the first two sessions with Kim, I started seeing results with my acne problem. And several more, I was almost clear and I couldn't believe it. However, the "almost" state seemed to last forever and Kim was very concerned what was going wrong. I am very guilty to say that it was because I was still using my own makeup remover occasionally when I apply eye makeup, which clogged my skin. Also, as my problem is more severe than others I was supposed to follow strictly with the diet but I always did it half way. Honestly, after so many years of acnes I was really happy with the results back then already so I didn't drive myself through. But Kim insisted. She really takes her work seriously and never gives up on anyone who went for help. Anyways, after a struggle of my diet I am now clear. I can't say enough thank you for Kim who changed my life. And I just want to tell everyone that IT WILL WORK. Just hand yourself over to Ss and you will have clear skin.Thank you so much! More...


Peggy M.

27 June 2014

Words can't express my gratitude towards Kim and all the ladies at skin salvation!! My skin has went from looking like craters on the moon to the beautiful rays of the sun. Ok I'm done being corny but seriously...what a transformation! I can't believe I haven't done this like eons ago but kim is the absolute best! I can't even remember how long I've been seeing her but she is so passionate about what she does and genuinely cares. Thank you skin salvation, you truly are a rare gem!! More...


Heidi N.

23 June 2014

I've been going to Skin Salvation for 3 months now and I am so grateful for what they have done for me.  The entire experience has been absolutely liberating as I now have my acne/rosacea under control by doing exactly what Kim told me to do.My battle with acne started as a teenager.  It's considered mild, but I would describe it otherwise!  I went through all the steps you read about in other comments, dermatologists, antibiotics, facial washes, creams, Proactive.  All these solutions reduced my breakouts, but not entirely and nothing seemed to be effective for hormonal cycles, even when taking a birth control pill specifically designed to help that issue.  Years have gone by, I'm now in my 40's, and I have just tolerated mild breakouts on my face by using lots of benzyl peroxide cream and I started eliminating milk from my diet once I found out it reduced the cystic breakouts.  What sent me back to the acne battle zone was a recent and "new" issue for me.  Rosacea on my cheek and around my nose.  This started about 6 months after moving to the Bay Area.  It was stubborn and wasn't going away for several weeks.  I really wanted to find a solution that attacked the problem from the inside as well as the outside.  I found Ss online and even though the office was an hour away, I felt really good about the information I read on their website and booked my first appointment.  Improvements to my skin happened very quickly.  Within a month my rosacea was nearly gone!  After 3 months my pores are 98% clear.  I don't even wear coverup anymore and feel completely confident about my face.  Oily buildup has reduced significantly, pore size has reduced and the texture of my skin keeps getting better and better.  Go to Skin Salvation and do what they say.  I'm so grateful I did! More...


Emily B.

16 June 2014

If there were a skin God, Kim and her team at SS would be it.I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars for 2 decades, trying EVERYTHING to seek a healthy complexion including care from some of the best dermatologists that NYC & SF have to offer...I'm emotional when I remember these embarrassing and disheartening experiences, which often made me feel hopeless about my "problem," and often included careless recommendations such as taking high blood pressure medication to solve what I've now learned to be (from Kim) inflammation acne.  NO ONE even came close to offering the informed solutions that Kim has provided.  I am finally able to look bare-faced in the mirror with the lights on - which is a HUGE accomplishment for someone who's avoided mirrors at all costs, even in her own home.  I can honestly say that Kim has literally helped me finally see myself...With Kim's help, I've re-engineered my entire cosmetic regimen - WITHOUT high blood pressure medication and/or un-godly expensive ointments or potions that would make it difficult to maintain long-term.  Kim and her business are beyond brilliant.  She is, in my long-educated opinion, the BEST acne solution available.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for discovering she & her team... More...


Shelly Bullard

7 June 2014

Can you do 10 stars on Yelp? I wish! Um...flat out...sS is a place where magic happens! Christine and Kim are phenomenal. Miracle-workers straight up! They completely cleared my very hard-to-treat skin and had me laughing and smiling while doing so. Now I just go there to hang out because I love them so much. Seriously, if you need a skin-cure, this is your place. I can't say enough good things about them--their professionalism, their knowledge, their generosity of heart, and their cozy, comfy vibe. I love them much and I'm so grateful that I found them when I did. GO! More...


natalie nicole

7 June 2014

what's refreshing and different about skinSalvation is that they don't just throw a bunch of products at you and send you on your way. they have a holistic approach and look at acne management as a lifestyle and will teach you how to stay acne free forever! More...


Gigi L.

4 June 2014

This place really lives up to its name. I had the typically acne story, tried everything, even went to several other acne clinics in town, nothing worked. My skin improved dramatically after several visits. What I like about Kim is her tailored approach to your situation. Every skin care product/regime is introduced at the appropriate time, based on your condition, this is something that really sets her apart from other places I had tried. (where they just pushed you many products all at once, because it worked for their other customers) If you are looking to say bye to acne for good, SS's holistic approach is the way to go. More...


Ray L.

19 May 2014

In summary, Kim and the entire team at SkinSalvation are simply amazing.I've been seeing Kim for about 2 years now, so this review is really long overdue.  I've always had acne since my teenage years, and I've also tried everything under the sun to get rid of them.  I've been used all the over-the-counter facial wash/creams from Walgreens, I've tried well marketed solutions like Proactive, I've even been to dermatologists whom have prescribed me anti-biotics and Accutane.  Nothing worked consistently until I started seeing Kim.What really sold me is Kim's approach to acne control -- she believes acne control is not just about keeping your skin clean, but also about your diet, your stress control, etc.  No one but Kim has ever taught me how everything you do is inter-related, and it just makes sense.  After following Kim's instructions on changing my diet, changing the products that I use that are prone to pore clogging, and keeping my face clean and hydrated, I saw immediate results and my face has never been clearer.I am grateful that I found Kim and her entire team.  They just ROCK!  Highly recommended to anyone who still haven't found the right solution to their acne issues!! More...


MaryJo F.

10 May 2014

Skin salvation is IT. If you have acne-prone skin, this is where you should be spending your money. Kim and team take amazing care of their clients by listening to what the problem is (not all acne is the same!) and then taking actionable steps to alter your products, diet, lifestyle, etc. so you see results and can get clear. In a few words: it works. Their holistic approach is natural, easy to incorporate into your life and affordable (on par to what you're paying for other treatment options). You'll look better, you'll feel better. There is no longer a wait list (yay!), so what are you waiting for? More...


Deepa S.

9 May 2014

This is the first Yelp review I'ever written. I've been going to SS for a few years now. They have changed not only my skin, but my diet & lifestyle in a profound way. I have also gained 2 new friends who I love & trust with the utmost sincerity.First let's talk about the treatment. It works! I have looked at other estheticians but SS is hands down the best. They treat not just your skin issues, but other issues related to diet, sleep, stress that can be symptomatic of bad skin. If you follow what they recommend (which is not complicated or overtly time/energy-consuming) you will definitely see a change in your skin very quickly. I still continue to see them since my skin has improved, but now need to go in only every 4+ months for a quick treatment. Earlier on in the treatment cycle, you will go much more often but that is not the case forever. I highly recommend SS over any of the other dermatologist/esthetician clinics in SF. They changed my life and have given me a glow I never thought possible! More...


Shiow S H.

30 April 2014

I've searched up and down for the best esthetician and  dermologists in many cities that i lived. But i never saw a huge change on my face. One day, my good friend at work recommended Ss to me and raved about how it changed her life. I have been to Ss for about 6 months. My skin has been improving siginificantly. Before Ss, i had to apply concealar when i went out. And now i do not do make up when i go to work but only apply sunblock and minimal eye makeup. I highly recommend Kim and Christine. They help me to change from inside out by eliminated the inflammatory food/items that caused the breakouts. And i stop spending $$$ on trying products. In addition, Ss products are effective and are in reasonable price range.Ss, i am glad i 've found you in my life. More...


Marissa P.

21 April 2014

The waiting list was long, but for good reason! Kim and Christine are both very welcoming and want to work with you to clear your skin. They treat each person individually according to their acne needs, and devise a plan to clear your skin that works for you. As long as you follow their regimen, you will have clear skin! Yes, you! My skin is beautiful and I don't need to cover it up with loads of makeup anymore! Sign up for the waiting list now, if you haven't already! Thanks skinSalvation! More...


Bee B.

20 April 2014

SkinSalvation changed my life!I've never really had acne growing up until i hit my twenties thinking by the time i hit 30, it would just magically go away.  It did not.  I avoided talking to people because i was so embarrased about my face.  Like your typical adult acne sufferer, i've gone to numerous estheticians, had all different kinds of facials, gone to numerous dermatologists, tried every type of topical and oral antibiotic, been on accutane twice. It was so tiring not being able to find someone who can help you.   Until I booked an appointment with sS.  Actually, at the time there was still a waitlist and I was on it for a little while before i got in.  So glad I did!  They changed my life.  It was hard at first to make the little diet and lifestyle adjustments but when you see how quickly the results are, combined with the clinic visits, you wonder why no doctor or other esthetician has ever told you of this before.  I've been going to them for 2-3 years now.  They have given me clear skin and more confidence.  These guys are awesome and I cannot recommend sS enough! More...


Arianna K.

29 March 2014

If I could give 10 stars, I would! I've been coming to sS for almost two years now and using exclusively sS products, and I couldn't be happier with the results! I was not your typical acne sufferer, either. I endured deep, severe nodular cystic acne from age 12 onward and had tried every remedy imaginable: three separate rounds of Accutane, doxycycline, tetracycline, minocycline, topicals, including Proactiv, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, natural remedies, various diets, hormonal therapies, everything. I had spent thousands of dollars and nothing seemed to fix the problem. Before going to sS, I was worried that extractions and/or peels would be too harsh for my very sensitive skin (and I had some very bad experiences in the past with other facials). However, I have been pleasantly surprised with my recovery time, and I have never had to show up at work with obvious or noticeable scabs, which was a big fear of mine. Also, I have been really impressed with the sS products. My skin has never looked or felt healthier. In fact, strangers have told me on several separate occasions that my skin looks like "porcelain": believe me, this is something I personally never thought I would hear! I also love that my sS treatments involve simple diet and lifestyle changes that have helped tremendously. I never knew that by cutting out a particularized list of foods and beverages and product ingredients that I could help myself so much. Also, since coming to sS, I have completely lost the urge to touch or pick my skin in any way (the extraction facials do this for you!), or spend any time and/or money on drugstore or department store products. I trust the advice of sS completely because it has really proven to work. Plus, as an added bonus, the office is pristine and inviting, I feel that the estheticians and staff actually care about me as a person and as a client, and everyone is super cool. More...


Caitlin W.

24 February 2014

I have nothing but positive things to say about skinSALVATION. After working with Natalie over the last few months, my skin has cleared up completely and looks better than ever. After going to countless dermatologists and trying every pill, mask and cream out there, I have finally found a solution that works. On top of helping me with my skin, Natalie is so easy to talk to and really cares about her patients. She remembers everything, and I will miss our bi-monthly visits. For anyone struggling with their skin, I urge you to visit skinSALVATION. You will not be disappointed! More...


Gretel K.

2 February 2014

skinSALVATION is the real deal. I'd had acne on and off since I was a teenager, but had yet to find any treatment that really addressed the root cause. Kim is amazing and really understands that acne is not a superficial problem--you have to treat the whole person from the inside out. When I first arrived at skinSALVATION I was already doing some things that had helped my skin a lot--using clean mineral makeup and eating a healthy, low-sugar diet. But I was still breaking out. Kim gave me better, skin-friendly products and also suggested I cut soy from my diet since that's a trigger for lots of people. She also helped me figure out some more systemic issues relating to my former long-term antibiotic use and motivated me to figure out how to combat the lasting effects.The regular facials, using sS's suggested skincare regime, and eating a soy-free diet showed amazing results--a couple of months later and this is the best my skin has ever looked. Overall, the treatments are a great deal, since once you clear up you don't have to come back--or at least not as often. I really can't say enough good things about Kim and everyone else at sS--they're the best! More...


Sofie L.

31 January 2014

Christine is a miracle worker!!!I have had problems with my skin since middle school, I've gone from really bad acne to okay acne. I've seen countless dermatologist and estheticians and tried everything from extreme oral pills like Acutane to the more mild holistic topical creams and cleansers.I've had some people help to slightly clear my skin but I haven't had a breakout free week since I was 13. Until I met Christine! I can't even explain the joy just one week of clear skin has brought me, anyone who suffers from acne knows what I'm talking about.This major improvement is only after 3 appointments with Christine! I absolutely love how she addresses every aspect of skin health, she has given me little tips that have helped so much I can't believe nobody shared with me before.At SkinSalvation they take a healing, long term, from the inside out approach that I just love. No quick fixes and magic creams, that never really work. This is the real deal!!Don't wait another minute, make an appointment with this lovely lady. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is so sweet I actually enjoy my not so fun extractions and chemical peel appointments!I can't say enough good things about this clinic. The whole staff is friendly, the space is calming and welcoming, the products are well priced and they work. I am so excited to continue my journey with Christine at SkinSalvation. More...


Melissa Y.

15 December 2013

kim and christine are one of the best things to have happened to me. i went from a face full of inflamed acne to one where i can look in the mirror and not hate what i see. i still see evidence of breakouts on my cheeks from the result of hyperpigmentations, but i know in time they will fade. i attribute that to kim and christine's expertise in extractions, their peels, the products they carry, as well as their time tested skincare regimen. this process will take time, and there will be moments where you won't see or feel progress, but my advice to you is trust the system. you are in good hands. there's a reason why they have a wait list, it's because they deliver results. they are extremely patient and prompt at answering any questions you may have along the way. if you suffer from acne, give skinsalvation a chance for you to look in the mirror and finally like what you see. More...


Anna S.

12 December 2013

Love love love the staff! The positive atmosphere is comforting and reassuring. Kim is an expert in skin care and understands my needs. They follow-up quickly and are very supportive throughout the whole process. I love how they have done their research and I trust them completely. My only regret is that I didn't go there sooner! I only trust sS with my face! More...


Kat J.

3 December 2013

I've been going to sS for over four years and not only has my skin gotten better, but it has changed my outlook on eating and lifestyle. I've always struggled with acne as a teen and through my adult years. The sS team taught me about discipline - looking at ingredients, sleeping at a consistent regular time and just taking better care of myself. Thank you sS team! More...


Emmett K.

29 November 2013

I can't say enough wonderful things about the whole skinSALVATION team, but I will try. I have suffered with acne since middle school. Sometimes my acne was awful and sometimes it improved, but it never went away. I have seen many dermatologists (in several different countries) and taken every prescription antibiotic, cream, and pill you can name. I also tried all the "over the counter" skin care products, but none of it helped clear up my acne ... in most case, it made my skin worse. I found Kim and the skinSALVATION team shortly after moving to the Bay Area. At my first appointment, I realized this was no ordinary place. We talked about my diet, work stress, and how I did my laundry. I also got a first-rate education in all the nasty chemicals that were clogging up my skin. Once I switched to quality skin care products and made some small changes to my diet and lifestyle ... I started seeing real results. This is the thing that sets skinSALVATION apart from all the other dermatologists and estheticians I have seen; at sS, they treat the whole person and not just the acne.A few things to consider: 1) There is a wait list, but it is well worth it to get this type of support from a team of professionals. 2) It can be pricy, but if I put together all the money I've spent over the years on products that didn't work and dermatologists who made my skin worse ... sS is a bargain!! 3) You will have to toss out most of your old skin care products and start over, but once you realize what your old products are doing to your skin, you won't be able to throw them out fast enough. 4) The extraction process can be intense, but it's over quickly and after a few days of healing, my skin looks great. It takes dedication and hard work to see the miraculous results that myself and others have seen, but it's important to remember that the skinSALVATION team is there to help you through the process. More...


erin d.

27 November 2013

I was referred to skinSalvation from a kind Trader Joes staff member working in the vitamin isle. I was telling her about my hunt for vitamins that improve the health of skin...and that's when she gave me her testimony, which led me to Kim! skinSalvation's principals are that which are educational, proactive, and self-empowering. It only took my first visit for Kim to lay down the laws of acne prevention and skin health, and since then I have based my decisions on what I know to be good for my skin, from products to food to emotional well-being and beyond. The refreshing thing about skinSalvation is that, unlike many estheticians, they don't set you up on a regimen that requires you get regular facials and buy overpriced products for the rest of your life. They are user-friendly in that they keep you posted on the latest skin news via their blog. They give you resources to shop for your own skin-friendly products if you don't want to chose from their wide selection. And although your skin will love and appreciate every treatment visit you can afford to schedule, they never make you feel obligated to do so; unless it's to properly handle a breakout, which is a FREE treatment, so you have no excuse :)All of the staff are attentive, calming and sweet, and will ensure that you have a wonderful experience at skinSalvation! More...


Wakani H.

29 October 2013

Dermatologists in the U.S seem to be usefulness in treating acne. People with acne must be try everything they can try to cure their faces. Like me, who has acne for more than six years since teenager, tried antibiotics, birth control, prescription cream and pills, vitamins and so on. NOTHING works! I'm so hopefulness! I can feel I'm not happy or confident every day. Im likely to be upset or irritated since I have acne. I really care about my appearance, but my acne is seriously bad. So I'm a kinda bitch when treating acne. I went to two very well-known acne doctors, one in SF and the other in NYC. No one works! They even make my face worse! I feel like acne doctors always do the same thing ---- they have ABCDE treatments, if you tried AB, then they give you CDE. In other words, they do the same thing on different people. Come on man, all people's acne are in extremely different case. HOWEVER, sS is totally different! This is not a spa, this is a clinic that will really treat your acne. Kim is very helpful. She analyzed my situation. Noted down my case in detail. You can feel she's trying to cure you from very single detail. She never rushes! I'm a picky bitch when treating my face, but I never feel I'm ignored here. She's also nice to answer all your question, even the stupid one. She really wants to help your acne, experience your feelings. For example, she asks me to do candida cleanse. It's super torture but works. She's doing the same cleanse even she has beautiful skin. She told me she want to do the same thing if she asks us to do it. I'm not a native speaker, but she is very patient to explain everything to me, untilI fully understand. The front desk are friendly and helpful!All the stuff are professional! Their treatment works a lot on me!Happy 5th birthday to SS ! More...


Kendra H.

21 October 2013

The team at skinSALVATION are seriously miracle workers!  I had suffered from hellacious, painful acne for nearly 15 years when I was introduced to Kim.  I had tried everything from acupuncture to accutane with no avail from the embarrassment of my red, inflamed face.  My experience with Kim has changed not only my skin, but my life.  She is extremely skilled and knowledgable and takes a very holistic approach to treating acne.  When you first meet Kim, you will quickly recognize that she is committed to getting results and arming you with the knowledge to maintain clear skin.  Christine is also an amazingly sweet, skilled esthetician  and Kate rocks the front reception desk!  I would highly recommend skinSALVATION to anyone who is committed to changing their life and getting radiant skin!I recently relocated from SF to Sacramento and make special trips back to the city just for my treatments.  I will never let anyone else touch my skin! More...


Jamie Y.

9 October 2013

Kim is the only person in the world that I trust to do my extractions. I have a lot of non-inflamed acne that are tough little suckers and difficult to extract. It can be quite painful if done by unskilled hands, but Kim is efficient and thorough. Kim's attention to detail is also amazing. She tracks my progress in a diary and knows exactly what is going on with my skin. Highly highly highly recommended!Oh and yes, there may be a waitlist, but it's totally worth it! More...


Meghan N.

9 October 2013

i kid you not: you will believe in miracles after seeing the gals at SS. they did what no pricey derm or facialist in SF and NY could do. sure, they had me replace my products (to cheaper ones!) and re-up my diet (to a healthier one!), but i am not exaggerating when i say that these women can address any, and i mean, ANY skin problem. they're also kind, hilarious, and so thorough that you'll be asking what the catch is. patience is a must - i waited 3 months until getting in as a client, but so worth it. More...


Kate B.

9 October 2013

Kim and Christine are amazing! I unfortunately moved to LA from SF, but I still buy their products online to keep up with my skin regimen. I had acne since puberty, did it all.. with the dermatologist including Acutane twice! I never had a regimen that worked consistently,  and I would jump from one solution to the next.  I started with Kim and bought all of her products, came in for extractions and treatments 1-2 times a month. I learned that my diet was a big factor, along with stress and what I'm letting touch my face. The extractions were a bummer at first as you leave looking worse than when you came in, but its the only way to get those stubborn acne causing seeds out! When I was consistent with the products, staying away from dairy, not picking my face, and my appointments, I started to clear up and stay clear. Yes its pricey, but this is a lifestyle change you're paying for that will change your skin and your life.  My goal was to not feel like I needed to hide under makeup bc of my acne, and I finally got there! When I make it back to the Bay Area, I can't wait to get back in with Kim and Christine at Skin Salvation, they are kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and will do anything for you to get you in a better place. More...


lauren t.

9 October 2013

I joined sS in 2010 and they changed my life.I had what I would call a "beard of bumps" - huge, inflamed lesions all over the lower half of my face.  [I'd had acne in my teens, tried everything, was put on accutane, cleared up, and it came back in my mid-20's -- bringing me to the sS wait-list.]I'd been getting facials elsewhere, only to realize that those were temporary distractions - you know, going to the spa, having them rub comedogenic stuff all over your face and neck, rub your shoulders, listen to soothing music while sipping cucumber water...  If that's what you're looking for, keep on movin'THIS IS NOT A SPA EXPERIENCE.This is a clinic.Their goal is NOT to relax you and slather you with nonsense.  They use products that are as natural as possible, and most importantly, they aim to get you into good lifestyle habits so you DON'T have to go in and get treated.Kim and Christine are incredible.  They'll be your friend, your healer, your teacher, your family.What to expect:  They will work with you "from the inside out" They start with a consultation to find out your specific triggers.  This is why their wait-list is so long!  They take the time to get to know every single patient so that they can give you the most evidence-based advice, meanwhile, select the most appropriate products for your skin type.And get this:  they're barely charging you anything.1.  Their sessions are priced at HALF of what those worthless other facials cost me.2.  The products they sell are practically at wholesale price (they're hardly marking you up!)Oh gosh, I went from a million different products to just a handful of sS-approved ones.  And I stay true to these...  because they WORK (especially when I don't have time to come in for extractions)And yes, that's what your sessions revolve around:  extractions....and some life coaching :)I won't lie, the extractions hurt.  But you're here to get cleared.  And they know exactly what they're doing.Bottom line:  choose good habits, choose good products, choose honest experts and there is no doubt that sS will improve your life! More...


Katy W.

30 January 2013

I saw Kim for almost two years before I decided to stop going because I lived a fair bit away and because I wasn't sure if was worth the effort to get into SF.When I first started seeing Kim, I could have kissed the ground she walked on, like other reviewers. I was happy with the price of her treatments. I was also prepared to spend money on the products since I had already read about that in the reviews and on her website. It was pricey, but I did notice my skin clearing up almost immediately. Using the products religiously is a pain in the butt, no way around it, but I understood the need to remain vigilant against my dreaded acne. Over the course of the first year, I generally continued to clear and to find my visits with Kim refreshing. She is a great conversationalist and is also good at making you feel welcome. I really liked her online system which was very helpful.However, probably after my first year, I felt like I was being sold a good many products that I didn't need or want. First, they were skin products she sold like expensive sunscreens, etc. One of these made me break out and when I sweat, it would sting my eyes so badly that I could barely see (no exaggeration here). I told her about the product and she seemed to shrug it off a little. Okay, fine. Next, I began to feel like there was a lot of cross-marketing going on with other providers in her building. Now, I want to be supportive of small businesses, but honestly I didn't have money to spend on massages and the like. All of my extra money was guiltily being spent on SkinSalvation's products. I would pretty firmly show that I wasn't interested, but it got stressful having to fend off her offers for an acupuncturist, etc. Since I liked Kim, it was awkward to keep turning down her friends whom she would always describe as wonderful. I also became frustrated by the path of my treatment. I went in allowing myself to spend a great deal more time and money on my skin than I ever had before. I was happy that I did this, but once my skin was more under control, I kept getting lectured about my eating habits. I can't tell you how often I was told to stop eating dairy or fish/sushi. I appreciated the fact that it could have been contributing to my remaining acne, but, like the cross-marketing, I just began to feel pushed around. It's fine to remind me if I am complaining or concerned, but I never expressed any disappointment with her. It ended up feeling like I needed to have a certain dairy-free/veggie/all natural lifestyle. Again, as a recommendation fine, but at times it felt more like an attempt at conversion. I did go ahead and switch out my milk to rice milk and avoided dairy for a few weeks and not only, for me, was it a hassle, but I actually thought it made my skin worse. I knew that this contradicted her whole philosophy. So, while I did move away from the city, in the end, it was the badgering from an otherwise nice person that I objected to. In the past, I would have dismissed a review that complained like I have here. I mean, she cleared my skin so what's my problem, right? Well, this experience taught me that customer service is important. I kept ignoring these little things that irked me and trying to be firm, but I didn't feel like I was being listened to. You'll notice that I still have 4 stars up and that's because I can't give SkinSalvation a bad review. I'm not even sure a mediocre review (3 stars) would be fair either. My skin looked great and now I know what to look for in a skin care provider, but I also know what not to look for and that is someone who wants to change my whole lifestyle. More...


Erinn S.

25 August 2012

Kim and her crew are amazing!!!  I've suffered from acne for most of my life and have been in and out of numerous dermatologists in NYC.  Kim takes a holistic approach to treating acne, instead of the typical prescriptions and meds.   Her approach has helped me with my diet and my skin!  I make an appointment whenever I'm in SF. Kim is FABULOUS!!  She is a must for acne sufferers!! More...


Kathryn A.

18 April 2012

Hope y'all like novels cause that's what's about to happen. Before going to skinSalvation my skin had seen it ALL. Proactive, antibiotics, differn gel, retin-a, birth control, acupuncture, acutane! (I think you get the point.) NO dermatologist could ever help me all they would do is prescribe me the same prescriptions over and over. I felt hopeless.Not only did I get big juicy monsters that would ooooozz without me even poping them but I also had hard large bumps that would stay for weeks and I had hundreds (if not more) tiny bumps all over my face, especially around my jaw line. Every time I washed my face I could feel the bumps all over my face and neck and in the morning there was always something new.A lot of people would say "I don't really think your skin's that bad", but I would have strangers walk up to me and say "You know I can help you." I knew it was bad, of course it could always be worse but whatever, it bothered me enough to make me feel completely insecure and miserable. I refused to go anywhere without wearing makeup and my self esteem was in the shitter. One day like all of you I decided to look on yelp. I had tried getting a few facials here and there but no one ever wowed me but I thought ok I am freaking out and this shit needs to get out of my face! I found the reviews for skinSalvation and thought hmmmm......whaaaat's this After reading all the stories of how great Kim and Christine are I decided to check it out but I wasn't sold yet. After going on their site I realized there was a YEAR long waiting list! I thought are you f*ing kidding me! I need help now yo! I thought well I guess I'll just put my name on the list and see what happens. Within 5-6 months they called me and I was more than ready to commit. (Still not convinced it would work but worst case scenario is I would spend a bunch of money and look the same which was nothing new.)I had realized going into this that I was about to have to fork over some bucks and make major changes in my lifestyle. I may mention at this point that I was drinking  at least a pot of coffee everyday, vodka-redbull was my drink of choice, and sugar was my lover. You may say to yourself well duh girl it's no wonder you were breaking out BUT in my defense I've had acne since I was 10 years old so this was nothing new and until you're forced to cut things out you don't always realize what you're consuming, especially when everyone around is doing the same thing and not breaking out. It's also not like I didn't know these were bad but I felt like shit about myself and these things made me feel good.Moving on....and getting to the point.BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!YES they are expensive. YES you will be buying ALL new products. YES you will be changing your diet A LOT. YES you will be practicing self control like never before. YES there will be days when your face looks like shit with marks all over it from extractions and your skin will be peeling off uncontrollably from chemical peels. And YES there will be a time when you wonder if this is really going to work.BUT BIG BIG BIG BUT!!!!YES IT WILL WORK! YES your skin will be more beautiful than ever before! YES you will stop craving nasty shit you used to love! YES you will feel amazing! YES you will have confidence to leave your house without make-up! and YES IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!! If you are constantly broken out and you really want to get serious and learn a lot then skinSalvation is perfect for you. If you are someone who gets mild breakouts here and there then this may be a little intense for you but also at the same time you will learn a lot and probably won't have to be treated as long as I have. Kim and Christine are AMAZING BEAUTIFUL people who have completely changed my life! They helped me totally quit some nasty habits and feel really great. I have learned so much from them and seriously could not be more grateful.  I have been seeing them about 3 or 4 months and my skin is at least 90% better. I haven't had a new breakout in weeks which is an all time record for me. I am almost 100% clear and I have no doubt that I'll be there soon. I would recommend having some support if you are severely broken out and tend to stress eat. My boyfriend has been my voice of reason every time I go to pick at something and every time I try to eat things I know I shouldn't. So tell a friend to keep you in check NO MATTER WHAT!He now tells me how beautiful I look every morning (that's right ladies in the morning - like as in wake up time - no make up - no hair done - no nothing.) I get tons of other compliments too and when I wash my face all I feel is smooth skin. Ok I know that was long but I could seriously go on about how amazing these ladies are. I will update this with pics soon! But as for now I'll end this with a great big giant thanks to Kim and Christine for making feel like the person I really am. If I could them 100 stars I totally would. More...


Haley P.

5 November 2011

oh man--i've been meaning to do this for a while because christine and kim totally changed my life! i went in to the clinic about 7 months ago at my wit's end. my skin was a total mess and it had been on and off for about 2 years. i was on the waiting list for a long time, but i finally got an appointment and all of the time and money was so worth it. my skin is now close to perfect and has been for months. i cannot say enough good things about skinsalvation. you just have to stick with their regimen and really listen to their recommendations about diet and lifestyle. i stopped drinking coffee and started taking zinc supplements and within a week things started looking better. anyway, i adore this place and will continue to use their products and get facials even though i'm totally clear. SS for life!thanks christine! More...


Vivian C.

4 February 2011

Kim is IN-CRE-DI-BLE.5 stars! 10 stars! 100 stars! I started seeing Kim a bit over a year ago, after a friend recommended her.  I had the typical occasional breakout or pimple, and it was just annoying to be in my mid-20s and STILL have to deal with those.  So, I went to see Kim for my first treatment back in January of last year, and I remember being absolutely SHOCKED at how quickly her regimen started working!  From a combination of Kim's treatments and her awesome, natural, cleansing products, I've stopped breaking out.  Like, completely stopped breaking out.  I started noticing this only a few weeks after my first appointment with Kim.  My skin felt healthier, cleaner, and looked much better.  And it's stayed that way for the last year!  Kim's treatments are completely worth it.  I just could not believe  how quickly my skin cleared up, and the even better part is that it STAYS clear!  Kim herself is also super friendly, chill, and is just an awesome and easy-going person, very fun to talk to during your appointments!  She's also super informative and gave me a bunch of advice about what foods to avoid, certain lifestyle changes and habits for healthy skin.  She knows her stuff, and clearly it shows! :)  I would suggest that ANYONE who has anything from minor breakouts to major acne to RUN to Kim.  She works wonders, and I really can't say enough good things about her!  A quick note that you'll probably have to wait for a while because there is a long wait list (not a surprise, because she is so awesome!), and you'll have to wait for maybe 6 months or more (which I did too), but trust me on this one.  It's worth it. :) More...


Lovi K.

4 July 2010

If you have acne, any type, kim is definately your girl!! i have to thank her for so much. i started going to kim a year ago and only had 6 treatments and my acne was going away so fast, i havent went to her in about 6 months or longer but i don't get those random pimples anymore as i am still using the regimen she gave me. She is a really sweet honest person, she'll talk to you the whole time of your appointment, so you dont feel like some stranger is poking  your face. She gives time to everyone she never rushes when it comes to acne! I also love her regimen the cleanser is really soft on my face. Kim also educates you on why you might have acne, certain foods,she pays specific attention to every person. She'll get you acne free fast if you pay attention and follow her directions. Her shop is growing and growing and i am really happy for her. She is one of those people who really deserve it because she works hard , i hope you read this kim and good luck to you!! i'll see you soon!!! More...


Jazzleen H.

10 May 2010

Believe me, IT'S WORTH THE WAIT if you're (still) on Kim's waiting list now. It's been about a year after my first treatment with Kim and I'm more than happy ever since. I used to hunt through fancy dermatologists around the cities just because I thought "a well-known doctor should capable to save my skin from acne". But I was totally wrong. I've been through all the medications from OTC, prescription, to MD's exclusive regime. Yeah the regime was a fraud in my opinion, as they are super expensive and improves nothing. It was a tedious & painful ritual (literally painful..my face was burned) and I did it religiously with hope that it will worked out in the end, but it didn't. Personally I hate the fact that I've exposed to those chemicals because their residue might stuck in my deep tissue. I also wish I did not have to swallow those acne prescription pills ever in my life!I really wish to discover Skin Salvation sooner, therefore I didn't waste any money that might should've been given to the unfortunate, not to the MD with their lavish clinics. Skin Salvation is a clinic that focused on acne-prone skin, so the staffs are acne-expert in sterile extraction and will give sincere education about acne diet & healthy living. I tried to follow Kim's suggestion to avoid seafood (esp. shrimp & crab) and it works amazing. I am clear. Finally, for the first time in my life, I found the culprit without breaking my bank. Kim didn't give me tons of creams, but instead she trains me on how to find pore-clogging-free ingredients in a skincare. So you can actually use your usual cleanser if it's good. My experience with Kim is the best facial treatment so far. She's the most genuine, friendly, and attentive specialist I've ever met. She's interested in you personally and your acne problems, not prioritizing to earn money from you (like most of clinics & doctor do). That's the best quality ever. Thank you Kim for being my skin savior =)So people who wish to have an acne-free, healthy natural looking skin and be treated like normal human being, run to Skin Salvation before it's too late !! More...


Jessie S.

15 April 2010

Kim is amazing! She really knows her stuff, and its so nice to have someone teach you how to maintain your skin, rather than just try to fix it for the moment.


Alison H.

2 March 2010

Kim has changed my life! I stumbled upon her clinic while searching for reviews about dermatologists on yelp- after years of struggling with acne I had finally decided to try Accutane and was trying to choose a good pill-pusher. Thank god I found Kim instead! Who knows what shape my face or my liver would be in. I came in for my first appt completely discouraged and embarassed with my skin. It felt so out of control and after becoming resistant to two different antibiotics I thought my situation was hopeless. Kim has shown me that with the right products and treatments by someone who has extensive experience with acne, I can have beautiful skin.  I've been a client of Kim's for over a year, and enjoy clear skin 99% of the time. When I get lazy with my regimen I might have a small breakout which Kim can promptly clear. After a treatment my skin heals very quickly and looks better than ever. Kim, you're the bomb. More...


Gee W.

11 September 2009

I went to Skin Salvation in order to prepare for my wedding-clear skin, i figure 5 months will be enough. I didnt have super bad acne on my face, occasional breakouts i would say that leaves mark, but obviously i didnt have a clear skin. I have been using Pro Active for a year before i went to Kim.It was working but not satisfying,  dark marks of pimples  took forever to disappear, breakouts seems to be regular. I stopped using it for a month, and decided to go for a new step (since i am getting married and wanted to have a clear skin), and i found Skin Salvation- through Yelp , of course :)3 months after, my skin, is ssooo clear!!!! not only that, i sometimes,still gets a zit from here and there due to stress, but guess what? with the medication from Kim, you really could see the improvement, the result, it is amazing!!!! Kim is  like my therapist :)Although, it takes a while to book an appointment, it's totally worth waiting (yeah, she is that busy), so what does that tells you? This is really the place, oh and the price/fee is not outrageous, i guarantee you will be satisfied on the service. Way to go Kim! More...


Steve d.

5 August 2009

Kim is my hero.By following her instructions I have been able to drastically improve my skin.  Simple things like checking the ingredients on my products and icing after I shave really make the difference.  I had no idea that the skin cleanser I was using actually had pore-clogging chemicals in it!Thanks Kim More...


Maddie P.

1 August 2009

Kim is AMAZING, period. I have had increasingly bad acne since I was a Sophomore in high school. I've tried Proactiv, Retin-A Micro, some other dermatologist prescribed topical ointments and Accutane. Accutane cleared up my skin for only a year and then my acne came back worse. I was in my Junior year of college, stressing out from everything and worrying about my skin as well was just too much to take. My boyfriend actually found Kim on Yelp for me and convinced me to try it. I had less than 3 treatments before my skin began to completely clear up. Kim and her products/technique/training are unbelievable. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS. And Kim is a wonderful person to talk to and has become a great friend. More...


Sharon O.

8 May 2009

Skin not looking so good? Run, don't walk (better yet get a jet) and visit Kim at Skin Salvation.   I have had terrible skin since I was 13 and she is the only person who has been able to clear it up!   I have been on every toxic, gross acne medicine out there.  Now my skin is glowing and beautiful without putting insane products on my skin or in my body.   Homegirl is a miracle worker.  What's more, Kim is fun, kind, down to earth, and incredibly knowledgeable.    I always leave with a big smile on my face.  Hoorah for Kim!  Now go, go, go! More...


Melody H.

7 April 2009

Kim is a life saver.And an amazing person.My office is across the hall from Skin Salvation, so it wasn't too difficult for me to find her.  When I first started seeing Kim, my skin was horrrrribbblleeee!  She said that my acne was particularly stubborn.  But now?  Crystal clear.  My self-confidence has gone up exponentially, and I owe it all to her!She is a joy to be around, and the way she makes you feel when she's extracting the grossness out of your pores is awesome--she makes you feel so relaxed, and NOT embarrassed for anything. Thank you so much Kim!  I hope everyone is smart enough to trust their skin with you! More...


Lindsay K.

19 March 2009

Okay, so...I cheated on Kim. My boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to a spa, and I was headed to more tropical climes and decided to save a little dough by using aforementioned gift certificate to get things tidied up in the old bikini area. How bad could it be, right? Seemed like a nice enough place, and obviously I'd be right back to Kim and her sweet space, good tunes and delicious chocolate wax next month....BIG mistake. Huge. I'd forgotten how marvelous Kim really is (because, let's be honest, having hair ripped from your sensitive parts is never really a pleasurable experience), but remembered promptly the torture began at this other "spa". Excrutiating, mindless, pain ensued. I actually cried. Where was the chocolate wax, I wondered? Where was the cool little zappy thing that keeps you from getting ingrowns? Where was my frigging glass of wine Needless to say, I'll never stray again. Kim's my girl. My brows and, ahem, bikini line, are hers. More...


Joanna P.

18 March 2009

I go to Kim regularly (though not as often as I should) to have my eyebrows waxed and shaped.  Kim not only does a great job, she actually listens to what I ask for.  Far too many times, I've asked an esthetician to please, please just wax around my eyebrows and leave their natural shape intact only to walk away with generic, pencil-thin brows that look out of place on my face.  Kim is kind and respectful, listens to my requests and delivers what I ask for.I really look forward to going to see Kim.  Her studio is an oasis of calm and relaxation, and I never feel rushed.  She also starts and ends with some facial cleaning and a mini-massage, which makes the experience pleasant and luxurious.The only thing I can think of that would make Skin Salvation even better is if I could pay with a credit card. More...


Athena M.

7 January 2009

OK, how did this happen?  I don't really have acne so how could I have this weird breakout on my chin that wouldn't go away?  Enter Kim from Skin Salvation.  She made a thorough assessment of my skin and got me all cleared up in just a couple of visits.  Now I go see Kim every few months for a facial to keep everything in good working order.  I use all her products that she specially selects for her clients- the prices are really reasonable and help keep my skin in tip top shape!  I have gone to other high end spas for facials and no one has ever really helped me get my skin in order.  Kim works with you to figure out the best solution and takes a personal interest in helping you get long term results.  Plus she is the coolest, funnest person around!! More...


Theresa P.

11 December 2008

Yay Kim! I went in as a last ditch effort. I'd had this weird under-the-skin acne on my forehead for about a year and a half. I've never had clear skin, and I've gone the round of over-the-counter stuff and dermatologists who spend five minutes with you and then just push samples your way. Kim totally listened to all my theories, before suggesting that maybe it was food-related. Now let me think... I did go vegetarian about a year and a half ago... and i did start to eat a lot of tofu... ding ding ding! Kim put me on a routine, and in one week... BAM weird forehead pimples gone! I kept seeing her for a couple months, and I have had a few minor breakouts, but the forehead thing is history for sure. My only issue, for not giving five stars, is that my bank account is now totally drained. But I suppose that's the cost of clear skin. More...


amy s.

8 December 2008

I have been breaking out severely, on and off for the past 7 years.  I have tried EVERYTHING. You  name it, ive tried it-proactive, murad, antibiotics, accutane, blu-light, obagi, vitamin regimen, diets, retin-A, the list goes on. After almost resigning myself to my acne, I researched one last time and found Kim.  I am a skeptic, and by the time i looked into Kim, i was very pessimistic about anything working for my skin. Miraculously, her treatments and at-home skincare regimen got me clear within 3 months.  It takes patience and dedication.  I have a great deal of faith in Kim and her approach.  I see complaints about the extractions.  They arent supposed to feel great, she is extracting all the bacteria out of skin.  It is a crucial part of the treatment!!!! Also- She is extremely gentle!  She also does a chemical peel, or some sort of facial that suits your skin type best.  She doesnt leave ANY scarring, by the way.  There are only very short-lived marks from the pimples, which you would get either way, she just expedites the the process of getting them up and out.  My friend goes to Kim too, and she doesnt have any marks after the treatment, so it also has alot to do with your skin type.  I would confidently and strongly recommend seeing Kim to anyone suffering from acne.  It is the only cure for my acne. I introduced my friend to Kim, and its the only thing that has worked for her as well. Thankyou Kim!!! More...


katie t.

25 November 2008

Kim is not only a miracle worker she is so cool and fun to hang with. She totally cleared up my skin and took so much care in fixing my skin. She is better than ANY dermatologist I have ever been too, and the only one who I saw results from and quickly!! My skin has never felt or looked better. Don't hesitate, go see Kim! More...


Michelle T.

8 November 2008

Kim is the BEST!!!  I stopped taking birth control a few months ago and began having terrible breakouts.  I went to see Kim to try to figure out what was going on.  We discussed possible causes of my breakouts such as diet and makeup.  She then gave me a fabulous facial and I took home the products she recommended as well as very clear guidelines on how to use the products to get my skin clear!  After diligently using the products for 4 months and seeing Kim regularly my skin looks AMAZING!  No more breakouts at all!  There is no such thing as a "quick fix" when it comes to treating acne, but if you stick with Kim she will lead you to beautiful skin!  Plus, she's totally awesome! More...


Farran T.

15 October 2008

Wow, Wow, Wow!  I have been battling skin breakouts since adolescence.  It's never been an ACNE problem where I could use prescriptions for, but sporadic breakouts that always popped up in a new place.  Kim has been a friend of mine for over 2 years and finally, 6 months ago, I went to see her at her new clinic for my 1st treatment.  May I just say..the Shilpa Special is to-die for!   Kim has passion for what she does and it shows in her work ethic.  She takes her time, never makes you feel like you're on a time schedule/constraint, which puts me at ease...and for me..that is hard.After feeling like a princess from my luxurious spa treatment we got down to business.  She gave me products, a clear regimen to follow, and a lot of hope that my skin would soon be cured.  I followed up on facial treatments every 2 weeks with combination of extractions and chemical peels.  After about 5 treatments and about 2 months of my regimen...my skin was clear!  I now have a new understanding of skin care, which is that it goes beyond the surface and this knowledge will be with me for life!  Thank you Kim for making my skin beautiful! More...


Kelly R.

29 September 2008

I've always had mild breakouts every once in a while, but after I had been having monstrous break outs around my mouth nonstop for a month and a half, I decided that something needed to be done. so I turrned to yelp to find a clinic and read up about Skin Salvation.The first visit is the consulation and Kim goes over and checks everything you've been using on your face from products to makeup and talks to you about foods you eat and lots of questions about how your eating habits have changed to get to the root of what has been causing your acne...... AHA! Finally an explanation! During my consultation, I realized my acne was being caused by my heavy soy intake. I had stopped drinking milk and eating dairy because I'd heard that the hormones in it could cause breakouts, so I switched to soy and little did I know that soy will actually throw off your hormones by increasing your estrogen levels... and acne around the mouth is caused by hormone imbalances!I've had four visits with Kim so far and my skin has transformed. Kim is absolutely amazing because you can tell she truly wants to help and really devotes herself to your skin. Aside from all the treatments, she's given me all the right products, checks up on me to see how everything is working, and created a personalized skin regimen for me.I've been to dermatologists before and always have felt embarassed to show them my skin, to have them look over it with their magnifying glasses... but with Kim it's totally different. She makes you feel so comfortable and is so confident that she can turn your skin around that it really helped me relax and enjoy coming in for treatments. She's awesome and I'd recommend her to anyone suffering with acne. More...


Johanna w.

30 August 2008

Please excuse me if this review doesn't make much sense -- I'm still completely zenned out from my hour and a half spa facial with Kim at Skin Salvation.I went in today as a reward for working too hard and it was worth working everyday in July and August for this kind of treat.  I kept laying there thinking "wow, there is still more?" every time the next phase of my spa facial started.  It was an ultimate hour and a half of pampering and Kim is a master at her work.All the products she used were all natural, and even some vegan recipes.  And everything does smell very yummy.I came in a ball of pent up stress and walked out a puddle of calm. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  time for a nap in the sun.... with sunscreen, of course. More...


Danielle N.

27 August 2008

Seemed like the minute I turned 29, my skin started going bad. What used to be smooth and vibrant became bumpy and gray. My whole body, but especially my forehead and shoulders, were covered in clogged pores, that weren't really visible to the naked eye, but were pretty nasty to the touch. I was so embarrassed, and really frustrated! I tried all kinds of scrubs, masks, peels, etc and nothing was working. In fact, it was getting worse! My forehead felt like rough sandpaper, and my shoulders and back looked like a 14-year-old boy's! With summer around the corner, I knew I wouldn't be able to bare any skin looking like I did. I finally gave in and looked for an esthetician. I found Kim and Skin Salvation on yelp and, convinced by the rave reviews, gave her a call. Our first conversation was like catching up with an old friend. She said she'd heard stories like mine before and was sure she could help me. My first appointment, she gave me a list of ingredients to avoid in products I was using (she's done her research!). We also discussed possibly dietary culprits, like milk and soy (Soy was it for me!). Some excavation, a couple of peels and a bag of reasonably priced (and effective) products later, I was out the door with already clearer pores and at last, some hope. I have been going to Kim for almost three months now and have experienced drastic changes in the appearance and overall texture of my skin. Kim worked her magic the first session, and my face has been so much better ever since. By following her no picking and be sure to ice instructions, the clogged pores are gone, and the blemishes are only occasional, kind of like NORMAL skin. My back got worse before it got better (she said it can take three months) but is finally on an even keel. She has me using a salicylic acid treatment that is helping renew the skin and heal the scarring. It's not perfect, but it's a work in process that with patience, is getting better and better.I can't tell you how great it has been to meet someone as genuinely concerned with my well-being. Kim is great! She is so caring and laid-back, she takes your stress level down the minute you enter her studio (which is good for the skin!). She will go to the ends of the earth for you, if you just trust her enough to follow her advice. I can't recommend Kim and her top-notch services highly enough! More...


Zabrina Carlson T.

9 August 2008

Meeting Kim is what brought me to her studio for skin care.  She is peaceful and gentle with a wonderful smile that creates a comfortable environment. Then her studio has a beautiful view of Twin Peaks that is gorgeous along with the studio's stylish interior design.  You already feel wonderful when entering her studio and being in Kim's energy.  Then when she begins to work on your face and you're in paradise.  She has wonderful energy with her touch and works on your skin in a soothing manner.  Her hands work wonders as you feel tingling and then relaxation.  She ends the session peacefully allowing you to adjust easily from the skin care treatment to the fast paced life most of us live.  Thank you Kim! I am so glad to have met you.  You're absolutely amazing and a hip lady. I recommend kim with the highest rating. More...


Patty N.

12 June 2008

Kim is the BOMB.  Her salon is styish, hip, clean and comfortable, and I felt like a total pampered princess in her skilled hands. My skin looks fantastic!  She's also more than just a basic facial, I really appreciated her holistic approach (letting me know my breakouts might be caused by a dairy allergy!). She's fun, professional, and kind. You won't regret how great you look! More...


Rosalee C.

25 May 2008

once you meet kim, your esthetician, you will yearn more & more for her. no one else will make you feel this good.she is professional and warm. her hands know what they're doing. i am a shy, ticklish person, who wouldn't be able to handle anyone touching my face because i am soooo ticklish (it's ridiculous)! kim was very patient with my squirming and i couldn't lay still. eventually, i was able to calm down and fully enjoy this experience. oh, and i have a very low tolerance for pain and i can't believe i walked out alive after waxing! i don't even know how i let kim wax me but i am soooo happy i did. i guess when you're in her hands, you'd say yes to pretty much anything. i came out a brand new woman with the most precise, wonderfully shaped eyebrows and a silky face! i love it! a perfect location in the mission, her setting is welcoming. her choice of decor sets the mood right. More...


Stunna S.

16 April 2008

I felt like I witnessing an excavation in Old Jerusalem. Cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, tonifying, martinizing, hybridyzing, synthesizing, hypnotizing (some of those might not be right, I was too blissed out to remember the correct terminology)--layer upon layer of tired St James were lifted from my face. And there deep below the Pool of Siloam was the original city of my countenance: radiant, relaxed, pleased. I've been pretty low on zits over the last 20 years or so, thus I can't judge that aspect of the magic of Kim. But the treatment I got sure was divine. Great looking place too. Warm evening sun flowing in, with relaxing cool blue walls and Brazilian bossa novas dancing around my head.Getcho skin care on, fools. This is what I'm telling you. More...


Courtney L.

28 January 2008

Ever since I can remember I have always battled acne. I've tried everything to get rid of my un sightly break outs on my face, chest and back, and nothing has ever worked! I've drained my piggy bank at numerous places from  the drug store all the way to the Dermatologist.  I felt like was going to become homeless paying for all of these"remedies" that never worked.  Right when I was about to give up, a friend told me about Skin Salvation.Thank God I found Esthetician Kim! She made face beautiful and my wallet is not empty.  If you have acne, don't waste your time or  money, Skin Salvation will save your face!!!!! More...