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Rob De'Athe

30 June 2019

My son had a severe groin injury which despite rest was not healing. We went to Simon for a chat and started a programme of treatment. it has been a long road but we are finally clear of the injury. It was great to see my son improve week after week; getting stronger time after time. I would recommend the clinic for anyone who may have an injury. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I know my son's injury would not have healed without the clinic team. More...


Maz Floyd

30 March 2019

Having suffered with a ‘popped’ rib for weeks without seeking professional help, I finally consulted Simon and within a week the relief was amazing! On subsequent visits he treated me again, checked my gym program and made suggestions to help with strengthening and toning. Great service and such a relief to get back to pain free exercising! More...


Sammy Photiou

30 March 2019

I have been to see Simon a few times now over the years, most recently with chronic hip pain which had almost stopped me training and progressed to a constant pain for around a month. I had tried icing, resting, stretches and massage as well as acupuncture. At the first appointment he diagnosed me within 10 minutes and set me up with some simple body weight exercises and stretches, within days I felt 100 times better, and only 5 weeks on he's signed me off and I am training with no pain! And he's very reasonably priced! Thanks Simon! More...


Bhisan Rai

30 December 2018

I had this back pain (which I found out later that it was due to my shoulder) for more than an year and I tried many thing like self massage and going to the massage therapist but it only help in short-term. After visiting the clinic and attending two sessions, I started to feel some improvements. A few more sessions later, I can barely feel the discomfort on my shoulders (only if I don't stick with my bad habits that was casing it). I highly recommend the Clinic. More...


Julian Smith

30 November 2018

To be recommended... I had severe sciatica related to a prolapsed disk and was treated over a couple of months to restore my mobility. Excellent and knowledgeable service, and SLK gradually increased the intensity of my exercises tailored to my progress. Many Thanks More...


Glen Pantony

1 September 2018

Fantastic service, friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.


Mary Kingsley

29 May 2018

This place is excellent and I thoroughly recommend that you visit I think that you have to be injured before you go I do not think that they will enjoy you for you when you turn up if you do not have an injury but that is ok I think that that is probably the best thing to do because if you are already injured then you will want to have somebody to help you turn your injury into something that is not an injury but if you go here and you are not injured and you say I would like you to break my nose they are likely to say that we will not break your nose because breaking your nose will hurt you and we will get into big trouble and we will have to tell to the nice police officer why it is that we broke your nose when you didn't need to have your nose broken