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Sixfold is an expert consultancy business which helps its clients win complex Public Sector and commercial contracts. Using the tools and techniques which it has developed over several years, it has increased bid win rates from 8% to 42% in one multi £million business and is credited with very substantial improvements in sales performance in many other large companies.



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Seeing the "lights come on" in the eyes of individuals and teams when they suddenly realise how they can make a step change improvement in their results.

When I was working for a large multinational, I developed an interest in sales methods which actually achieved results and which were research based. This led to a specific interest in Public Sector sales in which we are now one of the most expert consultancy companies in the UK, e.g. we were the first consultancy to be asked to be an expert witness in the UK High Court. I have had a book published by the Guardian, in its "Professional" title series, on the subject of how to win Public Sector contracts and I advise a very wide range of businesses on sales and business management techniques, which I very much enjoy.

Because they will get a better sales performance and better sale team contribution to their businesses. Moreover, they will get someone who will help them embed better sales and operating methods into their organisations and know how to sustain and increase this level of improvement.