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Marianne Natasja

31 October 2018

“I can't believe the improvement in my singing that has come about since I first started working with Marianne. She has a relaxed and encouraging manner that puts you at your ease immediately and, while always being positive and supportive, she can quickly identify specific issues and has a plethora of ingenious exercises to help resolve them. Her methods target the needs of the “whole singer” - posture, breathing, resonance, tonality, diction, etc. - with attention to the fine detail of producing the best sound possible. As a result I have gained a much better understanding of how my own voice works and of its capabilities, which has in turn led to a huge increase in my confidence. A truly inspirational teacher!” More...


Buharyell Htetsoe

21 October 2018



Tamia Nache

7 April 2018

I want my voice to get Better because I want to become a singer and make more money and make a singing YouTube account

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