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Wes S.

15 September 2019

We stopped in to try this place out on a Sunday for some brunch. This is a really nice little café  great food and great service. The atmosphere is very relaxing. We had the Biscuit sandwich which had a very nice light and fluffy biscuit. We also got the ham egg and cheese sandwich which had a large portion of eggs and good flavor ham More...


Pat J.

19 August 2019

Great find in a small town!  The eggs were perfectly done, bacon crispy and pancakes light and fluffy!  What a delicious breakfast place!


Jon C.

24 July 2019

really great coffee and food. they keep decaf on hand for me, the staff is always friendly, and their breakfast is great. I also eat Sinas soups several times a week, and the only bad thing about them is when she runs out! Love ya guys, keep up the good work (They also deliver to merchants on main!) More...


Roylene Frances Brown

20 July 2019

Love to get a bagel and coffee here


Rick Olson

22 June 2019

Awesome food and coffee !!!


Tamara Underhill Richards

16 June 2019

Sina and Jon do an amazing job of bringing home country cooking to Sutter Creek!!


Kourtnee Amaral-Tavolario

16 June 2019

Great spot for a great cause!


Rachelle M.

28 May 2019

On Memorial Day my sweetheart and I ventured in for some breakfast, I ordered the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich with added strawberry jam since the description reminded me of a monte cristo sandwhich, tho slightly different. It was delicious and sweet with a nice amount of meat, eggs, powdered sugar and syrup. The strawberry jam was sweet and really brought the sandwich up a notch, the sandwich was great on it's own tho so I didn't add much syrup. To drink I ordered a classic breakfast staple, a small Orange Juice, delicious!I would definitely recommend stopping into this restaurant yourself, they have beautiful artwork displayed throughout we enjoyed looking at, nice stained glass on the doors and the staff are very friendly and helpful! Especially our cashier, she gave great recommendations, it had been so long since I stopped in that I don't remember what I ordered. From the looks of it, they are definitely known for their biscuits and gravy and I can see why, I tried a bite of my man's and it's damn good, ordering next time! You can tell they make everything homemade here! More...


Ron E.

18 May 2019

The pulled pork sandwiches are fantastic and the coffee here is great! Also the service was excellent and good prices on all the food here, were coming back for more great food with our friends


Ron D.

10 May 2019

Cute place with good food and friendly people.  Price point made the breakfast even better.


Ken Forbes

7 May 2019

Great food, Great service and great Olsons COFFEE, in Sutter Creek


Bobbie R.

1 April 2019

A quaint breakfast- lunch cafe stop on our scenic drive in gold country. I had a Turkey club wrap that was excellent. Hubby had tortilla soup and a half gold rush sandwich. All good. Soup was very good. We were too late for breakfast but I saw some plates and they looked yum. Staff friendly. Didn't have any sweets but the plate size cookies looked fresh and scrumptious. More...


Kimm M.

18 March 2019

This place is amazing from the moment you walk in to the music down to the level of food!!! I will plan a trip to be in the area again just to come here and eat. Also the coffee is out of this world!!! More...


Natalie M.

28 February 2019

This place is great! Everything here is good!Staff is very welcoming it's a comfortable environment I really enjoy this place :)


Janet I.

25 February 2019

I had a cup of coffee from the self service coffee dispensers. The coffee was lukewarm so I asked a young man to heat it up in the microwave for a minute. He was more than accommodating.Much better when you get hot coffee. The quiche was piping hot and pretty good for late in the day.It's a locally owned cafe by a woman. Who seems to run the business herself along with some assistance. More...


Krista R.

20 January 2019

This is the best place for food! Homemade everything and reasonably priced. The owners are my favorite part of the place. They always take care of the costumer and their employees. Just good people making good food. If you come to Sutter Creek, this is a must stop! More...


Jim A.

14 January 2019

What a wonderful surprise this place was.  I went to Sutter Creek to plan my wedding there this past November and just happened to pop into Sina's Backroads cafe for lunch after a morning of checking out churches, Halls and other localities for our wedding. Not only was lunch there very good, but I found out that they also did catering services.  I spoke with the owner, John Hanning and he was very helpful and responsive in answering all our questions over the next few weeks.  We only had a month to plan our wedding and so needed to act quickly.  At one point we found out that the Hall we had reserved would not allow us to have any alcohol, not even a champaign toast.  I called John in a panic because we were now only about 20 days out from our wedding date.  He calmed me down and told me to let him do some research.  In no time at all he was able to help us secure a new location that worked out just great.  Talk about above and beyond! The wedding reception went off as planned and John took care of every detail to make the event run smoothly.  The food was terrific and we got lots of compliments on the bbq chicken and tri-tip entree as well as the side dishes and appetizers that went with it.  I couldn't be more pleased with our memorable wedding and reception and I will be forever grateful for John Hanning's incredible service and delicious food. More...


Buddy Boitano

14 January 2019

We love that place ! Everyone is treated as family !


Jonelle T.

12 January 2019

Fun cafe with great service. Great variety and prices were fair.  The BTL was great and the mushroom quiche was yummy and only 4.50. We had a huge homemade oatmeal cookie ($1.75) hour that was awesome. And our tea and coffee was perfect. It was busy obviously well liked by locals tooWe hope to come back to Sutter Creek this summer with the family. There was a lot to see and do. More...


Manuel Duarte

12 January 2019

Best sandwiches in town right here. Highly Recommended!!!!


Robert S.

8 January 2019

First time here and will definitely be back soon. Classic breakfast was perfect. Company even better. Thanks guys


Tracy Joon

23 December 2018

Delicious coffee drinks, yummy sandwiches, excellent quiche. Never had a bad meal here! A must to stop if you are in the area!


Robin B.

18 December 2018

I would absolutely give it five stars if they had some additional variations of vegetarian food. The quiches good , needs a little updating perhaps to some leafy greens , spinach , collard greens . Maybe add some bell peppers and red onions. The owner is very accommodating. And I absolutely love the peanut butter cookies . More...


Michelangelo S.

25 November 2018

Great Coffee!  (When Open - Just Make Sure Place IS Open Before Driving Some Distance To Get There)SITREPWalking down the main drag (actually in fact, "Main St.) of the bustling little hamlet of Sutter Creek, you see one Wine Bar right after another Wine Bar.  But if you look among those wine bars, and other nearby cafes and Antique shops, you will find Sina's Backroads Café nestled among them - it is a welcome reprieve from inebriation when you need that solid kick in the pants.yelp.com/biz_photos/sina…THE SETUPThis was a good spot I enjoyed a few times while spending the extended weekend of Sept 6-9 in Amador County with lots of friends from all over the state.  Besides coffee, it is also setup for great breakfast and lunch fare.  It also was the perfect spot to drink a tasty roasted brew while getting much needed wifi'ing & writing done while chilling out, but also while juicing up my energy reserves for more event-madness in the evening.yelp.com/biz_photos/sina…THE COFFEEIt has delicious roasts: on the times I succeeded here, I found there was always at least two caffeinated, and one decaf version of roasted coffee on rotation in their café:  something that one of my companions appreciated in this day and age of indie cafes that seem to forgo decaffeinated options.  yelp.com/biz_photos/sina…On one occasion, however, the shop was not open during posted hours during our weekend excursion.  Well, I guess that was just my bad timing, and I didn't think anything of it ...that was, however, until it happened AGAIN, which leads me to the next section....CATERING SCHEDULE - MY ISSUEThe café staff also have a very bustling catering business, which is great, because I think it's important to diversify and not have "all your eggs in one basket".  Now, I am not familiar with their catering from direct patronage or contact, but I am INdirectly:  when I came back to Amador County on a subsequent weekend morning/early afternoon of Saturday Oct 13 (while up for a wedding at Iron Hub Winery in Plymouth beforehand), I was bragging to fellow celebrants about how cool this coffee stop was (and to be fair, it still is).  And so since we had a wee bit o' time before the wedding, we made a side-trek to specifically come here, since it's almost impossible to find indie-level quality coffee anywhere else while in transit throughout Amador County [unless you go to the Jackson Rancheria Casino, or further up past Plymouth in the other direction on HWY 49 towards Placerville - YES, that's how hard it is to find GOOD (commercially available) COFFEE in Amador County!]The only problem is when we arrived - at 1:00 pm - during normal business hours as posted on the door and on Yelp, the entire place was shut down:  yelp.com/biz_photos/sina…= apparently when they have a catering gig, one is only *noticed* by a paper sign on the window of the door; and,= we spent 30 minutes in round-trip driving and too late to head anywhere else before the wedding.PRO-TIPHopefully the coffee shop's staffing won't be impacted too much by the catering side.  So to my fellow patrons, just a friendly FYI:  check ahead for scheduling snafus. [ADDENDUM:  By the way, I just found out from the friendly owner Jon H. that they have a Facebook page where the cafe schedule and other metrics are updated!]THE LOWDOWNIf you can make the connection here - because you're already in Sutter Creek - grab some great coffee. More...


Ande M.

8 October 2018

Had the most amazing time here today! Great, generous service, delicious coffee with unique coffee mugs, and the food was so satisfying. 5/5 stars for this cute gem in downtown suttercreek !! More...


Johana M.

1 October 2018

The breakfasts here are delicious and the coffee is strong in the best way. The cookies are made in house and are perfectly chewy and crispy. The staff is sincerely friendly and always courteous. More...


Robin B.

28 August 2018

I just love this case in the heart of Sutter Creek. The breakfasts are delicious, good quality and we'll priced. The quiche, coffees and baked goods are wonderful.  I love the atmosphere and friendly service. More...


Mark Isenbarger

26 August 2018

Nice place nice people affordable good tasting food.


Joe M.

25 August 2018

The wife and I had breakfast there today. I must say It was really something special. We had biscuits and gravy with eggs and cheese and a vegetable quiche. Both were easily in the top 5 that I've ever had. The staff is super nice and the service was excellent. This will be our guaranteed go to every time we come to town. More...


Cecelia Linder

21 August 2018

Wonderful sandwiches and service


Brandt Doerr

19 August 2018

Great food, wonderful service, and excellent coffee!!!


Ron C.

15 August 2018

We were passing through and found this gem restaurant. Friendly staff. Had tuna melt and it was delish. Don't miss their chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. They are to die for!!!!


Amber S.

4 August 2018

Quick stop in town before head to Sacramento, worth it to come out here again!! Good food and beautiful place, love small town...


Mary Paulson

4 August 2018

My out of town friends and I stopped for lunch yesterday. I’ve had a couple sandwiches here already and we all agreed the sandwiches were perfect size. Not too much, or too small. And of course very tasty. We had the pastrami, the turkey cranberry and one of us had the salad. More...


Shannon B.

31 July 2018

We got the mother lode which is a country gravy smothered biscuit with an over easy egg on top. Heaven! Their gravy is probably the best I've ever had. The wait was a bit long, but it takes time to make delicious, fresh food. OJ was fresh and my chai tea was perfect. More...


Tom M.

24 July 2018

This place makes the best rasberry mocha and peppermint mocha than I've ever had.  We drive here from Folsom just to have the mochas.  We go to coffee every day and have tried just about everything out there and this is by far the best.The staff are fantastic. More...


Danelle H.

22 July 2018

Very fresh and the prices are fair.  Place is a great small town atmosphere, like stepping back in time.  Friendly staff and clean!


Macy A.

3 April 2018

Sinas backroads is an amazing local cafe. Owners are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. This business is run with pride and good taste. You can tell they care so much about the community around them. The chai latte is my favorite drink and this is my favorite spot to get a Ruben!! Staff is welcoming and clean! I love this spot and will continue to eat here forever! Thanks Jon and Sina for caring about your costumers and giving the best service in the county! We love you! More...


Nick O'Grodnick

31 March 2018

Great food, great service. I had an excellent BLT with San Francisco macaroni salad, and it was delicious. Most places don't even offer San Francisco style macaroni salad


Chris G.

30 March 2018

My daughter and I stopped in today at SinAs cafe in Sutter Creek it's a cute mom and pop cafe with good food and service thank you


Natalie L.

17 March 2018

Mind blowing biscuits and cookies!! Great service .... staff is unbelievableSuch a treat Decorated so cute We got a smothered biscuit and biscuit sandwich! Delicious We will be back! The owner helps with charities geared towards autism More...


Jan Geringer

15 March 2018

Love this place. The food is fresh & delicious. Great service. Home of the Mookie cookie. Favorite cookie ever!!


Sahsha S.

12 March 2018

My favorite go to lunch spot in Sutter Creek. Always home cooked taste and fresh cooked meat and fresg produce for the sandwiches


Traci M.

19 February 2018

Great service and great food. The best potato salad I've ever had!! Get there early! Everything is fresh and homemade and sells out fast!!!


Matt P.

19 February 2018

Presidents Day so it was busy (understandable). Everything is homemade and fresh so don't be surprised if they run out of something. Best potato salad we've ever had. Amazing. Staff were very friendly and joked with us which made us feel welcome.We will be back. More...


Warren Nordendahl

4 December 2017

We enjoyed our lunch . Great food ,clean restaurant, and friendly employees .


Jessica Martinez

7 November 2017

Wonderful service-excellent food and lovely atmosphere ;) highly recommend


Tyler D.

3 November 2017

Sina's was a super cool little spot. Breakfast got over around 11:30 & we got there a couple minutes later & they still cooked breakfast for us! That was way cool of them & it tasted amazing. More...


Brad P.

28 October 2017

This place is a a great place to have breakfast. The food & coffee are great and it is right downtown.


Wendy P.

15 September 2017

We selected the highly recommended WRP to cater our wedding in 2016. From the moment we met Jon and Sina we knew we were in good hands. The food we chose was absolutely delicious, my guests were very pleased as were we and Jon took on the role making sure everything ran smoothly, down to cutting the cake :). We have been to their quaint little spot in Sutter Creek and enjoyed it very much. Reasonable prices with a down home menu. I would recommend Jon and Sina's "WRP Backroads"  to anyone looking for a great catering experience as well as stopping in to grab a yummy breakfast or lunch in beautiful Sutter Creek!!These are quality folks, both professionally and personally!! More...


Dani B.

6 September 2017

An adorable, quaint cafe with remarkable food . Our server , Macy was absolutely fantastic and we can't wait to come back ! The food was great , atmosphere relaxing , and you couldn't ask for nicer people to work there . Thank you for making our trip so fantastic . I'm only sorry it took me this long to right a review . More...


Grace C.

26 August 2017

In a town of limited food options, Backroads always remains consistent with its quality food and friendly service. One of my favorite sandwiches-The Jimbo. Turkey, melted cheese, salsa...yum. Deserts are great, coffee drinks are delicious, salads are perfect, and BBQ is what they do best. John and Sina know how to keep their customers happy! More...


Nicole L.

7 August 2017

Stopped here on my way back from camping. I got the biscuits and gravy with eggs and cheese. Overall good quality, needed a little more flavor. Reasonably priced and good service. More...


Courtney P.

18 July 2017

Coming to Sutter Creek to do some wine tasting with friends, we decided to grab some lunch before we began our tasting tour. We stopped in Sina's Backroads Cafe, an inconspicuous little spot off the main street in downtown Sutter Creek. Their menu was simple: sandwiches, wraps, etc. I decided on the chicken salad sandwich for my lunch.The service was fast and friendly - you can tell it's a local and family-run type of place. And our sandwiches were delicious! It was one of the best chicken salad sandwiches I've ever had. The bread was fresh and soft but held up to the massive scoops of chicken salad, lettuce, and tomato loaded inside. I could have eaten two more of my sandwich. What a nice little gem in downtown Sutter Creek!So the next time you find yourself in Sutter Creek, or the surrounding area, do yourself a favor and stop by to grab a sandwich that'll remind you of your childhood and may even beat the ones Grandma used to make. More...


Kimberly Z.

8 July 2017

Such a pleasant crew. Lots of charm. Had a latte and the blueberry scone both were excellent


Peter C.

18 June 2017

I am staying in Sutter Creek for a few weeks finishing up a video project and I found this nice restaurant a week or so ago. Been coming back almost everyday since. Relaxed atmosphere, nice staff (owners) and regular customers, home style (not processed) food. Very welcoming place. More...


J And G G.

4 April 2017

Fantastic breakfast stop in sutter creek. Great atmosphere and a perfect place to watch the world go by.


Susan S.

31 March 2017

We've gone there twice now on the way to Lake Tahoe. The food and service are excellent. The portion sizes for biscuits and gravy are huge. The egg scramble is delicious. And they have their own hot sauces. More...


Stacy Simpson

28 March 2017

Great little place! Food and atmosphere are perfect.


Sheila P.

9 March 2017

I just love BackroadsSina and JonIf it isn't on the menu they will make it for you. And oh sooo delicious.Thank you for my wrap it was awesome. See u tomorrow.Sheila Penney


Grandpa Kevyn B.

30 January 2017

Awesome meal. Good price. Love the feel as soon as you walk in and waddle out. Biscuits and gravy are my favorite and this place did not disappoint.


Debbie Fox Decker

30 January 2017

I had the quiche… It's the best! Great people and great service�


Diane Lynn

28 January 2017

Everything on the menu is five star -excellent place for breakfast and lunch. Haven't had anything I didn't �


Connie Love

18 January 2017

Just visiting for an overnight getaway and found this place for breakfast when walking around, gave it a try & it was great. Friendly staff & breakfast was awesome. Will return whenever in the area. More...


Jillian C.

23 December 2016

Found this quaint little cafe in Yelp while headed home from a ski trip. Only a small detour from our route and so worth it. Everything was made to order fresh and tasted as such. The owners were friendly. Will definitely visit this cafe and little town again! More...


Heather R.

20 December 2016

Wonderful cafe! The service was great and the food was delicious! One of the best iced mochas I've ever had and the country potatoes were perfect! My husband and I have found our go-to spot for breakfast when we're visiting Sutter Cre More...


Beatrice C.

8 December 2016

Really friendly and reasonable local spot for breakfast and lunch. They have daily specials from WRP- We Roast Pigs- that shares the space. Food is simple and tasty!


Jon Campbell

17 November 2016

The Best bet is all you need to know - best breakfast deal in 3 counties


Brian Baker-Brown

12 November 2016

Had breakfast there...loved the small town charm and decor and friendliness of staff...we had the breakfast bagels and potatoes...fab bagels and deliciously made... More...


Deb W.

30 October 2016

Staff, food and building were great. Highly recommend the homemade peanut butter cookies. Decor was very charming.


Mary V.

27 October 2016

Did a yelp search to find a great breakfast spot in Sutter Creek, and my fellow yelpers did not let me down! This place is the bomb. Exceptional customer service. Even though we were from out of the area, they made us feel as welcome as locals. The food is great as is the price, and there was nothing left on our plates. We actually arrived shortlly after their breakfast cut off, and even though they were completely slammed with customers, they prepared our coveted breakfast. Next time in the area, we will make sure we arrive before the cutoff time, and i recommend you do the same. The coffee was so good here as well. This is a popular spot in the local area so be prepared for a reasonable wait. This is an exceptionally well run local restaurant, and we will definitely return when in the area, only next time we will arrive before breakfast cutoff. The ingredients are top notch. This restaurant exceeded our expectations, in food quality, service, price and ambiance. The owners are so personable, they make you feel so welcome, that you really do not want to leave. I so look forward to a return visit More...


Jocelynn Brown Fenkell

10 October 2016

Amazing!!!! Homemade to order yummy food!! We went twice in one weekend.


Barbara Heard

27 August 2016

Our knitting group, Cup of Yarn, meets here twice a month and the staff are always warm, friendly, and welcoming. The food is always good and they have some GREAT cookies.


Peggy Jones

21 August 2016

Love the food, especially the soup. This is the only place I will eat whenever I visit Sutter Creek!


Julie D.

20 August 2016

Wonderful small town charm, with even better made-from-scratch food. The French toast melted in my mouth and the coffee was really good! Friendly staff topped off the experience. It's so good, my husband ordered a second meal. Take a drive to the Gold Country, this place is worth it! More...


Steve Frias

29 July 2016

This is such a great place to eat at. A very friendly place like family


Cathy L.

10 July 2016

This is our favorite spot for breakfast or lunch.... Food is always fresh and delicious... You can get half sandwiches and smaller salads which is perfect for me....Unless you get one of their delicious BBQ burgers, then I force myself to eat the whole thing....And the soups are awesome!!!! But most of all, Sina and Jon are great people and you will always feel welcomed..... Check Facebook for the specials of the day. More...


Sue J.

10 July 2016

This family friendly restaurant is our favorite stop. Had Jon's Special for breakfast which was the best ever! Try it sometime for a tasty surprise. All the salads are fresh and delicious.  Their tri-tip is excellent along with the great service and smiling faces always. When we walk in always feel like family. More...


Tom W.

27 May 2016

Great food as usual.  Enjoying the pastrami ruben burger sliders.  So good I ordered a 3rd.  Small but tasty.


Nick F.

14 May 2016

Really a wonderful place for lunch and breakfast. Nice people, good prices and quality food and coffee. They open early too... Even earlier than the hotel eatery where we are staying down the road, also in Main Street. Pro tip: don't miss out on the MALI cookie at any time of day. Oatmeal chocolate chip with coconut. More...


Gwen Clayton

15 April 2016

The Mookies were a huge hit at the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo yesterday. I had people coming to my booth just to get one of the cookies that everyone was talking about. They asked me if I made them and I told them no, they're from Backroads Cafe in Sutter Creek. More...


Rosemary Fields

22 March 2016

great, comfy surroundings, prices are right.. be sure and stop by


Steve C.

24 February 2016

Truly a new destination for us whenever we visit Sutter Creek. The greatest staff, the best sandwiches and AWESOME potato salad! This place was the hi-lite of our day in Sutter Creek! More...


Karen Dean Creason

26 November 2015

Excellent food, gluten free bread for a great sandwich, and great owners!


John Johnson

11 July 2015

Great food and down home friendly service. Sina. Jon and staff make sure you are happy with order.


Tracy J.

25 June 2015

I simply love what Sina and Jon have done to the place. Vast and huge improvement from previous owner of Backroads.   Interior cleaner & nicer, menu better, quality of food much  better. Both Sina and Jon  are very friendly and pleasant.  They truly are a gem.  One must stop in Sina's Backroads Cafe whenever in Sutter Creek. Can't wait to my next trip up North. More...


Laurie Wingo LeVal

5 June 2015

Love this place! We have been coming here for 12 years, our fav is Chinese chicken salad. So excited for Sina, she has worked here for years, and is now the owner! Congratulations!


Stew M.

10 March 2015

This place is under new management and it's WAY better now. Prices are better and quality of food is WAY better. Do not hesitate to check them out now, you won't be disappointed!


Wendy DeLange

3 March 2015

Excellent home cooked food great customer services and Jon's trivia !!!


Marc Schwarz

21 February 2015

By far the best home cooked food in all of Sutter Creek & The Jackson area. Jon and Sina make you feel like your eating in their living room. Made from scratch every day. This "is" the go too place !!! Try a Mookie,...... You can thank me later. More...


Rachelle Lord-Saldate

11 February 2015

Love this place! Good food and friendly staff. Try Sina's famous mookies.


Ginger Conkle

6 February 2015

Awesome food!! Clean establishment with good customer service. Food taste fresh always. Biscuits and gravy are delish. WRP pulled pork sand which is the best!


Jeremy C.

9 November 2014

I've been in to the new Backroads four times and have been thoroughly satisfied with the food and their kind service every time . I love what they've done on the inside, it's nice , simple, and clean. Sina's Quiche is absolutely divine! More...


G C.

25 September 2014

Backroads is back!! New ownership and new look!! Biscuits and gravy are off the hook!! Delicious and food reasonably priced.  Sandwiches are good as well. Food taste fresh. Good customer service and clean environment. More...