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Sin City Cupcakes

Boulder Junction, Nevada


Sin City Cupcakes

Boulder Junction, Nevada


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Apple S.

27 September 2019

I tried their cupcakes and they are so delicious! I can totally get drunk fast on these as they are really good and have alcohol. My favorite one is the chocolate cupcake infused with vodka!! Try it!!! I don't have a sweet tooth but apparently liquor can change my mind about that:) More...


Ekamdeep S.

27 June 2019

Ordered from out of town to send to clients visiting Vegas. Easy to work with, they delivered the cupcakes to the hotel with no mishaps. Everyone said they tasted great! Maybe next time I'm in Vegas I'll stop by in person. More...


Tracy O'neill

13 June 2019

Cupcakes were amazing & the communication between myself & them were 1st class, really helpful & the service & delivery services was fab, everyone loved the cupcakes thank you


Catherine Nicole

22 March 2019

I discovered Sin city Cupcakes at the Las Vegas foodie fest back in 2015. I had a no limit lemon drop and fell in love with these alcohol infused treats. I've ordered from Lisa and Danielle over 20 times, a dozen cupcakes are my go to for birthday and bachelorette party gifts, my friends always love them. They just catered my 33rd birthday party in February and will be catering 2 of my friends weddings this fall. I can't wait to try some new flavors. More...


Tom Burden

13 December 2018

OBSESSED WITH THESE CUPCAKES, if you are in Vegas they are a MUST HAVE. Had these at our party and they were a huge hit!


Casey Jo

11 December 2018

Visiting from out of town. Ordered online and they delivered to the hotel as suggested and on time! The cupcakes were more than amazing !


Grace Craig

3 December 2018

Super fun and delicious love all the unique flavor


Robert Sutton

21 November 2018

Fantastic design and taste.


Stefany V.

8 November 2018

The ultimate treat yourself option: alcoholic cupcakes! You do have to plan ahead, because SCC is currently a pre-order/delivery business for special orders. I have no doubt were they to open a storefront that they'd be busy nonstop. They have a pickup location with their kitchen, and also offer delivery around the Valley.I've tried their cupcakes at various events around town, they've been featured vendors at Yelp events and also make appearances on the Strip and at various local fundraisers. Note that the cakes are very "wet", more moist than your typical cake- I assume this is due to the addition of the alcohol, but it definitely negates the typical cupcake dryness complaint. Flavor preferences have varied, but they have fun names- red velvet backseat, better than sex, midnight mystery (chocolate), etc.I recently picked up an order of their Boozy Bites, which are basically cake pops with alcohol instead of sticks, decorated with various toppings and sprinkles. Like an 8 year old given a box of chocolates, I took a bite of each one to sample each flavor over the course of a weekend and I regret nothing. Fun alternative to the usual gift of flowers and candy! More...


Denise HarleyGoddess Jones

1 August 2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Was looking for bakery while visiting LV to celebrate a 50th birthday and happened upon SCC... we communicated by email only, they were EXTREMELY responsive... the boozy minis were delivered to the hotel on time and were waiting when we arrived. They were delicious and gorgeously decorated. THANK YOU!!!! I would definitely use them again More...


Ricky White

22 July 2018

Best cupcakes in the country!!!


Kimberly M.

22 July 2018

If I could give them 10 stars I would! Very respectful and patient customer service always delicious and very well presented cupcakes. Highly recommend! Thank you for everything  Ps William the delivery guy is a sweetheart! And thank you Lisa for keeping on top of everything More...



2 June 2018

Ordered some boozy cupcakes for my reception instead of a traditional cake and they were DELICIOUS! Everyone loved them.


Gina Cruz-Szabo

21 April 2018

Sin City Cupcakes ROCK!!!! Rachel and Jocelyn are amazing! I ordered from NM to have them deliver in Vegas...they went above and beyond!!!! Thank you a million times over!!! More...


Kristie Gulia-Jelinsky

15 April 2018

Can you send cupcakes to New Jersey You know how I feel about them �


Amy Y.

12 April 2018

Sin City Cupcakes are delicious. They offer virgin and alcohol infused cupcakes. Also, Lisa and Rachel are super friendly and responsive to deliver the orders. I highly recommend ordering cupcakes from here. More...


Adam W.

6 April 2018

The owner alone makes this place worth it, but their cupcakes are the cherry on the top.  If you are looking for a fun treat for your upcoming party, look no further, this is the place!  Sin city cupcakes lives up to the hype, as the go to location if you are visiting and want to taste Vegas. More...



13 March 2018

Sin City Cupcakes are delicious. They offer virgin and alcohol infused cupcakes. Also, Lisa and Rachel are super friendly and responsive to deliver the orders. I highly recommend ordering cupcakes from here for your upcoming event. More...


Theresa D.

23 October 2017

All I can say is...what amazing customer service! Tiffany went above and beyond for me and my request! From the first contact via email, sin city cupcakes was very quick to reply and get my order going. I had a special request to have a delivery made outside of their normal delivery times and they were more than willing to accommodate my request. The cupcakes were delivered on time, looked wonderful, and tasted amazing! I can not recommend Sin City Cupcakes enough! Amazing!!! More...


Abby S.

25 September 2017

Alcohol infused cupcakes delivered? Only in Vegas! Another Sin City September b-day to celebrate, this time it was for a lady friend who appreciates the extra kick inside of her sweets. Ordering starts online, then there's a bit of back and forth via email to confirm the price and delivery window. Free delivery for LV Valley, and it's an additional $5 for The Strip. For candles and birthday decorations, it's an extra $5 each.Even with the complimentary delivery, this is a relatively expensive treat. $36 for a dozen minis, plus tip, tax and the aforementioned extras came out to $54 and some change. For twelve small boozy cupcakes. That being said, birthdays are a special occasion and should be treated as such. If there's a special person in your life who lives or is vacationing in Vegas, send them some Sin City treats! More...


Traci J.

21 August 2017

I placed my order ahead of time and wanted it delivered ... well I had hotel issues and emailed them in a huge panic super late at night for a deliver change last minute and they were super sweet and helpful and it was amazing! The cupcakes were so good I just wish we could order half dozens I was giving them away we had so many ! I recommend ordering them for anything not only because they were amazing but because the customer service was outstanding, they went out of the way for me after hours and not many places do that and for that I am forever a customer and will always recommend Sin City Cupcakes More...


Sara K.

14 August 2017

I ordered cupcakes to be delivered for a friend's birthday. Such a positive experience from start to finish. Excellent customer service - quick to respond to all of my e-mails and went above and beyond helping me add birthday decorations to the cupcakes. When there was a problem with delivery (the person they were supposed to deliver to was unreachable), they were so efficient with helping to sort it out. Most importantly, the cupcakes got rave reviews. More...



1 June 2017

These were a big hit with everyone. We ordered 5 dozen of the minis including a custom-made salted caramel cupcake. I alone ate about 8 of them haha. The other flavors we had were: Better than Sex, No Limit Lemon Drop, Devil's Scandal, and Red Dragon. More...


Debra C.

19 April 2017

Ordered 2 dozen for my daughter's 21st in Vegas, and WoW, they were so good! They delivered right to the hotel, so it was super convenient too! Can't wait to go back to Vegas and when I do, I will be getting more of these yummy treats! Thank you girls - the party was a hit, and the cupcakes were the star! More...


Chucky D.

2 February 2017

I love sin city cupcakes I got 2 dozen delivered for my best friends bachelorette and not only were they right on time they were delicious and the little "bachelorette sprinkles " were perfect . I cannot recommend them enough and I'll def order again. More...


Vicky S.

3 August 2016

Amazing! I could not have asked for better service! They answered all my questions promptly and they were delivered to the restaurant. They were a hit! If I am ever in Vegas again will definitely reorder them! Amazing overall! More...


Melissa M.

28 July 2016

I've used Sin City Cupcakes a few times for bachelorette parties when my friends are in town. They're perfect for this type of celebration! The cupcakes are delicious (even days later) and serve as a great late night snack in the hotel room after a night of crazy. They taste just like their flavors with a hint of the alcohol-- which is perfect. My favorite flavors are Better than Sex, Midnight Mystery, and Honey & Berry-Licious. Their pricing is decent for the kind of gourmet they do (I ordered something similar in Vancouver BC and it cost way more). Decorations can be event appropriate and are very cute. Their customer services is very responsive (usually within a day) although when I tried to order in June, two days ahead of when I needed them, I didn't hear anything back-- I'm guessing because I was too close to the day I needed them? Best part is that they deliver-- to any hotel, to your house in Summerlin or Henderson, etc.. Just make sure to time your order so you have it by when you need it. I'll definitely be using them again for when my girlfriends are in town! More...


Quiana F.

2 June 2016

Superb customer service! Not to mention the cupcakes were absolutely delish. My experience with Sin City cupcakes was nothing but pleasant , they called me to confirm my order and they called me when my cupcakes were on the way. Free delivery and they waived my rush fee so that I was able to get my cupcakes in time for my birthday. Thank you so much ladies , keep up the great work. More...


N C.

5 May 2016

First of all, these are amazing cupcakes! A little slice of heaven. Really the best cupcakes I have ever had -and I have had a few:). Secondly, the people that work here are super friendly and responsive.  We had a window for delivery time but when I called to see when they were coming within the timeframe (because we had plans), they changed their delivery route to come to our hotel and worked around our schedule. And they were so gracious about it. The delivery person wouldn't even take a tip.  Class act all the way around. More...


Dora V.

6 April 2016

Ordered 2 dozen- better than sex and chocolate obsession and they were soooo good! Great service and response time- free delivery. Can't beat it!


Brian G.

2 March 2016

Best cupcakes I've had, and with a kick as well! Perfect any Las Vegas Nevada evening.


Pam P.

8 February 2016

Awesome communication, from beginning to end.Unfortunately, as far as the cupcakes are concerned, I did not get a chance to taste one (I purchased them for my son and neice's bday celebration), BUT from what I hear, they loved the cupcakes!


Julie W.

28 January 2016

Sin City Cupcakes was absolutely wonderful! I placed an order for my Bachelorette party - they called a few days before to finalize the order and payment. They were left at my hotel with guest services which made picking them up on my schedule a breeze!The cupcakes were so delicious! We got Better Than Sex and No Limit Lemon Drop - all of the girls loved both flavors! You could definitely tell the alcohol was there but they were smooth and not at all overwhelming. They were fresh and looked absolutely perfect!Next time I am in Vegas for a party I will definitely be placing an order! More...


Jenny W.

27 January 2016

Absolutely delicious! Had a last minute event and I needed some cupcakes, I was told about Sincity Cupcakes, not only was it last minute, they custom made my cupcakes for our event theme, the flavored were out of this world. They made our event a killer success. Def recommend. More...


Kagan T.

18 December 2015

I have been seeing the name ' SinCity Cupcakes ' on Facebook and IG for a very long time after a friend of mine told me about it. Let me just clarify that normally i  hardly ever consume alcohol or eat food with sugar and train 7 days a week. But God's honest truth i would cheat on my diet with these super tasty , delicious Cupcakes. All around on point with every ingredient that was used to make them ! I shared it with my Mom and she couldn't stop saying Wow and oh My God :) Tonight we had the 'Lemon drop, Santas sin (peppermint vodka), strawberry scandal (str daiquiri), & blackberry tequila ' . Please get your hands and lips on these ASAP if you are in Las Vegas ! More...


Michael N.

18 December 2015

Place is amazing!!! Couldn't ask for anything better for desert and a good time with family and friends. We had a blast, and they have great customer service. This place was so much fun and I highly recommend to have them cater your your friends, family, for any type of event you have going on. Perfect for a good time with friends and family. Every time it leaves me with a great memory! Have Sincity cupcakes cater your party and I promise, you'll have the time of your life!! More...


Kirin C.

15 November 2015

Let me start off by saying I don't drink. I've always said I'd rather get my calories from sugar rather than alcohol.....these cupcakes are the best of both worlds!  They are delicious and ever so naughty while being heavenly decadent!  Soooo good! More...


Bb B.

9 November 2015

The girls absolutely loved the cupcakes! Delivery was waiting for us at the Cosmopolitan Concierge as stated! Thank you for adding a special touch to our weekend!!


Deven C.

1 October 2015

I have always been a big fan of the ladies at Sin City Cupcakes. I had consistently heard great things about their product before I finally decided to order a dozen for a special occasion. I placed a phone order and the transaction went smoothly. The person who took my order was very personable and professional. The same stood for the person who delivered them! I'm grateful that they were willing to accommodate my delivery request at a moments notice. The cupcakes themselves were delicious and I shared them with my group who felt the same way. I wanted to be sure that I took the time out to write a review and thank them for their services. I definitely recommend them to anyone, local or visitor who wants to throw a cherry on top of their time in Vegas. Cheers, guys! Thank you again. Sincerely, More...


Tal E.

1 October 2015

I had some of these cupcakes during a visit to Vegas. Novel idea and they taste is fantastic. A+++ must-try this local Vegas treat.


DeeDee A.

10 August 2015

Woo hoo! Went in on 8-10-15. Special was buy 6 get 6 free. So I did.  Good cupcake , moist and flavorful. frosting very sweet on most cakes. Good flavored specific frosting though.  Great place if you are looking for a large variety of different flavors. Some frosting cream cheese and some buttercream. If you prefer one over the other be sure to ask. More...


Megan K.

6 August 2015

I had these cupcakes delivered for my sister's bachelorette party. Not only were they delicious, but the process to order was great! I ordered online, got a confirmation call and email beforehand. The week of the event, I got a follow up call to confirm my check in time to the hotel. When I checked in, they were there waiting!! It was so seamless and easy. I will most definitely order again! More...


Ryan S.

6 August 2015

I found Sin City Cupcakes when I was searching for cupcake bakeries for my sister's 21st birthday.  I placed the order online and when I spoke with the Sin City Cupcake team, they were awesome!  Super friendly and fun!   I ended up ordering a dozen of the Chocolate Wasted and Little Havana Nights and both were DELICIOUS.  I will definitely order them again.  The whole process was seamless and my sister was so surprised.  She couldn't believe we had these amazing cupcakes for her.  Thank you @sincitycupcakes More...


Jerica D.

31 July 2015

These ladies deliver wonderful customer service, which moves the cupcake grade up from a 3 to a four! When we go to Vegas my husband likes to eat sweets and I like to drink, so I thought this would be a good way to infuse our cravings! I found Sin City Cupcakes on the web and thought this was a must do! I reviewed their website and flavors to place my order. Ok, so you can only order two flavors for every dozen. Which is kind of a bummer because they all sound so good! Or you can pay 10 dollars more and get a mystery mixture (which depends on the flavors that other customers order on the same day as yours). To place your order you go online and detail your request and someone will follow up with a call the day before your delivery. I called the company a couple of times and the girls were very patient and answered all my questions. I finally placed my order online for the mini sized mystery mixture and asked that if I do receive the mystery cupcakes that I do not receive any chocolate flavors. When they called to confirm my order they stated they would be able to follow my request. Sin City does offer free delivery to certain hotels on the list so pay attention to the list --if not you will get charged an additional $5 dollars for delivery. The hotel I original requested for them to be sent to was on the charge list (Plazzo), so I called back and asked that the deliver to my first night hotel (Mandalay--which was on the no charge list). The girl I spoke to adjusted my bill and said no problem on changing the delivery location. On the day of delivery the girls dropped the cupcakes at my hotel lobby and gave me a confirmation call that the cupcakes were there. So, how were the cupcakes? The cupcakes themself was actually pretty good! The batter and frosting for each flavor tasted very good! The only thing with the cupcake was I wish the alcohol was baked into the cupcake batter and not inserted into the middle of the cupcake. The ladies informed me of how the cupcakes were made but after tasting I just wish the alky was just baked in. I am also not sure what flavors I had because it was not noted on my box. I would def. order from Sin City Cupcakes again when back in Vegas! More...


Nancy W.

11 July 2015

Thank you! You guys were simply amazing, it was such an easy process from figuring out which flavors we wanted, to the ordering, paying & delivery.  The birthday girl & our party were so impressed! Each cupcake had the right balance of sweetness & liquor. More...


Meka W.

2 June 2015

I ordered cupcakes for my husband as a surprise on his birthday. He was very happy..and so was I.  The cupcakes were so soft and yummy we couldn't stop eating them. I will be reordering more soon. Great service and a great product!!! We are very pleased customers!!! More...


Bella B.

27 May 2015

Sassy cupcakes that are moist flavorful and beyond creative as they are alcohol infused, these cupcakes "Lisa S" is absolutely brilliant!!  What a creative & marketing genius behind these sweet indulgence! From the first encounter via the internet all the way to the delivery this Sweet Crew has it going on!! They deliver also to your hotel for any sweet occasion. Sin City Cupcakes "Sinfully Sweet!" More...


Lei K.

18 May 2015

This are excellent. The flavors are well balanced . The ingredients are quality . It is not overly sweet. It's perfect . Moist cake and frosting is to die for . Love it More...


Hyunie K.

11 May 2015

cupcakes were super cute and really delicious ^_^ only regret that we weren't able to finish them all... (too much food overall in vegas T.T) another plus... they deliver! ^_^ More...


e m.

10 March 2015

i could not have been happier with the cupcakes or the service. i did not get our order in before the 48 hour mark, because honestly, it just never occurred to me to google "alcohol cupcakes" before... but they were willing to rush the order for a fee. this made them really expensive cupcakes, but it was worth it. the birthday girl was ecstatic :) More...


Nicole L.

23 January 2015

Excellent service! I called in the beginning of the week to get cupcakes to my Mama for her birthday today, Friday. The process and final results were just prefect! I live in Hawai'i so I was not physically there to make this happen and they were very helpful and patient, got my order correct, and delivered to my mom today with no fuss. She loved them! I called her when the box arrived and listened to her try to tell me how yummy they were through her chomping away. You pay for quality and Sin City Cupcakes are quality and totally worth it!Ps..this was for a mom in her later 50s and SHE LOVED IT!! Good for ALL ages over 21! More...


Melissa H.

19 January 2015

These were ordered for my birthday while in Vegas. I'm not big on sweets but these cupcakes were good down to the last crumb! The best part they will deliver it to your hotel. A bit pricey but so worth it. Such a divine treat! More...


Rebecca M.

10 January 2015

Great service cupcakes delivered As promised most Delicious cupcakes ever! Would definitely order again!


Roxy S.

26 September 2014

I ordered these boozy lush gems for our destination-elopement weddingmoon ummm... Any other trendy words I need to insert here?  Anyway, ordered a dozen cupcakes sent straight to my hotel front desk.  The process of payment and setting up delivery and flavor choices was done swiftly.  Everything went well, and as I paid over the phone, I had to power down my ubiquitous Apple product as we were now taxiing down the Tarmac. Monday morning I receive an email. The cupcakes have arrived!  I was told to go grab them lest they melt in the punishing heat of Vegas.  So we hopped out of the pool and fetched these heavenly things before we were off to the spa at the venetian.  I got Marilyn Monroe, an amazing banana flavor spiked with vodka; Better Than Sex, a raspberry white cake deal that was supposed to be spiked but didn't have even a moist center; and Bailey's Wet Surprise.. The true winner here.  Dark wet chocolate cake injected with a sexy burn.  The kind of boozy bite that warms the gullet.  Vegas perfect.  This was GOOD.  Unfortunately we couldn't finish the raspberry-topped ones as mold quickly set in on those treats.  There were only four of us so we ate them as quickly as possible however and did keep them in a fridge. They were amazingly delicious and so fun for my wedding "cake."  The price was a little crazy but that's Vegas.  A dozen smaller cupcakes (very light on the frosting) in three flavors delivered to your hotel will cost you around $59.  Gulp.  But they were so dang yummy and welcome to "come home to" after a long night on the Strip. More...


Sherry F.

17 September 2014

We ordered cupcakes to be delivered to our daughter who lives in Las Vegas, we live in Oregon.  After a last minute change of plans, we contacted Sin City Cupcakes to see if they could deliver.  Not only did they guarantee a morning delivery, but stayed half an hour past their closing time to help us while we dealt with a credit card issue.  They were professional and compassionate!  The cupcakes were delivered when they said they would be and our daughter LOVED them.  Best company I have dealt with in a very long time. More...


Christina N.

17 September 2014

The chocolate wasted cupcakes we delicious! Everyone loved them at a friends surprise birthday party. The frosting was sweet but not too sweet where it was not enjoyable and the cake was soft and moist. Tiffany and Rachel have great customer service and were extremely helpful. They have free delivery to certain places in Las Vegas which is always nice. If I ever need cupcakes for a birthday or celebration out in Las Vegas I will be ordering from them. More...


Heather F.

4 September 2014

Our wedding was on this same day, so we understand that hosting Google is kind of a big deal... Our cupcakes were the bomb! My husband and I want to thank Sin City Cupcakes for doing such a great job and removing all of the stress from my wedding cake planning. I received a quick email the morning of my wedding letting me know that my cupcakes were delivered to our restaurant and the exact manager who received them! It was so lovely to know in one email that the cupcakes were all taken care of and ready for us to eat! Now to eating them: heaven in my mouth! So much variety! One of the most unique features of our day.  All of my guests LOVED every single flavor, we were all scooping and trading, saying "OMG try this one next!". Sin City Cupcakes is every Las Vegas bride's dream ! More...


Eyvone D.

15 August 2014

I love these girls.... They are super sweet. They were patient and the customer service was amazing. I ordered two flavors back in February for my cousins birthday. They were delicious!!!!!! I will definitely be ordering more  in October for my next trip their for another cousins birthday. Different flavors of course More...


Christianne F.

25 July 2014

Alcohol infused cupcakes.   Need I say more?!.... I don't... But I will because this is Yelp and I know you want to hear more!Call at least 48 hours prior to place your order and to make your payment.  They deliver for free anywhere on the strip.  My order was delivered at the bell desk without any issues and at the time they said it would be delivered.  I received a call from the lady that delivered it, and I also received a call from the bell desk letting me know I could pick it up.I ordered three dozen mini cupcakes:  2 baker's choice and one batch was split, half "Better than Sex" and half "Nutella Blast".  EVERYTHING was delicious and a huge hit at my sister's bachelorette party.  The alcohol is in the frosting and filling and does not overpower the cupcake bite at all.  A perfect balance of delicious moistness and sweetness and adult fun packaged into one cute little dessert cup.- Better than Sex - they don't call it that for no reason.  Raspberries, white chocolate ganache, champagne and vodka.  - Nutella Blast - Whiskey, chocolate, and Nutella... HELLO?! - The baker's choice was fun because each one was a surprise and we had a good time guessing which flavors they were.  Didn't matter what flavors they were, each cupcake was gobbled up.I think I will have to order these cupcakes everytime I'm in Vegas.  Best cupcakes I've ever had! More...


Chad S.

28 June 2014

Talk about my excitement seeing Sin City Cupcakes back again for another Yelp Nerdy Dance. All I keep thinking about besides the last Nerdy Event was truly those alcohol infused cupcakes. It was the star of the show for me last year and no doubt stole my heart again. Brilliant idea alcohol in cupcakes. Not that non alcohol cupcakes can not be as tasty! They do offer non-alcohol cupcakes, also gluten free, and really cater to all your cupcakes needs. Awesome! If that not five star customer service not sure what else there is in life. My first thought naturally was will it take away from the cupcake. Sin City Cupcakes they truly find this AMAZING balance between right amount of alcohol kick you in the butt and still have perfectly moist cupcake every bite. The icing, decorations, and whole presentation is unreal. Every cupcake looks like artwork felt guilty with eat bite deconstructing it bite by bite. Every bite you just get more addicted and want more. This year Nerdy Dance unfortunately miss the first round but thankfully Sin City spread out the love so everyone could get some. I got too taste exotic sunrise cupcakes. It was the mini cupcakes. I had the red velvet last year I believe. Not sure the alcohol was but red velvet one of my favorite desserts. I loved just like all of Sin City Cupcakes they find that balance. One that unique cause honest Sin City Cupcakes first cupcakes I have had that does alcohol infused ones. God Bless Lisa for being an amazing entrepreneur, yelp family, and showing locals gives back yelp community. Lisa her crew were amazing not only spreading the cupcake love all night. Not only Lisa and entire crew beautiful, friendly and fun table visit. Also being very very informative with any questions about the cupcakes we were blessed too try, about the company, and website order tasty treats. Couple spots now that Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge at Town Square Lounge.Thank God cause know if need quick fix Vegas got the spot to get some Sin City Cupcakes. I must admit never checked out the website. Shame on me right. I was again blown away. Sometimes thinking ordering things online can be such hassle more less talking about food. The pictures (most part nothing left out comes too different menu items, or just feeling the Sin City Cupcakes heart and soul put in each cupcake), all the info, detail structure comes too the ordering system, the two day advance notice for any order, min dozen order no matter the size cupcakes, and classy the font too every detail just like the cupcakes. The follow up and the customer service is all five star service. I know my yakudoshi year. I know count on Sake-to-me dozen check! If ever thought about or wanted too experience alcohol infused cupcake Sin City Cupcakes in the first and only option anyone needs too know!! Lisa S Thank You for stopping by Yelp Nerdy Dance second year in row!!!!! =))))) Always be fan of Sin City Cupcakes. More...


Amanda P.

31 March 2014

By far the best tasting cupcakes you will ever have. I loved that they were filled with liquor and still tasted good. I order them every time I'm in Vegas! Obsessed!



29 March 2014

I came from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the annual CinemaCon convention at Caesar's.  My boss (who is based in NYC) just happened to be celebrating her 40th birthday while we were all together attending the convention.  We needed a way to help make this milestone birthday memorable.  Enter Sin City Cupcakes!  They were so pleasant to deal with on the phone and helped me to decide on which flavors to order.  We settled on Pineapples on Top (cuz my boss likes Pina Coladas) and Better Than Sex.  They told me they would be delivered between 8am and 10am to the Bell Desk at Caesar's.  At 10 minutes to 10 the Bell Desk called me to tell me they had arrived, and how delicious they looked!  I picked them up after my 10:00am meeting.  Everyone loved them and they really did make my bosses birthday a memorable one!  Thank you so much! More...


Will W.

1 March 2014

Amazing cupcakes & Great Service! The ordering process was simple and easy.  Free Delivery to my hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Ordered days before and they were able to accommodate my request.  Needed one nonalcoholic cupcake and it was no problem!  Overall great experience with Sin City Cupcakes and I would recommend to anyone staying on the Strip from out of town who doesn't have a car while on vacation. Not to mention, they were very tasty!!! More...


Bobby T.

26 January 2014

Bought a bakers dozen to have delivered to a good friend for her Birthday. Called Friday afternoon and was able to get free delivery to a hotel on the strip. The customer service was great! Had the opportunity to talk to Tiffany. Super nice and friendly. Explained the whole process delivery, the cost, the difference in mini cupcakes and bakers dozen. Decided on the Bakers Dozen and paid over the phone. Five minutes later I get a receipt! Super prompt. Delivery was set for around 3 or 4 on Sunday.. Around 2 I got itchy. I called to see if the delivery was mad and without hesitation Tiffany knew who I was and where the cupcakes were going and who it was for! Wow., I jumped the gun a bit and Tiffany told me the delivery was just going out.. It did! Got there by 4.. Got a text from Tiffany when it was delivered! Friend got the cupcakes and Birthday in Vegas continues with sweet decadent alcohol laced desserts!! Thank you Tiffany!! I must try the next time I'm in Vegas! Mmmm they look amazing!!! More...


Sofia B.

4 January 2014

I ordered a dozen Better than Sex cupcakes for my friends bachelorette the weekend between Christmas and New Years. They were super moist and delicious for several days as well as beautifully decorated with a fresh raspberry. They were also very helpful and patient with working with a tough delivery because it was taking me longer to get in to town than I had planned. Overall great experience! And they were open over the holidays when many others were closed. More...


Tiffany L.

11 December 2013

sin city cupcakes is an amazing company with amazing owners.  i have never had a cupcake that i didnt like and they are known all around las vegas.  they are always striving to have more flavors and come up with more events to be apart of to show everyone what they are all about.  every event i have been able to be apart of has always been a success and there are so many more to come in the future, i look forward to hearing about them and hopefully being apart of.  thanks again girls, you rock!!!  i cant wait until its time to have another cupcake.  tiffany More...


Sasha N.

2 December 2013

Really good - I gave them barely 48 hours notice for two dozen cupcakes and they responded very quickly by email. Called me the next day to confirm payment information, and by 10 am the next day the cupcakes were delivered to our hotel.The cakes themselves were beautifully presented and very tasty. The inside is quite gooey so it's a good idea to provide napkins! I had the Mojito and the Bailey's flavours and they are delicious.My only slight quibble is that the pink cupcake pans used sometimes give you sticky pink fingers (they're not 'colourfast' I guess). Overall a very stres-free and professional experience! I wish they had a shopfront where I could try some more flavours :) More...


Gina B.

20 November 2013

Alcohol plus cupcakes plus Las Vegas equals fun for everyone!!!  Don't miss out on this treat that is always made fresh to your order!!


Dominique S.

18 November 2013

First off the idea alone is genius, alcohol infuses cupcakes! I've purchase them by the dozen for any event I have going on where they can be incorporated. So many flavors & they're all delicious. My favs are the Lemon Drop & Strawberry Scandal! As far as the pricing goes I figure you spend 14 bucks on 1 drink at a bar, incorporate the cost of liquor in a cupcake, best of both worlds! More...


Tom S.

18 November 2013

Alcohol + Cupcakes = Let's get the party started right! I host many events in the Las Vegas market and my most recent event in October demanded something different, unique, and fun. I was introduced to the owners of Sin City Cupcakes from a fellow Events Manager in the market and fell instantly in love with this company and their delicious products. My guests were wowed from start to finish and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the event. I plan on using them for many more of my upcoming events and parties in Las Vegas. Amazing work ethic, delicious product! More...


Nick H.

23 October 2013

To start, I bought a "Baker's Choice" dozen for my friend when she had her birthday party in Vegas.  On her birthday, I received a text, including pictures, thanking me for the beautiful cupcakes.  She said they were so delicious and that it made her birthday much more enjoyable.Now, with that being said...That was more of an incentive for me to try one of Sin City's cupcakes for myself during my recent trip to Vegas for the Foodie Festival.  These cupcakes, as my friend said, were delicious, both to the eyes and the taste buds.  Beautifully decorated and colorfully appealing to the eyes.  My personal favorite was their Red Velvet Backseats with the Cabernet center. I never would have thought Red Velvet and Cabernet would make a tasty combination.  Their other plethora of flavors were just as amazing.  My only regret was not trying their Fireball infused cupcake, to which I only heard positive reviews on.$5 per cupcake is reasonable, given the fact these cupcakes are sold on their website by the dozen.  Yes, alcohol is a major factor in price, I believe, but for events such as the Foodie Fest, other factors definitely are taken into consideration.  And, I was told that their van was broken into before the event, leaving them to present their cupcakes in secondary packaging.  Though the individual presentation still had its appeal and I do agree that I had a cupcake fall apart as I was trying to get it out, all I can say is.. I'm not holding that against them.  They had a conflicting issue that they dealt with, head on.  Plus, I had a cupcake for each day of the festival so one cupcake falling apart on me is not signaling the end of the world.So, to the beautiful ladies of Sin City Cupcakes, I spent $44.00 for a dozen of your cupcakes as a surprise gift for my friend.  I can honestly say that after having your cupcakes for myself, it was definitely well worth it.  I look forward to seeing you again at the next festival or ordering another dozen, whenever I come out for another eventful weekend in Vegas. More...


Clau G.

14 October 2013

These cupcakes are delicious!! They communicated with me throughout the whole process and even sent me an email with all the delivery details and who they had left it with.  Which happened to come in very handy since our waiter at the restaurant where they had been delivered to, for a minute, couldn't find them. I will knock them off a star because I paid extra for "customized" colors (black and red) and they came in pink and a dark gray looking color. So my personal advice, don't pay extra for the custom colors, they're cute just the way they come. More...


Kristine C.

7 September 2013

On our weekend get away to Las Vegas for my best friend's bachelorette party, I decided to order these alcohol infused cupcakes after hours and hours of research in trying to find the best cupcake place.  I can't even tell you how thoroughly please I was with the company and with how delicious everything was!First of all, before we even arrived in Vegas, the Sin City Cupcakes team answered all of my questions on the phone/email regarding ordering, delivery, cupcake flavors, etc.  The girls were really helpful and super nice!Then, they worked with us and our crazy schedule to get the baked goods delivered promptly to the rented house.  Sadly, we had a lot of cab and phone troubles, but they didn't seem to freak out even though we delayed them with the rest of their deliveries.  The bride-to-be was surprised, and she and the girls absolutely loved how tasty the cupcakes were!We ordered: Red Dragon, Bailey's Wet Surprise, Lemon Drop, and Better than Sex.Everything was perfect!  Some even had little bachelorette sprinkles on them!  I was kinda weary about the Lemon Drop  thinking it would end up being really sweet or a little sour, but it was so so good.  Even the Hennessy cupcake was great, and Hennessy is not my favorite.  All of the cupcakes just melted in our mouths!In the midst of everything, I forgot to tip the girl who delivered to us, and when I called them back and insisted they charge my card for gratuity, they happily refused and just said to spread the word.  Well... word spread!We will be back in town in a few weeks, and my sister who also got to enjoy these little pieces of heaven insisted we order some for her and her Vegas birthday celebration. :) More...


Rachel L.

29 July 2013

Sin city cupcakes is amazing and so easy to work with!  I've used them twice now to send cupcakes to people for celebrations I wasn't able to get to Vegas for.  So I haven't actually tried the cupcakes, but the customer service is excellent and everyone I sent them to really enjoyed them.  The first occasion was a bachelorette party in May and they helped me pick cute fun flavors that the recipients loved (Better Than Sex and Chocolate Wasted).  The hotel I wanted them delivered to didn't allow them to be delivered to the front door, so the delivery person contacted another friend at the party and made it really easy for her to meet them right outside the hotel.  The second occasion was my brother's 30th birthday and we sent the white Russian flavor, which he loved.  I wasn't there again, but sin city delivered the cupcakes to the front desk and sent me an email to let me know.  For this we did a dozen of the mini cupcakes, and at $39 including delivery, they were a cheap and easy way to do something fun and thoughtful.  They will be my go to for anything like this!  Now I only wish they were in DC... More...


Denice Z.

9 July 2013

I am breathless and just a dash bloated,  lol ..after having Choco mallow intercourse and better than sex cupcakes .Yeah, I actually ordered 1 dozen of these cupcakes which contained both these flavors, and had the audacity to eat 2 of them ..one right after the other .Chocolate mallow intercourse is a great name for this S'moretastic martini  it was almost overkill on flavor so i had to  chase it down with the Raspberry and Champagne aka better than sex cupcake.It wasn't better than sex ( not much in this world is ) but it was good and although I LOVE chocolate I actually preferred this cupcake over the Choco mallow one -which dare i say, was a little too boozy for my taste .I love the concept of these boozy treats and they were pretty good ..just not mind blowing .They looked cute ..but again, not mind blowing in their overall prettiness .I still give this company a 4 star rating as their customer service was very good, plus these cupcakes make a great gift or party idea, IMO .10 lucky random people will be getting  free cupcake's ..yeah ,i am going to share the sin . More...


Melanie T.

26 June 2013

Amazing Cupcakes, I ordered these for a BDay event in Las vegas for my girlfriends and they were such a hit. We had strawberry Champagne flavor & Red velvet -Both Delicious!Texture was perfect, taste was on point and it was all the talk of the party. I definitely recommend these cupcakes for anyone with  special event coming up, BDAY, Bachelorette party, etc. More...


Shan W.

21 June 2013

Yelp filtered my review and I have no idea why, so I'm copying and pasting it again.  Damn you Yelp!Wonderful experience!  Headed to Vegas for a 3 day weekend on Veteran's day, which my other half is an 11 year Veteran and it was also his birthday, and wanted to have something other than a cake for him.  I search on yelp for some ideas and up came Sin City Cupcakes.  I was not disappointed at all.  Lisa was amazingly helpful.  I explained we were coming in from California on that Friday and it was his birthday and he was a Vet.  She made sure that we had decorative boxes as well as candles (but we forgot to bring a lighter :-) ).  I ordered the Red Dragon (Hennessey) and White Russian (Vanilla/Chocolate/Chocolate Vodka/Espresso Vodka), awesome.  We personally preferred the White Russians, they were simply amazing.  Customer service was great.  I received a follow up email because of slight scheduling issues with a pre-existing event they were catering, but I was notified each day with the status.  AND...in the end they were able to make it on time.  I would recommend everyone experience it at least once.  Thanks again Sin City Cupcakes!!! More...


Mia F.

19 June 2013

Amazing cupcakes! But even better staff and services. Lisa is adorable, super helpful and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Try these delicious cupcakes, you won't be sorry. More...


Mister F.

19 June 2013

If you have read the other reviews, it is obvious their product is superior and consistent. That is a fact I 100% concur with! My company has now done several events with SCC. I wanted to comment more on the experience that Lisa and Danielle deliver. Two words come to mind, "professional" & "playful". These girls have such a high regard of business to make sure EVERY detail is covered. It's quite intimidating. But when the product is delivered (always timely) these girls and staff have a way of lighting up the room. They are super-engaging with guests like old friends. SinCityCupcakes can be quite the focal point of your next event. More...


Herman B.

19 June 2013

These young ladies do an absolute marvelous job! The time and quality placed in each and every cupcake is astounding. The consistency and timeliness of their product is something many small businesses can learn from. I am extremely impressed and highly recommend Sin City Cupcakes to all! More...


Nat O.

19 June 2013

Delicious! I ordered Chocolate Wasted, Red Bull Cherry Bomb, No Limit Lemon Drops and Better Than Sex. Each flavor was unique and so yummy! You can really taste the liquor in the middle because it's actually in the middle, not just baked throughout the entire the cupcake. They were a hit! Everyone was happily surprised to find out they weren't just regular cupcakes. I just wished that the frosting colors varied a little bit more like on SCC's website/blog. 3/4 had an off white frosting and I was hoping at least the Red Bull Cherry Bomb cupcakes would have had pink frosting with the blue pearls like the pic on the blog. It was all good though because the flavors and service of the SCC staff made up for that tenfold. More...



14 June 2013

The ladies at Sin City cupcakes were awesome. They made my reception delightful with their sinfully sweet alcoholic treats


Anna B.

13 June 2013

Both Lisa & Danielle are so sweet and were great during our tasting and wedding planning process. Communication was great and they always responded quickly to my emails with whatever questions I had. For our wedding reception set up, I wanted it to be black and blingy and I couldn't have been happier when I walked into the restaurant and seen the gorgeous set up with our cupcakes just as I wanted! We ordered 2 dozen with the flavors being Russian Climax, Midnight Mystery, Marilyn Monroe and Blonde Moment and WOW could you taste the alcohol! They were sooooo dang moist and tasted AMAZING!!!! The guests went crazy over them and are still talking about it! I'll definitely be ordering more of these for my own guilty pleasure on our next trip to Vegas! More...


Joanne J.

5 June 2013

I ordered these cupcakes for my sister's 25th birthday. They were soooo good. The best part about it was that they delivered the cupcakes to the hotel that we were staying.


Cee W.

28 May 2013

I wanted to do something nice for a friend that would be in Vegas celebrating their birthday. After doing a lot of Yelp research I decided to go with Sin City Cupcakes. I gave them a call to see if they quickly accommodate my order (which I wanted in less than 24 hours) and they were super helpful in all aspects. The cupcakes arrived just when they were supposed to and I received an email letting me know they had arrived as well which was nice since I am on the other side of the country. My friend really enjoyed their cupcakes and it was a nice surprise. My one complaint is that they were a bit pricey, but then again what isn't pricey in Vegas? More...


Arlisha R.

20 May 2013

I went to Las Vegas for my best friend's bachelorette party and we surprised her with Sin City Cupcakes.. It was awesome !!! She loved them !!! The cupcakes were surprisingly good too! We ordered the "better than sex" and  "pink pussycat", both were great. I wish they delivered to Texas! More...


Eric J.

20 May 2013

Just had them provide cupcakes for my wedding reception at the Palms. Incredibly responsive and easy to work with in the weeks leading up to the event. A little sad that I was unable to have a tasting beforehand (I live in California); but all the flavors we selected were delicious and they looked beautiful. Would definitely use them again. More...


Heidy T.

7 May 2013

I personally LOVED the service and presentation of the cupcakes, I'm not much of a sweets person so I only have one of each flavor I ordered which was the raspberry champagne and the s'more martini. I FELL IN LOVE! They delivered it promptly to the hotel I was staying in for the night, packaged in a cute pink box. The decoration of the cupcakes sold me and the entire alcohol infused cupcake idea was GREAT! Once I emailed them about what order I wanted and the process I received an e-mail right away. Mind you this was at 11pm at night so I was surprised! Overall the service was great, the presentation of the cupcakes AMAZING, and the taste was incredible!!! Everyone in my boyfriends party loved them!!! THANK YOU! More...



3 May 2013

By far the best cupcakes I've ever tasted! My guests loved them. They are infused with alcohol and they are adorable looking. The ingenious flavors were my favorite. Love love love them! More...


Sarah L.

2 May 2013

One Word. Wow! These are absolutely delicious! Had these for work with a variety of their cupcakes delivered to us. The cupcakes are infused with alcohol but they are made with just the right amount. Their creations are not overbearingly sweet but are just the right size. The only issue... You can't just have one! Almost wanted to try every cupcake but had to share with the others :) More...



13 April 2013

Sin City Cupcakes wowed my guests with their amazing flavors and designs. They were professional and friendly from the get go. Their response time to all my questions  was immediate. The owners were super sweet in helping me plan during the process. I live in Minnesota and could not attend the tastings. My maid of honor attended in my place and loved how prepared they were to present their product. I wanted a fiesta themed set up and they came through with a gorgeous cupcake table. My guests raved all night long about how beautiful the cupcakes looked. They raved even more after they were allowed to start eating them. It was awesome how many of my guests huddled around the table tasting every flavor.  I can't wait to fly home to Vegas and order cupcakes for just us on our next trip. More...


Cali C.

12 April 2013

I had a chance to sample these dee-licious bites of cupcakery and alcohol infused creations and I have to admit they arrrrrre good.... I'm not BIG on desserts, but these little bombs just explode in your mouth!  The cake is moist and tasty with the spike of booze...  so you get a sugar rush, then the mellow marinating of al-cohol.  What else can give you that combo?  Well, OK... there are other things, but that's another review....Foodie Fest is approaching, keep an eye out for them.... just try it, you'll like it!C More...


Angie B.

7 April 2013

We had my sister's bachelorette party in Vegas and I wanted cupcakes for her dinner party.  Found this place and decided to call them.  The gal was very friendly and I ended up placing an order online for the Better than sex and Chocolate Wasted. Cool thing is, they deliver!  I wanted the cupcakes to look kind of raunchy and they were able to accommodate that with an extra fee.  The cupcakes were a hit with the gals.  The penis sprinkles were cute and the cupcakes were delivered to our restaurant on time. More...


Lucy F.

27 March 2013

I was in Vegas for my bachlorette and my girls ordered cupcakes from Sin City. We had the Chocolate Wasted, Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop.I honestly thought it would be one of those cupcakes where they said it had alcohol in them but so much of it bakes out during the cooking process that you really didn't get to taste anything.Much to my surprise, it was quite the opposite, There was a creamy filling inside of each cupcake that was loaded with alcohol. Took some home to my fiance and even he was shocked by the amount of liquor in them.Win in my book!The cake itself was moist and flavorful. Big fan! More...


Krystal C.

23 March 2013

After searching various Cupcake options in Vegas, I decided to go with Sin City based on the stellar reviews and awesome customer service. Oh yeah, the fact that the cupcakes are filled with booze also helped!I worked with Tiffany during the entire process and she was super helpful and professional. I placed a custom order for 1-Dozen bachelorette themed pink/purple cupcakes. Since everything is made fresh, you generally only get 2 different flavors per order. Being the indecisive person I am, I decided to add an additional flavor for a  fee. So here's the run down of my order: - Chocolate Wasted (Chocolate/Vodka) - Sexed in the City (Cosmopolitan - Cran/Orange/Vodka) - No Limit Lemon Drops (Lemon/Vodka) The Chocolate Wasted was my personal favorite. Initially I thought it would be overly chocolaty, but it was perfect. I was actually surprised by how much liquor was in them! I thought it would just be a "hint" of flavor, but you could most definitely taste the alcohol...without being too overwhelming. The delivery process was super easy! Tiffany called me about an hour prior to the delivery to let me know the driver was just leaving the bakery. When Chris (the driver) arrived to my hotel he gave me a call and told me to come down to the lobby. The whole process was completely seamless and super convenient! More...


Jackie B.

21 March 2013

Delicious, pretty, unique, alcohol-flavored cocktail cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a  surprise center - what more do you want? Awesome and super friendly service - we were coming from out-of-town for a birthday celebration and it was easy to order online, they confirmed via telephone a few days before, delivered free of charge to our hotel, even worked with me to change last-minute plans on the location. Very professional. The Russian Climax and Kickin' Red Bull cupcakes were my favorites. The cupcakes came in a pretty pink box with a window so that you could see them, and were packaged very well - I didn't need anything else for the presentation. I tried scoping out some other places but this one far exceeded my expectations! More...


Alison W.

20 March 2013

I ordered 2 dozen cupcakes for my small wedding in February and they were fantastic! Everyone is still talking about them. We had the Chocolate Wasted, Lemon Drop, and Red Velvet and they were all DELICIOUS!! The alcohol wasn't overpowering but you could definitely tell it was in there! I ordered half a dozen Chocolate Wasted cupcakes that were gluten free and it was so nice to have a treat that wasn't dry and flavorless like so many gluten free options. And I loved that they delivered them right to my hotel - it was so easy. If you're hosting an event or special occasion you'll definitely impress people with these cupcakes! More...


Monique O.

8 March 2013

I was in town for a conference and my birthday so i wanted something fun for my colleagues and I to enjoy.  We fell in love with them! They we the most delicious, most, and tasty cupcakes! You also get a slight buzz.. hehehe.They dropped on of my cupcakes and replaced it but also gave me 2 free cupcakes! they were awesome and super nice! I will order from you everytime I am in Vegas. More...


Teena P.

7 March 2013

I must agree with the post below me, the customer service provided here at Sin City was beyond anything I've ever had as well. Planning a Bachelorette party is always stressful and i'm sure very common in Las Vegas, although it's difficult to always find people who can work with you rather than against you. But there was absolutely no issue receiving our cupcakes (even when the hotel permits delivering foods to any guests), Tiffany was kind enough to actually personally deliver them to me right inside our hotel lobby. The cupcakes were absolutely amazing and delicious. We ordered Sex in the City, Better than sex, and Chocolate Wasted. All flavors married well with our "Sex and the City" themed party. Thanks again, Sin CIty! More...


Lauren W.

6 March 2013

I never write reviews, but use yelp for everything. This is the first time I've been compelled to write a review because my experience with regards to customer service was beyond anything I've had from a company. I found SCC on yelp when trying to find a cute little birthday treat for my girlfriend's birthday. I called to get advice on the best flavors, and they were so helpful on the phone. The same day, I placed my order online and they called me the next morning to make sure everything would be all set in my order...because the cupcakes were part of a surprise for my girlfriend and were to be delivered when we finally drove into town. First, I put the wrong date on the cupcakes, and they went to deliver them as per my request. When I told them I meant for them to be the next day, they were so gracious about it. The next day, I called SCC to let them know an update on our driving into town so the delivery could be just right. The girl delivering was even texting with me to make it that much easier for me!!! finally, they delivered to my hotel, and the 12 cupcakes were BEAUTiFUL! We had 4 Lemondrop, 4 chocolate wasted, and 4 sexed in the city. They were incredible! Everyone loved them. We're STILL talking about them and its been almost two weeks. SCC even followed up with us via email after just to see how they turned out and make sure everything went well. I would recommend this place to everyone. You'll be so happy with the cupcakes and even happier with the service. I was very impressed. Thank you again, SCC!!!!! More...


Cory S.

5 February 2013

I first experienced these delicious cupcakes last year during the Asian Food festival and was hooked from the first bite!  I've been to other premium cupcake places and enjoyed their offerings, but the alcohol fillings in SSC's cakes sets them apart.  Coming from a family of drinkers I wasn't expecting to feel much of a 'bite' from the fillings as they claimed but was pleasantly surprised to feel it on the first taste.  The cake quality is also as good or better than the other places, solid with minimal breakup and flavorful.  I'm a cream cheese lover so I adore their cream cheese base for the frosting, and they don't overdo it on the spreading; the other places tend to spread a bit too much frosting for my liking.  There are currently plenty of flavors to satisfy any craving and they keep adding more as they hook up with other brands of liqour; your favorite brand may show up someday.  Finally, the owners Lisa & Danielle are wonderful young women; very cordial, professional and committed to the sucess of the product, not to mention quite attractive, a plus in my book ;)At $42 the price per dozen will be steep for some, but keep in mind that the ingredients are of premium gourmet quality and the cakes are made, baked and delivered fresh daily ensuring maximum taste and flavor.  You most certainly will be getting what you pay for.I strongly urge you readers to give these cakes a try; just don't get too drunk off them now, hear? (though that might be hard given they're so good) More...


H.L. G.

18 January 2013

Is there a more deliciously sinful cupcake in Las Vegas?  We've had them to our office twice now and each time, we are pleased with the timeliness of delivery and overjoyed by their tastiness.  Highly suggest if you're looking for alcohol infused cupcakes! More...


Gavin M.

17 January 2013

I was really impressed with Sin City Cupcakes service. First of all they made some gluten free cupcakes for a friends birthday celebration. They even called me to check level of gluten tolerance. Once I submitted the order they called to let me the know when they would deliver and called after they delivered. Really made me feel secure about using them since I was visiting from out of town. Great service and cupcakes. More...


Brandi M.

14 January 2013

I am obsessed with Sin City Cupcakes!!! I haven't eaten one I didn't love-the flavors are amazing and you can absolutely taste the alcohol in them...but it's the perfect amount: boozy deliciousness! I had them cater an event for me and the cupcakes stole the show! The team behind SCC is top notch-especially Lisa. She is friendly and knowledgeable and makes you feel welcome the instant you talk to her.  I also love that Sin City helps with collaborations and special events. They did some custom colored frosting and decor for me and even helped with set up! There's no other company like them! Even if you are originally looking for a standard cupcake company, consider Sin City Cupcakes-you're guests will be so impressed! More...


Dayna C.

10 January 2013

I found Sin City Cupcakes on Yelp when I was looking to get some treats for my bday celebration in Las Vegas. I immediately was on board because it just made sense: alcohol IN cupcakes. After researching the menu, I made some selections, but I needed to know if they could do a 1/2 dozen gluten free cupcakes. I sent and email via the website and immediately was given information about options and the cost. I mean, it was 7pm or so--I wasn't expecting a response so quickly. The email was also written very courteously, which gave me a good feeling about the company. So, a few days later I placed my order to be delivered at the hotel where I was staying in Vegas. Immediately I received an email to confirm my order...turns out I said 24 (as in dozen) instead of 2 dozen (24 cupcakes) which is what I wanted. I was happy to have received that confirmation email! At that time I was told that I would be contacted before the delivery in order to provide  payment information and confirmation about time of delivery. Sure enough, a day or two before the delivery I received that phone call and everything was set. On the day of delivery there was a bit of a delay, but I was called and informed ahead of time, which was nice (I feel like most places just don't provide this type of courtesy).  On the newly schedules time of delivery, my cupcakes were given to me in person and they looked lovely. So lovely that when I returned to the room all the ladies wanted to just eat them right away. I had a set time I wanted to have them, but peer pressure drove me to change those plans. Here is what I ordered, and my overall feeling about how I (and everyone else) liked them: Chocolate Wasted (Chocolate/Vokda) 5/5 hands down the fav of the bunch. I can see why it is one of their most popular. Better Than Sex (Raspberries/White Chocolate/Champagne)-- custom gluten free version 4/5 everyone was surprised at how good these were to be gluten free. They did not taste like it at all!Red Velvet Backsteats (Red velvet/ Chambord/ Cabernet)- 4/5 these were good; I will say I didn't care for the little pearl decorations on top. I just felt there were in my way. LOLExotic Sunrise (Tequila/ Orange/ Grenadine)- 3/5 I think these were the least favorite of the bunch. I decided upon these at the last minute because I wanted something with tequila, but it didn't come together for me. These cupcakes were moist, and besides the one "miss" (Exotic Sunrise) everyone was raving about them. If you are in Vegas and need of cupcakes for a party these will be fun to try. The folks who run the business obviously take care in what they do. More...


Eric S.

22 December 2012

Just leave the box and step away... cause it's cupcake time! While others are walking down The Strip with those yard stick alcohol cups, I'm strolling with my pink box and my alcohol fix neatly tucked away in my next bite. These cupcakes are not for the faint of heart, they pack a punch, eat a couple in a row and your sweet tooth and buzz have just been married in the chapel of love that is your belly. I recommend the Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (a mouthful to say and a mouthful of rummy goodness) and Russian Climax (get a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, you'll thank me later). Lastly, GREAT customer service to go with the GREAT cupcakes, thank you Sin City Cupcakes, you're all angels. More...


Andrea S.

19 December 2012

looked on yelp looking for a place to provide desserts for my bday in a few months. everyone has a cake for their birthday so why not try something different? i flew in for bday arrangements and placed my online order days prior. I was given a call to confirm info and even when my order arrived at the hotel. I got the bailey's and the strawberry scandal. i'[m in love with the bailey's and will be getting those again along with others for guys. the selection is great,the price is right and the best part is the free delivery anywhere in Vegas.As I was coming through security, the TSA lady smelled it and I passed on the contact info to her. I will provide an update in a few months when my friends try them. keep up the good work More...


D H.

20 November 2012

The cupcakes at Sin City Cupcakes are very much an experience as they are a confection.  The alcohol-infushed cupcakes are moist, delicious, and bold in flavor.  But that's not where it stops.  Behind each cupcake draws a conversation.  With each bite, my friends and I were comparing and sharing our experience with each other.  The cupcakes are just as much of a story as they are a treat.The owners are just as pleasant as the cupcakes themselves.  Sweet and full of personality.  Don't be fooled by their pretty faces.  They are professional as they are beautiful.  Expect superior customer service and a great product.  It's only fitting that they are named after the greatest city in the world.  You won't be disappointed. More...


Jeremy H.

15 November 2012

Had some of these cupcakes at the LV Foodie Fest. Yum.


Shirley B.

27 October 2012

Got my first taste of Sin City cupcakes when they had a table set for the Nerdy Dancing II Yelp event.  My sweet tooth radar zeroed in on the cupcakes table.  Lisa was so nice and took the time out to tell me all about her boozed infused desserts!  Love the concept and love the cupcakes even more! The Adult Strawberry Milkshake one I had was so good. The whipped filling had the proper balance of sweetness & alcohol.  I found out they were going to be at the Asian Food Festival that weekend.  So once again I was lucky to indulge in these sinfully divine treats!  This time though  I decided to purchase the cupcakes to take home and have them later. The packaging used for individual cupcakes to go was perfect. It kept everything intact, cupcake, frosting and all.  So when I got home it was one sweet Happy Hour!  I chose the Coconut Sake w/Strawberry. Cupcake moist, I love the pairing of these two flavors. It was delicious!  So here's a toast to booze infused cupcakes! More...


Glenn G.

5 October 2012

I had the opportunity to taste Sin City Cupcakes at the 80's party following the opening round of the Justin Timberlake - Shriners Open.  They were infused with sangria made from Nobilo wine (who sponsored the party).  The cupcakes were outstanding.  Great flavor, sweet but not too sweet, and they were the perfect one bite size. More...


Lisa M.

23 September 2012

Ok, so I didn't actually EAT the cupcakes, but I had them delivered to my sister and brother-in-law when they were in Vegas for their anniversary. My sister LOVES cupcakes and my brother loves alcohol, so it seemed like the perfect combo! When I saw they delivered for free anywhere on the strip, I was sold. They definitely went above and beyond in terms of customer service. They called to see WHO they should call before delivery, and then called again when they were arriving and I was very concerned about it being a surprise, so they advised me to just give the front desk a heads up, which I did and everything went smoothly just as I'd hoped! My sister sent me a picture of the cupcakes (gorgeous) and they were texting me their favorite flavors - mint mojito and margarita! I'm heading to Vegas next weekend and will be dragging my drunk ass friends there so I can try them! Thanks for your help executing an amazing gift! More...


Heather R.

13 September 2012

I recently ordered some cupcakes for my friends 26th birthday this weekend and let me tell you, if you want awesome alcoholic cupcakes..this is the company for you! I e-mailed my request for a dozen cupcakes 6 being the Devil's Scandal and the other 6 being the FukuCupcake. They e-mailed me later that same day and called me the next day to confirm my order and handle payment. They were very professional! I also asked them if they were able to deliver my cupcakes early and they did. The thing that I loved about them the most is that you're able to order 2 different flavors for a dozen cupcakes when most other companies would charge extra for that! And the free delivery..awesome! The cupcakes were great and I gotta say that the Devil's Scandal had more of that strong alcohol taste but it was good being that we were partying that weekend. But overall great company, great prices, great service, and great cupcakes! Would definitely order cupcakes from them again. More...


Jaclyn R.

30 August 2012

I was very hesitant writing an inquiry via website as it seems response time usually takes forever that way.  However, I heard back from them within an hour or so and they were extremely accommodating over email, especially considering I was emailing from my flight on the way to Vegas.  They were able to call me very late once my flight landed and take my order over the phone AND provide quick turn around for delivery.  Basically, the customer service I received was phenomenal! And as far as the quality of their cupcakes, DELICIOUS!  Everyone loved the different flavor combinations and were happy to have a mixture of alcohol and non-alcohol choices. Great customer service + great recipe = repeat customer! More...


Dara K.

9 August 2012

I placed a Saturday order for my boyfriend's birthday and I can say I was very pleased with the service.Lisa, has been very consistent in contacting me and very informative about everything. I was away from the hotel and couldn't pick up the cupcakes until later so Lisa left me a message via phone letting me know that the cupcakes were dropped off at the front desk. As far as the cupcake goes, they were sin-fully good! My boyfriend had one cupcake and said he felt a little woozy (weak-sauce). He didn't even know it had liquor in them, you couldn't taste the alcohol. Also, I tried them today and they were still moist.Thank you, Lisa! More...


Sage D.

26 July 2012

Wow! What yummy cupcakes... and I don't even like alcohol! I got 2 dozen (4 flavors - French Kiss, Dreamsicle Nights, Russian Climax, Sugar & Spice, 6 of each) to share with people at the Las Vegas BBW Bash this year. I made a LOT of new friends! :-)   People were very impressed with the taste, quality, and visual presentation. Sin City Cupcakes delivered to my hotel and were VERY good at communicating with me throughout the whole transaction. I especially appreciated the packaging which held each very pretty cupcake secure and surrounded by a confetti of colored marshmallows.Sin City Cupcakes ROCKS! Two thumbs up! More...


Holly G.

24 July 2012

Talk about a fat chix dream.  Cupcakes mixed with booze? I'm in heaven. Recently we had a convention at the Plaza and one of the planned events was a "sweet & greet" Even though there is a cupcake place inside the Plaza, the idea of combining cake & alcohol is a win-win. IF the cupcakes were good and IF the taste of booze didn't override the over all taste.  I had sampled one of the cupcakes at the Yelp Mob Museum event and they were awesome. We had the following: Russian climax (White cake/Kahlua or vanilla vodka) Marilyn Monroe (also with white cake)Choco-mallow IntercourseSexed in the CityLittle Havana Nights Better Than Sex  Sugar & Spice Dreamsicle Nights (made with vanilla cake)All were made to order - (see substituting white cake) as several of our group don't like chocolate - I know that's hard to believe for a group of phat pholks. The only downside was that they delivered them in boxes with no way to transport them - like a bag but that is a very small price to pay for getting ripped on cupcakes.  *looks innocent*. More...


Angie G.

23 July 2012

We had these delivered to our room in Vegas for a bachelorette party weekend. Oh my gosh!!! These are soooo good! It was really hard to decide what flavors we wanted! Now we have decided to have them shipped for all kinds of upcoming events back home. Very glad I found them!! More...


Jacqueline E.

8 July 2012

I needed something different for an event  for Defining Women Network's "Diva Night" - I found Sin City Cupcakes - allowing women to taste a bit of a sweet treat with the fun of alcohol!  YUMMMY! The cupcakes were the "icing" on the "cupcake" that evening and gone within the HOUR! They were a home run and I was a HIT :) More...


Audrey C.

5 July 2012

I randomly found Sin City Cupcakes as I was searching for a fun place that delivers cupcakes, for a recent visit to Vegas.  What a great find!I was in Vegas for a bachelorette party, where during the weekend, we would be celebrating 2 birthdays (including that of the bachelorette).  So in following with the theme of the weekend, I looked into cupcake places that were doing alcohol infused cupcakes.  After narrowing down my results, to a couple, Sin City Cupcakes became the best option for a few reasons: (1) The Yelp Deal I purchased, (2) Friendliness and flexibility of their staff, (3) Free delivery to hotels on the Strip, and (4) Ability to accommodate to my delivery time.  This last point was actually a HUGE deal!  The other place that I was looking into only had 2 windows for delivery times, and none of them worked with our schedule.I emailed my ordered a few weeks before our event and gave them my cc info over the phone a week out.  Half of my order was for No Limit Lemon Drop and the other half was for Chocolate Wasted.  I personally only tried Chocolate Wasted and it was REALLY good!  You have no idea that there's any alcohol in the cupcake until a few minutes into it.  You don't taste/smell it, but you definitely can "feel" it's effects.The two birthday celebrants and the others in our party all really enjoyed the special treats!  I'll definitely go back to Sin City Cupcakes, the next time I am celebrating in Vegas!(If they had a retail outlet, then I'd probably order at least 1 of each flavor, just to try everything!) More...


Ambrose H.

2 July 2012

Had amazing Chocolate Wasted cupcakes from Sin City Cupcakes when I went to Vegas. Very delicious and addicting cupcakes! A must try! Along with the cupcakes, the service from Lisa and Danielle was amazing with arranging delivery and taking care of my order. More...


Priscilla F.

26 June 2012

I found Sin City Cupcakes while searching online for favors for my sisters bachelorette party in Vegas.  What a perfect pairing for such an event ~ cupcakes & alcohol!!  I called to place an order - I ordered a dozen (half Cosmopolitan flavored & half chocolate).  The order process was seamless, I submitted it via email, they called to get payment & the cupcakes were scheduled to be delivered to out hotel, the Cosmopolitan on Friday at 4pm. Unfortunately as we were driving to Vegas from LA, we stumbled upon the worst traffic I have ever seen (chemical spill at state line shut down all lanes!) so I called several times to have my delivery time change.  The ladies were so helpful & accommodating!  They agreed to keep pushing out our delivery time & eventually left the cupcakes for us at concierge, as we were running severely late for our 9pm show.  I received an email confirming the cupcakes were left for me at concierge & as promised, they were there waiting for me.  They were beautiful and oh so delicious!I had them out for about three days & on the third day they were still delicious.  These cupcakes are not only perfectly flavored and decorated but make for great party treats or self indulgences!  And the ladies that run this place are fantastic! More...


Stephanie L.

26 June 2012

My girl friends and I were planning a bridal shower in the middle of a bachelorette party in Vegas.  Instead of the traditional cake, we were looking to find something a little different and fun since the bridal shower was taking place in the city of sin.I of course turned to Yelp, as always, to help me out with this task.  Sin City Cupcakes popped up with great reviews from many people, which was very promising.  Their website is super user friendly and I loved the descriptions of all the alcohol-infused cupcakes.  I purchased a deal off Yelp, and called up Sin City Cupcakes.  Lisa was incredibly helpful with answering all my questions and even suggested some of their most popular flavors for us to try.I ended up ordering two dozen cupcakes, 6 of each of the following:Chocolate WastedRed Velvet BackseatNo Limit Lemon DropsX-Rated FlirtiniMost other bakeries in town were charging up to $30 for delivery, whereas Sin City Cupcakes delivered for free!  Pretty amazing if you ask me.I didn't try all the cupcakes, but the girls seemed to love each flavor.  I had a bite of the Chocolate Wasted which was SO good.  There were little bits of chocolate chip in each cupcake, plus a nice little frosting/creme center that was mixed with the vodka.If you look on the website, each cupcake looks adorable and really well put together.  We felt a few of the cupcakes were assembled a little messily, but the taste was so yummy that it didn't really matter.The cupcakes were such a hit, and I would highly recommend Sin City Cupcakes to anyone looking to add a little spin on their desserts. More...


Kili M.

20 June 2012

This place delivers STRAIGHT TO YOUR HOTEL, so if you're in Vegas, you need to have a box of these babies in your hotel room at all times. There's nothing like coming in at an ungodly hour, slightly worse for wear, and realizing you have fresh, delicious cupcakes waiting for you. Also excellent for when you wake up groggy and don't want to leave your room to find food.  My issues with some of the popular LA based cupcakes (rhymes with "tinkles") is that the cakes are WAY too big, too dense, and too sweet. We got Mango Margarita and Back in Black, and they were perfectly sized, magically light and fluffy, and tasted amazing. The frosting was perfectly portioned, not smothered across the entire top of the cupcake, so they weren't too sweet either. And did I mention that these things are boozy? As in actually boozy, where you can feel the effects of two on an empty stomach?  Until the website ordering capability is up, you have to email or call in your order. They were prompt to respond and very friendly in all correspondence. If you aren't sure what you want I recommend calling first, and they'll talk you through your options. Thanks Lisa and Dannielle! More...


Ryan K.

17 June 2012

We stumbled across Sin City Cupcakes as we were planning out our most recent Vegas trip. Being fans of cupcakes and booze on their own, we thought, "Hey, why not see how they are combined?"The answer to that question? Spectacular. In fact, these cupcakes might be the best I've ever had - alcoholic or not.We ordered the Mango Margarita Madness and the Back in Black cupcakes. They were fresh, moist, and most importantly, delicious. There's really nothing like coming back to your hotel room after a crazy day/night in Vegas and topping it off with a boozy cupcake that melts in your mouth.Their customer service is phenomenal, as well, with prompt service, friendly staff, and delivery to anywhere in Vegas.This will definitely become a Vegas tradition for us. More...


Arvin T.

11 June 2012

Thank you guys for your yelp deal, I went to a party this Saturday and I took your cupcakes with me, (Chocolate and Red Velvet).  The cupcakes were fun, everyone really like them.But the most impressive part of your company is the next day delivery.  You delivered the cupcakes while I was at work, and you confirmed just to make sure everything is okay.  I love that.  If you keep up this customer service, people will be coming back for way more.  Thank you again! More...


Vanessa V.

10 June 2012

When you think of cupcakes, do the adjectives sinful, sexy, intoxicating, or orgasmic arise? Probably not, but one bite of a cupcake from Sin City Cupcakes could surely make you associate those words with their cupcakes.Sin City Cupcakes catered a Yelp event I attended last week, and I was looking forward to trying one of these alcohol-infused little cakes, because ALCOHOL and CUPCAKES just sound like a fantastic match. I tried a cupcake called Cherry Lips, if my memory serves me right (yelp.com/biz_photos/GT0K…). At first bite, you can really taste the vodka, which was then followed by the sweetness of the cake itself and its frosting. As you continue eating, the taste of the alcohol begins to intensify with each bite. When you reach the end, you're in a temporary state of drunken pleasure, at least in my case! What I especially liked about the cupcake was that the sweetness wasn't overpowering, and the cake was moist.Attendees at the event had the option of choosing a cupcake from the stand and devouring it immediately, or taking one to-go. I chose devouring immediately, but I noticed that the to-go cupcakes were contained in beautiful dark boxes and tied with green ribbons. I thought I'd note this because of the extra effort and attention to detail to the packaging was impressive, just like the cupcakes.It's a shame that Sin City Cupcakes only caters, because I'd be in their shop on a weekly basis sampling each of the cupcakes on their menu. With tantalizing titles like "Russian Climax", "Better than Sex", and "Red Velvet Backseat" (Red Velvet! Is it getting steamy in here?), how could you resist? More...


Kellee K.

8 June 2012

Sin City Cupcakes kindly catered a few varieties of their sinful scrumptious treats at a yelp event last night. I was anxious to try the Italian Stallion, but it was a crowd favorite and Chocolate Wasted was the flavor that remained when I got to the table. And while it wasn't my first choice, it was very chocolately and moist with a devilish hint of vodka. Sin City Cupcakes would be great for any adult gathering or split an order and choose non-alcoholic flavors for the kiddos. I will definitely keep them in mind for my next event. I'd really like to sample other intoxicating flavors - I bet they'd earn a full five stars. More...


Jennifer L.

8 June 2012

I was surprised on my Birthday this past weekend in Las Vegas at Bare in the Mirage by my friends who ordered me delicious Alcohol-infused cupcakes! They were to die for and such a great idea! The cupcakes were yummy, very moist and filled with tasty creations. I received Chocolate Wasted, No Limit Lemon drops and Pink Pussy cat. Hands down my favorite was the Chocolate Wasted!! The two beautiful owners hand delivered them and were a blast to meet and hang out with! So friendly and professional in every way! I would recommend anyone to order these cupcakes from them! Also, you don't just have to be in Vegas to snag your sin city cupcakes they are also available nation-wide for shipping!! More...


Monera M.

8 June 2012

This review is biased because Sin City Cupcakes is part of my mafia family and  no one likes a Fredo.  These cupcakes are not for the feint of heart! Do not operate heavy machinery or sign legal documents while under the Italian Stallion!  Leave mommy alone shes not sharing! More...