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Simply Birth & Beyond

Loch Garman


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Markéta Malcová

29 September 2019

A new studio LUCINA with it's primary purpose to support calm pregnancy and birth, is full of extraordinary projects and workshops now! I just participated in two most recent one off activities - Laughing Yoga (facilitated by Mary Graham) and all yesterday morning I spent by drawing Mandelas with Gill Wilde. Both experiences were extraordinary, inspiring, hilarious & relaxing! Studio Lucina (The Follies, Wexford) is highly recommended to anyone who feels like experiencing something new, different, healing and spiritual! ♥️ More...


Kitty O Reilly

11 July 2019

Hi everyone. I had my first hypnotherapy session with Brenda on July 8th. I was not sure what to expect but I did know that I want to work on my confidence and well-being (I want to feel better). The session lasted 90 minutes. We chatted about some of my background, this was an easy process because Breada will not engage in an any dialogue that makes you uncomfortable, therefore, there was not feeling of unease or stress. After this part we went into a guided meditation that was based on finding a memo that filled me with joy and feeling that joy again. This I can tell you was a wonderful experience. Did I have to imagine sitting on a beach under a plan tree or something similar? No Did I “fall under” and would have pretended to be a bird I’d Breada asked me to? No What I did feel when I was finished was peace, calm, a little emotional and looking forward to my next visit. It was interesting, heart warming and I feel it is a really good holistic practice. As I said this was only one session, I will post again after my next session in two weeks (when I get back from holidays) More...


John A O Connor

2 June 2019

What does a man know about child birth? Nothing or even less than! However can a man recognise a good or great midwife? You betya he can! To any new Daddy or even an experienced one, a good or great Midwife achieves Goddess status within minutes of experiencing the delivery of a baby. Brenda is one of those Goddess and has enhanced her medical knowledge and experience with the addition of Hypno birthing. How good is she? Brenda is a consummate professional with the reassuring loving touch and presence of your Mother! More...


Marguerite Moran

22 November 2018

She is a very caring, competent and compassionate woman I would highly recommend her to everyone who’s lucky enough to get her


Angharad Portch

9 October 2018

Brenda is amazing at what she does, I will continue to reccommend her to everyone. I can honestly say the pregnancy yoga made such a difference to my pregnancy for fitness and relaxation and was so enjoyable to go to every week. Brenda provides so much support and guidance and is such a lovely person. More...


Jessie Bates

28 August 2018

We had a wonderful, relaxing and informative weekend with Brenda doing the hypnobirthing course at the weekend. I am much more confident going forward and any of the questions I had about the birth of our baby have been answered. Thank you so much Brenda, you're an amazing lady ❤️ More...


Amy Furlong

22 June 2017

Brenda is amazing at what she does! Before I met Brenda I was terrified of needles and used to work myself up into a knot about having to get my blood taken during my pregnancy never mind the whole ordeal of having to give birth (or ordeal as I thought of it at the time) Brenda gave me a whole new way of thinking and in the end I looked forward to giving birth, and although it is tough it's manageable without drugs. I was thrilled when my daughter arrived that I was very much present and it is undoubtedly the best day of my life. I was surprised at how quickly I bounced back and was home with her the next day. I strongly feel that she was such a calm baby because of the way she was brought into the world. I can't thank Brenda and the staff at Wexford General Hospital enough they are all amazing people! More...


Nicole Dempsey

6 June 2017

Brenda is amazing at what she does! I really needed a midwife like her for encouragement that day in the hospital. She gives nothing but the best advice both in labour and preparing for labour in her hypnobirthing classes which are great! To give birth to another big baby but this time no pain relief because i took her advice its a massive acheivement and brenda helped me get there. Highly recommend brenda as your hypnobirthing coach, she will see you through this magical time! More...


Denise Kelly

8 May 2017

My husband & I spent last weekend attending Brenda's Hypnobirthing course. To say we are overwhelmed with the content , material & overall work that Brenda done with us is an understatement! We left feeling so prepared & ready for the birth of our arrival . I would highly recommend this course to everyone who is expecting a baby. Brenda puts you at ease & is a fantastic practitioner . She is very knowledgable & can answer any question you may have . She is also a midwife which makes it even better in our opinion. You will learn so much from Brenda & she will make you feel at ease in every way. I am looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy & thanks to Brenda & her Hypnobirthing course I feel confident & ready for labour. Thanks Brenda . We are thrilled we did the course! More...


Linda Sheridan

21 March 2017

�� Myself and my son Hayden are currently attending a baby massage class and we love it, I would highly recommend it the benefits are endless and we both absolutely love our bonding mornings with Brenda ��


Michelle Hendrick

9 March 2016

January 2016 I welcomed my little boy into the world! To get us prepared for his arrival, myself and my husband decided to do Brenda's Hypnobirthing course. I loved the concept, as I'm into all things natural. And hoped for a drug free labour. Around 20 weeks pregnant,they found by blood pressure was creeping up gradually. I had pregnancy induced high blood pressure. But I found with Brenda's course, and relaxing techniques, I was able to keep it at bay! And stay off medication, till week 39. Which I was delighted about. Unfortunately,on day of my babies birth. My blood pressure went very high,and I had to have an emergency C-section. I was induced one day over my due date,due to blood pressure. But the one thing I would say,is I stayed relaxed and calm throughout. In what was a bit of a worrying situation. My midwife afterwards said to me...she couldn't believe how calm I was with the whole situation ☺ She joked " that she was more worked up than me " I believe that, this was due to the education I had on the whole experience. Been educated on any situation,reduces fear... I would highly recommend Brenda's course, as we learned so much! To help you both before, during and after your babies arrival. I knew I'd gain loads from doing course, but it actually surprised me, how much my husband gained from it. It prepared him,to be my support on the day. And have a huge purpose, in the arrival. Whatever the out come. Thanks Brenda for all your help! Michelle & John xx More...


Kelly Keane

22 February 2016

I highly recommend hypnobirthing. My partner and I really enjoyed the course with Brenda and it really helped me to remain relaxed and calm in the pregnancy and on the day of my son Keane's birth. Thank you so much Brenda for all of your help before and after! The CD helped me every night to get great sleep and the breathing techniques, affirmations and visualisations helped me to stay relaxed and comfortable on the day! Also, people are always telling me how happy, calm and relaxed Keane is - hypnobirthing definitely had an impact on him too! I will definitely be doing hypnobirthing again on my next! Thank you Brenda! :) More...


Melissa Levinge

7 January 2016

We had an amazing drug free natural birth on Jan 2nd having completed the hypnobirth course with Brenda just before Christmas. The birth progressed almost exactly the way I had imagined it through our visualisations. My partner did an amazing job at helping me to relax and progress through what was a much faster and intense experience than either of us imagined. The techniques and preparation for both parents using the hypnobirth method made for a truly magic experience for us and our baby. We were confident to let nature take its course and will be forever grateful to Brenda for helping us to deliver our healthy calm baby. Thank you! More...


Dawn Dunbar

11 April 2015

I completed the Hypnobirthing course with Brenda. My first baby was born on Tuesday after a relatively short and drug free labour. Contractions started at 1:30am and using Hypnobirthing techniques (as well as a bath and yoga) I managed to stay in control at home until 8:30am. Reaching the hospital at 9:30, I was lucky enough to have Brenda as my midwife. She helped me to stay focused and push my baby out in under 3 hours. I am very pleased and grateful to Brenda for this positive first birthing experience. I feel that the Hypnobirthing course also helped me to stay calm and relaxed in my final weeks of pregnancy (and for the 9 days I went over). I slept well and felt great right to the very end. Thank you very much for this very positive experience! More...