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We are a Chartered Accountant practice with a friendly, modern, and proactive approach.

We are based in Belfast and serve clients across the entire United Kingdom.


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We provide the full normal suite of compliance services, including statutory accounts preparation, corporation tax returns, PAYE, VAT, and personal self assessment tax returns. We don't just take a mechanical approach to these services, but seek to identify and avail of all opportunitites for tax-planning and minimisation of current and future tax liabilities, while also looking for suggestions to improve the financial performance of our clients' businesses.

As a more extensive service, we also act as "virtual FD" for a number of businesses, where we provide management accounts, financial insights, and are involved in the regular management and direction of our clients. We are proud to have been involved with some bright and exciting businesses in this role over the past number of years.

Hard-working business owners need to keep as much of their profit as possible, so need to make sure they are minimising the amount of tax that they pay on these profits. Compliance complications can be a massive and stressful distraction to the running of your business, so you want to make sure that you have a competent accountant who has this covered for you. Running a business can be a lonely and uncertain place, and you need to make sure that you have an approachable accountant on your team who is ready to support you with decision making when required.

We enjoy developing a rapore with our clients and becoming a valued member of their team.

The opportunity to break away from the traditional accounting world and become part of the new age of accountants, providing a warmer, more supportive accounting service, that represents better value, by utilising the efficiencies of modern technology.

We will:
- ensure that you remain compliant with all Companies House and taxation laws and regulations;
- make sure that you pay no more tax than you are required to;
- look for opportunities to improve your profitability and business prospects; and
- support you and your business in general.