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Silver Oak Tree Surgery

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Silver Oak Tree Surgery & Dry Stone walling has been established for over 10 years. We offer a wide variety of tree surgery and dry stone walling services, both domestic and commercial around the Sheffield, Peak District and North East Derbyshire areas. We provide bespoke services customised to your requirements. We love and take pride in our work, our aim is to provide you with the best possible service with the highest quality of work carried out by our experienced tree surgeons.

We have tree surgery and walling contracts with some of the most the prestigious sports clubs, golf clubs, hotels, private homes and estate management projects in Sheffield and the Peak District.

We have lots of reviews on Google business, silveroaktreesurgery,com, Derbyshire Trusted Trader and Chequer Trade, feel free to find what our customers think of our work.

Silver Oak Tree Surgery Reviews

Silver Oak Tree Surgery Reviews

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Mac
5 18/05/2018 Mac

Dan and his co-worker did a great job on trimming our cherry tree...he also did our neighbor's tree at the same time and we are all pleased with the results...i definitely recommend him...Will be using his services again...

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Angela Wright
5 17/05/2018 Angela Wright

Dan and his colleague were very efficient and considerate. The work was professional and courteous. Thank you. Definitely five stars!

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Greg Cottam
5 12/05/2018 Greg Cottam

Great company. Hardworking, professional, honest and enthusiastic. Would always recommend Silver Oak.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by mary walsh
5 20/03/2018 mary walsh

I would highly recommend Dan and his team.They removed various tree stumps and reduced trees and left everything very tidy. They are very pleasant, efficient and hard working. Thankyou.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by mark foster
5 20/02/2018 mark foster

Did a great job reducing a large conifer and taking away the waste. Everything was left very tidy too. Thanks Dan & the team

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Paul Evans
5 21/01/2018 Paul Evans

They did a really neat job. Very happy with results all waste taken away and job left very neat. A friend commented how hard they were working despite completely awful weather.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Laura Buxton
5 29/11/2017 Laura Buxton

Dan undertook some excellent pruning of our enormous conifers. Great service, very friendly, easy interaction, prompt, tidy and very professional. Thank you!

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Vicky Whittam
5 20/11/2017 Vicky Whittam

Brilliant job on removing massively overgrown climber, leaving the site super tidy without a trace of any debris. Dan is great to deal with making everything straightforward and is very fair on price. Happy customer and would highly recommend.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Tony Railton
5 05/11/2017 Tony Railton

Dan gave us good attention from Quote to action.
He and his team did exactly what we asked by removing a large conifer and reducing and levelling a conifer hedge.
They were efficient pleasant and thorough and checked at every stage that height etc. was what we required.
They cleaned up and left everything immaculate.
We would not hesitate to recommend Silver Oak to anyone and would certainly use their services again.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Elizabeth White
5 12/10/2017 Elizabeth White

We would definitely recommend Dan and his team. They worked tirelessly and did a great job and when they'd finished the job they left the garden looking like they were never there! Great job, thanks Dan.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Katie Patmore
5 20/09/2017 Katie Patmore

Daniel and his helper came to thin and reduce the tops of 3 trees in my small garden. He has done THE BEST JOB possible. It is like having a good haircut - not noticing anything drastic but knowing that the job has been well done. Daniel took the trouble to be clear about what I wanted and he delivered. And it was all left clean and tidy - as though he hadn't been there. A very good service indeed and I could not recommend him more highly.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Carole Ferreira
5 11/09/2017 Carole Ferreira

Dan and Jonathan were extremely knowledgeable whilst trimming one tree and chopping down another. Highly recommend Silver Oak Tree Surgery.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Martin Whittle
5 21/06/2017 Martin Whittle

Pruned our cherry tree down to a more sensible size - great job at a reasonable price. Dan & Jonathon were a pleasure to deal with - positive attitude, efficient, quiet. We would have no hesitation in calling them again. Highly recommended.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Zaib Wemyss
5 14/06/2017 Zaib Wemyss

Dan has been excellent from start to finish. I had a wall which was bowing out due to tree roots. We had some trees removed and discovered the wall needed rebuilding. Dan and his team carried out the work efficiently and left the area around the wall very clean and tidy. I was impressed at how good the wall looked after the repair work. I have no hesitation in recommending Dan and would like to thank him and his team.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Manoj Menon
5 13/06/2017 Manoj Menon

A fair price, friendly and most importantly did the job professionally. Strongly recommend these guys!

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by mike cuckson
5 11/04/2017 mike cuckson

Always does a good job, always a good price and always polite and friendly. Well done Silver Oak again.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Clare Jackson
5 13/03/2017 Clare Jackson

Dan was a pleasure to deal with - polite, knowledgeable and great communications; he removed three trees from our garden for us; we were very pleased with the work and he did the best clearing up job I've ever come across! All at a very good price. Would definitely recommend him and would not hesitate to use again.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Mavis Lougher
5 28/02/2017 Mavis Lougher

Dan quoted a very reasonable price for tree felling and reshaping of conifers. His team did a brilliant job, worked hard, and tidily, to complete the work. We can now appreciate a beautiful spruce which had previously been overshadowed by a conifer. Thanks Dan. I can highly recommend Dan for tree work.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Rob Telford
5 07/10/2016 Rob Telford

Excellent friendly service. Done a fantastic job at cutting back my hedge, will definitely use again. Thank you very much

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Elaine Nudd
5 29/09/2016 Elaine Nudd

My wall was in a far poorer state than it appeared to be, but Greg took it all in and made decisions I was happy with and got on with it. I would recommend them with confidence.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Steve Harris
5 01/09/2016 Steve Harris

I would highly recommend Silver Oak Tree Surgery. Fantastic service and really easy to communicate with. Thanks for all your help Dan, it's much appreciated!!

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Jill Ball
5 28/07/2016 Jill Ball

Daniel and his team have been coming to cut our extensive beech hedge for a number of years. They are always very punctual, polite and efficient and do an excellent job at a very competitive price. They also take away all of the cuttings and leave a very tidy garden. Highly recommended.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Chris Humm
5 10/05/2016 Chris Humm

Dan and his team has done a lot of work for us including taking down two large sycamores and a very large cherry tree, re-shaping of a willow and pruning of a number of other trees. All the work was well executed, the site was always left tidy and the crew very polite and helpful. Also, great value for money.

Review of Silver Oak Tree Surgery by Faye Hodgkinson
5 Faye Hodgkinson

Highly recommended! These guys have been looking after my garden for several years. My hedges have never looked better. They are reliable, honey, courteous and good value.

Silver Oak Tree Surgery

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Silver Oak Tree Surgery Location

369 Stannington Rd, Sheffield S6 5QN, UK

Silver Oak Tree Surgery Q&A

Silver Oak Tree Surgery Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Here at Silver Oak we are passionate about caring for and preserving trees, we are privileged to be able to work with home and business owners to enhance their gardens and public areas whilst ensuring the health of the tree.
We also really love working with stone and consider dry stone walling a skilled craft, which has taken many years of practice. We are very fortunate to work in beautiful locations and have built some stunning structures.

We love working in the outdoors and climbing so really it is the perfect combination!

What inspired you to start your own business?

Daniel established Silver Oak Tree Surgery over 10 years ago after completing 3 years in landscaping and tree surgery at a specialist horticultural college and working for a few tree surgery companies in the Derbyshire areas.
Daniel loves working with trees and realised that he wanted to encourage better practise in tree care and a higher standard in dry stone walling, as such he created his own tree surgery company.

Why should our clients choose you?

We are very experienced and qualified tree surgeons and dry stone wallers with some great reviews but more than this is that we are really passionate about tree preservation and beautiful walls, so we love to give a great service at a very reasonable price. We have lots of reviews on Google business, silveroaktreesurgery,com, Derbyshire Trusted Trader and Chequer Trade, feel free to find what our customers think of our work.

Services provided by Silver Oak Tree Surgery

Silver Oak Tree Surgery Services

Dry Stone Walling

In 2008 that we became corporate members of the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) and have been enjoying walling ever since. We offer a full range of drystone walling services throughout the Sheffield, Peak District, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire areas. Dry stone walling is the art of building a wall purely out of stone, no cement is used its just the method of placing stones in such a way that it binds the wall together to make a solid structure. From using big heavy stones as the foundation to using stones in size of order from big to small, to using small pebble sized stone in-between all the layers to create nice compact layers. We also use long stones that we place through the wall (through stones) also adding to the strength of the wall. To finish off the wall we place heavier stones onto of the wall called “Toppers” to weight and bed the wall down. This method of building allows the wall to move and settle creating something that will last for years. Here is a list of our dry stone walling services that we offer: Wall Construction Dry stonewalls create great features in your garden. We offer our services to construct one to suit your needs. We can source stone and build to however you want this great feature to be used in your garden. Wall Rebuilds Do you have a Dry Stone Wall in disrepair? We can take down your existing wall and rebuild to make a new Dry Stone Wall using the existing stone. Wall Repair A lot of the enquires we get are from customers who have had someone damage there wall. We can come along and fix it for you. Retaining Walls Do you have a sloping garden that you want to be made more usable? We can install retaining walls to make your garden a space to enjoy. Farming Walls Farmers walls have long been a common sight in our countryside. However, with livestock knocking them down they need to be re-built. We can do this for you.

Tree Surgery

We are experienced tree surgeons that offer range of tree surgery and pruning services in Sheffield, Chesterfield and the Peak District. Our aim is to professionally advise you whilst taking into consideration your requirements as well as what is best for your trees and garden. We aim to be as sympathetic and as environmentally friendly as possible while ensuring all work is carried out to the highest of standards . At Silver Oak we view your garden as our own and leave it as if we had never set foot in it apart from the work we have carried out. We provide tree surgery services in the South Yorkshire, Peak District and North East Derbyshire areas. Here are some of the services we have to offer and a description of terminology: Tree Dismantling This is where one of our Tree surgeons will climb the tree using ropes and a harness. He will set up a main line system and then start to dismantle the tree a section at a time, it may involve lowering branches to avoid damage to objects that lie under the tree. This technique is one of the most common and safest ways to remove a tree from your garden, it also provides a method with the least amount of damage. Removal of Dead, Dying & Dangerous Trees Removing dead, dying and dangerous trees is something that shouldn’t be attempted unless you are a skilled Tree surgeon. This is where Silver Oak come in, we can safely remove these trees from your garden. This will leave you with peace of mind that your family is safe as well as your property. If your unsure give us a ring and we will be glad to advise you free of charge. Tree Felling Tree felling involves cutting the tree at the base, and either by using wedges or the weight of the tree aim it in a direction where it can land. This method is used only when space allows it but is a very effective method. Once the tree is on the ground, we then process it by cutting all the side branches off and chipping them through our Timberwolf Woodchipper. Once they are removed we then cut the main stem into rings of wood which can be used for firewood. Crown Thinning Have you got a tree in your garden which is cutting out lots of light? Crown Thinning can help let more light in. It’s the process in which we remove branches from the crown of the tree, generally these branches are dead, crossing or duplicated above each other. This process can also balance the structure of the tree, make the tree seem less dense but above all its about letting more light through the canopy. Crown Reduction A Crown Reduction is beneficial if you want more light into your property/garden or you are concerned about the height but want to keep the tree. Its the process in which we remove branches at the top of the canopy to bring the height of the tree down while still maintaining it’s shape. Crown Lift If you have branches that are hanging low in your garden and want more room above the canopy of your tree then a crown lift will help. This is where we remove the lower branches of the tree to lift the height of the canopy. This process also allows more light into your garden. Pollarding Pollarding is the method in which we cut the entire tree back to growth points, generally this is done annually this creates a dense top of the tree. Its commonly done to lime trees and London Plane trees, its a way of managing trees which need to be kept under control. Hedge Cutting We manage a lot of hedges around the Sheffield and Derbyshire areas. We feel that keeping on top of regularly cutting your hedges is important. It keeps them neat and tidy but also encourages the hedges to grow tighter and denser making each time you cut them easier and faster saving you money. We pride ourselves on a good hedge cut. Stump Grinding If you have a tree stump in your garden and its getting in your way, we use a method in which a machine will remove the stump. A Stump Grinder is a machine that grinds away the stump so that nothing is left, this way you can replant, re-turf what would be normally a wasted area. Woodland Management/Forestry Silver oak has had plenty of experience in woodland management, currently managing Home Wood which falls between Grindleford and Calver. We have managed this woodland for over 6 years creating woodland rides, thinning the woodland out, re-planting trees, crown lifting. We have also had to control the spread of Himalayan balsam which had overrun many areas in the woodland. Another Project we had was In Chesterfield, specifically near Holymoorside. It was in a woodland called Old Spring Wood on Walton back lane. Silver Oak applied to the forestry commision for a grant to encourage birdlife into the woods along with trying to bring more native broadleaf trees into the woodland as the majority were Scots Pine. The grant was accepted and we started work which first involved installing a ride around the entire 32acre woodland. We managed to find a buyer for the timber. A great project which we gained valuable experience. Tree Preservation Order/ Conservation Area We want you to have the best service, thats why we offer to arrange to speak to the local council Tree Officers about any trees that have a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) or your area falls into a Conservation area. 24 Hour Call Out Living in Great Britain occasionally the weather can have an adverse effect on the trees, in case of an emergency please call us so we can clear access from drive ways, buildings and make dangerous trees safe. We feel your welfare is our concern.

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