Sic'em Delivery

Sic'em Delivery

Sic'em Delivery locationWaco, Texas

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  • 12 minutes average response time
Sic'em Delivery Reviews

Sic'em Delivery Reviews

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Assata O'Shae Shakur
5 Assata O'Shae Shakur

First time ordering and service was AMAZING!! Food was fresh and exactly like I ordered

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Angie N Erik Garcia
5 Angie N Erik Garcia

Only time you'll see Sic Em on my page .. love these peeps !!

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Mason Mathias
5 Mason Mathias

Great service and great people :) would recommend 10/10

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Amy Escamilla
5 Amy Escamilla

The entire process was very easy and convenient . Food was exactly as ordered and arrived earlier than expected. The driver was very professional and friendly. I'll definitely use their services again.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Lori Frost
5 Lori Frost

These guys are amazing. Fast service. We always get our 135 Prime Delivered when we can't find s sitter. It's just like we are there eating as far as quality, temperature goes. You guys keep it hot and fresh!! Always a positive experience with you!!! Thanks for your service.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Edith Silva
1 Edith Silva

This service takes FOREVER! Took the driver 32 minutes to pick up an order that took 37 minutes to put in. And I'm still waiting on my order to arrive. When you get breakfast for your co workers that's meant to be for breakfast. Not lunch. It would be quicker to go get the breakfast yourself.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Morgan Phipps Broach
2 Morgan Phipps Broach

I have used Sic'em Delivery multiple times. Tonight I placed an order, and half was wrong. I tried to call before the driver got to far away, but was only able to leave a voicemail. After awhile I decided to send a message over Facebook to let them know. I sent two separate messages, both were read, but never received a reply. I have always loved the service, but not a fan of the lack of communication.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Ryan Adams
5 Ryan Adams

facilitated at least 10+ late night mcdonald's chicken nugget feasts. not sure how I survived the absurd fast-food cravings after many a night at scruffs before discovering this service. highly recommend this holy grail of a company.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Judy Linares
5 Judy Linares

we love this guys everytime we are in waco we use them they save us time!!!

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Becca Kinerd
3 Becca Kinerd

What's with the 2 hour delivery time? You guys used to be so quick....

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Alexandra Villarreal-Vaquera
1 Alexandra Villarreal-Vaquera

I placed an order and got charged $32 on my card becuase the place I ordered from is not on their list but that was supposed to be applied back to my card once delivery is made, I then get a phone call that they are not allowed to deliver from the place I chose ( Olive Garden) and refund will not be availabe until 3-5 business days. I asked if I could just apply the pymt they just ran to another location and was told no! If there are certain locations they are restricted from using then it should be posted on their site. Extremely disappointed!!! Should have just tried mytown2go .com , will defintiely not use Sic em delivery again!

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Debra Bonner-Harrison
5 Debra Bonner-Harrison

Great job folks! Ordered for the first time! It stated an hour and a half wait but was less than an hour! Thanks so much! I will be using y’all again!

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Jackie Dale Adamek
1 Jackie Dale Adamek

Used 3 times, never had a correct delivery. Last 2 times it took 3 hours to get our food because it took 2 trips.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Steven Wachtendorf
1 Steven Wachtendorf

Horrible experience. Total lack of communication and compassion for the customer. I believe that the customer has a reasonable expectation to at least get what they ordered. Very disappointed. Apparently managers don’t work on weekends either. What a way to run a business and actually think that it could be successful. HUGE FAIL.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Leasa Smith
5 Leasa Smith

Awesome service! So nice to never have to leave house if I don’t want to. Sic’em is always there for me...

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Hannah Sutton
2 Hannah Sutton

I’ve been using sic em for five years or so it must be and every year I find myself questioning why I still use it. I have continuously had problems with them and their accounting “oversights” that invariably result in their favor at the expense of my bank account. I would suggest to any customer that you be sure to check your receipt and ensure you aren’t being overcharged. And to also recall that if you have tipped a driver who’s service was unsatisfactory you may call and revoke or reduce that tip (however my own experiences have not instilled any faith that they would actually follow through with such instruction)

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Adam Green
5 Adam Green

They where very proper while retaining my our order . Said i had got 50% off coupon. Orderd two #1 s. And tea with extra side okra and total was 26 . Lol but other then that. May be a little pricy inless ordering for a party or convention. But its worth it..

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Hannah Margaret Jacobs Sutton
1 Hannah Margaret Jacobs Sutton

Sic em has a serious problem not giving customers receipts so they can’t see the discrepancy in what their food actually cost vs. what sic em ultimately charges them. This is a problem that has continued despite numerous complaints, the only recourse left would be to report them to the BBB or take them to small claims court. Their services are over priced and they still overcharge/mischarge then try to say customers are wrong and don’t know the difference between a pre-authorization charge and a settled charge. Further they cover their own ass by not giving customers actual receipts! Most companies proudly inform customers that if they’re not given a proper receipt they are not expected to pay- sic em does not give proper receipts and then expects customers to pay more.

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Nathan Forrest
5 Nathan Forrest

I have ordered through Sic’em probably 10 times. The food is always hot and EXACTLY as ordered. I love it!! So nice to have delivered food from restaurants that don’t normally offer that service. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Review of Sic'em Delivery by Cortney Taylor
1 Cortney Taylor

Drivers beware!! Please, please have a conversation with your Insurance Agent about what your personal auto policy covers in the event of an accident. This company will not provide any coverage in the event of an accident while delivering. Do your homework. Insurance carriers do not automatically cover this type of work. Most require an endorsement. This company will require you sign a waiver of liability and you likely won't even realize what you are signing. You do not want to be left in a situation where you have an accident with NO coverage because your carrier doesn't cover delivery services and your license potentially be revoked, as well as the cost of the accident be your responsibility!

Sic'em Delivery

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  • 12 minutes average response time

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